Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi has said that "Anwar is a threat to national economy and security". This is about the strongest statement ever made by the PM, who usually resents presenting himself as being boastful and arrogant. Surely, the PM must have understood the repercussions, in terms of public responses and reactions to his statement, which is deemed serious.

There were some responses that I had received, arguing that the PM made such a statement merely to gain public sympathy and support, to boost his fledging popularity. Others likened the PM as a 'sleeping lion that has just awaken', to strike instant fear in Anwar, Whether Anwar will be subdued by this statement, is very much left to be seen.

But one particular response from a caller that left me bewildered, is the argument that the PM was aroused to make the statement, because he now has the Armed Forces within his grip. The caller further argued that the PM is ready to invoke the emergency powers, and with him heading a Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) like authority, to govern the country, should Anwar persist with threats to take over the country.

Such presumptions by the caller strikes fear in me, for I strongly believe that the Armed Forces should not be made a pawn to settle political disputes among politicians, like what appears to be happening to the country today. We have seen images of how the Army were used to quell riots in Kenya recently, and it was an ugly sight. Do Malaysians really need this to happen to the country? My answer is a definite NO, and I do not know what your answers would be?

With the uncertain political enviornment prevailing in the country today, and being made worse by political infighting within UMNO itself, and the opposition charges of a change of government, finally, it is the ordinary people that will suffer. And my final appeal to all feuding parties is to simmer down your charges, and to seek an amicable solution to the problems confronting the country today.


Pak Malau said...

Fear has been instilled among investors that the drain to the national economy became obvious. Foreign investments in the stockmarket dropped drastically and no doubt global crisis hit world markets, ours has an added reason to drop further.

To blame it on Pak Lah and his croonies, is not totally fair. One person's deadline, added fuel to the issue.

This is economic sabotage - the greatest national crime in any nation. Punishable by death even today in China.

Look back and evaluate this said one person's track record in the administration. I did and so did a number of friends who are neutral in stand. We found none. NONE.

Rhetorics alone coupled with other populists who are taking Bumi Bashing as their greatest crowd-pulling, will be disaster.

If I am Pak Lah; ISA is the solution to this. Not just one person but the whole jing-gang.

maurice said...

Harap Anwar jangan lagi mengelirukan rakyat dengan janji-janji yang kosong yang bolih mengugat perjalanan pentadbiran Kerajaan dan kesahjeteraan rakyat jelata

Lebih baik Anwar fokus dan buat jasa kepada 5 buah negeri di bawah pemerinthan PKR sekarang. Buktikan PKR lebih handal dari BN dalam mentadbirkan negeri-negeri tersebut.

Rakyat mahu lihat bukti dan jasa Anwar dalam PKR terlebih dahulu sebelum GE13. Buatlah dengan apa yang ada dengan 5 buah negeri tersebut secara sistematik. Jangan terburu-buru nak jadi PM dengan membelakangi ketulusan prinsip demokrasi.

Bak pepatah Melayu, " Yang di kejar tak dapat, yang dibimbit keciciran!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Malau,

Dont turn the ISA into a rubbish bin where the Act could be manupulated by the ruling party to their advantage.Be a true democrtic and civil society who is aware of one pwn legal right.