Friday, October 16, 2009


It was reported that former Menteri Besar Selangor Dato' Seri Khir Toyo had on Monday 12, 2009 filed a summon at the Shah Alam High Court challenging the suspension order barring him from attending the State Legislative Assembly, to be null and void. The suspension order was issued by the Selangor State Assembly's Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT), after Khir Toyo had failed to attend the SELCAT session to answer allegations of abuse in the use of funds pertaining to the Selangor state investment arm (PNSB) to the tune of several millions.

It is unbelievable that PNSB could cough out RM 900,000 for an 8 days trip for Khir Toyo and his family to Morocco and Paris in 2004, supposedly to study Islamic architecture. He made many other trips subsequently with his family members all at the expense of PNSB, without ever feeling any guilt that the money he spend is not his.

Khir Toyo is also being investigated by MACC over the purchase and construction of a palatial home in Shah Alam that is said to have a market value in excess of RM20 million. Pictures of the house that Khir Toyo built and his extravagant spending of PNSB funds has been circulating in the Internet over the past few weeks. There are also talks that Khir Toyo has acquired some properties in Indonesia, and this has yet to be substantiated.

I do not know whether the Income Tax department is interested to look at Khir Toyo's tax returns since he became the Menteri Besar, knowing full well that there is a possibility that the physical wealth he has accumulated does not commensurate with his income. I am not accusing Khir Toyo of thievery, but this is the perception that Selangoreans has of him now; and me included.

In filing the summon, one of the things that Khir Toyo wants is the return of all his allowances that had been with-held following his suspension. No amount was mentioned, but I suppose it could not have been in the millions.

But despite his earlier claims that he has businesses to maintain his lifestyle and sufficient funds to built his palatial home, his summon seems to suggest that he has been made a little poorer because of the with-holding of his ADUN allowances. I am not quite sure how much is the ADUN allowance, but surely it is not sufficient to make him an instant millionaire. Or is he facing some financial difficulties to continue his extravagant lifestyle, that his allowances now becomes sort of his lifeline?

I suppose Khir Toyo need to have a feel of the 'personal financial crunch' that some Selangorean suffer during his rule. Having been at the helm of the Selangor state government for two terms and savoured so much of luxuries and good living, he now deserves to feel what others have felt with only a meager income.



Fabian said...

My dear friend,

We are familiar with, "Beg, Borrow or Steal". But don't be caught. When caught in stealing, own up and PAY BACK. Or told to PAY BACK. The key words are "PAY BACK". Be a "nice guy or thick face", pay back like the PM and MPs of UK are doing.

Fabian Wong

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Fabian,

Unfortunately our MP's are all thick face. Hak orang hak dia, hak dia hak dia.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...


wini said...

Well, maybe it's time to `Berjasa' to his ancestors and countrymen or for safekeeping - invest in Indonesia.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato' Arshad Raji,
I just wonder whether he declared his assets upon taking up his appointment as MB previously. If MACC is really serious in pursuing the case,he should be required to do so now and only then it could be determined whether he had the capacity to acquire his palatial mansion.
Obviously he flagrantly abused his position as Chairman of PNSB by spending public funds without justification. The unwarranted expenditure for the frivolous trips overseas should be deducted from his allowances. Then it should serve as a lesson to all.

samsaimon said...

Salam Dato',

Khir Toyo wont feel the 'personal financial crunch'. For him there's no such thing. He is filthy rich, just too rich.

It is just that the Judge on Govind Deo's case is trying to find any provision that gives the right to the Speaker of the Parliment to suspend the allowance of the MPs. There could be a lacuna there.

And as always, he smells the rat!

Fabian said...

My dear friend,

1. Since I am a late comer to your blog, may I detour a little to the topic at hand.
2. MACC should offer to the Ex-Servicemen to form a special unit under their payroll, command and contorl to help them fight corruption. I am sure the ex-servicemen with their experience and upright characters they can do wonders. I have no doubts about that. but of course the personnel must be carefully selected with proven records.
3. Your very punch line, "Crusade against Corruption" say it all.
4. I assess MACC's staff is also searching for intelligence on your blog and will read this call.
5. Mr. MACC Chief, please consider and see what ex-servicemen can contribute in the fight against corruption.
6. Actually, as you my friend said; look at the assets and their family members' assets, bank accouts-local and overseas, lifestyle and the income-tax returns, much can be said, assessed, investigated, and then if justified, charge and bring to court. Have a corruption by-law, if there is none yet, for those who accumulated wealth in a short spell of time and without proper income-tax returns, to prove how they could accumulate so much in so short a time.
7. May be, we can learn them how to be rich, legally.

Regards to you and MACC Chief.

Fabian Wong

maurice said...

Dear Fabian,

Suggest you communicate your ideas direct to the Commissioner of MACC.I think they need your kind of expertise to crack the nut.Wish you luck.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear new friend Mr ArshadRaji,

,,, my take on the Toyo guy, just sharing with my buddies-lah. will always meet someone who can tell you
something you didn't know before,,,Accepy it, Digest it !!
,,,guess by now our conceited Toyo guy/asshole, will finally
appreciate that conceit is the quicksand of success ??,,,,and that you
don't get something for nothing, you must pay a price !! hohohoo. no
more Santa Clauses popping through the dirty chimney from now onwards
,,,an example of man's selfish greed for wealth and power clouds his
conscience and this brings more vice and problems to society-lah.

,,,,,,,,,well all said and done, just two things fill my mind with
ever new and increasing wonder & awe -----the starry heavens above me
at the island and the moral law within me !!

,,, i tell my children to ensure their life is in harmony with the
values and principles.,,,be hopeful/greatful, anticipate good things
and WORK to deserve them !!.

,,,to Toyo, hahaha !!,,,whatever you take will be taken back from you
!! the rest of you ??...whatever you give comes back to you a
thousand times more !!.

Selamat malam guys ,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful stars above me head right really out of this world !!.