Sunday, September 14, 2008


Muhyiddin Yassin's statement asking Pak Lah to rethink his exist plan as UMNO's president has come under fire from various quarters. The latest are from Wanita UMNO Chief,Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, MB Negeri Sembilan, Dato Seri Mohamed Hassan and Minister in PM Department, Dato Zaid Ibrahim. They all expressed their resentment at Muhyiddin, and called for him to resign if he no longer have confidence in Pak Lah's leadership. However, Najib who is a party to the exist plan, has neither voiced his disapproval or approval to Muhyiddin's statement, but said that he "preferred to leave it to UMNO members to decide". Najib's statement is seen by many as having to abandon Pak Lah 'in time of distress', and I suppose, this is quite typical in politics. The maxim that 'there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies' in politics is therefore real.

Asking Muhyiddin to quit UMNO is to me a thoughtless remark by Zaid and Mohamed in particular. Don't they understand the power base behind Muhyiddin? Do you think UMNO Johore will abandon Muhyiddin, just like what Najib has done to Pak Lah? By virtue that Muhyuddin is the Vice President of UMNO, isn't that a clear indication of UMNO members support for Muhyiddin? The ramifications to UMNO if Muhyiddin quits is disastrous, and Zaid/Mohamed must know this. And for both Zaid and Mohamed,I am not quite sure whether your support in UMNO is well entrenched, and your criticism of Muhyiddin is well taken. And please remember Zaid that your position in the government today is through the 'back door'. Hence, you do not know your strength in UMNO.

The above is a clear indications of a split in UMNO that is getting worse by the day. I blame it on the members themselves who seemed not able to manage a simple crisis occurring within themselves. And if this is the state of affairs among UMNO politicians, I have little confident that they are able to manage larger crisis; for instance, one that affects the entire nation. And that is where the Armed Forces can take their place, I suppose?

For what is happening in UMNO today, my advice to them all is to cease making anymore statements. You have the General Assembly coming this December, and use this forum to determine the future of UMNO. Say all what you want to say within the four walls of PWTC. The arguments may take days, but if it is for the betterment of UMNO, why not prolong the assembly. And finally, please stop treating the delegates that attends the assembly once a year, as tourist.


maurice said...

I think it is just part of the democratizion process taking place in UMNO now.

Going back to the grassroots to get the endorsements/mandate of the Divisions for the leadership power transition does make sense.The grassroots wlll now have the opportunity to endorse/choose leaders whom they have confidence to reform UMNO.I think they realize UMNO must reform if the party wants to remain relevance to Malaysian politics.

I find it refreshing to see UMNO leaders speaking-up their minds; surely this is good for democracy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Naurice,

I beg to differ from your opinion, being a non party man I think UMNO is in disarray now. Anwar Ibrahim has managed to unsettle his enemy and placing them under defences. Look at the statements being uttered by UMNO's top gun and its grass root, it differs vastly.

They are working to isolate their President and his cronies, and eventually will asked him to step down for the sake of the party future. If not come PRU 13 UMNO will shift its position to the opposition and Malaysia will be governed by a different Government. After all leaders come and go, without the Indian where does the chief stand?