Monday, September 15, 2008


In the next few hours, we will welcome September 16; another historical day in the annals of this blessed country. For my dear friend and blogger Dr. Rafick of rights2write fame, he celebrates his 44th birthday (I guess). For others,the date bares no significance, and is just another passing day.

For the soldiers, they will be celebrating the Armed Forces Day, which is usually filled with activities.....from parades to religious and social activities.

In 1992, when we were in Cambodia serving the UN on peacekeeping duties, September 16 was the day when troops were preparing themselves for redeployment in preparation for the UN sponsored Cambodian general elections. Nobody took notice of the date being Malaysia Day, and the same goes to Dr. Rafick, who must have forgotten that it was his birthday. Anyway, he was too busy fighting off malaria cases, and the many Cambodian patients that he has to treat.

The five opposition controlled states has decided to declare September 16 a public holiday, and with the next day i.e. September 17 being Nuzul Quran, the anniversary of the revelation of the Quran, some of the states has declared Nuzul Quran a public holiday.

September 16 isn't the day that Anwar Ibrahim will declare himself the PM designate. How unfortunate, and I suppose the Taiwan trip by BN backbenchers must be the spoiler. And the unfortunate thing to happen a day before Malaysia Day was the resignation of the Minister in the PM Department, Dato Zaid Ibrahim over the ISA issue. He had asked Muhyiddin Yassin to resign, but instead he decided to leave first. Isn't the Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan thinking of following in the footstep of Zaid Ibrahim?

With so much of chaos in UMNO, September 16 will not be a blissful day for Pak Lah and Jeanne Danker. The same goes for Najib and Rosmah. What will they being thinking off? Will there be more resignation? And with Muhyiddin standing firm by what he has said, and which must have angered Pak Lah, September 16 may not be his lucky day.

As an ordinary citizen, I know that September 16 is another working day for me, since Wilayah Persekutuan does not declare the day a public holiday. And with Selangor being a public holiday, I know for sure, it will be another rush to work for me at the Kajang train station, early tomorrow September 16.


captazhar said...

Dear Dato',

The minister who made the comment for Tan Sri Muhiddin to resign from the cabinet is the another by the name of Zahid Hamidi, not Zaid Ibrahim.

But I read that the pm does not want to accept his letter of resignation, instead called for an immediate meeting (Zaid waited the whole morning to meet pm but in vain) and in the meeting from 3 till 5pm, asked him to take a 2 week leave first.

I hope that Zaid has the moral courage to stand by his decision.

maurice said...

I heard the MAF will not be celebrating its 51st AF Day tommorow, instead it will be doing it in October after the fasting month.

The MAF celebrates its AF Day on its own without the involvement of the rakyat.In some countries, we see their citizens celebrating it together with their Armed Forces personnels on a grand scale.They appreciate the contributions made by their Armed Forces as the custodian of peace, security and the protector of the country's ideology and way of life.

Sad to say our Malaysian society seems to lack the ability to appreciate its own Armed Forces on such auspicious day.They seem to overlook the MAF actually draws its strength from the society itself.No Armed Forces could win a war without the support of its own people.

Therefore to start the ball rolling, it would be really great if various communities could send their representatives to attend the AF Day parade.I am sure the MAF will only be happy to receive them.It will make the MAF happy to see the presence of various communities in the AF Day parade.It is such a simple gesture but it will go a long way to win the hearts and minds of our soldiers, airmen and sailors.

The centre piece of the AF Day parade would be the 'Order of the Day' by the Chief of Defence Force (CDF).Here the CDF would identify the challenges ahead and give his directive on the way forward. This time around, the rakyat for sure will be looking forward to hear the CDF's vision on the role of the MAF relating to the issues of national security and nation-building.

maurice said...

Correction, the MAF will be celebrating its 75th AF Day and not 51st as shown in my earlier posting.

Kucingkepong said...

Dear Azhar,

Let them fight among themselves, and let us see who wins.

captazhar said...


Zaid is a man of principle. He stood his ground and probably gained the respect of many Malaysians.

Dear kuchingkepong,

Unfortunately, when the elephants fight, the ants, the grass, gets trampled in between.

And to all 1RRD officers & men,


Happy 45th Anniversary to 1RRD!

Anonymous said...


I am not excited about the change of Government from BN to PR.It shows that Malaysian at large have develop in their political thinking.Gone were the days when BN put "tunggul kayu" as their candidate in an election, the general public will "pangkah" without hesitation ,immaterial of the consequences to the nation.

Things have changed.

The general public now are more poltical minded,they want freedom of choice,transparent and responsible government.Unfortunately BN is not delivering and lacking in every respect.So the obvious thing has happened or happening.The general public is rejecting BN outright.

The question is who is to be blame for all this fiasco....?

maurice said...

The MAF's contribution to peace and security both at home and abroad should be the pride of all Malaysians.

The MAF in support of our civil authorities had successfully eliminated the threat of seizure of power by force by the Communist Party of Malaya during the 1st Emergency (1948-1960) and 2nd Emergency (1967-1998) and to successfully contained the Indonesian Confrontation (1963-1966).

The MAF's record in UN peacekeeping operations are at par with other more advanced countries.Our MAF Peacekeeping Forces had contributed to minimize human sufferings and miseries in countries like Congo,Namabia, Bosnia, Cambodia and East Timur not to mention the ever growing list of Observer Missions in the past and now taking place all over the world.These are formidable record indeed in the service of King, Country and People.

To all Members of the MAF and Families, Many Happy Return of the Day on your 75th AF Day, today on 16 Sept 2008. We will always remember and appreciate your sacrifices in the defence of our beloved country.