Friday, December 23, 2011


Has anyone wondered what will the scene be like if UMNO/BN were to be defeated in the 13th GE? Will there be an orderly changeover of government or are we expecting otherwise; a state of calamity, instability, chaos and public disorder? These are the concerns that I am beginning to have, and I suppose many likeminded and peace loving citizens would feel apprehensive, more so with the revelation of more of UMNO/BN leader’s wrong doing, and the persistent war mongering by Malay NGO’s; fearful of the loss of ‘ketuanan Melayu’and their self proclaimed inalienable rights and privileges.

Awang Selamat of Utusan Malaysia must have crystal gazed and has predicted an uncertain political, social and economic environment will envelop this country should PR reign after the 13th GE. But what Awang Selamat did not do is to crystal gazed his own future and that of Utusan Malaysia, should there be a change of government. I think he believes it is only UMNO/BN that has the right to rule this country, regardless of the unstoppable and endemic corruption that is going on among politicians and government officials, the flight of illicit money out of the country that runs into billions, the phenomenal increase in deficit spending that has reached almost half a trillion that could bankrupt the country, and the ease at which the government seems to be flushing money for projects that is likely to end up in failure – PKFZ and NFC are cases in point. Just watch, the act of flushing money will heighten as the general election draws near. My kampong folks are only waiting for the roads and lanes to be resurfaced and possibly lighted up.

Someone commented to me recently that every government project would end up in failure if the hands of politicians and cronies are deep in it. Let’s watch the outcome of the proposed listing of Felda Global Venture; supposedly to generate a windfall for the Felda settlers; masterminded by the infamous, Isa Samad. I do not know what is there in him that had softened up PM Najib to appoint him Felda’s Chairman. I suppose Isa Samad’s past record of being barred from UMNO after being found guilty of money politics qualifies him to the Chairmanship of Felda. What about the Chairman of Felcra then? You know who is he? I think he is one of those porn CD peddlers.

This nation of ours has not experience a changeover of government following a legitimate and democratically held election. If the takeover of the states of Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak following the 2008 general election can be cited as an example, than we can be rest assured that there will be some semblance of an orderly changeover. But my fear is that this involves a changeover of government for the entire nation where there is likelihood that some states aren’t quite ready to handover for a prescribed reason. It is not easy to hand over power to someone else after more than five decades of continuous rule, and knowing that the loss would badly affect the livelihood i.e. income, businesses and privileges of many who are already well entrenched in their comfort zone.

We have also seen the ‘force retake’ of the Perak government by BN lawmakers following the shift of allegiance of three PR lawmakers towards the BN. Although the incident in Perak was found to be legitimate by the courts, it somehow does not satisfy the people of Perak that had voted in the PR government. This is understandable because voters felt cheated by the three PR lawmakers that had jumped into the clutches of the UMNO/BN, which caused the PR government to be swept out.

Having had the experience of being swept out, PR should no longer rely on a marginal win. PR has to win hugely to avoid a similar situation from happening at the federal level. PR should know too that it is money that can sway allegiances, and I believe there is no lack of money in UMNO/BN coffers. If say you need ten people to shift allegiance and the payout is RM1 million per person, that totals only RM10 million; a fraction of the billions given out to PKFZ, or of the RM500 million commission received for the two submarines or even the RM250 million soft loan for the failed NFC project. I think this shift in allegiance need to be watched closely in the next general election because UMNO/BN has too much to lose if PR were to form the next government. As the saying goes – ‘desperate people do desperate things’.

As I have said in an earlier posting, the sudden surge in the exposures of UMNO/BN wrong doing is the will of Allah SWT and what is worse; at a time nearing the general election. I believe it is Allah way of telling the government that enough is enough, and for UMNO to believe that all that is being exposed can no longer be kept out of public notice. My final word to UMNO/BN - CHANGE OR BE CHANGED



Lalok said...

No matter what umngoks and be end do to increase their ratings among the people, it's all too late for them. They will be kicked out next GE. Hopefully the armed forces and the police force who are also formed from the rakyat will be as neutral as they can be as rakyat and follow the majority.

If everyone keep to their senses, the power transfer will be a fluid and uneventful one. Umngok must learn and know that the people dont want and dont like them anymore, they reap what they sow.

bruno said...

Dato,there is a fifty fifty chance that Umno/BN might be defeated this coming GE 13th.If PR coalition parties do not let infighting among factions and close ranks there is a good chance Umno/BN will be sitting at the opposition bench after this GE.

Most probably Umno/BN will not want to hand over power peacefully.The fear of prosecution from their past raping of the nation's wealth by the incoming government will spur them to create trouble.But if Umno/BN tried a replay of May 13th,1969then they are in for a surprise.

Because this time around the people will not tolerate this type of racial troublemaking anymore.If another May 13 does happen,it will have the potential to implode to be another Libya.And Umno/BN will pay dearly for this.And also the potential of international intervention will discourage the Umno/BN from participating,because the world powers today is different from yesteryears.They are more willing to intervene physically nowadays.

zorro said...

Datuk BG, the fear mongering by Selamat is portent. As a witness of May 13 I pray the King and his Armed Forces will protect us. Until I hear a declaration of this intent from the responsible personage and the Armed Forces Council, the rakyat will have to protect themselves. I will turn 72 in 4 days and this is my birthday wish.

mycuntree said...

Dear Dato'.

One should not be surprised or be worried by the "predictions" of the sootsayers of UMNO/BN. To me that's pure fearmongering to those fence-sitters.And they have all the reasons in the world to propagate such "predictions" as you have so rightly suspected and pointed out.

Change we must if we ever wish to see Malaysia move forward, even if unsteadily, but positively.


hurricanemax said...

Sir, yours is truly a lone voice of an officer and a gentleman.
I too cry for this beloved country of mine. The easiest thing to do is pack up and leave but Malaysia is home. This is where the heart lies. Thank you.


Frankie said...

Dear Dato',

Your advice to UMNO to change or be changed will go unheeded. UMNO simply cannot change. If anything else, UMNO will change for the worse. UMNO will not allow itself to be changed either, whether or not they lose in the coming elections. That is what we peace loving and fair minded Malaysians fear the most. UMNO has shown time and time again that they are prepared to resort to any dirty tactics to hang onto power. UMNO has not stopped using the 3Rs', namely, race, religion and royalty to frighten the Malays and to threaten the non Malays. UMNO controls the PDRM, the military, FRU and Rela not to mention the "claimed" third line of defence comprising 100,000 or more silat exponents under the Tan Sri Mahaguru and tens of thousands of UMNO approved sponsored mat rempits under UMNO Youth patronage. Will peace loving and fair minded Malaysians be brave and strong enough to withstand the UMNO dirty onslaught using the might of the force comprising PDRM, military, FRU, Rela and third line of defence to hold onto power? UMNO is in such dire straits that they are prepared to do a Nero on Malaysia.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Zorro,

My my wife and I wish you a happy 72 birthday. I hope, I could also survive that age and to continue with what I am doing now. If I cease writing, then you know that I've gone senile.

Keep on Zorro.

Richiee said...

"I believe it is Allah way of telling the government that enough is enough, and for UMNO to believe that all that is being exposed can no longer be kept out of public notice. My final word to UMNO/BN - CHANGE OR BE CHANGED."
As a christian, I say AMEN to that. I too believe God is allowing all these to surface to expose the level of filth of the current government. He will bring about a change to this beloved nation of ours.

Jeff said...

Money coming in every other day & do u sincerely believe that they will change?

A Muse said...

I've just been introduced to your blog and I find it refreshing that not all govt servants (current and/or former) are corrupt; but in fact anti-corrupt. I have also met another retired BG from the air force who shares your views as well.
I'm of the opinion that you and others in your position are influential and command high respect, and therefore can be a huge influence in the comments that you make.
Problem is a lot of your readers (I'm half-guessing here) are already "converted". We need to reach out to the fence sitters and those considered apolitical to sway the votes away from BN. And these are just 30% of the voters.
30%? Yes: voters consist of 4 groups - staunch BN 30%, die-hard PR 30%, couldn't be bothered 10%, leaving just 30% who will decide who forms the government. Question is, "Who and where are these 4th group of people?"
Be that as it may, I will still circulate your articles within my circles, in hope that they will reach the so-called "king makers", directly or indirectly.
I like your slogan: "Crusade Against Corruption" ... I'm 100% with you on this!
Have a wonderful day; wherever you are, whoever you're with!

bruno said...

Dato,in case of a PR win in the federal elections,which is deemed a possibility given the much despise and hatred the people have towards Umno/BN.It must win big to avoid any unforseen events.A knockout punch to Umno/BN will definitely discouraged any dirty tricks they might have planned ahead in anticipation of a loss.

As usual the screaming of fear mongering in the just concluded Umno general assembly.The tin kosong bankrupted of ideals Umno has nothing to boast about of their achievements to their grassroots,except to spread fear and go on personal attacks.It has shown that it has failed the Malays by stealing the money allocated to help them to further their education,training and setting up of small businesses.

Every government projects have incurred huge cost overuns,because the contracts given to political cronies involved huge sums of kickbacks.And these inexperienced cronies have to farm out the work to others because they don't have the expertise to do the job.And everything adds up and in the end the costs will be three or four times more than the actual estimates.

And the proposed listing of FGV will see more of the same.Stealing and robbing in the name of helping the ordinary Malays.How can there be a windfall for the Felda settlers.First the Felda co-op is made up of hundreds of thousands of settlers who are members with lands of small acreages.

So how many units of shares do these small settlers own.Even if they sell all their shares how much can they get.Pittance or pennies of a windfall to say the least.And what are the settlers who decided to cash in for a small sum of money to do.Open a small sundry store,kedai kopi or go shopping and spend the money.

This is the Umnoputras way to surpressed and control the Malays.By directing them to the fastest route to the poorhouse,so that they will be in need of handouts of one or two fifty ringgit notes come election time.

The proposed listing of FGV is sure to make some Umnoputras and Umno/BN warchest happy,laughing all the way to the bank.And wheelbarrowing loads of thousand ringgit bills on their way out.What better way to get rich than by robbing their own fellow Malays.

zewt said...

There will not be any meaningful change without much sacrifice. The only thing we don't know... what it is that needs to be sacrificed. If a brief state of instability is the sacrificial lamb... perhaps then, it is necessary.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

What if we forget about the parties? There are good guys in UMNO,MCA,MIC,GERAKAN etc. and bad guys in PAS,DAP,PKR etc.On both sides of the divide there is good and also bad. So what? I suggest we campaign in our own constituencies for the best man/woman. We should know who they are? If they are not within the political parties then they may be independents. Support a good bloke from your own and ask him to stand as a candidate. Reject the devils we know, and be suspicious of the angels we don't. Assess the candidates, attend their ceramahs and force them to give you an oath or undertaking. Talk to them. If they still try to "buy"you and talk down to you, inciting fear,racial hatred,religious bigotory dan lain lain lagi. KICK THEM OUT AND DO IT HARD. Malaysia needs to move forward to year 2020 with a mature government and an intelligent parliament and cabinet. Not a bunch of rebel rousers and dimwits. There! Now, I have said my piece and got it off my chest. See you at GE13, god willing.

Anonymous said...


I recall as a young man in 1987 reading in the mainstream media about a certain UMNO Youth chief spouting "Don't make me dip the keris in the blood of the Chinese" at the TPCA Stadium near Kg Baru (the epicentre of May 13). There were reportedly banners which went like ""May 13 has begun".

The same UMNO Youth chief, having risen far up the ladder, today spoke of the need for moderation.

Moderation Holds Potential To Guarantee Peace, Harmony

But Najib is infamous for speaking about unity and praising the contribution of the non-Malays, and then, before the echoes have died down, spouting ketuanan extremist propaganda to another audience in another locale.

And also for flip-flops, U-turns and blatant denials of his own words and deeds.

So it would be very important for everyone in our nation, of all races and beliefs, for UMNO-led BN to be booted out if at all possible, with its President being the first to receive the almighty kick in his backside.

Malaysia cannot afford more of Shahrizat's NFC (aided and abetted by Muhyiddin as Agriculttre minister and then-Pak Lah SIL Khairy), and the likes of Khir Toyo, who on being sentenced to 12 years jail for his Instana Khir fiasco, had the gall to ask, ""I accepted a price which was recommended by the valuers as the property was incomplete. Is this wrong, despite the company having paid more?"

Khir to make announcement over future on Jan 9 )

Rauf Hakim said...

Salam Dato'this is a very good piece and very timely too.Remember what Najib said several months ago that he would defend Putajaya to the last man even with broken bones,mangled flesh and blood spilling every routes to the capital city.This really sounds like a General giving his last speech in defending the military fort.Probably he dreams to be General Custer.Why can't he be civil and let the GE 13 be fought in a true spirit of democracy for the people to make their choice.
Our fear is the reverse and he would not hesitate to use the armed forces to deny any party other than UMNO-BN the fruit of winning the general election.Honestly we do not know the state of mind of the armed forces leadership in respect of this spectre.Emergency conditions can easily be created to justify UMMNO orchestrated military intervention.UMNO will carry out the scourge earth policy ie lose-lose situation.A drown man will hold to any straw to survive.

hussin said...

salam Dato,

i share the same thought as my elder brother zorro. agong and deputy both come from pr ruled states. if i correctly remember the agong is the colonel-in-chief (cic) of rejimen askar melayu diraja, while the deputy is the cic of kor risik diraja. if umno 'use' the sultans to their advantage, why not this time around the rakyat bangkit and sembah kebawah duli ydp agong and his deputy of the rakyat's aspirations. bukankah mereka payung negara? sudah pasti pak2 jeneral dari askar melayu dan risik pasti akur dengan baginda berdua. armed force should support the government chosen by the people and not the one despised by the people.


Warrior said...

Dato, I too hope god is not going to punish this lovely country after the result of the coming GE. Change or to be changed is too late now because the GE is any time now. The government should have realised this from the last GE result. The Indians have punish the MIC in the last GE and the Chinese have also done that in the Sarawak election to SUPP. My prediction is that, it is the Malays turn and this dissatisfaction will be shown to the UMNO in the comming GE. I hope May 13 1969 does not take place again and if it does then it will be between the BN and PR this time. My second worry is that, if emergency is declared and things would not be like in Libya and the rest. Hoping the top management of the Armed Forces is ready for that and same goes to the Police. The god will punish those were bad, test those who were supporting and reward those who were good.

Malaysian said...


That's why we need a lot of votes from Malay. Without Malay votes, they will try to delegitimize the new government. We must not give them any excuse for them. Lastly, we should not fear the change of government because we are doing the right thing for the country. I believe the good will prevail.


komando said...

umno = FOOLS

Men will plot & the end he will SURELY be decieved by the DEVIL!

The Devil will have the last laugh off course for being able to deceived those who are WEAK in MIND & SOUL!

For God Almighty has always been very FAIR in all it good and bad, all that happens is never a coincidence or out of the blues unleass "HE WILLS IT"!

UMNO - has no way out, no choices and certainly invited the WRATH OF THE ALMIGHTY!





komando said...

The retired ATM Officers & Men and families are no FOOLS!
We DID served the Govt of the Day!

BUT if the GOVT is rotten we shall do the right THING!

joe choy said...

Dear Dato,
In the event there is a change of Govt ( I believe it is going to happen)in post GE13, all I can say is that, I believe there are still many,many sane, decent, right-thinking and God fearing senior officers in the ATM and PDRM. They will act accordingly for justice and humanity to save our country.



maurice said...

Kalau ada perubahan kerajaan selepas PR13, mungkin juga berlaku perubahan institusi nasional tertentu termasuk ATM.

Kerajaan baru yang diberi kuasa tentunya mahu menggubal dasar-dasar baru bagi mencerminkan ideologi politik mereka.

Apa kata kalau struktur dan organisasi ATM dan Tentera Darat dirombak dan diubahsuai dan digantikan dengan sistem pertahahan lain seperti kerahan paksa (national service)?Kalau sistem pertahanan yang dicadangkan itu lebih berkesan bolihkah diterima bagi menggantikan sistem yang ada sekarang?

eli said...

Bottom line, if there is a change of government, I would like to see corrupt UMNO/BN leaders and cronies to be sent to jail.

bruno said...

Dato,if the Umno/BN retains power after this coming GE13th,we have to ask ourselves why?After fifty four years of the Umno GOM's water torture and the people are still willing to take another fifty four more years.

What type of democratic government appoints
1)Chief Ministers who raped teenage schoolgirls,and is forced out of office and as a reward appoints him as chairman of a GLC Felcra.

2)An ex MB who is found guilty by his own party Umno,of money politics,suspended and later rewarded to stand as an assemblyman and appointed as chairman of Felda.

3)Has rewarded a lady deputy party leader for ousting her party boss,and is appointed a senator and a minister via the back door.Then her family is given a cows project with a soft loan and given a free hand to plunder the company's funds.

4)Has cabinet ministers who are accused of rape and murder.

Corruption and abuse of power is an free for all,available to all cabinet ministers and cronies.What more is needed to give the big stick to these sewage rats.

If after GE 13th,these sewage rats are still around,the people who voted for them deserves to be eaten,tortured and screwed by them.

sang kancil said...

I must add that the shameful involvement of the perak royal family together with the three frogs let Najib to grab the state illegally from the Pakatan Rakyat. I bet my bottom ringgit that the People of rakyat will never forgive them ie the royal famil and those scumbags trio.

Lalok said...

Maurice, I dont think the armed forces structures and command will be changed as easy as that. The armed forces is a professional and neutral body formed from rational, matured and sensible men and women of the rakyat. I believed PR which is also mainly consists of professionals and highly educated and sensible rakyat wont even touch anything that could jeorpardise the security and defence of the nation.

The only change you will see is that you can have more with each ringgit spent in every aspect. And you can see new toys being acquired at much lesser price for everything and everyone.

MIMPI said...

most urbanites know what is happening at the political circus . it is the large semi , illiterate rural voters that should know what is happening in this ctry , what is at stake . Many still genuinely think umnoputras mca fatheada are their saviours $ count for basic survivals . PK should be more pragmatic to" educate rakyat thru their headmen representatives , long b4 ge . more effort on large rural potential supporters


komando said...

When the New Govt takes over a lot of UMNO and BN cronies will die of thirst and hunger!
Their life line will be CUT!
They will all become beggars!

For they are not true business persons

Just fools that bribe their way thru the office of the high officials!

MINDEF AND BT AMAN - Will once again become professional bodies, buying good stuff and cheaper off course!

Mika Angel-0 said...

Salam Hormat

Let us give Old Man Mahathir some slack. UMNO(Baru) remember? Ahli no: 001.

Think Arab Spring, not Mei 13, Soldier Boy.

Like I said, too much cordite swimming in your brains, Soldier Boy.

If you want to help get organised.

Salam Hormat