Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What better word can I describe this man named Ibrahim Ali other than say that he is just another ‘war-monger’. Surprisingly, he seems to gets ever ‘popular’ by the day with his nonsensical speeches that threatens racial harmony, peace and security that had been nurtured by our forefathers? Many have said that he should have by now been dumped at ‘Kamunting Resort’ for a brain cleansing treatment, and if this treatment fails, he should then to be referred to Tanjung Rambutan to have his brain removed. I say this because Ibrahim Ali of recent times has been a disgrace to the Malay race. He has made the Malays a much hated race, whereas we the Malays are peace loving people. I now begin to doubt if Ibrahim Ali is a Malay himself.

When I was young, I remembered my late father bringing home friends that are not Malays and seeing him work alongside them and setting aside their racial and religious difference makes me think that they are more than just friends. These were the Malayans that I saw in the early 50’s who were more united then, than it is today. I would further reinforce my statement by saying that Malayans were more united under British rule and by having the likes of Ibrahim Ali, has made Najib’s 1 Malaysia slogan meaningless and a mockery. There was also a similar comment made by former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that can be viewed on You Tube, who himself has said that he doubts the success of 1 Malaysia. How could 1 Malaysia has any meaning when some idiot is out to champion his own race and threatens others; whereas this country guarantees equal rights for all its citizenry. And that idiot claims that what all he did has the support of his race; something that I totally disagree.

And in this era of the 21 century where all people of the world are supposedly to have reached the zenith of civilization; Malaysia unfortunately has Ibrahim Ali who acts like he is Hitler; fiery in speech but hollow in thoughts. Despite the many intimidating speeches that he had lashed out against the intended July 9th Bersih rally, the Chinese community, the opposition parties and even Bersih’s principal organizer Ambiga, he seems untouched by the authorities as he continues to howl like a sex-starved and hungry lion. I have heard his speeches on You Tube and its all utter rubbish.

As a Malay, I don’t need Ibrahim Ali to be my spokesman. Neither would I want to acknowledge him as a Malay leader. Compare him to the likes of Dato Onn Jaafar, Tun Dr. Ismail or YM Tengku Abdul Rahman, he is in no league with anyone of them. Even Ahmad Bustaman who is fiery in his speeches is adorable and is definitely more sensible than Ibrahim Ali. The language of threat that he had directed at other races and including the many Malays that are opposed to him, is only uttered when he is surrounded by his henchmen. Point a gun at him, he is sure to run helter-skater under the skirt of a lady Perkasa follower.

For all that Ibrahim Ali has said and done, it is obvious to me that he is under the protective mould of someone powerful. He is untouchable, so it seems. I don’t think he requires a police permit to hold a rally, and I am yet to see him being led away by the police for his scathing speeches of hate and threats. If it was someone else; he/she would have been thrown to ‘Kamunting Resort’ to be left in isolation and be provided free meals at public expense.

Despite all the unkind words that I have for Ibrahim Ali, I somewhat have my deepest sympathy for him. This is because his days in politics are numbered. Come the next GE, and if he takes on the challenge to contest as an Independent candidate and in his present constituency, I doubt very much he could get back his deposit.



komando said...

BADUT - that is his title!

sunray 27 said...

Dato, greeting. It is definitely sad that we have such mad dog like Ibrahim Ali.He should be thrown into Kamunting without hesitation and then the Govt might get some respect.Allowing him to keep up with this sort of shits, the Govt and Police are losing credibility and will definitely be problemetic come this GE.

sunray 27 said...

Dato greeting. Ibrahim Ali should be thrown into Kamunting without hesitation if the Govt and Police hope to get the respect of the people. Agreed, he is causing alot of urbanites going away from the govt.
My misgiving is that this pariah has never experienced the like of May 69 and neither has ever defended our country in his bloodly entire life, is hell bent in creating chaos.

komando said...

His days are numbered, very soon tidak akan jadi wakil rakyat...suggest we give him a special VVIP room in T.R.


Anonymous said...

An old fat croaking frog from a state called Cik Siti Wan Kembang, who likes to croak foul language.Comes PRU 13 this old fat frog will not croak anymore as he becomes an unwanted animal by both the ruling party and opposition.He deserve to be slaughtered politically ..........

SSrahman said...

What surprises me more is that he as a civilian ,has soldiers and police officers protecting/ patrolling his house regularly.I stay on the same row as him.
Funny isnt it. If he is VVIP i understand but this guy is only a mp.