Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tan Sri Mahyiddin Yassin was reported to have admitted to have met Tun Dr. Mahathir, to persuade the latter to rejoin UMNO. The reason given was that, many in UMNO wanted Tun back into their fold to strengthened the party which is falling apart, caused by dissensions among party members. Although no reference was made to Pak Lah's failing leadership, I believe Mahyiddin Yassin has somewhat lost confidence in Pak Lah's leadership. And by having Tun by the side of Mahyiddin Yassin, the latter would be more secure and confident to contest during the up coming party election, and that includes Tengku Razaleigh as well.

Since the BN/UMNO failure during the March 8 general election, Mahyiddin Yassin is the only UMNO minister to have been extremely cautious in making statements regarding the loss of BN/UMNO. He had even cautioned the government not to take the threat by Anwar Ibrahim of a possible change of government this September 16 too lightly. I would likened Mahyiddin to be a person with a voice of reason, which is obviously lacking in most UMNO members. Many would just echo the voice of their top leaders by saying "saya sokong".

One is also to note that Tengku Razaleigh, though a party veteran has consistently been a dissenting voice at Pak Lah's leadership. He appears to be of the same frequency with Tun in voicing his disagreement over a myriad of issues affecting the party and government. And although it would be an uphill task for Tengku Razaleigh to win the presidency of UMNO, Tun's presence in UMNO can marshal some support for the former.

Mahyiddin had admitted too that UMNO members support for Tun is still strong, though many would prefer to remain silent. But what of Tun? Will he accept the appeal by Mahyiddin Yassin and rejoin UMNO? Will Pak Lah and Najib be alienated when Tun rejoins UMNO, and consequently draws the members support away from Pak Lah and Najib, in favour of Mahyiddin and Tengku Razaleigh? And with Pak Lah at the helm of the party, will he allow Tun's application to rejoin UMNO be accepted?

The above are some questions that need to be answered before Tun makes a pledge to rejoin UMNO. My guess is that Tun being a man of strict principal, will stick by what he had pledged i.e. to rejoin UMNO once Pak Lah is out of the party. I am told by someone who have worked with Tun, that it is not easy as ABC to change Tun's mind, once he has reached a decision. And Tun is also noted not to have made decisions at a flash; rather it is as a result of a deliberate and deep thought.

It is for the above stated reasons that I believe Tun will not rejoin UMNO just on the appeal of Mahyiddin Yassin.


Anonymous said...

Orang tua ni betul betul menepati perbidalan "lidah bercabang".Dulu kata tak nak masuk UMNO balik sehingga Dolah berhenti, sekarang apa dah jadi? Awak tu dah tua dah masuk "injury time" bila bila masa akan gol. Jangan menyebok lagi hal politik ni, pergi surau ke masjid ke lagi baik........bertaubat la TUN. Biarkan negara ni diperentah oleh orang orang muda yang berwibawa dan bertenaga. Kan baik gitu.....ni dah pencen masih sebok lagi......pegi....pegi.....jauh jauh

maurice said...

TDM has no alternative but to rejoin UMNO as soon as possible.UMNO and BN need his wisdom and strategic thinking in the current political and economic scenario.Because of his deep love for the party and nation, I predict he will soon be a member of UMNO again.

Justice said...

In support of the views expressed by "walimuar" but perhaps more sceptically about those by "Maurice" I would recommend reading the views at "Mindacergas.wordpress.com" for a more balanced stance on this issue.
If TDM wants to return to UMNO it is for purely personal reasons, first,to preserve his legacy which is danger of being lost, and the second, (also related to the first) to make sure that the RM 1000 denomination note remains invalid (tak' laku!). There must a lot of them in boxes waiting to come back and imagine the goodwill to be earned by the Finance Minister by allowing it!

maurice said...

Dear Justice,

What are you talking about the invalid RM1,000 notes? Who are keeping them in boxes (banks?) and why overseas? Why do drag TDM into this issue?

Anonymous said...

Dear justice,

I didnt know Tun is that rich with millions kept in boxes. I wonder what he is going to do with the money if your allegation is true because he is already 80+.Warga mas category under normal circumstances will go down soon.