Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today, September 21,2008, countries around the world observe the International Day of Peace. And at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur today, the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Council gathered approximately 3,000 participants comprised of various military and police veteran organisations, university students and NGO's, to commemorate the day as a day of global ceasefire and no-violence.

The International Day of Peace resolution was formally adopted by the UN General Assembly at its 111th Plenary meeting on September 7,2001, otherwise referred to as UN Resolution 55/282, whereby it was decided that September 21 each year, be observed and celebrated as the International Day of Peace.

The KL celebration was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Datuk Wira Abu Seman, on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister. Reading the UN Secretary General's message at the gathering this year was the regional UN Representative based in Malaysia.

In addressing the Global Peace Forum 2006, Tun Dr. Mahathir among others said that " If this UN call for cessation of hostilities for just one day on September 21st is observed by all warring factions in the world, then we can say that global peace agenda is starting to get dividends. Of course the ultimate objective is for all nations and their leaders to one day agree that for humankind to survive, for modern civilization to be meaningful there must be a unified effort to criminalized all wars".

Despite the call for an end to all wars by all peace loving nations, wars, big and small, still ravages on in almost every corner of the globe. In the middle east, and especially over Palestine, Israel's dastardly acts against Palestinians goes unabated. The USA being the greatest bully and Satan ever to exist on this earth, had killed, tortured, maim thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians regardless of sex and age, without a tint of remorse. Bush brags himself to be the most powerful person in the world, but doesn't he realised that there is another 'supreme being' that is watching his worldly misdeeds, only to await and place him in hell when he dies. Look at what has happened to his dear friend Ariel Sharon...he is neither dead nor alive; that is the all mighty obvious punishment on earth. What will be in store for him in death...only God knows.

The International Day of Peace being an internationally recognized event, should have been accorded greater prominence. The presence of only a single government minister i.e. the Deputy Defence Minister at such an important gathering, only show how lowly our supposedly national leaders view this event. While the veterans came in full force, proudly displaying their spirit
of loyalty and love for the nation, our leaders non participation at the gathering reflects poorly on their stance over this internationally significant event. Having to say that they are ignorant of the event is a damn stupid answer.

If both Tun General Ibrahim Ismail who came in a wheel chair, and Tun Hanif Omar can be present, and to be seated among the veterans, I see no reason our leaders cannot attend.

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