Monday, January 18, 2010


Would you believe this, when someone called me to say that we now have a 100 million dollar man among the top brasses of the Armed Forces? I responded that it is quite possible, looking at the amount of multi-million dollar business deals at inflated prices that was concluded in recent times.

What do you think would be the price tag that was charged to the government for the purchase of the 120mm Rifled Mortars, the two regiments of Multi Launched Rocket Systems (MLRS), and the Vera-E Passive Air Defence Sensor that I had mentioned in my earlier writings, to name a few?

Why has the price tag being kept confidential; out of public hearing and is not even discussed in parliament. Does the price have any national security implication? Or is the government too afraid to expose the price tag, because someone will come out with figures that are far less than what the government has paid for? And mind you, the money does not belong to Mr. X or Mrs. Y; but it is public money obtained from the people. And would it not be proper that the public knows how the money is spent? An believe me, for as long as the price tag is kept confidential, corruption will persist.

And why have we to keep the middlemen or agents to the deals confidential? Who are these guys that we need to protect them? I view them as blood suckers who bleed the national coffer, to feed and enrich their cronies who know no shame.

To the guy that called me, the amount does not surprise me, as we have seen much larger amounts being squandered, like nobody’s business. It will take a bit of time though, before we all know who the 100 million dollar man actually is.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

I already heard that many moons ago but to name that bastard, I won't, because I only name names here in blog when I have the proof and be so brave to stick to call names when I have the truth. I can only say that 100 million dollar man is a serving general. I can sense if you too have heard it you must have been told the name too.

Tenby65 said...

Why keep us in suspense, bocorkan lah?

komando said...

WOW...kalau lah amcam tu..patut lah semua orang nak jadi 4 Star General!

Dapat Tan Sri, dapat pencen besar, dapat LTAT post, chairman sana sini, director sana sini...

Jangan jangan mana tahu 1 Star lagi kaya daripada 4 star?

Just guessing WHO this super superb bionic man is ?

is is is !

FMZam said...

bro Komando,

I really like your last hissing word is is is! U r The Riddler you know.

komando said...

Brother Field Marshall,
How can I outdo are like former Chelsea Manager - THE SPECIAL ONE !

eli said...


When purchases were done on direct negotiation, price tags had no limit. Almost all were covered including civilians... bukan top brasses sahaja.

komando said...

Kan i dah cakap banyak kali kawan kawan semua

yah tidak ada rahsia pak

ATM - auto teller machine

picit keluar duit !

Malaysian said...

I've a question about loyalty. If it's true that we have certain folks that take commission to benefit themselves; thus, can we assume that one day these folks can sell us out. Should we worry then? (hypothetical question only)

Unknown said...

1 Star lagi kaya daripada 4 star?
wahh...menarik tu..let me guest..mmm AKS P&P ke? P&P-perancangan dan pembangunan...mastermind behind all procurement....tapi mungkin dia tidak terlibat...if yes mmm malukan askarjawaje....

schiltfeitosa said...

Military procuments is being handle by military personnel jer ke , Civilian tak involved ?...RM100 juta tu banyak Bang, atau 100 juta Rupiah..haha

Dendam dan geram terus menyala-menyala....

askarsusu said...

mungkin RM10 juta aje kot!!!... kalau minum susu cirit 70 keturunan tu....hehehehehehe

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

I heard it correctly the 100 millions is the accumulated figure that bastard had amassed throughout so far. It is not in one go like some of us here had perceived. That is to indicate how rich he has become by his misdeeds and will make him the richest general of all time in our Army.

Yap said...

100 million...another palace is coming out soon..

""can we assume that one day these folks can sell us out. Should we worry then?"" They can even sell their grandmother, what more the country. Any sugn of war they will leave the country...

komando said...

We cannot assume that they will sell the country, they just take the easy money and belanja kawan kawan sahaja!

They will not run anywhere if there is any war or conflict, underground palace and bunkers all ready !

They are not selling their grandmothers either....!

Because all do not have anymore, not that they don't want to!

Let them enjoy the ill gotten gains, it is only for a very short period only, a few moments only!

Who ever makan cili api dia lah rasa pedas..who ever tidak dapat makan langsung jangan lah kesal...makanan di sana lagi best forever punya...

we shall see how they die one fine day...we go visit them and say a prayer also...

Malaysian said...

What is the reason one join the army? What was the reason Dato join the army? If you don't mind to share.

I'm assuming all these general join in the beginning because they want to serve the country. What happen to them? Is it because of interference from outside the military or the changes of procurement methods?
Has the army or military culture change throughout the years?

komando said...

Dear Malaysia,
The ATM culture was good but people made it BAD!

The contractors and politicians made it WORST !


schiltfeitosa said...

The ATM culture was good but people made it BAD!

The contractors and politicians made it WORST !

Dunia civilian pun sama jer...benda korupsi ni berlaku bukan hanya pada ATM semata-mata tapi pada semua badan kerajaan, berkanun dan swasta juga...

Apa yang nak dihairankan ..hihi

askarsusu said...

Bro Malaysia,
if i can answer your question... to defend the country from threat.... those day ada komunis... so nak pergi perang dengan komunis lah.. bila komunis dah surrender perang dengan new threat lah.... what is threat?? if no threat train for war lah.. that is our main roles... tapi bila tak de iman n dah jadi Firaun itu yang jadi sekarang nie..

Bro Komando..
The ATM culture STILL good but people (REVENGE) made it BAD!

The contractors and politicians made it WORST !(setuju)

THE DEVIL MADE IT EVEN BETTER (ermmmmmmm tak berapa setuju.. kalau joke setuju.....hehehe)

xpara87 said...

Korupsi di malaysia adalah budaya.
The new name for it.
Habuan,saguhati, sumbangan. Oleh yang demikian jangan heran.....

komando said...


The devil is always there to tempt anyone, no matter how big or small one dah memang kerja dia untuk hasut dan galak supaya makan yang haram...

maka kalau nak makan atas dan bawah pun makan jugak le!

sama aje ...kalau kaki makan tu!

yes agreed, outside ATM pun Ada, lagi dashat...the whole sistem dah koyak rabak !

schiltfeitosa said...

Mengapa kita perlu sakit jiwa kerana mereka-mereka ini ( kaki rasuah ) , kalau kita percaya kepada Allah s.w.t dan hari pembalasannya..biar Allah uruskan perhitungan ini...saya pernah lihat orang-orang yang tak jujur ini menerima pelbagai musibah yang duit berjuta-juta itu tidak lagi bererti buat mereka...anak-anak mereka juga ramai yang kecundang dan bermasaalah kerana hasil dari Wang/duit yang kotor itu...
Jadi mengapa kita perlu risau, runsing, hairan dan kecewa ?..
Biarkan mereka dengan kemewahan dunia itu..
sekadar pendapat saya......

hussin said...


kalau ikut kaedah awak, hancur kita! lantak pi lah apa pun depa nak buat, kemudian serahkan kepada Allah akan pembalasannya? itu tak payah lah sebut2, memang pembalasan Allah tetap ada. ribuan askar yang jadi mangsa akibat kerasuahan depa nak letak mana? askar2 ni tak ada anak?

Unknown said...

Dengan seorang isteri dan 2-3 anak,
seorang Jen akan hanya mampu miliki sebuah rumah link dan sebuah kereta jenis yang mampu dimiliki umum.
Rakyat Biasa

schiltfeitosa said...

Saudara Hussin, Ada kah Ribuan Askar-askar tidak mendapat gaji bulanan akibat dari KERASUAHAN ini?..
Apa terjadi pada anak-anak askar ini? mereka tak dapat bersekolah ke ?...Balasan Allah tu kadang kala datang COD Bang...

Capt's Longhouse said...

Malaysian may i reply on behalf of dato to you question ?

,,,soldiers are the victim of the wrong doings of blood thirsty politicians and indeed we pay with our lives not lies as for the politicians.
,,,ask any soldier and you get the same answer. Indeed, we soldiers are train not to think but just follow orders to fight, kill or be killed. period !.
,,,there are also massive ‘corruption’ issues within the MAF too nowadays that is as bad or even worse as what is happening in our country. All of these needs strong LEADERSHIP with the moral courage plus good spiritual values to take over and LEAD.
,,,my hope is that its happening right now, if not why not ? cos. via IT communication, info. are passed around to educate the masses plus the nation at large. There is no safe heaven for any criminals, corrupted individuals and bloody sinful politicians on this mother earth of OURs. Guess, you/me/others are playing our part in our own ways and some people/authorities may take it onboard or just ignore it, its their stupidity if taken from the negative angle. Some of our jokes may sound not so funny but the message is for the good of everybody, no matter which side of the fence one is sitting and I for once don’t bloody care a rat shit.
,,,what is wrong cannot be politically right has always been my stand. And sometimes what is legally right maybe be morally wrong, so a balance should be the order of the day. Because what is wrong yesterday can be right today, such is the realities in life and living in this fast changing world.
,,,WHat is important is one’s good intention that matters, we call it “NIAT” that internal feelings in one’s heart. Speak no evil, fear no evil but Fight against EVIL. That’s the spirit that one should stand and die for. Unfortunately its only in human that evil may develop but not in animals ! We human is capable of evil things, and only God know why. But, we are all duty bound to identify these evil beings and to destroy them b4 they do more harm to the rest. Guess, there many living examples walking around as such some of our nasty comments. Again, the saying, siapa rasa pedas ?…those feeling the hot chilly taste are those that are guilty of something-lah. So no worries, go ahead with our hunt for injustice and fair play for all.
,,,not being boostful or arrogent but am not scared for what i believe and my stand on righting the wrong doings. I take it as a challenge and will face the bullets face on. My identity is an open book and my address is known to all. Anyone and everyone is welcome to visit me on my tiny Kapas island. We can have a talk or mature discussion on any subject matters but pls be warned too, the waters are shark infested plus walking the planks is the common way out to,,,hehehe…just kidding but that’s the real world, if i may say. It can be a dog eat dog or a wild pig hunt at times too. Pussy cats better learn to climb trees fast with such animals around ?.
,,,o.k.i take my break for awhile here yaa.

cheers buddies….jangan marah. Just made my day too!.

Unknown said...



pendita said...

Dear Dato',

Desas desusnya, `100 million Dollar Man' ni dah ada syarikat sendiri dan diuruskan oleh orang yang sangat dipercayainya.

Aset miliknya tentu tak ditayangkan kat kita. Bangkai gajah takkan dapat ditutup!!!

FMZam said...

Kita tengok lah dalam 2,3 bulan ni, orang ratusan juta tu siapa, bila pembelian 8 X 8 ditandatangani dan diluluskan.

askarsusu said...

Bro FMZam...
bila yang bro hantaq report to nak on??? tak sabaq nak tgk sensasi n panas... macam dalam melodi tu, apa tah nama...oooo TERJAH tu.... kalau lagi cepat lagi bagus.. curi pasir pun dah kena TERJAH.... hehehe

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I would not hesitate to agree with komando that nowadays ATM is an Automated Teller Machine.

Just look at the ATMA graduates commissioned as Capt or Lt in Navy compare those from cadet scheme who started as 2nd Lt in term of their commitment and loyalty.

I guess nowadays ATM is just like District Office or local council in which all their officers are "makan gaji buta" type.

Playing golf is part of their routine leaving his men to nowhere. Wearing bracelet become part of uniform.

Shame on ATM nowadays.

Kah kah kah!!!...

Unknown said...

Salam Dato'

Apakah kes pasir hanya di Selangor? Macam mana di Johor?

FMZam said...

Sdr Kamal Sanusi,

Jeneral2 yang mengamalkan rasuah dan hidup dengar rasuah tegar adalah "handicapped person" yang sepatutnya tidak menjadi sombong bongkak serta berterusan hidup berselindung disebalik pangkat mereka, tanpa segan silu menggunakan kuasa mereka untuk terus mengamalkan rasuah.

Betul seperti kata Sdr F.Aswan dalam blog dia, jeneral2 rasuah sepatutnya undur diri dengan sendiri, namun mereka tetap tidak mahu melepaskannya kerana undang2 yang ada melindungi mereka dan mereka menggunakan sebaik2nya selagi ada peluang.

Yang nak bersara pun masih berusaha untuk memperolehi wang melalui kontrak yang bakal diluluskan dan menentukan habuannya digerenti dahulu sebelum bersara. Tengoklah pada Expo DSA akan datang ni ada perjanjian yang akan ditandatangani sebelum perasuah tu bersara.

Betul lah ATM tu Auto Teller Machine dan yang nak ambilalih pun akan terus jadikan ATM tu ATM yang Komando kata.

Janggut said...

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to all bloggers as a fellow service retirees especially Dato’... thanks to you for bringing an interesting subject to discuss into...
As an ex-serviceman, it is a great way to tell the others how failed we were in imparting good values into our predecessors, the descendant of the long live Malaysian Armed Forces.. We are the one who handover the organisation to the one the we are sure the best row of men for the job... They have the sufficient experiences as well as knowledge to do the job... We know what they have gone through to qualify themselves for their rank... It is simply because we have gone through that same experiences...
What you did is just humiliating the organisation that all this while feed US as well as OUR family. The organisation that has trained us, educate us with proper knowledge, taught us to be a well respected human being and an organisation that reccommend for your Datukship. What have you done to that organisation as a payback Dato’? Except the humiliation..??
As an old man.. as a countryman.. and as an ex-servicemen.. I have faith in the progress and the leadership of the Malaysian Army, simply because I know what it take in terms of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ATTITUDE and EXPERIENCE to be ranked... I have been through that... and I believe Dato’ did as well.. or maybe he was too busy playing hockey during his service to realize that... 

F.Aswan said...

salam FMZam
can u please contact me? i have something to discuss with u.
pls email me as soon as possible ya..TQ

FMZam said...

Saudara Janggut,

Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Experience...that sounds familiar to me, you sound like my best ever instructor in my army days, I hope you're not him or I'll be hurting myself to say what I'm going to say to you.

With due respect sir, what you have said about humiliation is not the sin that Dato' Arshad should burden by running this blog. It should be the burden of the people who have no thinking at all to humiliate the Army by their misdeeds of corruption. They are the one who never bother to think about the repercussion of their greed by corruption, they never bother to think about humiliation for all these while they thought they can do it and get away with it because soldiers would never dare to question them.

Remember sir, those all in service never dare to say anything since yesteryears until now. But the one who speaks are those outside, the ex soldiers, and now getting more bold than before because it is too much to bear with corruption that is eating the army from inside like cancer.

How can Dato' Arshad is to blame for his good deeds while the corrupt people in the army are left to be praised like gods? How fair is that? Just because we are more outspoken now and more bold to voice out our concern, are we branded as traitors? And those corrupt generals when they left the army would still be praised in reunion? If they dare to corrupt they should know the price, otherwise what is the meaning of all the good teachings the army has tought us, what is the meaning of dignity, the meaning of good values?

I thought when we get old we are supposed to be wise old men. I am sad I have to say now that the wise men are all the corrupt old generals.

So sorry sir, so very sorry.

xpara87 said...

Right on target.
Janggut, you dah pencen pun masih nak bodek lagi?
Kesian, mentaliti lama..

matador said...

Dear All,

Walaupun kita semua sedar tentang korupsi yang berlaku, bagi pandangan saya tiada apa yang boleh dilakukan untuk menyedarkan mereka, lebih-lebih lagi dalam jangka masa singkat. Singkat dalam erti kata sebelum mereka bersara ataupun diberhentikan.

Kita kene sedar untuk melihat perubahan berlaku memakan masa yang panjang. Mungkin satu ataupun dua generasi secara realistik.

Dalam kepimpinan ATM sekarang daripada Jeneral sampai ke prebet, terdapat 3 generasi utama dan 1 generasi yang baru muncul.

Bagi pendapat saya juga tumpuan untuk menghapuskan korupsi terhadap generasi tertua, hanya membuang masa dan usaha. Bak pepatah Inggeris, `You can't teach old dogs new tricks'.

Forum ini seharusnya mensasarkan pemimpin masa depan khususnya Generasi X dan juga Generasi Y. Generasi X sememangnya berada pada tahap Lt Kol sehingga mungkin 1 star manakala Generasi Y, pada ketika ini yang paling tinggi berpangkat Mejar.

Dengan memberi kesedaran kepada generasi-generasi ini, saya jangkakan apabila mereka meningkat dalam jangka masa 10 tahun akan datang, perubahan pasti akan berlaku.

Pemimpin tertinggi yang berada dalam kategori generasi tertua akan bersara dalam jangka masa 5-7 tahun daripada sekarang dan saya pasti amat sukar untuk mengubah mereka.

Kita mungkin beranggapan dengan pendedahan kita, pihak berkuasa yang berkaitan akan mengambil tindakan. Tetapi kita terlupa bahawa pihak yang ingin mengambil tindakan juga dalam kategori generasi tertua. Saya tidak nampak lagi mana-mana golongan Generasi X yang menjadi pemimpin tertinggi mana-mana organisasi kecuali ahli korporat yang mewarisi harta warisan.

Justeru itu bagi pandangan saya, kita perlu mensasarkan Generasi X dan Y agar apabila mereka menjadi pemimpin tertinggi, mereka akan melaksanakan perubahan yang kita kehendaki. Walaupun saya berfikiran idealist tapi dalam menangani sesuatu permasalahan kita seharusnya realist.

taming said...

Army General again? What a disgrace! How about the Air Force Generals ( PAT and COAF) and Navy Admiral?

Some think they have escaped after they have retired ( I hope not ). This time the MACC has a very simple job to do.

I know all those top military seniors since their early days in school and newly commissioned officers. They are not wealthy like some retired generals and neither do they have businesses outside( not supposed to ). Track their excessive and irregular spendings, namely sporting brand names for wives and high bettings on golf course!

Bring this guy to jail, teach him a lesson, move towards corruption-free army and BN will receive better support from rakyats in coming GE.

FMZam said...

Sdr Matador,

Sejuk hati bila baca nukilan saudara memang bernas sekali sentuhan pena saudara yang memang tajam, terutama tentang pihak yang mahu mengambil tindakan itu sendiri tergolong dalam generasi tua sezaman (contemporary). Saudara telah gambarkan situasi sekarang dengan begitu jelas sekali.

Dan yang nak menyedarkan generasi X dan Y itu adalah tergolong dari generasi tua yang sezaman juga lah, walau hasilnya adalah untuk menyedarkan generasi akan datang itu. Apa yang diperjuangkan hari ini adalah untuk hari2 muka, bukan untuk hari ini.

Entah berapa generasi lagi akan mendapat kesedaran ini, namun persoalannyan ialah kita yang ada sekarang mesti teruskan perjuangan ini, kita tidak boleh berhenti walau diancam oleh pelbagai cara dari anasir2 jahat yang menggunakan "all kinds of intimidation, oppression and persecution" keatas kita untuk menghalang tentangan kita.

taming said...

Dato' Arshad, Saudara Janggut and Gentlemen,

I feel that I too had KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, CORRECT ATTITUDE, EXPERIENCE, RANK and with LOYALTY served many decades. I am also an old ex-serviceman.

Dato' Arshad and ALL of us are very grateful to the Country and the MAF which trained and made us responsible leaders. We respect the MAF, Army, Navy and Air Force organisations and credible leadership BUT we REJECT corrupted military leaders who abuse positions and power for wealth and personal gains... they MUST leave or GO to jail and HELL next!

Dato' Arshad, soldier on with your blogging but be responsible as I have indicated before. I know you have turned on the heat and certainly "ada yang makan cili sedang merasa pedasnya". You have my support, including accompanying you marching on Defence Minister's carpet or appear in court ( which we pray NOT, insya'Allah).


Malaysian said...

How can Dato humiliate the organization (army) that he love? As a true patriot, he understand the importance to criticize the wrong doing of certain folks in the army. Doesn't all the soldiers swore to protect the country? Thus, it's his duty to inform fellow Malaysians the corrupt practice happening in this country.

Bahasa Malaysia: Excuse my poor bahasa sudah karat
Macam mana Dato memalukan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia? Dato menerbitkan informasi berhubungan dengan korupsi activit-activiti dalam organisi ATM kerana Dato sumpah untuk berkhidmat kepada negara. Jika Dato tidak memberitahu kami activiti-activiti akan "continue".

Malaysian said...

Actually, I'm praying for FMZAM and hoping he can nail the corrupted officer! FMZAM you're definitely a true patriot!

schiltfeitosa said...

Setuju sangat dengan Malaysian...FMZam seorang yang patriotik...tunggu apa lagi kalau dah ada bukti paku ler SPRM/MACC...nak meLALOK apa lagi panjang-panjang..kata tak takut sesiapa pun...Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin Bro..haha

FMZam said...


Kalau dah Mael Polin dan geng pun macam cacing kepanasan sekarang, engkau nak aku dedah pasal ZZA pula? Kang tak sempat jadi PTD hilang pulak tempat bergayut korang untuk dapat pangkat dan bisnes haram. Jangan risau, lepas ni masa dia akan sampai, kau tunggu sajalah. Bapak MACC pun akan sampai, saya akan banteras sebelum ZZA jadi firaun sebab dia pun segolong dengan Firaun Mael Polin. Tak payah ZZA nak berlindung disebalik kopiah haji dia, berhentilah dari terus jadi munafik!

FMZam said...

bro Malaysian,

Awak juga patriot, dan semua saudara2/saudari2 yang berjuang menentang jeneral rasuah, tak kira tentera, bekas tentera dan orang awam dalam blog ini. Hanya anasir2 jahat dan konco2 mereka yang bermati2an berusaha untuk mematahkan semangat kita dalam blog ini dan kita semua boleh nampak dengan jelas siapa petualang dan orang2 peliharaan jeneral2 rasuah yang masuk ke blog ini.

Jangan takut kalau kita digembar gembur sehingga digambarkan sebagai penderhaka kepada Angkatan Tentera. Kita mesti tetapkan pendirian kita dan tidak berubah sedikitpun walau dalam blog ini dan dimana2 blog juga.

Ingatlah objektif kita ialah orang rasuah yang kita perdebatkan, jadi jangan peduli dengan serangan peribadi keatas kita, itu semua adalh "diversion attack" yang akan memesongkan kita dari objektif sebenar kita.

Salam pada semua patriot.

FMZam said...


apa guna sumur di ladang
kalau tidak menampi padi
apa guna berambut panjang
kalau tidak berani mati

rambut kau pendek sebab kau dalam servis lagi, rambut aku dah panjang dah....ha...ha...ha...

komando said...

If the country is slapped with a US sanction !

What will our PM do?
What will our neighbours say?
Are we then not the same as BURMA?

ASEAN will boycott us I guess!

ALL Becos some hungry ghost wanted more money and sold the 2 F-5E JET engines!

They say the engines is in Argentina...why not confirmed as yet PRDM?

After this we will sell MINDEF and repay all our debts, to buy back the lost engines!

The poor Navy CO of the burnt ship will face a military court !

What will happen to HIM?
Another Kambing Hitam?

So many small, frail looking & skinny Kambing Hitam, when will we ever catch the lembu/badak/unta or Gajah?

Malaysian said...

Bahasa Malaysia - EXCUSE bahasa saya :)

Adakah kita benar-benar faham ertinya lagu Negaraku?

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta

Jika kita membaca sejarah, kita tahu bahawa ramai orang kordan diri demi negara yang tercinta ini. Askar yang mati semasa zaman komunis. Pahlawan mati semasa penjajah British. Pengorbanan mereka tidak boleh di lupakan.

Kini kebannyakan anak Malaysia bersetuju kita ada masalah korupsi. Adakah jeneral2 korup? Saya tak tahu. Saya hanya harap semua anak Malaysia ingat jasa2 askar, orang awam, pahlawan dan lain2 terhadap tanahair kita.

Saya berasa amat sedih terhadap keadaan negara kita sekarang. Kita ada masalah isu antara agama. Masalah ekonomi dan peluang pekerjaan? Kes2 jenayah yang berleluasa? Kualiti system pelajaran? Masalah system kesihatan? Anak perempuan kita yang semakin banyak takut di rompak, rogol, etc! Masalah kaum lagi!!!

Oh ... Negara yang saya cintai.


Do we truly understand our national anthem! Too many people sacrifice their life for this country. We must not forget about their deeds. I only wish the son and daughter of Malaysian remember the deeds of our fallen comrades.

Reading this blog have definitely remind me what it meant to be Malaysian. I want to thank Dato once again for this blog.


Malaysian said...

I watched Black Hawk Down few days ago and I learned that it wasn't Pakistani that save the American ass. It was "19 Royal Malay Regiment" that saved them! I can't believe that. Man ..... I'm so damn proud to be a Malaysian. It's sad that the story were twisted for PR purposes.


askarsusu said...

Dear Bro Malaysia.... that why i said... if war occured we will stand and fight profesionally... just imagine if in somalia we're able to performed as such... if anything happen in malaysia... we will perform at our level best... don't worries...Al-Fatihah...

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,just thinking out loud again, we have unfortunately been 'brain wash' with accepting the
'corruption culture' by the UMNO/BN Political War-Lords for the past 52 years, via their 'Ali-Baba' dealing and strategy in so called helping the bumiputra. In fact, its hidding their source of party funding initiatives which ended up with billions of losses at the end. The nation and rakyat suffers because of all of these crazy policies that allowed corruption be part of the game plan from the very beginnings !.
,,,commission/under-the-counter/10% mindset as standard protocol ! As such, almost everyone is tempted if given an opportunity to earn the extra buck, kind of mentality, indeed there are exceptions too. Individuals with morality and good values incalculated by their good parentage or masters but just a few and far in between.
,,,if the present LEADERSHIP is rotten to the core, this is the end result.
,,,over and above corrupted politicians, we have immatured leadership in almost all governmental establishment plus ministries too. With regards to our defence ministers, we even had a murderer !. Who is now free to walk around the streets with us. Menteri Besars with too big a pig head to act humanly too. Plus many other bad examples, no need to list it down here...too bloody long a list !.
,,,this world does not own us malaysian a living and this nation of ours will rot to kingdom come, if we the rakyat don't take the initiative for major reform plus change in individual mindset too.
,,,The "racist/othering" political parties and policies must be removed once and forever !.
,,,STOP the blame game mentality and unite as a single nation as MALAYSIAN together or we will self destroy our nation. Time to face reality and workout our common issues in a mature manner, no more spoon feeding.
,,,each individual has an responsibility and must earn his living respectively. Fair and equal justice, if you are guilty of an offence, you have to face the law.
,,,Put a real stop to all hanky pankies and wake-up to face the real world. Respect each other based on actual deliveries and live a clean and honest lifestyle.
,,,are we asking too much from ourselves ?. Each individual malaysian should ask oneself too.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,as part of the solution ???

,,,for positive change or reform, whatsoever one would term it, it starts within one's mindset-lah.
,,,never easy, after all these years of manipulations by opportunists either via politics/business dealings/selfishness etc name it, we were all taken for a long long ride and realisation plus appreciation has just started, especially when the honeymoon is over guys.
,,,the 'blame game' is a common trap that most of us might just fall into, again designed by the corrupted politicians and unknownly or not, we just end up in that stupid unproductive activity too !. The check and balance is within oneself-lah, I have stopped blaming the world a long time ago and earned every cent honestly, not that I have earned any dishonestly.
,,,my strategy like my dad's and grand dad and great grand dad was/is via EDUCATION. Many bitter lessons to learn in life & living too, its a continiuos process. BUT never on the "blame game" approach. Plan and Act into ACTIONs and REVIEWs.
,,,unfortunately most people don't have any PLANs but just drifting around with 'live and lets live' approach, I might be guessing here yaa, but as an example, i have this class '68 of schoolmates i.e 125 of us, 6 have died but we are still in contact with each other, mind you cos. we have had good teachers plus education....all of us made it in our own profession!. It was the good moral & spirit of the teachers plus the EDUCATION that made the difference.
,,,o.k. there are other ways of looking at it BUT my way for my children plus others that I have cared for and still is, is via EDUCATION....and never ever on 'othering' type of distinction.
,,,have not proven me wrong so far-lah

komando said...

My dear friends, the education we have is to teach good values..yes agreed.

But are we having good credible teachers and values we quest for?

Kids come home and they complain that schools are not what we thought it to be.

The government says no more school fees and yet the PIBG says we need to donate!
Is it legal, collecting funds from the public?
Who audits these accounts?
Who approves this funds?
Who runs the school?
The PIBG or what?
If one does NOT abide by it our kids are victimize!
What has the Minister got to say?

So my take is that the whole system have gone haywire, the so called educators are becoming more politicians and not doing their core requirements as expected

They play games with the system, they get around the system, they try to out-smart he system.

At the end of the day the whole country turns into a big shamble, look and see all around us, everywhere there is nonsense.

From taxis to buses!

Now the Menteri says slap a heavy fine for the culprits who create death and negligence on the roads!
RM500,000.00 FINE !

Is that are solution?
When deaths occur everyone jumps up!
The root cause of this horrific accidents are never truly analyse and identified !

The drivers have said their piece on the TV: "we need enough REST, we are driving more than what a normal human being should be doing", we drive non stop for long hours, we drive at night!"

And yet we have a very smart Alex who says it could happen even in the daylight hours, if it is to happen"! Yes, agreed, but the probability of it happening day time is reduced as compared to night time driving!

Experts from the medical point of view says the human body needs rest( certain amount sleep in night-time hours) not day light hours ! The quality of sleep at night and day time differs!

So what are we having now, a bunch of ning-kam-puts running the system...doomed to failure!

BTW...anyone wants to know which smart ALEX said that?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,my sister works in the education ministry and she told be there is nil budget available except via mdm piggy funding set-up !!, now who again got her fingers in everything that stinks ?.
,,,the 1Malaysia student-outing programme utilize such funding-lah, where-by some poor kids drown in the river.
,,,how can the teachers work with nil fundings, you tell me !.
,,,mdm piggy's hubby apparently has approved a special rm10B fund for chinese schools. I don't know if this is true, if so very good but must also look at other types of school for such special fundings.
,,,My son is presently studying in chinese school and he is doing pretty well indeed. Meself was a product from an chinese school too.
,,,in fact, if the parents can affort it, why not, if not just advise the school head. They really have no budget nowadays to properly manage the schooling activities. Nothing should be free anymore if we can affort it. And all schools need some help from the parents, unless mdm piggy can release from her special fundings !!.
,,,that is the bloody score right now !!

Unknown said...

Dear Capt's Longhouse,

Very honest, interesting, logical & factual comments for the future of Malaysians. But is anyone wanting to lead by Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism & Rule of Law.

Nobody had a choice as to what race / religion or colour of skin that we wanted to be born as. Nevertheless we are ALL Malaysians.

But today All the screams that ONLY THE MUSLIM Bumiputras OWNS this Country and All others are second / third etc.

I have been told that for a Non Bumiputra in order to go up the Ladder to get promoted in the MAF, its simple, just marry a Malay, get converted and you will be up for Promotion the soonest possible.

The rest of the Non Bumiputras well follow the system of Seniority or just rot.

Afew lucky ones with connections / cables & Yes Sirs type got promoted ONLY afew. QUOTA LAH!!

Alot of of Non Bumi Officers have left and I have seen them doing so well in the Private Sector. The slog with their hard work. [Bear in mind alot of them left as Majors AND some as Lt Col with more then 20 to 25 years Service.

Now who was responsible for the rot in this Country that have come to such deplorable Standards .. UMNO!! They actually blinded the Malay Muslims BUT the MAMAK Muslims are doing very well.

What about the MAF. Who is responsible for All this Mess that we are talking about.. The Royal Malay Regiment!!


Billionaires in UMNO Alot, no need to work / Milionaires in Royal Malay Regiment Generals alot.


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,I don't generalise often, maybe within 10% but 90% on specifics case by case basis and based on facts and 100% raw commitment.
,,,each and every individual own's it within oneself and in one's mindset plus attitude. Trust your own capabilities and work towards your primary objective. If you are really good, you will get it !.
,,,just bloody STOP blaming the world, it does not help one tiny bit.
,,,just be a realist - just "tepuk dada sendiri tanya selera" !. and you/me/whosoever will make it in life & living.
,,,remember you own it to yourself to make it in this positive or don't live life at all, better die !

schiltfeitosa said...

"apa guna sumur di ladang
kalau tidak menampi padi
apa guna berambut panjang
kalau tidak berani mati

rambut kau pendek sebab kau dalam servis lagi, rambut aku dah panjang dah....ha...ha...ha..."

Adusss! Pantun orang tua yang tak sepatutnya aku layan...apa ke jadah pi tampi padi dengan sumur ( sumur tu anak sungai Yob..macamana nak menampi padi dengan anak sungai...bodos, bodos )
Layan ajer lah, nanti merajuk orang Tua payah pula kita nak pujuk..

Orang tua berjiwa muda yang seronok rambut dia panjang..his..his..memang sah tarak disiplin punya officer...ingat sakai jer yang proud dengan rambut panjang, rupanya ada juga mamat pendendam yang suka simpan rambut panjang..
Mamat jenis ini yang nak buktikan kepada dunia yang dia berjuang kepada keadilan dan kebebasan ?..Porah lah pi tengok betul-betul kat cermin...muka lu ada nampak macam OA tak dengan rambut panjang tu ?....nak tahu OA tu apa makna?...pi tanya Bomba...dia orang boleh explain details..hihi

Malaysian said...

Is it true or not race is a problem for promotion in the military? Maybe it's true but we've problem in private sector too. It's always easy for us to blame each other on race. We're all "Rakyat" Malaysia and we must NOT FOCUS ON RACIAL PROBLEM . Once we see the difference among us then our politician will use it to benefit themselves. Let us focus on common goal first. Our biggest problem in Malaysia is greed.

Have you ever paid "kopi duit" to the traffic police? Have you ever paid "kopi duit" for driving test? Have you change the "electric meter" illegally? I know a lot of fellow Malaysian done these. Thus, don't blame UMNO only. We must blame ourselves too!

Once again, we've discrimination problem but I rather focus on "Greed" then move on to other issue. Greed is the root of all problem.

FMZam said...


Kau tentu sakit jiwa dengan aku tu pasal merapu. Aku bukan nak buktikan pada dunia, aku dah buktikan pun yang aku manusia yang OA ni berani lawan Mael Polin dan ZZA jeneral2 rasuah yang kau agung2kan.

Habis kalau bukan aku kau ingat kau nak jadi orang yang buktikan pada dunia yang kau lah pejuang menentang rasuah? Kau telah pun buktikan yang kau tu apa kalau bukan penjilat buntut jeneral2 rasuah.

Kalau kau kata aku macam Orang Asli syukur alhamdulillah sebab aku bangga aku ni lah Orang Asli yang berani lawan Melayu Bangsat macam kau yang bertuankan Mael Polin dan ZZA.

Jadi nak harap sapa lagi yang nak lawan rasuah kalau sekor Melayu pun tak berani macam Orang Asli ni? Kau Melayu Bangsat? Rentikanlah.

taming said...

Dato' Arshad,

I attended a friend's daughter's wedding over the weekend and among the hot discussion at our table was the rotting leadership in the MAF, particularly the Army, the stolen F-5E engines and "mind NO EVIL" blog.

Interestingly, many among them are highly respectable persons known to have held key positions in the government and private sectors. We had free-wheeling discussion about
current issues particularly the political leaders, government senior officers including the military and police who are not angels and being seen as committing crimes and mistakes daily without being checked, disciplined and punished!!

CORRUPTIONS in the country, flip-flop, inexperienced and inmature leaders take the centre stage. Your case of "100 million dollar man in our midst" appeared nothing strange to all of them at the table!

We are all angry, disgusted and frustrated at what is happening and yet nothing positive has been done to bring the culprits to justice. We just want a fair investigation to book the culprits, but who dare send generals to jail?

What do we do? ALL of us are loyal citizens who don't run rebellions to overthrow the legal government in power and that is also never our culture!
The culmination of all these frustrations are being expressed by some respectable bloggers whom we know by their views and language quality demonstrated.

Let us continue to support Dato' Arshad with matured and responsible blogging offensives
in our effort to reduce corruption in the country.


Unknown said...

I am "Off Topic" here but take serious note of this"

"Tok Guru Nik Aziz akan raikan 200 Pemimpin Agama dalam Jamuan Makan:

These are the Few Main Important Steps to unite All Malaysians. When Toegtherness is seen as ONE lots and lots of abuses will be curb and lots of People will even not try their Mongkey Business Dealings as All are watching.

I had the opportunity to see TGNA at KLIA and without even thinking, I went straight to kiss his hand. It was a Real Blessed Moment for me.

Just regret that I will be away overseas eitherwise I dont mind to gate crash at this function.

Syabas Tok Guru Tahniah Tok Guru
Salams Malaysia

abdul aziz abdul wahab said...

Dear Dato'

just joined.

Quotation from Tan Sri Sany `Be an Army not to be a `millionaire' so kepada serving officer ambil ikhtibar dari `quotation ini

Capt's Longhouse said...

o.k. guys, lets just monkey around a bit ?

,,,my take,,,,, as long as we engage rat cathing cats, we should not care what color it comes with BUT make sure we don’t have rats in cats skin, this time round then we are o.k.-lah.
,,,not easy to diffenciate rats and cats nowadays too at times, both got misai, tail and common dirty eating habits.
,,,these present day city rats & cats can befriend each other under the bolehland memorendum of understanding and under the table agreement or micky & kitty enterprise sdn. bhd.
,,,maybe we should consider dogs as replacement species ?.
,,,however, dogs too come in different breeds !. if only we can get ‘rat & cat’ catching dogs, baru-lah o.k. o.k. but watch out too, for indeed 'dog eat dog' too !.
,,,please forget about the monkeys, goats, lembu-lembu or any types of birds.
,,,lastly, i have just returned from the land of the hornbills, don’t forget that there are high quality species from there too.
,,,Their highlanders club member by the name of Idris jalal is an very good example as QC product plus KPI king to help lead the nation back to happy gawai days, just as MAS is flying pretty again. Salute to the 'bujang senang' culture ? but croc. in still water - beware also !
,,,so lets think out of the kotak rokok and go for cigar as an upgrade, if not even pipe maybe the better option ?.

,,,cheers guys, do have a good sunday. Take a braek and take a walk in th garden or just visit the zoo ?..notice something ? ...eeerr the monkeys are alway free jumping from tree to tree! hihihi

maurice said...

Was a bit skeptical on the RM100 million quoted by Dato Arshad.

Did a quick check on the following projects which had been concluded in the last 2-3 years:

PT91 Tanks
VERA E Radar
M4 Colt Rifles
Night Vision Goggles
Rifled Mortar
Artillery Satellite Orientation Systems
WestStar Vehicles
VAMTAC (Spanish Humvees)
Ammunition purchases
Communication systems

Total cost of above projects easily past the RM 5 billion figure, so RM100 million equals to only 2% of total project cost.So the figure is very possible.

schiltfeitosa said...

FmZam , in response to your posting dated
January 24, 2010 3:11 AM
Betul Zam, aku tengah sakit jiwa memikirkan macamana seorang berpangkat Kapten berani lawan Mail Polin dan ZZA sampai Jeneral ni menagis terkedu-kedu mohon ikhsan dari Hang…simpati betul aku dengan kedua-dua Jeneral ni, tu ler aku pun dah ingkatkan kedua mereka don’t play-play with FMZam…degil betul la depa ni Zam.
Memang betul Zam, kalau tak ada Hang pun payah juga yer, siapa nak menentang rasuah Jeneral2 ni..tapi part jilat2 tu aku geli geleman sikit lah Zam, Hang biasa jilat ZZ punya ker ?..haha ( it goes without saying ler kan ? )
Betul Zam, kita patut bersyukur, orang asli pun manusia juga kan ?,,aku kena jumpa Mail Polin dan ZZA lah Zam, Bukan apa …bangsat macam Hang pun berani lawan depa…apa dah jadi ni Dato’?...soalan tu yang aku nak tanya depa…tapi for sure jawapan ini yang akan keluar “ apa yang kamu harapkan dari seorang OA mentality ?...hiha…Kantoi lagi aku nanti Zam.
Zam, Hang bukan ler bangsat sangat…aku rasa dendam kesumat Hang mengatasi keimanan Hang…itu jer aku rasa…tapi mungkin kalau Mail Polin dan ZZA minta ampun sambil melutut & nangis-nangis kat Hang, rasa-rasa semuanya boleh selesai tak ?..
Salam Sayang Zam..

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...

I think overall most Malaysian dislike corruption. The country badly need reform. I'm not too sure if they have the will to reform. I still hope they've the will to change for the sake of the country. Is it too much to ask from them?

The only thing we can do is inform more people about the problems our country is currently facing. We need to inform other voters the importance of voting wisely.

Firstly, we need to write more Malay language articles and comment so we can reach more voters. Secondly, we must start encouraging folks to register as voter. Thirdly, we must start identifying which politician from BN and Pakatan worth supporting. For instance, Ku Li would be one of the BN politician that's worth voting.

Have a great Sunday!


Hang Jebat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hang Jebat said...


Please tell me who? This is alarming! A general still in service???

taming said...

The guy must be given a fair chance and it's very easy to confirm who the 100 million dollar military top brass is.

The MACC and the police must get hold of the respective local defence contractors ( we all know who they are ) who supplied those over-priced defence systems to the army, take them to Bukit Aman and grill them, I bet the answer will be out!
We will then witness who goes to court and our prayers will be for him to go to jail.

Unless this is done, the nation, the army and the rakyats will continue to be shamed and robbed by irresponsible, disgraceful and greedy culprits.

Political leaders, MACC and the POLICE dare take actions?

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear malaysian, just to futher educate the rakyat,


,,,in fact, colonialism and imperialism was replaced by UMNO/BN with the ever presence of feudal elements in place.
,,,To oppose or replace them completely, is close to impossible so the best option is to weaken them of their mahaguru status. i.e. disempowering them-lah.
,,,Its their swell headedness and dewaraja mentality that has brought so much trouble/confusion/conflict to the nation and has encouraged their ‘corruption culture’ in place instead !.
,,,indeed also perpetuates the slave mentality across the messes, disallowing transfer of power away from the demons of dewas & dewarajas and free will to another, thereby disempowering and enslaving the rakyat.
,,,our country is now 53 years old and, as a young nation that has to face the global challenge against all odds, perhaps the time has come for all of us to step out of our individual mental cave and together as a united new team, to face/address the realities of our time with conviction and boldness.
,,,lets stop dreaming of the political myth and instrumental fiction of the Just King (Ratu Adil), who will appear out of the blues, to rescue and deliver us from our misery !!.
,,,indeed to challenge them, all progressive forces from the rakyat should come together, to unite in one massive combatant mindset, which is the biggest force of all.
,,,Its all about changing the ‘MINDSET” i.e. our malaysian simple a "progressive mentality", and its for the good of the nation too.
,,,mind you, there might be some good politicians that we should retain, just get the bad apples away for good. We are not anti-kerajaan but for a better one indeed.

Salam Muhibah to all.
i rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I think the 100 million dollar man requires these money to be burnt during his funeral as what the chinese practise of burning hell money during funeral procession or may be the Income Tax Department in the after world imposed heavy taxes on this 100 million dollar man before he goes to hell.

Unknown said...

Pak Chad,
How interesting your blog has become. All kinds of comments and recipees for achieving results being posted, some for, some against issues brought up by you. All in our fight against corruption and the evil that it brings.
I am also mindful of the fact that, while the majority of bloggers are clearly behind you in spirit at least, there are someone amongst us that has, erroneously declared himself to be the opposite. Accusing Dato Arshad of defiling the good name of the ATM for bringing up questionable issues in his blog is totally off the mark.
To most of us, Dato' Arshad is doing something very commendable, highlighting corrupt practices occurring in the country, a deed many of us shun. In his endeavour he has not only displayed great honour and impeccable integrity, he has shown the moral courage to speak up on a sickness that is affecting the organization that we once were. Can we blame him for focussing on the MAF and its leadership which I know he still loves and cherish above others. So how negative can that be?
Surely you know the difference between honest criticism and malicious redicule. If you don't, I am sorry for you. Clearly you are behind time and out of sync with reality of things... Bro, the days of cari makan is over lah. Its time we call a spade a spade. "Sampai bila hendak menyorok di sebalik telunjuk???
So Bro Arshad, keep it up. Jangan lah kerana melukut di tepi gantang 'Janggut' tu you rasa kecewa pula. My advise is Jangan hiraukan dia. Anjing menyalak bukit takkan menyebabkannya runtuh. Anyway he is clearly barking the wrong tree.
He should have directed his ire towards the commentators like FMZam and Feitosa..ha..ha..ha not the blogger.
Carry on Blogging...

schiltfeitosa said...

Dia seharusnya mengarahkan kemarahan terhadap komentator seperti FMZam dan Feitosa .. ha .. ha .. ha bukan blogger.
Siapa yang awak maksudkan dengan dia tu?...tak faham Bro..

EXRMC said...

Salam Semua,

Saya pun tak faham siapa yang dimaksudkan oleh Wira "dgn Dia tu"

Wira, tulislah dengan jelas sikit. Dont confuse our Friendly Forces.


Unknown said...

Saudara Feitosa,
Nampaknya you baca komen tak habis..
Bacalah semua terutama yg dicoretkan oleh si Janggut tu..
Dia ni old school sikit. Fikiran kolot, bangsa yg hendak tutup pekong di dada walaupun mati akibatnya.
Saya rasa dia ni juga golongan yg berpegang kepada prinsip hidup zaman Raja Melaka yg mengutarakan konsep 'Biar pecah perut, jangan pecah mulut'...ataupun baling batu sembunyi tangan.
Macam mana kita nak maju...
Jangan-jangan dia ni bekas RAMD tak...
Macam mana dia tahu Arshad Raji tu main hockey?
Setahu saya Pak Chad ni main semua..