Sunday, October 4, 2009


My wife and I was in Port Dickson this morning (Oct 4th 2009) visiting the Army Museum. It was also to be a 'drive down memory lane' for we were there in Port Dickson in 1976/77.

My last visit to the museum was several years ago, and I was respectfully welcomed by the Archives Curator Major Mohamad Izam Hj.Md. Yamin and his officers. I am surprised that he even comes to work on a Sunday, when others would be at home lazing with their families.

The reason I had gone to the Army Museum was to view some of the pictorial exhibits and artifacts that I may need to put up at the Retired Armed Forces Officers Reunion Dinner to be held on Wednesday, November 11th 2009 at Felda Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

Not having an inkling at how an exhibit is to be organised, I have requested Major Mohamed Izam to assist me, and to which he gladly obliged. Having viewed some of the pictorial exhibits, I was surprised to be told that the exhibits had costs the museum a fortune to make, and this is partly the reason why Major Mohamed Izam wants to be involve, to ensure that the exhibits are properly handled.

I was then invited to tour the various galleries in the museum. I must admit that the Army Museum has some of the finest exhibits and artifacts that are related to the history and development of the Malaysian Army, and it is certainly worth visiting. I am told that the establishment of the Army Museum was mooted by the former Chief of Army Gen Tan Sri Md Hashim Md Hussein. I am glad that the buildings that housed the exhibits and artifacts has not change a bit, and it is very much the same structure that has stood through time, since 1933.

I am sure Gen Tan Sri Md Hashim will be fondly remembered for his in-numerable contribution to the establishment of the Army Museum, and hopefully in the years to come, the museum will bear his name.

I am aware that managing a museum is not the business of any 'Dick, Tom and Harry'. It has to be managed by people who have a natural love for art, history and a mind that is ever creative. The staffs must be trained to the extend that they not only know every bit about the museum, the exhibits and the artifacts, but are also competent to act as guides to the visitors. To be experts, it takes considerable time.

But the Army has this odd culture of posting officers and soldiers once in every two to three years, in the name of career development. This certainly does not work for museum staffs. If one were to look at the staffs manning museums all over the world, they are professionals in every sense, and are on the job for years, and most till they retire. In other words, museum is a professional career in itself, and this being so, it should have a dedicated career structure that provides the staffs every opportunity to progress in their career. I do not know if Army now has such a dedicated career structure, which I know isn't the case hitherto.

While on my way home, I took the opportunity drive pass Sirusa, Bagan Pinang and Teluk Kemang areas. The area has been turned into a 'circus – like' atmosphere, lined with flags, banners, posters and billboards of political parties vying for the up-coming elections. Huge white tents were also seen along the Port Dickson - Teluk Kemang road.

From what I observed, it is obvious the BN blue colour has overwhelmed the PAS green colour, and if this is any indication of BN winning the by-election, they certainly have won, beating PAS in the battle of the colours.



HH said...

Dato i have just received this note from one of our friends from my blog:

"The courage and unselfishness of the soldiers in the war time always strike me deep in my heart. They are the honest guys on earth who were just trained to be able take order and obey order to carry out any duties passed to them. With fears or not, they are ready for death, if it come by. When the lieutenant asked them to charge or forward……they have to do so no matter how, even though they know that the bullet , mortal or tank are lying ahead.

Our soldiers in Bagan Pinang will be a determined factor for PAS to win. Hence, if possible it is a good idea that HH will try to write something on these soldiers and their life. Compare the simple life of a Bagan Pinang soldier with respect to the corrupted politicians, such as Isa, Khir Toyo, who live a luxurious life. During war time, a solider is a savior for the country.

Don’t let the soldier of Bagan Pinang be a savior for a confirmed-guilty politician like Isa.

Stir up the patriotism of our soldiers.

The soldiers of Bagan Pinang should be the savior of Malaysia .

The soldiers should be loyal to the country, Malaysia-not UMNO or BN" ..

i would like to try and write something on this. I will start later tonight when the night is more settled - I would greatly appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on this matter and any guidance as to what are the things I should look at and emphsize when writing ion this matter. I have need of your assist on this matter. Thank you.


nxforget said...

The passion of Major Mohamad doing his job gets my salute. Of course, it's only literally as I'm not from the armed forces.

It's not like those hard-core followers of BN/UMNO who does things for the easy money. The more the person climb the rank within the party, the bigger chunk it is. I wonder how much Isa have chuck away in getting the banners, flags, buntings, and billboards.

And if Isa won, what's more coming to those who sponsored him for this party at BG. Ahemmm ... we all could do a calculated guess.

Thanks for updating.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Pak Hussein,

Sorry for the late response. Just back from attending Rumah Terbuka Hari Raya.

Your friend is right when he says that soldiers will not defy the orders of their officers in any circumstances. I can say this with great assurance because, I have been commanding men in many operations.

Soldiers generally do not take much interest in politics, and the only politics they know is BN/UMNO politics, and soldiers tend to associate the government with BN/UMNO. This is because they are told to serve the government of the day, and the only government they know is BN/UMNO.

I note that there is a realisation today among soldiers that they want to discuss more openly about politics and this is as the result of the alternative media (internet) and including the numerous media that prints a different view from the mainstream media. One is not surprise today to see soldiers reading quite openly Harakah or other opposition based papers that were taboo during my days.

This trend I suppose is related to their higher level of education where a soldier with a diploma is quite usual nowadays. With higher standard of education, they can perforce think and rationalise better.

As I have written, I was in PD this morning and a soldier did say to me that he no longer reads the news printed by the mainstream media only. He reads others as well so as to get a balance perspective about the news being reported.

I believe the soldiers are not impress with the sudden massive 'invasion' of the BN machinery in PD either. They can judge for themselves that this sudden 'invasion' and the promise of development for Bagan Pinang is pure talk that has little truth.

This is an old trick the say, and they only get to see their Wakil Rakyat during election day.

I don't believe that all soldiers will give their vote purely for the BN/UMNO. I am not at all surprise that the trend has changed. And I do not believe the officers today are stupid as well, because most a graduates today. And I do not believe either that the officers will dare tell the soldiers to vote for the BN/UMNO. If they do this, there will be a 'backlash' by the soldiers in very subtle ways.

If at all the shift is towards the opposition, it is only BN/UMNO to blame.They see BN/UMNO as corrupt and Isa's choice only proves their perception right.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato" Arshad,
Many thanks to you for stirring my interest to visit the Armed Forces Museum in PD. I lived in PD for several years in the sixties but it never occurred to me to visit the Museum whenever I go to PD nowadays.
Gen. Hashim Hussein was in the same company as I was when we were "Budak Boy " in the then FMC. Later I met him at a kindergarten just next to my house where we send our children for their preschool. He is an exemplary soldier and knowledgeable and the country was proud of him when he led our soldiers with the UN in Bosnia Herzegovina. I think we should not take the present day people in Uniform for granted. The world has changed and if the powers that be does not, then woe betide them. We want to see a government that is "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah" no matter which party it comes from. Most important is we must see to it that the " Trust " is not betrayed because at any time ALLAH S.W.T. will let misfortune befall on the whole country in many forms, not just disasters like an earthquake or typhoons but like the one we are facing, Influenza H1N1 and more to come, Nau'zubillah!

taming said...

Dear Dato',

It's nice to hear that the Army Meseum is well looked after and the precious treasures are being safely stored in a 1933 building.
I am sure the Army leadership has plans to modernise and upgrade the meseum to the same standard which many countries in the world have taken care of their army meseums.

Did you come across shadows of the Chinese Tan Sri and Datuks when you were in PD? Or perhaps you might have received by-lection ang-pows from them too!

What has been revealed by HH in his blog is not at all strange and nothing new. All along the wealthy
Chinamen had been collaborating with greedy,
dirty and corrupted Melayu politicians for mutual gains. It's a win-win.
The Melayu politicians get positions, power and money whereas the Chinamen get more money and become cronies of UMNO leaders!

I just pray and hope that the greedy, dirty and corrupted Melayu political leaders and/or families
would NEVER become easy targets for Singapore Chinese leaders! If this were to happen, we the crusaders will make sure that all these type of leaders are placed in front of the firing squad!

Sorry, I do not subscribe to soldiers siding any political party, BN/UMNO or PR/PAS!
The Malaysian Armed Forces must be loyal to the COUNTRY and the GOVERNMENT of the DAY. The Armed Forces must never be "political party bashers" either. Soldiers must be thinking men who would vote for the right candidate, irrespective of party affiliation!


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Abdulhalimshah,

You may wish to contact (for old time sake) Tan Sri Gen Md Hashim Hussein at 019-3831739

FMZam said...

We have many more museums of various corp not just the Army Museum, and we have many army officers who more or less work as full or part time curators if I can term them as curators. And we have mountain of things, old and antiq things that we can always turn them into museum artefacts, and we still have many pre-war buildings in many military bases that they befit a museum artefacts themselves.

Come to think of a museum, the least I want to say is that why not the whole complex of recruit training center in PD with the pre-war buildings be turned into a one stop museum to house all museums of the army because the buildings are better preserved as a military heritage and befits the right facade for a museum.

Instead, why not we build a new and modern facilities for recruit training center so as to train a modern army?

ArshadRaji said...

Dear FMZam,

I was told by the curator that the entire complex of the old RTC has been handed over to the museum. These are buildings built in 1933 shall remain standing as part of our history.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato' Arshad,
Thank you for the phone number of Tan Sri Gen (B) Mohd. Hashim Hussein.

FMZam said...

Thanks Dato', what I've said has been overtaken by event, that means Muzium Tentera Darat is such a big complex bigger than Muzium Negara therefore it really needs professionals to manage it, why not.

komando said...

The term serving the government of the day cannot be subscribe because if the ruling party or government is CORRUPTED DO WE STILL SERVED THEM LOYALLY?





ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I am encouraged by your comments relating to the Army Museum. I have now taken it upon myself to begin documenting the history of the Army Museum, so that future generation of soldiers will understand how the museum was born. I know now that there were many officers involved who have toiled to realised the museum, and their contributions should not be forgotten.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

So I heard that the Retired Armed Forces Officers Reunion Dinner's seating arrangement is by tables of RM1000, 3000, 5000 and 7000 each, meaning the cheapest seat is RM100 for RM1000 table of 10 seats, the most expensive seat is RM700 for RM7000 table.

Why is this kind of seggregation allowed to happen to a reunion of retired armed forces officers in the manner that the dinner tables will separate the rich retirees from the poor retirees.

What I can foresee is that there will certainly be a reunion within a reunion in that dinner instead of free mixing amongst all retirees regardless of status after all we were all military officers.

I think we are wasting the chance to make use of a reunion and fall back into the same protocol we had in dinner when we are in service. The top people mix only with their kinds when seated in the table for rich retirees.

When will the organizer realise that a reunion is not a place to show off who are the 'successful retirees" amongst us all? For what are those glamour for when we are all retirees and nearing death, we are not young anymore to get inspired by all those success stories and certainly we are not going to be inspired by the faces of corrupt retired generals among the crowd who have no shame to show their faces there.

The organizer is certainly going to make a lot of money as far as I can see for a dinner that won't cost more than RM50 per head.

hussin said...

"The Malaysian Armed Forces must be loyal to the COUNTRY and the GOVERNMENT of the DAY."

loyalty to the govt of the day does not mean that the armed forces can be deployed to carry out "jiwa murni" as part of the "mee segera" during campaigning period. it does not mean that armed forces can be deployed to campaign and canvassing for the govt in power. it doe not mean that the armed forces is deployed to hand out 'angpows' to the voters. it does not mean that the armed forces conduct "block" voting to ensure the government in power to win elections. it does not mean that the armed forces postal votes are guarantee of a win for the government in power.

it is talk of bagan pinang that "contributions" have been made to unit commanders, soldiers receiving "hari raya" angpows. if this happens, it is a shame to military personnel for they are seen to be easily bought over. for they are treated so low by those in the corridors of power. can someone deny this? not the ptd, of course!

to soldiers in bagan pinang, vote wisely. tell those in the corridors of power that they cannot buy you. tell them that you are not afraid to sign borang 2 as how you are not afraid to face the enemy fire. tell them that you despise corruption. vote for bn is vote for corruption.

crusade against corruption.

FMZam said...

I believe, just like all other ex-Army officers reunion dinners I have attended, the Retired Armed Forces Officers Reunion Dinner to be held on Wednesday, November 11th 2009 at Felda Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, would be The Night Of The Generals!

And Dato', I know what you are collecting from Army Museum would be used to flashback like many flashbacks I have seen in reunion dinners just for the purpose to glorify the old memories. The concept and theme of a reunion is all the same except this time it would be on a grand scale and the walk down memory lane would have to be longer with Army lane, Air Force Lane and Navy Lane.

That being the case with our kind of reunion, nothing more than just a gathering of military officers in retrospective.

I am longing for a gathering of ex-military officers, or rather a Tryst of ex-military officers for the purpose of fighting corruption in the military. Will it be any?, No! Will those ex-generals attend a gathering of this kind? No! Because they are living a more comfortable life in the civvy street by keeping mum of what is happening to the army they once led.

All they care for is a night where they would be receiving a tribute so they could go home and sleep well thinking that the tribute had washed away whatever sins they have done in the military.

Why don't the ex-generals make use of their influence to help make our military better and yet they have the guts to be present to receive praises in the gathering of the hypocrites?

They will sleep forever until they wake up again in the gathering of our god.

FMZam said...

I will wait for the night and all other nights of the reunion of ex-military officers when Mael Polin, Raja Affendy and Masrani, are EX-army officers!

FMZam said...

And bro komando,

For asking this question "STILL WONDER why did THE FORMER PAT got sacked?

Please refer to bro TuahJebat's posting about the former PAT's "ISTANA", and for that matter, we will get to see the Reunion Dinner would be displaying him in the limelight of that night. I have a funny feeling, that dinner is with that purpose too, to give what was not given by the government, a glamourous farewell for Aziz Zainal.

And mind you, it's not only Aziz Zainal who at the time of retirement had an ISTANA. They was another one general too who has built one in Putrajaya, prior to retirement.

Are they all fit for a tribute in that night?

FMZam said...

Glorifying the wrong thing and for the wrong reason is what most military reunion is good at. That is why the corrupt military leaders are not afraid to take the risk to get and stay in corruption because there is virtually no risks to be corrupted for the risks are so very remote to happen to them and in fact they know they will get all praises and appreciation in any reunion. They love to be praised! They hate to be criticised! THEY LOVE REUNION!

What have they got to say when all they claimed they have done good things in the military is represented by the physical evident of their good living in all luxuries in their civilian life, while majority ex-soldiers are rotting to make ends meet in everyday life?

I always remember our Dato' Arshad said that it's better we shame them than letting them wasting the taxpayers' money for their personal gains.

FMZam said...

I am supposed to contest the facts on Museum Tentera Darat made in this thread by you all, in details. But what good is that if even I can dispute it by providing greater details, no one bothers anymore for the truth has been buried so deep not worth for it to be excavated and even if it is surfaced now, that truth would never be allowed to find its way in the history to be documented by Dato' Arshad.

My qualm is on one thing, with due respect to General retired Md Hashim please do not simply take the praise made by readers in this thread onto yourself, for the real person and persons who made it possible and had worked hard to realise the dream for the Army Museum, have been forgotten and expended and crucified for the sake of your name.

I am not implying the facts be opened in great deliberation and become a moot point in this thread, it suffices that I say it here that while General Md Hashim is still alive, those persons are also very much alive too, to be forgotten for things they have been part and parcel of being dedicated and diligent military performers to not have been appreciated alongside the general.

And I detest any idea to name the museum after anybody's name for it should remain as Army Museum, not any Tom, Dick and Harry general, because that museum should resemble a museum of every soldier, otherwise if it is named after a person's name, then we better call it a "mausoleum", not a museum.

komando said...

Dear Dato' there is a very interesting fact gone wrong! Why don't we pick up what Doctor M said about his reign as PM.




taming said...

The Armed Forces of a country MUST be loyal to the country and the GOVERNMENT of the day.

NO country in the world can afford to have disloyal military or we will end up having military coups almost every month! Please, we are respected people and let us use our wisdom to preserve peace.

Agreed, loyalty to the government of the day MUST NEVER be a "blind loyalty". This is where our generals MUST play effective role as credible and professional military commanders as opposed to playing politics, licking political leaders' balls and allowing the misemployment of the military for political purposes.

This is what appears in this country to-day! Every time there is a by-election,we see Army Chief and the soldiers appearing busy in the by-election constituency helping BN/UMNO in political campaigns. Surely they have more urgent duties to do in the defence and security of the country!

I am most disgusted to see army generals and soldiers being roped in by political leaders to be involved in various operations to support BN/UMNO election campaigns.
The Rakyats are angry and so are
the soldiers!

The Minister of Defence must know this. Every time a soldier is being abused by UMNO in election
campaign there would be thousands of servicemen who "spit" on the minister's face in disgrace. Millions more of wise and intelligent rakyats despise this dirty move and vote against BN/UMNO as a show of protest.

taming said...


NO, NO, I was informed each PREMIUM table costs RM 10,000/RM 5,000/RM 3,000! PARIA table costs 1000 and poor retirees pay RM 100 per head.

The Retired Officers of Malaysian Armed Forces Reunion Dinner 2009 will be a prestigious event to
segreggate the "RICH and POOR" ex-servicemen.

Ex-generals,Tan Sris and Datos will be honoured at this reunion in the presence of DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong, Minister of Defence, PAT and Service Chiefs.
Irrespective of their intakes and background, because they have money to pay for premium tables, they will be honoured to take up seats closest to DYMM The Agong.

Poor PARIA ex-officers and their wives who pay RM 100 will be given tables near toilets, furthest from
The Agong and PREMIUM tables unless
they can influence some rich ex-generals, Tan Sris or filthy rich ex-majors to sponsor them at their tables.

This concept of commercialising tables like OPA dinners is rubbish and it breeds seeds of segreggation and status consciousness. By right, military retirees should close ranks during the transitting years before we join the next world. Ranks, status and protocol too must give way to realities of life and the REAL world.

There are more reasons for ex-servicemen to get more closely knitted and strive for a strong network among the nation's fighters in the light of serious abuse of powers and involvement in corruption by greedy politicians.

Dato Arshad, I know there are certain business and money conscious personalities in the committee who advocate the selling of tables to meet the funding need for the dinner. Agreed, fund is vital for VVIPs, bands and music, etc, but the committe should seek sponsorship instead of "selling tables" which undoubtedly will create an ugly atmoshere without the commitee realising it.

Sorry, unless this table selling bullshit is abolished, many of my retired officer friends ( including
some very senior ones) WILL shy away!


taming said...

The "SACKED PAT" mystery still dominated the centre stage during the last few weeks with NO REAL answer available.

I asked a few senior serving generals and also senior retired servicemen why Gen Tan Sri Aziz Zainal, the former PAT, was booted out!

They know the official answer but if anybody needs the REAL answer, go and ask any of the following:

DYMM The Agong
PM's Wife
Minister of Defence
KSU Mindef
Gen Tan Sri Aziz Zainal

Guess? or, bring one tandan of pisang to my house and I will give the REAL reason.


MZ Jim said...

Dear all,

Congrate Dato' to your effort on highlighting the Army Museum Port Dickson.

The museum name will remain as Army Museum Port Dickson (AMPD) or in bahasa Muzium Tentera Darat. Beside they have one library inside the museum named as Perpustakaan Jen Tan Sri Md Hashim.

A blasting by Jen Tan Sri Md Hashim and dedicated Pioner Team is a key for establishment of AMPD. But do the Malaysian Army care about this? No they dont because nothing to do with them.

A lot to share but better keep silent...