Thursday, September 11, 2008


I received several call from friends today, saying that I was wrong in my argument that Tun Dr Mahathir will keep to his word that he will not be rejoining UMNO for as long as Pak Lah is still the PM. They were referring to an article that I posted a day earlier, where I reasoned out that Tun is firm in keeping his word, and is unlikely to rejoin UMNO.

I quickly called up friends to confirm the above, but none said that Tun had personally made a statement that he has rejoined UMNO. I returned home hurriedly to listen to the prime time news at 8 pm over TV 1, and still I did see Tun appearing to make the announcement. I searched the internet and it was the same.

But what appeared on TV 1 were interviews on Tan Sri Rais Yatim and Ustaz Nik Aziz commenting
on the likely return of Tun into UMNO. Personally, I will be disappointed if Tun returns to UMNO for the simple reason that UMNO members had ostracised him the very moment he stepped down as the PM. Just look at how Nazri Aziz ridiculed Tun.....something that the elder Malays will despised. The elder Malays have describe Nazri's words and actions as 'kurang ajar'. Sadly, we still have politicians acting like gangsters in Parliament, making the august parliament akin to a coffee shop.

The final curtain has finally been laid upon the controversial Datuk Ahmad Ismail, though late. Some say that he ought to be sacked from UMNO, and I tend to agree with that. Look at the results of his action, and more importantly at BN as a whole. He has created mistrust among the largely non Malay BN component parties, causing them to rethink their usefulness to remain in the BN. This episode surely has left an indelible stain in the relationship of the component parties within the BN.

Despite having been suspended from UMNO, Datuk Ahmad is still hopeful about playing an active role in UMNO. It was reported that he aspires to be appointed the advisor to his division or even to become the secretary general. What ambitious person this fella is, and Tengku Adnan had better watch this.

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