Thursday, October 1, 2009


“There's good guilt and then there's bad guilt” says Home Minister Hishamuddin in defence of Isa Samad's nomination by the party as its candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election scheduled October 11th 2009. I don't seem to understand what Hishamuddin means by that statement. Is this the same as the good and bad cholesterol that I am so familiar with, everytime I go for my quarterly medical check-up at the IJN? I hope Hishamuddin does not come out with another statement to say that there are good murderers and bad murderers, and the good murderers are the once that should be given a reprieve.

He went further to justify that “Isa Samad is different from certain candidates who, when found guilty by the party, they are willing to curse the party that has served them. Isa Samad is a loyal servant of the party and he is the people's candidate”. If this is the criteria for disciplined UMNO members to be accepted back into UMNO's fold, then I had better advice all those who were found guilty of money politics to take the cue from Isa Samad.

I also want to know who was the candidate that had cursed the party when found guilty for a party offence. Certainly not Khairy Jamaluddin or Ali Rustam. Or is he referring to that gay who was caught and charged by the Temerloh Court for attempted bribery, and is now lost in the wilderness? Or is he insinuating Azlina Othman who has been keeping a low profile since her ouster as Tourism Minister, though yet to face any charges for her connivance in money politics? Or is it Rafidah Aziz who lost the Ketua Wanita challenge and had been left in a lurch without a ministerial and party post?

You know, I was at the Tourism Ministry on two occasions and everyone seemed to be smiling and in a relax mood since Azlina Othman has been ousted. I just wonder what did Azalina do to cause the staffs of the ministry to dislike her so much.

Hishamuddin can say all that he wishes to justify Isa Samad's nomination, for what else can he say now that the final selection has been made. It is the people's candidate so says Hishamuddin, and I suppose he was only referring to the people of Bagan Pinang, but not to UMNO as a whole.

Most, including the opposition has declared that the possibility of a PR win in the Bagan Pinang by-election is near impossible. Granted that Isa Samad will be the clear winner, this will signal the beginning of a much fiercer war that the BN will face in the up-coming 13th General Elections.



komando said...

Dato' please don't crack your head & try and figure out what this fellow wants to say, what he really meant and what he has implied!

Just don't waste your precious time!


So let them talk and try and justify all their actions, we just sit and laugh, enjoy the show as they always say!


nxforget said...

I just love this UMNO leaders. They surely know how to do the twist in public without the guilt.

How I wish to have some talents of those UMNO leaders ... oops, on second thought, thank God I don't have it for it will be much easier to face Him later.

FMZam said...

What Hishamuddin meant was that when Isa was a sheep in a wolf's skin he didn't look like a wolf at all, and now when Isa is a wolf in a sheep's skin, Hishamuddin made Isa really look like a good wolf for Isa is eating grass with all other sheeps.

josephng said...

isn't both bad guilt or good guilt amounts to guilty?

is there good sin and bad sin?