Friday, October 23, 2009


It is easy to get a jail sentence and a fine in this country.........just bite a policeman. And it is easy too for a policeman to bash up someone, and not face the law at all. Call this justice the Malaysian way, and our policemen are somehow immune to the law.

Did we not see how they bashed up Kugan to death, only to get another lone Indian policeman to blame. Are we to believe this script, that it takes only one Indian policeman to kill one tough Indian in the police cell. Come on.......Malaysians are not that stupid as you may think, to believe in such a well scripted lie. I am sorry for repeatedly quoting the Kugan case, because I believe the police have been blatant in the act of abuse and torture.

That was what Batu MP Tian Chua got for biting a policeman; a fine of RM3,000 and a six months jail sentence that is just enough to strip him of his post as an elected parliamentary representative. Isn't this another well scripted judgment? Surely, I am not alone in saying this. Call for an opinion poll if you care.

I did not expect that sentence to be that severe, as the bite was done in retaliation to being punch by the policeman. I would have reacted in the same manner if I was punch first, and isn't that a natural reaction for someone who is being abused?

I find it hilarious and unacceptable that the magistrate had based his judgment merely on the statement by the policeman that he (policeman) was bitten, whereas the magistrate himself asserted that, “the video recording did not show the biting” The Sun dated October 23, 2009. To me, such a judgment is bad precedence, unthinkable in any decent courts elsewhere in this world; maybe with the exception of Zimbabwe.



nxforget said...

It's just becoming much more interesting and hilarious by the day to watch our judiciary at-work. It must be the tremendous work pressure that befall on our judges.

Then again, they knew the law, I hope, while we are just spectators forming public perception :)

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. The 2007 findings of Johns Hopkins Unversity, USA, said it all the positions of their survey of Malaysians's trust of the ten political-related institutions in Malaysia. If my memory did not fail me, the positions are as follows:

a. The Royal Malaysian Police stood at No. 9.

b. Judiciary No. 7.

c. The Civil Service No. 3 and

d. The Malaysian Armed Forces No.1.

2. Other nationalities may think worse of our institutions. I don't know.

Fabian Wong

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Fabian,

Thanks for the reminder. But sadly,recent events can no longer placed the Armed Forces in the No. 1 slot, all because of some greedy, corrupt and idiotic leaders. There are still some lingering in that outfit.

EAGLE said...

What was written by George Orwell in his 'Animal Farm" is similar to what is happening in this country.
My son told me that this country will not go anywhere despite I argued vehemently telling him that we need to bring changes as soon as possible.
With his poker face he told me, " the people or the rakyat are either stupid or coward", if they are stupid then they will believe the gomen spin even if they are smart, they are just coward."
May ALLAH gives us the strength and courage for the sake of the nation!!!

Rhombus said...


Capt's Longhouse said...

my take..

,,,Failure is indeed often caused by an inability to change..indeed too it takes courage to change.
,,,We Malaysian must change our values and belief, gone are the days of "katak bawah tempurong"..the world indeed has changed, its our turn now !!..for the benefit of our loved ones, community and country.
,,,but don't forget this self-fulfilling prophecy called the Pygmalion Effect !!..a person tends to become what he/she is expected to be ??. if you groom someone like a champion, he/she will perform well, but if you repeatly tell him/her is an idiot, he/she will soon believe it !!.
,,,which side of the coin are we ??

MHA28 said...

How apt to see a quote appearing in your blog, of Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments...

Putting into context the recent events in our beloved country, where do we see our government securing the rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?

May God Bless Malaysia for where it has come from and for where it is heading.

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

The key player on justice and judgement when a case goes to court is the JUDICIARY, like in Tian Chua's judgement and many others.

My prayer and wish is the finding of the next Johns Hopkins's survey would show our Judiciary would come up on top as what Malaysians trust most in our political-related organisations. It should be so, as it is supposed to be independent and beyond "reproach" and "corruption of mind".

I don't mind MAF drop to second place or further down. The 2007 finding could be based on the ignorant people's perception as they knew very little of the MAF's weaknesses, as compared with you. Forgive the people, my friend. Or it is in the Kingdom of the Blind, the one-eye Jack is the King.

Perhaps, Malaysia needs a shadow- Judiciary Grouping to help give opinions and "teach our judges a thing or two, like a foreign forensic expert did.

Hope Malaysia come up with a DS solution soon.

Fabian Wong

Capt's Longhouse said...

my take,

,,,have we reached the dead end ?
,,,do we Malaysian need to suffer more hardship ?.....before everyone will start thinking real serious for a new perspective ??.
...apparently a dead end is one of the strongest motivations for making people look elsewhere !.
...let the dead wood remain in the sinking ship but we can't allow this beautiful country MALAYSIA to just sink because of these dead woods plus dirty rats !!

,,,we must all change our perception before we can change ourselves and that we must change ourselves before we can change our lives. uprooting our negative and destructive emotions, we must have HOPE, CHEER and a new outlook/fresh picture/positive thinking etc etc...yaa ??.

In Summary ; We/you/me can't change the past BUT together we can ACT on the present and creat a better future for the next generation.


,,,lets move forward ??..Dato you lead o.k. ?? .....since you had started the ball rolling plus a good job at it too !!.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,its never too late !!??. I feel the fire in your guts Dato ! Am a bloody good Pusher, some say. haha.


Capt. Shariff UBAN

Anonymous said...


The saddest thing is that his (i.e TC's judgment) is neither the 1st nor will it be the last. The condition of Malaysian courts has gone so low and politicised that every case brought before it is met with nothing but a political judgment!

The way I look at it, more often than not, the one who should be hanged is the judge not the defendant!