Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It was reported in Malaysiakini today that the Malaysian Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal has come up strongly against the current political turmoil caused by a racial remark made by an Penang UMNO Division leader recently.The General was reported to have said that "racial issues are the most feared by the security forces as they could lead to chaos".

This issue has been allowed to drag for several days, and a solution is extremely slow in coming by the leaders of BN and UMNO in particular. What had kept them mute is something that most could not understand, despite them having acknowledged that race and religion are the two most sensitive issues affecting the Malaysian society. Yet, it is the politicians themselves who seemed oblivious to this sensitivity, for reasons best known to themselves.

It was apt and forthright for General Aziz to sound a warning to those who continue to ignore the sensitivities of our society. Some politicians seemed not to have learned the lessons of May 13, 1969. Even if they were not born in that year, they ought not to be forgiven for not knowing what May 13, 1969 meant to this country. If another similar incident like the May 13 is to happen again,...god forbid...I just wonder where will these so called 'peoples champion' be hiding.

I would like to appeal to Pak Lah to take a more serious stand on this matter, so that a recurrence of this issue will not occur. And what Pak Lah must realise is that the problem was created by politicians from his own state...PENANG. And if it wasn't arrogance, impertinence and disloyalty to Pak Lah's leadership by these Penang politicians, what else can we say of them?

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maurice said...

The brave remark made by the CDF is to be commended.It is made with good intention from the point of view of national security.Do not allow a few wayward politicians to destroy the racial harmony of our Nation by their acts of formenting the politics of race.