Tuesday, October 27, 2009


'MACC arrests former top civil servant for graft' reports The Malaysian Insider, Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Is the top civil servant a former KSU of a ministry? And who could that person be? The answer will only be known in the next few hours from now, when he will be brought before the Shah Alam High Court to face the charges..

Will this be the beginning of a massive clean up of all government ministries, especially following the findings of irregularities and misappropriation of public funds that was revealed in the recent Auditor General's report? Would one believe that a laptop computer was purchased at RM40,000 a piece? This is just one example revealed in the report that does not make any sense.

But more importantly, will the authorities be willing to take punitive action on those responsible, or will it be another NFA? From what was observed on all previous Auditor General's reports, it will most probably be another NFA, because there will be too many people involved if the matter is being fully investigated. It is not surprising that the investigation may even lead right up the top echelon of government.

The Defence Ministry certainly is no exception, as huge amount of public funds are being utlised every year. In all probability, it is not the Armed Forces personnel alone that is mired in corruption, but they have to be working together with their civilian cohorts. I am told that officers of the Procurement Division (Bahagian Perolehan), need to be monitored closely, as they are the ones most likely to succumb to corrupt practice. Companies who are victims of corrupt officers would not normally want to launch a report, because they fear that they will be victimised for subsequent submission of tenders.

I have been told of a tailoring company that has a 'contract in perpetuity' with the Defence Ministry to provide the Armed Forces with tailoring services. The company has now ventured into other businesses as well, one of which is the bidding for bullet resistance vest for the army, while there is already a local company involved in the manufacture of the said equipment. With strong and firm 'cables' within the ministry, I am quite sure other likely competitors will be eliminated easily. And mind you, this tailoring company does not even have the facility to manufacture locally the equipment. One need also ask who else works for the company, where businesses from the ministry can just flow in easily. Officers of the Armed Forces knows this too well, but are just to afraid to speak out.

I am quite sure by now, the Minister, Dato Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is able to judge for himself the ongoings that is awfully wrong within the ministry. I trust the minister is bold enough to put a check to this, and if need be to 'throw the books' on those found guilty of any wrong doing........however trivial.

Seriously, I no longer have any faith left in the present leaders of the Armed Forces to do the checking, for they are themselves to be checked. And with the 'Whistle Blowers Act' to be proposed by the government, will this be a sure means of checking corruption in government? The answer is yet to be known.



kudin said...

Fully subscribe to you Tok. Very sickening to witness this happening in the MAF, be it the Army, Navy or Air Force. Not all but some of those Generals/Admirals, they seem busy golfing, collecting medal (Datukship/Tan Sriship) every other Sultan birthdays, glorifying themselves with ceremonial things, high living like a king (roaring like a lion to subordinate, but chicken to political master i.e. umno) etc.....rather than thinking hard and spending more time strategising defence and training the forces for war.

nxforget said...

Salam dato

Spot on. Your suggestion to monitor those on the civilian side is very true. Watch some blue-eyed boy, the trail is just there.

Now, the question is can we trust those politicians ? Takut keluar mulut buaya mulut singa.

nxforget said...

Last line should read ... masuk mulut singa

lol said...

Note the pattern; when noise is made, a couple of profiled ivestigations, to distract observers. What happened to old cases rotting in file cabinets? Now, Mohamad Rahmat writes of subversion, media control etc. As long as we are lembu, the cowherd will lead us to graze, milk us,slaughter us, and if we survive, put us to pasture. Nothing ever changes, except change itself. Think about this. Look how RPK's son is treated, to lure the father out. Nazis, all of them.

lol said...

Dear Dato'
On another note. I can't believe the errors in newscasting and newspapers. A case in point is the Yamtuan's installation. 41 ceremonial battery of RAMD? Guard of honour by RAMD? when I can clearly see "Pantas dan Pasti"? The newspaper reporters nowadays are young chickos who don't even know which end of the weapon the bullets come out of. The editors are no better. Wake up Mindef PR!!Are you not monitoring and issueing briefs to media? Maybe, you are just concerned with hyping up the Minister's profile and ensuring top brass get media attention.
Some other thoughts in my twilight years: Why do our Bomba wear camouflage fatigues? Camouflage and Concealment in fires? or maybe another good tailoring contract? Why do NS candidates wear a blue camouflage? Again, another good tailoring contract? or to look pseudo military? Finally, I saw newscasters in full No.1, complete with rank and medals during live telecast of Police Day and also Trooping of the Colours. Are they really servicemen/women? If not, what mockery you make of my beloved uniform.

eli said...

Let me give a guess...the tailoring company you meant is definately SALING ERTI. I had many bad experiences in the past with this company BUT this service provider has extremely strong 'cable'.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Who or which is the greatest Enemy of the Nation and its people?

A. Criminals.
B. Terrorists.
C. Gambling and Drinking.
D. Corruption.
E. Drugs.

2. Today, it is definitely Corruption. Because of corruption, our "national money" is wasted that could be better use for the nation and society and help prevent all other ills.

3. Money is the root of all evils, in a great way. It leads to other evils and injustice. When a high ranking official is corrupted, he is also responsible for the many ills of the country. Sometimes, these ills may come back to them and their families. But you and I know, Malaysians as a whole are suffering because of the top or high officials' sins and wrong-doings. I must add, not all of them. Some greedy and selfish ones are the cause.

4. Actions by all - citizens, veterans, rich and poor, the Prime Minister and his cabinet and the long arm of the laws MUST stop corruption, the sooner the better. The idea of MACC establishing a special unit of military veterans still stands. Hope someone would talk to MACC. Your Crusade Against Corruption MUST go beyond your blog.

5. Punishments should be servere and effective to discourage corruption - mandatory imprisonment and every cent "stolen", MUST be returned by the corrupted and their families.


Fabian Wong

Purnawirawan said...

Dato, I had been folowing you blog for quite sometime, and I feel very proud to have served you during the later part of my sevice in Army Corps HQ. I hope there are more retired generals like you who have enough courage to crusade against corruption. I was told before that if you want to be rich, military should not be your profession, for the servicemen are supposed to serve their country and not to make money. Unfortunately today, our country has rot to the core. Almost all all departments are corrupted including the Armed Forces.
As for our friend Fabian, nice to hear from you, have not met you since you left the service. Your suggestion to fight corruption is very noble, however I dont think it can be implemented because the political masters themselves are corrupted.

wini said...

Saling Erti ..huh. It's not just a normal cable but steel wired. Do you have any other ? I thought it's the only tailor in Malaysia since Malbat 1 Bosnia days.

komando said...

Corruption as I have said many many times is as old as PROSTITUTION!











komando said...

The mistake of the 41 Ceremonial Bateri ARTY was mentioned as RAMD...the person who read the script over the TV and the person who wrote the script needs to be pulled up!

If not mistaken the commentator, a so call Dr something, he was a non military person!

The cordless microphone also went Kaput when the Bentara spoke to the YAM TUAN!



PR Mindef must provide accurate information to the press and also commentators during the event.
Media preparation very poor!
Script never checked!
Simple yet difficult!
Half past SIX!

komando said...

The former KSU of MOSTI CHARGED !


HARDLY RM60,000.00

We are not going to see any big fish being caught, unless PRU-13 makes history..

Or MAYBE we NEED TO have a people's power end game!

A lot do not and won't want it that way!

Do we have much choice to tell those hard core corrupted snakes THEIR TIME IS UP!




Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. We are familiar with the following:

a. A leopard does not change its spots.
b. Corruption like prostitution is as old as our human history.
c. One outstanding politician cried because of money politics (corruption)and his tears were real.
d. Corruption is like cancer. Once it spreads, it is hard to stop. It destroys everything. The hope is on early detection and treatment.
e. Then, we are also familiar with, "Never Give Up". "We Must Fight on". The Rangers has, "Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban" war-cry.
f. The list can go on. I just want to add one more; "It takes a Thief to Catch a Thief." Who knows that Thief may turn up and clean up the mess.

Have confidence and hope. Your Crusade Against Corruption brings that HOPE.

Fabian Wong

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. We learn in counter-insurgency warfare, ACTION-PROPAGANDA is more effective than propaganda on its own.

2. What then is our actions, beside the mouth-piece, Crusade Against Corruption?

3. There could be many actions we can think of. Some retired generals may provide the answers or suggestions freely during the RAFOR dinner.

4. My suggested action, to start the ball rolling, is as follow:

a. Retired Officers must organise themselves into a cohesive VETERANS CLUB, state by state.
b. Once established, each state VETERANS CLUB should expand to include ex-SNCOs.
c. The last stage is to expand and embrace ex-Cpl and below.
d. If it is viable, the state VETERANS CLUB should expand to District VETERANS CLUB.

5. These VETERANS CLUBS should be established and funded by Veterans Affairs Department (VAD)and staffed by veterans paid by VAD.

6. Within the CLUB vicinity, VAD also run its offices to provide services to all veterans in the state and districts.

7. Thus, VAD is able to provide greater and more effective services to all veterans and club facilities, killing two birds with one stone.

8. VAD should be approached and requested to make a grand proposal (service paper)and include in its budget the fund needed to establish the said CLUBs, progressively.


Fabian Wong

Capt's Longhouse said...

Fabian,,,and the Rest.

,,,we ARE in the "Veterans Club" already-lah hahaha !!..jus cont. blogging on your take, its better than meeting at the bar corner-lah hehehe.
,,,1st we brainstorm the various issues and to select the key subject matter b4 moving forward to ACTION/EXECUTION/OPERATE/REVIEW !!.its all in the process my friend. Indirectly or in-officially our Dato is leading the battle via this blog of his-lah. BUT we need strength in numbers, so lets get more veterans to participate yaa ?? there are thousands of us around, still alive and kicking which can make the difference !!..strength in numbers yoo..our voice shall be heard loud and clear by the "Power Masters" above, that will happen for sure.
,,,BUT we must be organised and smart about it too. Lets not recreate another bureaucracy here too by CLUBING, nowadays with IT and blogging services, we can forward our views/findings to the relevant Authorities to take further ACTION officially !?..but make bloody sure that we have correct facts and data figures prior making a fool of ourselves !!
,,,Indeed, most of us have the TIME to spare yaa and again remember this..we must STAY AHEAD and keep abreast of changes, which is even more important yaa!!. talking about the PAST will not change much but its the PRESENT and FUTURE that counts.
- "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often" - Sir Winston Churchill.

Regards to all.

Malaysian said...

I'm not too surprise that our military is so corrupted. Though I'm surprise to hear it from a general admitting we've a problem. I wish Dato can give statewide speech to commoners like me. Dato's articles can only be reach by certain groups. And most of your already readers knew about the corruption problem that this country faced. You should give a statewide speech to educate fellow Malaysian especially the rural folks since most urban folks can access internet. We badly need people like general to tell all the commoner about our military corruption.

lol said...

Good one Malaysian! then the General can be charged with sedition and then locked away to shut his mouth. Dato, stay clear of ill advise and chart your own course. Good Luck!

Malaysian said...

lol ... You're right about it. I was thinking about that too while suggesting the Dato should give speech statewide. Because of stupid law, we're not allowed to criticized the government! Then what can we do as fellow Malaysian. It seems as though Malaysia is totally hopeless.

zulu said...


Malaysian is watching u. lol is absolutely correct. We all must keep a watch out for Dato'. Malaysian will try again under another nice commentee name.

Sorry Malaysian, we have gone thru intel training and u were quite easy to read.


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,If one treats everyone else and does everything with integrity, has no fear or worry, he has peace of mind!. His strength/goodness will be beaming throughtout his world and lifetime,,,indeed he has CHARACTER in the highest/noblest form and is one of the most respected and powerful features of a person. Character is even more important than reputation, its like a diamond that scratches every other stone.
,,,Without strength of character, one is reduced to some kind of animal, like a worm or parasite and as such those that have had taken their character for granted, you are just no better than an animal plus parasite to the rest of us !!.
,,,in summary; corruption > punishment ??..its a matter of time, just wait for it !!..sleepless night and cursed by others ??.

"Ability will enable a man to get to the top but character is the only thing that keeps him from falling off"
...and Dato has no such fear for truth defeats everything else coz. truth is nothing but truth, truth is honesty!.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. It is important to match words with deeds. Crusade Against Corruption is also Crusade for Better Living for Malaysians and Veterans. The money "stolen" by the corrupted could be better used for the people (building universities, schools, hospitals, clinics) and in particular, as we may wish it, for the Veterans (upgrading knowledge and skills, building veterans clubs-cum-offices, houses, inns, hostels, senoirs-homes, farms, factories, plantations and businesses).

2. The aim of Crusade Against Corruption must be stated and the objectives made known and publicised.

3. When people see what Corruption brings in term of harms, damages to the country and related ills to the people and family members and what the money if not "stolen" by the corrupted could do for the people, more and more patriots will come forward and fight against corruption. Perhaps, even school children will join the fight and they can also create better awareness to other students on the scourges of corruption.

4. If it is limited only to those who visit the blog, the number of people drawn to it, is relatively small. Numbers count. The more, the stronger it is in the fight against corruption.

5. After all, if my good friend is crusading against corruption, we want to join him to win and beat the daylight out of corruption-practitioners.

6.People must be encouraged to make their voices heard. Ladies, in particular, once committed to the fight against corruption will make the difference.

7. No point fighting if we know we cannot win. Yes, win we must. Yes, we know we can win.

6. A Special Malaysian Award for Courageous Fighters Against Corruption must be introduced to select the Hero or Heroes of the Year in the Crusade Against Corruption. Let there be more Datuk Ambiga Sreenasavan-likes in Malaysia.

Fabian Wong

Malaysian said...

Hi Zulu

I think you might be too paranoid. I'm just a regular Malaysian that truly concern about the country. I know our corruption is so bad. Did you know even our educationist (headmaster) are corrupted too? Just observed the cars they drive. It's sad how corrupted our whole country is.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,guess too many of us are kind of paranoid nowadays yaa!. Seems that everyone is non-trusting anymore too !. From the very bottom to the very top ?.
,,,wow, we indeed have a BIG problem in hand fellows !!.

Is it all about money, is it ?. Often said that money is not everything, but try surviving without it ?. Basically if you are poor, you have failed as a human being, you are a burden or parasite to your family and society too !. Wealth is wonderful, indeed a great blessing, it adds to comfort, enjoyment and freedom.

,,,HOWEVER, illegal means of getting money and wealth via CORRUPTION is wrong !!. The search and seizure of those involved with corruption is on going and those/they will be captured in time. Just Watch OUT, we are after YOU terrible guys !!.

zulu said...

Hi Malaysian,

Thank you for your response. I sincerely apologise to you if I had offended you in any way. Please forgive me if I had misread you, having trouble with my SD again. I thought I was still sharp having taught SD in LATEDA. I owe you one.

No, I am not really paranoid, it is just my perpetual duty to protect my General. We were very close whilst in service and will always be, even in retirement. I would say a lot of us are still true officers, and will die for one another as we had taken that ikrar to be brother officers. We never take our Agong's Commission and Trust lightly.

Dato', Rest assured I'll still cover your left flank like always, any day.

wira said...

Dear Dato'
Most unfortunate.Poor fella. He should come to MINDEF to learn the trick of the trade. Then, he won't suffer the ignominy of being caught.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Who is going to checkmate who? Everybody can and should checkmate the corrupted one, whoever the corrupted one is. It takes courage, high principles, righteousness, knowledge, skills, a strong network, a brotherly support system and good
character. All these attributes and qualities add up to make the WARRIOR, the fighting machine against corruption.

2. With the Whisle-Blower Act about to be introduced, hopefully the battle-field will be more conducive and favourable for the anti-corruption forces to FIGHT and WIN.

3. Actions in TRAINING "warriors" willing to fight corruption is an important component in the success of the operations. We have great trainers in the Veterans community who could become volunteers. They need to pick up their gears again, learn first, and then train the crusade-against-corruption warriors later in the art of warfare against corruption. Without trained warriors, how are we to plan and execute the operations and make them a success?

4. Again, actions are required.

5. For the Crusade-Against-Corruption Warriors, the first target should the corrupted ones in MINDEF and MAF, attacking simultaneously the top, middle and bottom levels. "Charity begins at home".

"Combating Corruption is
Long and Tough".

Fabian Wong

PM said...

With the country present scenerio, you can never check corruption in this country unless there is a change of government. Corruption has gone too deep into the system.

Ministers are corrupted and down the line Judiciary, Police, macc are all on the side of this corrupted regime. So who do you want to checkmate.

You will be checkmate when you make your move..?

PM said...

Watch this video on the latest Perak State assembly meeting how the Police acted. This will provide a clear indication what I have written. Since when Police are are allowed to manhandle Aduns and MPs and take sides???


Will Najib learn or understand what democracy is all about. We are just like Zimbabwee, a failed state.

Go to this site: http://gcr.weforum.org/gcr09/
and look for malaysia under country profile..look at ethics and corruption, it is very high in the global index. The whole world knows how bad the situation is in this country.

PM said...

If Dato is serious in wiping out corruption, your idea and thinking must penetrate the ex service association and all army camps in all states. This is a formidable task and I forsee problems with the present serving svcmn.

The army is the first place to start as an example to other ministries. Perhaps you should sort this out with the present Defence Minister. If corruption persist in the army we might as well pack our bags. Lack of efficiency and effectiveness will destroy the army and armed forces as a whole. There is no two ways about it. Either maintain an effective fighting force or a corrupted army.

We should be more concern and maintain the fight to rid the army of corruption as our first priority.

Malaysian said...


I accept your apology. It's only right for you to protect your general. Though I'm a commoner but I will try my best to protect our honorable military officer too.

It's sad folks like general might not truly be appreciated. An individual very close to me that work for the government but he's not rich like his fellow co-workers. Why? He doesn't take any bribes or a brown-noser. Though he's poor but he told me that he knows he'll have enough good karma for next life.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dear PM,

,,,We indeed have bad apples to be sorted out but never despair, o.k be frustrated at times, don't throw in the towel-lah.!! In the case of crusade against corruption, its a VISION statement by Dato, which is very noble,,,,remember, "Where there is no vision, the people perish,,," and he indeed further highlights issues for deliberation and for at times to release his frustration on subject matters that concerned the nation etc etc lah.....its done in a healthy way/manner with his supered sensible write-ups. (in fact, I enjoy reading them too)
,,,one cannot achieve great success until you are faithful to yourself !,,,,such messages come from deep within and if you communicate with frankness, integrity and goodwill, you have nothing to fear, in fact it shows one good self-image. Its a positive start in the battle or crusade against corruption.,,,,jangan bakar kelambu sebab nyamok terlepas dalam... Yeop oii !!
,,,lets be smart, ,,,problems are only opportunities with thorns on them,,,,o.k. be positive too !!,,. kena be constructive and hold on to faith too-lah. Relax be cool.
Time will tell, you will see.
HOWEVER, i DO AGREE WITH YOU TOO, so what are you going to do yourself ?..or what have you done ?

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Congratulations! From what have been duscussed in this article alone, the Ccounter-Corruption War and Crusade Against Corruption are on and very much alive. We are beginning to see lights at the the tunnels in Malaysia.

Much as we don't like to say it, the Government has done something (Whistle Blower ACT), MACC has done something (Prosecuting a SG)and you had done something great. Above all, every WARRIOR of yours is doing something.

The ideas and suggestions by all would be noted by many, including suggested actions.

Appreciation and recognition will come, though later. What is most important is we are doing for the King and Country and the future generations - our children, our children's children and so on.

Malaysia, I believe, would award and bestow upon our Dato, "THE SPECIAL MALAYSIA AWARD for Crusade Against Corruption". All in good time.

Have faith, have hope, have courage.

Fabian Wong

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,that poor man has more wealth than the corrupted !...he has faith,
no one can rob from him. I salute him...... you/me can learn a lot
from him too....life is not all about money !!....in fact, i have had
a wonderful and successful career, but next to my family, it really
hasn't mattered at all.
,,,the family home is the most sacredness and oldest social entity in
the world, the birthplace of morals, values, character-building and
civilisation, the treasure-house of charm, success, songs and
laughter. Home should be a balmy, sweet, sparkling, invigorating
oasis, the most sublime place on earth !!.,,,to create/appreciate the
goodness in your loved ones,,,,is priceless indeed......the corrupted
don't have it !!!!!. no soul within their hearts, God's forbidden it.
,,,do have a nice day, Malaysian.

Malaysian said...


I doubt the whistle blower act will work. Look at the police whistle blower. What happened to the police that named all the triad leader names and corrupted officer?

What we really need is voters pressure! We need to educate our friends and relatives how to vote. We must elect anybody from any political party as long as this person is righteous, not corrupted, not racist, etc.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. I say well done to all those who post their comments in your blog. I believe they have great ideas, invaluable remarks, suggestions and so forth (borowing the term, "and so forth", from an ex-commandant of MTAT).

2. Here, I like to comment:

A. We have to crusade against corruption during the present Government's rule and present time.

B. We have to continue, to crusade against corruption, during a new Government's rule and that time, if there is going to be a new Government.

3. I am not a politician and I believe, we cannot wait for a new Government which may never come but do it now and the best we can.

4. If there is going to be a new Government, we should continue fighting against corruption, during its rule.

5. Corruption does not end with a new Government. I am sure of that, it will continue, except the level of corruption is unknown.

6. I conclude we MUST fight corruption at all times and have the confidence we will succeed.

"Have faith, hope and courage".

Fabian Wong

Haezrikal said...

Dear Fabian Sir,

I am deeply touch by your words and determination to crusade together with Dato' against coruptions. Since you joined this blog, you have been very positive in all your write-up.

Continue to post your comments Sir.

PM said...

Whistle blower act will not work as Malaysian has said. The whistle blower will either be dead or bought over even before the case is brought to court. If not dead he will vanish just like Bala and his whole family.

Who can we trust to protect the Whistle Blower.???

Capt's Longhouse:" or what have you done?""

If I were to tell you that I have stop the corrupted pruchase/sales of close to 500 million will you believe me??

Before we can fight corruption we have to clean our own house first.

FMZam said...

Of all the talks in this blog, I take the cue from PM (not Prime Minister) "Before we can fight corruption we have to clean our own house first". That being the most sensible of all the talks about fighting corruption.

Not that I want to argue with Fabian and all you guys who were delighted to hear that kind of shots in the arm talks, but I just don't see how we the people get organized to fight corruption in a real workable organization. Workable and viable in the sense of all disciplines and professionalism of making an anti-corruption organization by just volunteering means? It's like a peasant army fighting a well organized invasion force.

Even the well organized MACC is still not enough to perform its duty and talking about MACC, I presume it is what PM said about cleaning our house first, because MACC is under optimized or plagued by the virus of corruption itself, that it is so constricted to serve more its political masters.

What powers and authorities we can have to equip ourselves in establishing a credible free lance anti-corruption organization and will this government allow another MACC type organization when that will certainly give bad image to to the goverment to have another MACC? How do we carry out investigation without those powers and authorities?

I don't ask much from Crusade Against Corruption, I ask can we fight for a case that have been prepared and documented with proofs and we have the team to study that case and take it to the government for action, or take the law into our own hand by taking the case to the court of law?

If we cannot do that then don't dream of building an organization for I have proven I alone have been brave enough to take the effort to expose Mael Polin and his cronies to the government, but then the government only did to cover it up.

I ask what do you do when you see I am so brave to name names of Mael Polin, Raja Affendy, Masrani and even Mindef KSU, while you all have no idea of how hopeless it is to fight corruption when this government who calls for 'combatting corruption' and made it as one of 6 NKRA, is cowering itself when confronted by a brave rakyat who came with a well prepared report.

FMZam said...


You have that substance in saying your piece about whistle blower act and I concur.

I didn't wait until there is a whistle blower act, I didn't wait until we get organized into an organization, when I fought corruption. I did it out of sheer courage because there is nothing that I am afraid of and there's no one braver than me to do it.

PM said...

This country cannot fight corruption unless we have a complete separation of powers. The Judiciary, MACC and Police must be independent and only answerable to parliament and each working within its limit of power.

FMZam has quoted.."who came with a well prepared report." "
but then the government only did to cover it up." I am sure the bells rang loudly!!

Take the case of Lingam scandal, with a RCI and still no concrete action taken. The RCI was made a mockery. Why, AG said no case???

Altantuya case the AG mentioned only three ppl involved..even before any thorough investigation was carried out.

PKFZ the latest scandal, and an independent organization is to look into it, why??? Who are they trying to cover up.

Look at Toyol 20 millions bangalow..no investigation.

Zakaria palace in klang..no investigation.

I have mentioned a few examples which provide a clear indication of manipulation by those in powers.

How to fight corruption.???

PM said...


I admire your courage and wish we have more like you out there.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Your blog is really chilli hot like curry cooked with tumeric (kunyit) which can kill cancer cells in 24 hours.

Again I say, 'congratulations" as I am amazed by the BRAVE WARRIORS you have, commenting in your blog with passion and zeal. They are really doing great, each and everyone of them.

2. My last comment for this article is:

"Nothing is Impossible".

3. Some of us had failed before; some of us had have bad experiences; some of us never started in the fight against corruption and know very little about it, me included. Together, we can be strong. Yes, we can be strong.

4. We are veterans who had fought the Enemy of the Country and are now brought together by your blog. Isn't that something for a start.

5. Of course, we know the problems and the obstacles faced in the crusade against corruption. No one says it is easy; it is harder than fighting the communist terrorists, I had said.

6. But are we going to talk only of the problems? Or are we willing to develop solutions - plans and strategies.

7. We are not alone. If we are, then, we will lose the war, before we start. There are thousands, perhaps, millions out there untapped. I read in the newspaper, there are 500,000 military veterans in Malaysia and 20,000 of them are in Sarawak.

8. We cannot work alone, as corruption is the BIG BABY of MACC. We have to work with MACC, like it or not. We have to work with MINDEF, MAF, Veterans Affairs Department. We have to work with all the relevant organisations and the people, young and old, if we are going to do a good job. We have to work with the Education Ministry too.

9. I strongly believe, there are many Malaysians out there willing to join forces to combat corruption for the country and for their children and children's children. There are many good Malaysians out there like you and I. There are some good Ministers and Politicians too. There are some good Generals and high ranking Police and Civil Service officers too. May be, they are scared. They have their reasons to be scared. All they need is for one organisation to lead the way. Perhaps, it is this Crusade Against Corruption, a humble blog that starts and later transforms into an credible organisation.

10. My dear friend, you have to expand your networking to people from all walks of life, including the students, youths, military veterans, retirees, and politicians to know and love your blog. Market your blog. I read in your blog, there is one successful businessman. He can help you to market your blog to the right targets.

"Nothing is Impossible".

Best regards and well done again.

Fabian Wong

FMZam said...

If "Nothing is impossible" then "Impossible is nothing". I wonder why of all the brandnames in this world it has to take Adidas to say that.

And it has to take a unique general to say "Crusade Against Corruption" when some generals say "Crusade the crusaders".

And it has to take a unique general to say "Mind no evil" when some generals say "Evil never mind".

When Impossible and Nothing are equal but not the same......

PM said...


I like your postive outlook but look at this way.

When you first buy a car, it gives you satisfaction and pleasure in driving it. As each year passes faults appear and 20 years down the road with periodical breakdown and need towing to a workshop.

A complete engine overhaul needed but it still would not work as the body has rusted badly and falling to pieces. Next You would probably send it to the workshop for welding, patching and finally with a new coat of paint.

When completed ha a new second hand car and is very please with it. Six months later the same old problems appear...What would you do.

I would sell it cheap to a junk yard and buy a new car even after spending a huge amount on repairs.

This is what we need a new car.!!!!

arieeff said...
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FMZam said...


Sejak bila yang kita semua ni tak menangis dan meraung (cry and shout) untuk mendapat perhatian atas apa yang kita hendak sampaikan? Sedangkan pemimpin-pemimpin negara pun tak putus-putus "cry and shout" dalam menyampaikan ucapan mereka untuk didengar oleh rakyat kerana mereka belum puas dengan apa yang mereka dapat dan mau dapat lebih lagi, inikan pula kita yang tak dapat apa-apa.

Jadi saudara juga turut sama menangis dan meraung dalam untuk mengatakan yang kita ini hanya cuma boleh menangis dan meraung tapi tak boleh berbuat lebih dari itu. Sekurang-kurangnya kita menangis dan meraung daripada hanya melihat dan duduk berdiam diri saja.

Saya tidak berfikir seperti saudara yang mungkin berbunyi seperti merendahkan tangisan dan raungan orang-orang yang berlawan menetang rasuah. Pada saudara itu semua tidak akan mendatangkan hasil apa-apa, pada saudara itu tidak akan dapat melawan rasuah kerana memang benar orang-orang yang rasuah terlalu kuat untuk kita lawan dengan tangisan dan raungan.

Saya faham apa yang saudara mau kita lakukan, tapi biar saja kita masing-masing simpan dalam hati apa yang kita faham tentang apa tindakan yang saudara mau kita lakukan. Biar kita sendiri bayangkan tindakan-tindakan itu dalam apa saja yang kita boleh imaginasikan didalam fikiran masing-masing.

Namun kita tidak boleh anggap bahawa tangisan dan raungan kita ini tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa kerana akan tiba saat dan waktunya, tangisan dan raungan kita akan bertukar menjadi kuasa, apabila semua anggota tentera dan bekas tentera yang kalau dikumpulkan berjumlah jutaan orang, bertekad menggunakan kuasa kita sebagai rakyat, untuk menukar kerajaan yang rasuah ini kepada kerajaan yang cekap, bersih dan amanah.

Kalau kerajaan ini tidak peduli dengan tangisan dan raungan kita, maka sewajarnyalah kita pula yang akan buat kerajaan ini menangis dan meraung bila semua tentera dan bekas tentera menjadi rakyat yang akan menumbangkan kerajaan rasuah Barisan Yang Tak Nasional ini.