Thursday, October 27, 2011


We are yet to hear former senior police officer Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim throwing in the towel over his endless lone crusade to bring to the fore the malpractices and abuses of the AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan in their handling of the Anuar Ibrahim’s sodomy case of 1998. Letter upon letters have been send to the relevant authorities and the same had also been posted in various blogs and the new media. The authorities chose to remained mute, deaf and dumb, and even the accused i.e. Gani Patial and Musa Hassan dare not act, let alone open their gap. I now believe that what has been written and exposed by Mat Zain is the truth, and the eerie silence of the authorities, Gani Patail and Musa Hassan proves more of their guilt than innocence.

I have known Mat Zain back in the early 80’s when he was the OCPD at Kangar, Perlis when I was then the Commanding Officer of 9th Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment based at Kepala Batas, Alor Setar, Kedah. We met on several occasions at dinner sessions and for him to have risen to become the senior investigating officer in the Anuar Ibrahim’s black eye incident is no surprise to me. I believe, he was chosen for his honesty and integrity in investigating high profile cases, without fear or favour; the hallmark of a thrust worthy and sincere police officer. I have tried to contact him on several occasions to renew old acquaintance, but I haven’t had the opportunity.

Now, Mat Zain is back with renewed rage at what he sees the ineptness and lethargy of our political master to not lift a finger to view the alleged abuse of power, corruption and fabrication of evidence by Gani Patail that had exposed the judiciary to odium. Mat Zain had also accused Gani Patail of ‘screening criminal wrongdoing, abuse of power and corrupt practices linked to VVIPs, prominent corporate figures and senior government officials, involving property and cash to the tune of several hundred of millions of ringgit, traceable to the early 90’s’. These are serious accusations that resemble cases involving high profile figures and activities of the Mafia’s in some South American states and even in Russia. Now, are already we a nation that resembles these states or worse?

What fascinates me too is the silence of our PM himself whom Mat Zain claims to have full knowledge of the abuses perpetrated by the nation’s most senior lawyer. I suppose the present top police hierarchy knows too, but why the silence? If Mat Zain isn’t telling the truth, why not charge him. And despite repeated and persistent accusations by Mat Zain, the government finds it fit to just close all cases against Gani Patail who is now seen to be untouchable by the law. Even our national leader’s hands are tight when it involves the AG. You and I know that the AG is another human being, just like anyone else and don’t tell me he is different. Having gone to the holy land Mecca thus absolves him of all worldly sins?

I sense that the government has a lot to lose if Gani Patail is being investigated and brought to justice. For all you know, bringing Gani Patail to justice can have dire consequences upon the government, and of which the government can ill afford at the moment. Gani Patail may have lots up his sleeves and his revelation in court can be disastrous for some important personalities.

I may be wrong in assuming this, but Mat Zain too cannot be wrong in making all the accusations? Mat Zain has proven himself to have stood by what he says, but the government’s response is one that shows a lack of will and commitment to act on all that Mat Zain had revealed, for some unknown reason.

So the accusations are not likely to cease and to Mat Zain, he will only have to wait awhile when justice eventually catches on the people that he wants prosecuted. His persistence will surely be rewarded – God willing.



azmie said...

let's this be a lesson to all the crooks wannabe out there. being a crook is like a pyramid scheme, you need to sponsor a few vvip under you. they will further sponsor other vvip and so on until the network is big enough that if they are thinking of bringing you down, it will drag them along. the vk lingam case should be a good case study. lets call it the blue film strategy

bruno said...

Dato,the accusations that Mat Zain are hurling at the people who walked the corridors of power are true.That includes the fixer and corrupted AG Patail.They can always sue him and let the facts come out in court.That these powerful people are so quite as a tikus,are a powerful comfirmation that they are as guilty as charged.

Mat Zain must have something very damning inside his pockets,for a man as powerful as AG Patail to be scared of him.To make a difference Mat Zain can stand as a candidate for a parliamentary seat in this coming GE.He can joined either DAP or PAS.He should joined DAP and stand against an Umno incumbent in a Malay constituency.

That way if he wins it will send a strong message to the ruling elite.The people will vote him in and at the same time get rid of a vermint.

Frankie said...

The most powerful man in this country is not Najib, Muhyiddin nor Mahathir. Its Gani Patail. He holds absolutely power on who he wants to prosecute and to be found guilty. No one dares to touch him. He is almost God.

tiongsinwee said...

As the saying goes....*SILENCE IS GOLDEN*, but, definitely not for this UMNO/Bn government of Malaysia! Their silence is pure guilt and disastrous to the nation, as a
Seems like we're fighting a losing battle.

bruno said...

Dato,Mat Zain has ex IGP Musa Hassan and AG patail by the bolas.Musa or Musang Hassan is the most corrupted and dirtiest IGP the PDRM ever had.Nothing better either is this useless AG Patail.He has fixed high profile cases after cases,and is considered the most corrupted AG Malaysia ever had.

But these two creatures also have some high profile politicians by the bolas too.So how dirty they are the GOM whom these high profile politicians represent,are unable to take any action against them.

So the silence of Musang and Patail of Mat Zain's accusation against them,is because they are scared of the shit hitting the fan and flying straight back to their faces.The same can be said about the high profile politicians.To take any action against Musa or Patail will have the shit hitting the fan and flying straight back at their faces too.

monty said...

Dato, Strange n perplexing for a senior cop like Mat Zain to be so persistence pursuing his goal of truth from none other than the infamous AG Gani Patil. More 'head-scratching' from the general public as to why the
'great' AG just refuses to rebut so many allegations coming not only from Mat Zain but many others. For a normal innocent person alleged with all the wrong-doings would certainly issue a 'defence statement' and would threaten Court action by suing for defamation. What more AG Gani Patil is no ordinary government servant.So, the perception arising from the general public is as good as 'guilty as charged' by remaining silent on the allegations thrown against him by Mat Zain.For the AG to remain mute and dumb is NOT a plus point for him and his reputation. The Government by not taking action in the form of investigation against the AG add more weight to his guilt and seen to be a 'double standard' in the treatment of its citizens. Anyway, even if investigation has been initiated by either the MACC or PDRM it would be a joke that they will file a criminal case against him. It would be the same 'old song' 'we could not find any concrete evidence' against the AG. SO, no case! Case close! Malaysia Bolih!!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

I have no doubt, he is guilty; full stop. Do not worry, the law may not catch him this time, but just wait if there is a change of government.

hussin said...

"just wait if there is a change of government."...