Saturday, September 13, 2008


The politics of this country is getting more interesting by the day. With 3 people already detained under the draconian ISA, will there be others? Just wonder what is Ahmad Ismail doing, now that he has been suspended from UMNO. Will he be THE 4th person to join the trio? Interestingly, there was a police report made against him, and it is interesting to see what will come out of it.

While watching Aljazeera news this afternoon, there was a phone interview by the news caster on the Minister for Rural Development, Tan Sri Muhammad Mohamed Taib regarding the arrest of the above trio. To my surprise, the minister spoke in english, and it was better than Zainuddin Maidin. At least, the whole world is able to listen and understand the responses given by the minister to the questions posed by the news caster. Not the mumbling like rhetoric of Zainuddin.

To the question as to why was Sin Chew Daily reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng detained, while Ahmad Ismail was not, the minister responded by saying that the matter is under police investigation. I am not quite sure what the minister meant. Was the minister referring to Tan's police investigation or Ahmad Ismail's police investigation?

And in UMNO today, we see a champion in Muhyiddin Yassin, who has said that he is willing to take the risk over his remarks concerning the change over of UMNO's Presidency between Pak Lah and Najib. He has said that 2010 is too late, and reasoned out that Najib has too little time to do any changes to UMNO, to ready the party for the 2012 general elections. Pak Lah remained firm and said that "the change over plan was agreed by UMNO's Supreme Council". Najib on the other hand has now said that "he leaves it to the UMNO delegates to decide". Isn't this in mark contrast to what he has been saying all along, that he agrees with Pak Lah to the change over plan to be in 2010? And what has Pak Lah to say to this? I sense something brewing in UMNO, and the position of Pak Lah is even more precarious now. Surprisingly, SIL Khairy has not joined the 'fry'.

The excitement about Tun returning to UMNO has somewhat been subdued. No reports on TV nor the MSM. Or have they been silenced too?

Note: While I was writing this article, a friend called to say that Tan Hoon Cheng has been released by the police. Unfortunately, not yet for RPK and DAP's Teresa Kok. One wonders what had soften the police to release Tan? Is it because of the Ahmad Ismail strong link in Penang UMNO?


maurice said...

The statement by Syed Hamid on the ISA arrest prcedure is rather disturbing (Star dated 14 Sept 08).According to the report " he denies having anything to do with the arrests."

This raises the fundamental question, where are the checks and balances between the PDRM's decison-makers and the political master over issues of such public importance?

The PDRM needs all the political support it could get in order to discharge the daunting tasks facing them these days!

Anonymous said...


It is a surprise that Mohammad Taib could speak English.I taught he failed his English test in Australian Court ,when charged with carrying a gunny sack of money from Kuala Lumpur. Aljazeera should report this matter to the Australian Prosecutors so that Mohammad Taib will be charge for perjury of his earlier statement in court.Apa macam ....ini kah jenis Menteri Malaysia yang kita mahu?

Anonymous said...


Tuan Syed Hamid tu tak elok berbohong didalam bulan puasa ni, apa yang dia cakap tu betul dia tak tau sebab dia belum sign detention order di bawah ISA. Tetapi PDRM tu kan bawah ketiak dia, takkan le tak tau.Jenis Menteri apa dia ni, buat malu orang Johor aje?

Kalau tak tau Pak Habib elok la awak tu pencen, kawan dari Johor ni nak juga merasa jadi Menteri ganti Pak Habib,seluroh Malaysia dah heboh semua media buat lapuran.......tiba tiba Arab Johor ni tak tau kan le pelik.....kesian UMNO ada Menteri macam ni.