Thursday, June 19, 2008


The decision by the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development to elect Village Heads (Ketua Kampung) and the Development and Village Security Committee (Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung - JKKK) in the state Selangor, smack on outright arrogance and ignorance of its Minister, Tan Sri Muhammed Taib.

I believe, the decision has political connotation, aimed at safeguarding and bolstering the waning popularity and interest of the Malays towards UMNO in the state.

Being born in Selangor, I can vouch for the Malays in my kampung that UMNO’s popularity was drastically reduced, when Pak Lah’s family members came into the political limelight. I do not need to name here, who the family members are, for they are a house hold name today.

I have to be honest to Pak Lah that nothing good is being said of his family members, and you know this. And the lost of the UMNO candidate representing my kampung during the last general election, has much to do with the negative reports (true or otherwise) concerning Pak Lah’s family members. I must admit that I too was influence, and Pak Lah need not know who I voted for.

Now, we have Tan Sri Muhammed Taib back as a Minister (though not an elected representative) trying his luck at establishing his popularity in Selangor. I can say for certain that he is no longer the people’s choice in Selangor; certainly not from among the Malays in my kampung. And by appointing Ketua Kampungs and JKKK members in Selangor, this will only create animosity and dissension among the Malay kampung folk. Is this UMNO’s way of uniting the Malays?

50 years of BN/UMNO rule is enough for Selangor, and for the Minister to say that he has done so much to uplift the plight of the rural folk, and therefore sees it fit to interfere in the administration of the newly elected state government, is totally unacceptable and insane.

My advice to Tan Sri Muhammed Taib is to “back off, for we in Selangor no longer need your filthy meddling hands”.


maurice said...

Not sure whether our Ketua Kampong have real executive functions in the administration and running of the kampongs.Why not give them real responsibility to help with village development? Provide leadership to the kampong folks to be more active in village-level economic activities?
Is it possible?

maurice said...

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maurice said...

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