Sunday, September 7, 2008


Rumours abound that the crossover of several BN parliamentarians to the opposition this September 16, is likely to take place, despite persistent denial by the BN leadership. Talks along the streets and coffee shops in and around Kuala Lumpur, clearly wants a change of government. The scene is somewhat similar prior to the March 8 general elections, where the talk of the town was one that favoured an opposition win.

Despite a want for change, the people seemed skeptical as to the sort of government that the opposition will provide....will it be for the better or will it be worse? Will the corruption charges filed against the two Perak state PR Exco members be a reflection of the sort of PR government that we will be getting? Although the corruption charges has yet to be proven, it has in some ways affected the people's perception of PR politicians, as being one that is no better than BN politicians. Should they be found guilty by the courts, PR has only one option left i.e. to rid them of the party.

UNMO/BN, and to Pak Lah in particular, problems affecting the party seems endless. The racial slur coming from a Penang UMNO Division leader has angered the Malaysian Chinese community; not necessarily MCA or Gerakan, but the country's entire Chinese community. As a result of this poor and thoughtless UMNO judgment, there are now rumblings within Gerakan about the party quitting BN. My guess is that, if this is to happen, then there is every possibility that MCA will follow suit.... marking doomsday for the BN.

I sense an apparent weakness in the BN leadership in handling the above issue. What had stopped the PM from summoning the Penang UMNO Division leader to his office upon knowing the case? It was reported that the PM was not able to contact the Division leader for an explanation. Isn't this sheer arrogance by the Division leader, or was it his way of showing off his authority to the PM? And why has Najib to stoop so low as to apologies to the Chinese community, on behalf of the Division leader? A precedence has now been set by Najib, and there will be many more apologies by Najib for every silly mistake made by UMNO members.

September 16 is just a week away. Will a change of government take place as envisaged by Anwar Ibrahim? We all have to leave it to the parliamentarians to decide. But one thing is for sure..the people that has chosen them to parliament are no fools. Should they not perform, the 13th General Elections will surely seal they fate in politics.


maurice said...

It would be immoral for an elected representative to join another party while in office because this amounts to deception and dishonesty on the part of the MP.If an MP no longer believes in his own party and he wants to represent another party, he should resign and allow the voters to exercise their democratic right to cast their votes in by-election.Let us not allow self-serving and corrupt politicians to hijack our democratic rights to choose our own representatives by their immoral action.

Anonymous said...

Dear maurice,

It is more immoral to remain ,associate and support a party which is known not to uphold morality. The MPs duty are to jaga Rakyat anyway.Corruption records speak by itself as a testimony to the most corrupt party in Malaysia is..

Another by election means moneys to be spend so be thrifty in this difficult time is more prudent.

maurice said...

Dear Walimuar,

I agree about being prudent in these difficult times.But we should not make it the reason for the politicians to hijack our democratic rights.

If we truly believe in the principle of democratic freedom, let the people exercise their rights whom they want to be their MPs and which party to govern them.

We should insist in the highest standard of democratic practices from our politicians for the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

The talk of the City now is change of the existing Government .For better or for worst will be proven by time. If we dont change at all then we become a complacent society and not proactive to the surrounding.

The new Government will only rule for 4 years, then come general election. If they did not deliver then we barbecue them.

Justice said...

Voters change their votes from one party to another, is this not legitimate? Is it not similar to a cross-over of politicians, or those politicians who cross the floor inside parliament when voting on conscionable issues?
Political crossovers happen in most democracies,but there are checks and balances that protect (as far as possible)truth,right,justice and morality through an independant media and judiciary.
Political crossovers are perfectly legitimate forms of political expression and activism. It is called political conscience, or voting with one's feet. This practise, sadly and not unpredictably Malaysian politicans have been devoid of. Has the time for change arrived?
We shall see.
Courtesy of Manjit Bhatia.