Friday, September 19, 2008


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in an article posted in his blog dated September 18, 2008, has predicted a gloomy economic future for this country. Tun finds it strange that while the US economy is crumbling, the ringgit which should have strengthen against the greenback, is in fact losing its value. He cautioned that if nothing is done quickly to remedy this impending crunch, Malaysian must be prepared to take a battering.....reminisce of the 1997 financial crisis, I suppose.

Having read all that Tun had written, I now begin to agree with the argument of some, that Pak Lah's quick exit from the finance ministry may have to do with the anticipated worsening of the Malaysian economy, caused by falling global economy.

In other words, if Tun's prediction is correct, the blame can now be shifted wholly to Najib, and all Pak Lah could say is...."they you are, even Najib has failed to put the country's economy on track, and because of this I may reconsider the date of my planned handover with Najib".

Interestingly, Tun's has also commented that Pak Lah will now be able to concentrate with his reforms, and to continue perpetuating Islam Hadari..."ada had ada hari" says blogger Shaharin of Sang Kelembai fame. However, Pak Lah can only do this if the Armed Forces does not give him too much problems. Definitely, the Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Abd. Aziz will not dare to bring up his idea of purchasing the AWACS to Pak Lah as yet.

The news on RTM TV 1 this evening also reports on the statement made by Najib that he will need to be fully briefed concerning the finance ministry, before he decide what to do. This is quite mormal, but I hope those in the finance ministry has to be straight forth, honest and sincere in their briefs to Najib. Let me be honest here, that the people's perception of the ministry presently is not too pleasing to the ear. This is what I hear from people, mainly those in business, who goes around to say that their proposals gets high jacked, and they fear that the same will happen if Najib's relies too much on his subordinates. I suppose. similar things does happen to all other ministries.

DAP Selangor State Councilor, Teresa Kok is now freed from police custody, and we still have RPK sealed up...who knows where. The battle is not over yet it seemed. I read that Utusan Melayu has challenged Teresa Kok be subject to a lie detector test. I wonder if Utusan Melayu is not quite satisfied with the police 8 days grilling of Teresa. Why don't Utusan get the police to be subjected to the same test also? And who then should do the questioning? I just wonder?

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maurice said...

DSN has done a lot for the MAF during his tenure as Defence Minister.

Many new camp complexes, modern married quarters and training facilities were built for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

He saw to it that the MAF get its own Defence University at Sungai Besi and PUSHANAS (Pusat Pertahanan Nasional) at Putrajaya.

Salaries, allowances and welfare benefits for members of the MAF were also increased during his tenure.

Last but not least, the MAF were given the necessary budgets to modernize its weapons system and equipment.

It cannot be denied that DSN has put a lot of efforts to put the MAF on a sound footing.

As a Finance Minister he is now responsible for the economic well-being of the nation.He will now be dealing with fiscal/monetary policies, capital markets and financial institutions instead of guns, missiles,fighter aircraft and warships!