Thursday, March 18, 2010


On 5th January 2010, RPK posted an article in Malaysia Today titled “How RM2 million a year became RM21 million a year for 15 years”. The article makes reference to a proposal by Mindef for a leasing contract for the provision of ACMI system to the RMAF. Attached to the article is a letter from Mindef's Secretary General to the Defence Minister dated 2 April 2007 suggesting that the leasing contract be considered and awarded to Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn Bhd. The proposal was sanctioned by the Defence Minister on 11 April 2007, and noted that the contract was to be funded via Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Mindef Secretary General then was Dato Sri Hj. Ahmad Latffi Hashim and the Defence Minister was Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.

The issue that many had raised concerning the contract awarded to Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn Bhd is not whether the RMAF requires such a service, but rather the manner in which the contract was awarded, and more importantly, whether the system offered meets the required specification and requirement of the RMAF.

While one would agree that an outright purchase of the ACMI system would be too costly, given the financial constraints of the government today, a leasing contract seem to be the best option for the short term.

I am told that Mindef had already concluded a leasing contract with Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn Bhd in early January this year, and the latter is believed to have collaborated with DRS Technologies Inc, of the US for the system to be delivered within 18 to 24 months. This would mean that the system will only be available to the RMAF rightfully, towards the end of this year.

Those who are privy to this contract have raised a number of questions and concerns as follows:

1. Why was the contract done through Direct Negotiation and not through the Open Tender System? They claim that the Direct Negotiation process contradicts existing Treasury Instructions and policy statement declared by the Minister of Defence himself. The general perception that people have towards Direct Negotiation smack off cronyism and corruption.

2. The contract does not state clearly the technology to be used. If the contractor is considering a similar technology to the one used by the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) in Korat, Thailand, then obviously the RMAF will have to satisfy themselves with an outdated technology. The RTAF is said to be upgrading to a more capable 5th generation ACMI technology obtained from the US, and it is most unlikely that the RMAF will be offered the same upgraded technology. One only need to confirm this from Aerotree Defence & Services Sdn Bhd. It is public knowledge too that the US has recently decommissioned 2000 of the 4th generation ACMI pods, and is most likely that this will be sold to Malaysia.

3. PFI funded projects provides a means for the government to acquire certain capability. However, I am told that Treasury is directed to pay a down payment to the contractor, and this smacks of corrupt practise. In addition, awarding a long term 'firm fixed rate' service contract beyond 3 to 5 years is also abnormal. What if the contractor fail to deliver? Should the RMAF continue paying the 'firm fixed rate' even though the service provided does not meet the technological requirement of the day?

4. Because the award of contract was through Direct Negotiation, there could not have been a proper technical evaluation carried out, and the opportunity to look into other options available in the market. Besides the US and Israel, Germany and South Korea are also known to have produced the ACMI system. Why hasn't Mindef not looked into this option?

5. Many have voiced concern that the RMAF will face serious problems associated with software interface with the system fitted on the SU 30 and MiG 29, should the contractor proceed with the supply of the US 4th generation ACMI. The other serious problem will be the disclosure of Russian software technology to a third party, and this could cause a diplomatic furore.

I hope Mindef and the RMAF in particular, have done a serious in-depth study regarding the ACMI system that they are likely to get, prior to the award of contract of this highly sensitive system to Aerotree Defence & System Sdn Bhd. Should there be a failure, who then do you think will assume the responsibility of the failure? Your guess is as good as mine.



Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,with Najis fingers in any military purchases, the nation will again be taken for a ride !.
,,,mind you, 10% to 30% will be party funding and he is still getting away with it !. Indeed, it is an ill battle where the devil carries the colours. Wrong never comes right.
,,,Smiling pretty on tv with mdm piggy leading. "A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds."

komando said...

Like they say you can't change an donkey, worst thing he becomes an ARSE!

So we are all being Arse-Holed by this TAG TEAM. This partnership was made up in the heavens, but will eventually end up in HELL!

Let them plunder, steal, rob, rape, fornicate, cheat, lie, deny and fabricate things !

At the end of the day the judges will have a very good laugh at both of them, when the word "MARABUKA" is spell out. Lest they are both practicing Hindus instead of Muslims and do not believe in Malaikat Maut, Malaikat Dalam Kubur!

We are privilege to have the honour to see the final curtains drawn, how long does a normal human being lived? If they are fit and healthy and not "OBSESSIVELY OBESE"


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Komando,

Good to know that you are still kicking and very much alive.

FMZam said...

Apa nak takut, kita kan ada MACC, toksah cakap banyak lagi, reportlah pada MACC....

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid.

komando said...

Dear Capt, they aren't stupid just plain blinded by power, greed and FULUS!

komando said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad, all old soldier never dies.......!

TQ all the same....sir

Capt's Longhouse said...

indeed Komando,

In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry nak tukar frequency sikit dari apa yang Dato tulis ni.Baru sekejap tadi saya tengok dekat Berita TV jam 8 malam PAT pencen buat political statement.Sepatutnya dia janganlah menyebelah mana mana pehak dan biarkan Askar ni independant dari political inteference.Sebab tu le agaknya dia kena pencen mengejut......hampeh

komando said...

Ex PAT must "carimakan" !
Pencen mana cukup!
Spokesperson of UMNO!
Dapat lebih dari pencen 4 star mah!

Anonymous said...

Sdr Komando,
Aku malu tengok bekas General yang tidak ade prinsip kan lebih baik jangan buat komen dan duduk diam diam.Awak tu bekas General dan bukannya orang politik.Kalau nak berpolitik jum kita buka semua pintu dan ruang biar askar ni berpolitik secara terbuka macam Thailand dan kita boleh buat coup bila bila kita suka.Esok aku perentah dan lusa engkau perentah apa macam boleh tak.Ni le jenis General yang tak tau Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

EAGLE said...

Who is this Aerotree defence Services Sdn Bhd? heard they have been trailing PAT who was the xPTU and KSU whenever these two buddies travel oversea.
Just ask these two men and surely they can give the answer why the contract was given direct nego, if they lie, people out there will tell them don't lie, Don't ask the present PTU as this man is just like "unta kenyang" as he will wash his hand forever clean.
Why the former PTU agreed to this 4th generation ACMI pod despite being advised by his staffs, is anyone guess!!! Or will he claimed that he was not properly brief? Then tell him go and f*^# his own a*s*h*+e!!!
The Defence Minister was too weak as he had been played out by the "wayang kulit" of his generals and civil staffs, be it the KSU or the head of the procurement in MINDEF.
What a croc! Wither RMAF.

nxforget said...

What a pity state we are in.

For the FULUS, the Generals are selling the country and putting the soldiers in the field in jeopardy.

We have aircraft that cannot fly and submarines that cannot dive. The only thing that are surfacing are scandals.

The past recruitment, they indoctrinate "fight for the country." With these new breeds of General, they should change it to "fight for yourself."

Isn't that sound better ... a reflection of dynamism of modern Malaysia defense strategy.

Anonymous said...

Saya syorkan kita tubuhkan satu Party Politik Baru yang terdiri daripada bekas bekas tentera yang berwibawa dan lawan mereka yang korup ni.Bekas bekas tentera ni mempunyai pengalaman,kelulusan,kekuatan,minda,visi dan wawasan.Kita mempunyai bekas bekas tentera yang pakar dari bidang masing masing yang cukup untuk menubuhkan satu parti politik yang kuat dinegara ini.Jumlah bekas bekas tentera diseluruh negara cukup ramai belum lagi diambil kira keluarga mereka.Kalau kita bersatu 1 juta keahlian saya rasa enteng.Ok what do you think?
Parliamment dah tak boleh harap dah bercakaran macam budak sekolah atau trishaw puller aje lagaknya.Penguasa banyak yang korup seperti yang Dato bentang dan paparkan.Kita adalah satu kumpulan besar orang orang yang berdisiplin pada satu ketika dan saya rasa tidak sukar untuk menyatukannya didalam satu forum demi kebaikan bersama.Please comment this idea whether it is viable or not.Thanks

taming said...


Apa yang Dato telah ceritakan hanya
"the tip of the icebergs". Saya sangat malu dengan apa yang berlaku dalam TUDM. Ramai kawan-kawan dalam negara dan di negara-negara jiran yang memahami apa itu ACMI, juga mengetawakan kita.

Apa yang saudara EAGLE ceritakan itu adalah juga benar. Syarikat AEROTREE, dimana ada pertandingan golf, syarikat juga disebutkan AEROTIGA, sangat bermurah hati menderma. Mana susah mahu sponsor, kontrek TUDM bila-bila masa sahaja senang dapat dan menghasilkan untung yang amat lumayan!

Juga ada kita dengar, syarikat kroni ini yang kedepankan seorang bekas mejar fighter pilot TUDM ( muka tebal berbudaya memburuk-burukkan syarikat lain serta pandai potong trip, maklumlah fighter pilot!) dan seorang Dato janda ini telah merosakkan industri pertahanan negara khususnya yang melibatkan sistem peralatan TUDM.

Banyak syarikat-syarikat lain yang memegang kontrek DPA dengan Mindef menjadi mangsa kepada syarikat kroni ini kerana setiap kali apabila ada "RFQ" Aerotree sahajalah yang menjadi "The preferred choice company" oleh TUDM dan Mindef untuk menjadi pembekal. Sungguh pun prosedur tender dibuat ianya semata-mata "an eye-wash" dan merupakan satu skandal lojistik TUDM yang memerlukan penyisatan dan mungkin " a commission of inquiry"! Kita perlu tahu siapa yang menerima habuan daripada Aerotree??

Apa hubungan KSU Mindef, bekas PTU
( sekarang PAT) dan orang politik negeri Pahang dengan syarikat ini? Cerita syarikat ini mengekori KSU Mindef, PAT dan PTU dan pegawai kanan Mindef dan TUDM bukan perkara baru dan telah menjadi buah mulut masyarakat industri pertahanan! Kita lihat sahaja di mana ada pertunjukan udara, di Singapura, Paris Airshow, China, Korea, Dubai, Farnborough dan kalau di bulan pun syarikat kroni dengan dua orang "Dato beli" ini akan bayangi pegawai-pegawai Mindef (TKSU, SB dan KPSU Perol bagaimana??) Kalau tidak perrcaya, tunggu sahaja siapa yang membayar tiket penerbangan, hotel dan shopping untuk isteri-isteri mereka yang sudah tentu pada lazimnya tidak dibayar oleh kerajaan.

Di kelab-kelab golf? Tak usah sebutlah kerana terlalu banyak dan sudah menjadi satu budaya rasuah yang sengaja ditutup mata!

Saya syorkan MACC ambil tindakan serta merta membuka fail kes ACMI ini keran saya pasti ianya akan menjadi satu "projek sakit" kerana pembekalan satu sistem usang yang sudah tentu akan membebankan TUDM dan ATM di masa akan datang.

Saya juga mengesyorkan projek ACMI
yang membekalkan sistem usang ini dibekukan dan TUDM tubuhkan satu tim yang neutral dan bukan corrupt untuk menilai semula sistem ACMI moden yang boleh kita banggakan dan bukan menjadi "bahan ketawa" angkatan udara jiran-jiran kita.

MACC boleh tanya TPTU dan Panglima Operasi TUDM sekarang kalau mahu "professional views" kerana saya tahu dua orang pegawai tinggi TUDM ini boleh menyelamatkan TUDM dan negara.

Menteri Pertahanan Zahid Hamidi kemana? Zahid Hamidi perlu bangun dan jangan menjadi "pak turut" dan di kelentong oleh PAT, KSU dan
"the hidden pahang hands" dibelakang AEROTREE!

Dato' Arshad, we need to highlight
more of similar kind of corrupt practices in Mindef. If the KSU, his officers and the corrupted generals in Mindef think they can get away, I assure you they WILL NOT. I will back you up, including getting my best lawyer friends to support you in court.

The Najib Administration is advocating 1Malaysia which we should support if properly implemented, we too should make 2010 a transformation year to rid corruptions in Malaysian military.


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,guess its the ex-RMAF officers themselves that are actively involved here too !. These are the rejects and dirty individuals that you/me won't invite to our home ever. But their faces can be seen at MINDEF lobbying various products/contracts, ACMI is just the tip of the iceberg, indeed-lah. All the fighter aircraft's and heli replacement initiatives are part of their corrupted proposal rather than coming from actual nation defence need. What rubbish ?.
,,,the main reason,I myself refused to join their companies to be an armed dealer/war monger set-up. Its just bloody embarrassing.
,,,The leadership in MINDEF is also to be blamed here. There is honour among thieves !.

"speak the truth and shame the devil"

FMZam said...

Talking it here is to no avail. Report to the authorities is to all nought. The generals of the army, navy and airforce and the KSUs of Mindef are all the same faces of different souls of corrupted devils. The game they play is get rich quick the easy way with the power packed on their shoulders.

And they are muslims, they pray to Allah and yet they know they work day in day out for corruption. And they say "Minyak dengan air tak boleh campur" so they go on preaching god the way they interpret religion to live with sins that are not sins to them. They are not afraid of god because they have been doing it and god has not punished them, in fact god is giving them ever more the more they do it again and again and god keeps providing them.

Talk about divine intervention? They are not afraid of that either for in divine intervention, all, sinners or not will be wiped out and evil will blossom again along with human population in any new civilization.

Don't wait for god to punish them, don't wait for divine intervention because that is god's job but what is our job and have we done our job other than waiting and praying for god to intervene? Is that the best we can do?

I agree with WaliMuar because he gave an idea that can activate us to get mobilised to do our job. But instead of a new political party, I counter propose that with a suggestion to form an NGO comprises of ex-soldiers to fight corruption in the military.

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
Finally a follow-up on the ACMI issue. We all thought the issue had ended under the Mindef administrative carpet. But alas, RPK's selfless act have had its desired effect.
Otherwise, how else can such a corruption riddled service contract fall through unless, as RPK suggested, there was tight collusion between the the user and the proccess managers. In this case, most prominently, the Bahagian Perolehan, who made sure that the annointed party (Aero Tiga) did not have any competition by using the direct nego method. Also, tacit Treasury collusion, and lastly, those wielding political influence. Clearly, without Kongkalikong between the parties, the project cannot get off the ground.
So where do we go from here?
Everyone knows that the MACC are mere toothless tigers; unlikely to do anything worthy of note unless directed by their bosses, or worst still, even if they were somehow compelled to do something, they will likely end up screwing up the whole investigation because we know how incompetent they are.
We also know that the contract has just been signed and that the contractor received a sum of money from the treasury even though they were not supposed to under the PFI scheme. Should we hang the treasury official or the officer from Mindef? Or should we hang the RMAF Chief ?
Someone suggested to terminate the contract, but is that possible?
But will current RMAF leadership do something about it. Who wants to rock the boat? Current leadership pun dan mula berjinak-jinak dengan Halim O.
Sorry, your guess is as good as mine!!
Sampai mana RMAF nak maju dapat ketua main kayu tiga.? Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi?
In the final analysis, the saddening aspect of the whole episode is the near traitorous conduct of the military decision makers.
Consider this. The Acta 1972 is very clear on this issue. If a member of His Majesty's Forces acts in a manner that give advantage to the enemy or potential enemy he or she would be deemed to have committed a treasonous act punishable by death. So some might ask what has that got to do with the ACMI issue? Everything....
What do you call a Service Chief who willfully recommends an equipment which he knows to be inferior to the ones used by neighbouring Air Forces? Is this act not treasonous in nature?
I know some countries where such acts, once revealed will result in the individual's departure.
Do we expect that to happen here in Malaysia? Hardly. Here they make him PAT.
Hidup Malaysia!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,it has to do with 'brother-in-law' or outlaws relationship here too!.(if am not mistaken !)
,,,get the press involved on subject issue plus someone to raise the subject in Parliment ?.
,,,the PM himself should be held responsible if the deal goes through !. We can tell that the love of money is the root of all evil too. Never ending bad practises after the submarine deal and now ACMI, what next ?.
,,,indeed, misfortunes tell us what fortune is. From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step.

komando said...

Folks rest assured they will all go to hell, their children and wives all EAT DUIT HARAM.

Jadi darah dan daging..nanti anak jadi mat rempit, mat dadah, mat gam, minah bohsia, mat bohjan, mat sampah, trust me ALLAH knows what to do with this devils.

We in this country cannot take the laws into our own hands.
The laws are made for us all, the selected ones, but exception for those who have UMNO membership numbers!

Let them eat and grow very fat, obese ( buncit is one of the signs of makan duit haram)....!

PM said...

Reason there is no physical threat to the nation. No politician in this country gives a damm what the state of the AF is???. So make money.

Our AF is just a laughing stork in ASEAN...just like Myanmar.

So what is the role of the AF?
To make the politician and the Generals rich.

Anonymous said...

Permit me to respond to FMZam counter proposal to my earlier suggestion that all bekas tentera formed a political party.NGOs does not have much bite and drive to bring drastic changes to the country.Look at Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia (PBTM)which is led by a doubtful exL/Cpl now becoming Persatuan Bekas Tentera Mabuk which is not effective at all to safeguard the exservicemen interest.NGOs will not be in Parliament to fight for the people but a PARTY BEKAS TENTERA MALYSIA perhaps could add more colours to our country political atmosphere.At least bekas bekas askar has a chance to become YBs or Ministers unlike the current practise by the government making an exGeneral to become a Minister through the back door and not by democratic mean.

EAGLE said...

This is full of crap!!! with the missing engine, we saw the Panglima Angkat Taik who was the X Panglima Tukar Uniform tried to hide his weaknesses and stupidity, suddenly kept his mouth shut as he appeared so stupid for all the statements made and now is yet another stupidity for allowing an inferior quality system through abuse of power into an organization which he had position as the most unreliable and irrelevant organization that deserve no respect.
Like it or not, so disgusting with such kind of leadership in the Armed Forces!!!
Kapal selam tak bolih menyelam.
Injin pun hilang.
Sekarang ACMI bersama AeroTree, surely PAT and KSU would love to travel oversea together every month or they have stop going out together!!!
SB PERO in MINDEF is KSU belaci, don't belief talk to him and he will tell you that, he only follow KSU's instruction and as long as he gets his share-a case in point just a few months on the SB chair he was recommended for his Datukship, what a goon!!! can't even speak properly but understood all KSU's instructions explicitly.
Many more rubbish, just cannot imagine how someone can even be promoted when you are the commander of the missing engine HQ. Are you not accountable or just blame others!!! The XPTU tried to keep the story for as long as he can, and he made to PAT, what a jerk!!! the no 3 man known to be "unta kenyang", where the missing engine HQ is directly under his chain of command, in turn took his place as PTU by passing the no 2 man and another senior general and the missing engine HQ commander is then promoted with the privilege of special to holder my foot!!!...... isn't it look fishy, so look likes the incompetency is breeding well in the irrelevant organization or they conspired to cover somebody. Oh!! Only GOD knows.
It doesn't stop there and it will go on as the laughing stork for years to come!!! why not? As this is the only organization that bought jet airplane without the engine but just the body. What kind of justification will they give to the public this time. We will wait and see-will it be the Pyrrhic Victory this time around.
Defense Minister!!! time to wake up!!! You are being kelentong all the way!!!

taming said...

The robbery of the Rakyats' money at the expense of national security has gone overboard! How could we allow a buckshee company such as Aerotiga, fronted by a dirty and unscrupulous ex-fighter pilot major along with a cheap Dato janda, in cohort with RMAF leadership, to rob us in the broad daylight?

Can we have the email address of a very decent opposition MP who EAGLE and I can communicate in order to arm with all relevant details regarding ACMI scandal and many more very serious corrupt issue regarding RMAF, its past and present leaders.

I agree that MACC is toothless as such we allow them to take five and fly kites.

We need an opposition MP to grill MINDEF, ATM and TUDM in the Parliament by democratic process!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

From the comments that I got, it appears that the little that I knew and wrote about the ACMI, seemed to have some truth. I know that there are many other things that are hidden from public knowledge'

The onus now is on the PTU to unfold the hidden 'agendas' behind this contract, least he is to blame later and the RMAF to suffer.

I still have many good friends (retired or otherwise) from the RMAF and many has said that the person that could be trusted to resolve this issue is the TPTU (many says that he should rightly be the PTU), an honest and professional airman. However the 'credentials' he has does not make him the PTU. Why is this so? I suppose this can be answered by the RMAF themselves.

It appears that to be honest, sincere and professional has no place in the AF. Wither the AF.

Anonymous said...

Aku lama juga kerja kat Mindef tu,yang aku tahu askar ni bukan ada kuasa pada peruntukan duit kat Mindef tu.Duit semua KSU yang pegang dan nak beli stokin sepasang pun untuk ATM kena mintak dengan mamat ni.Kalau tak silap aku KSU ni dulu masuk Mindef kerja kat PR aje tak le berapa smart orang nya.
Aku rasa yang jadi masaalahnya General General kat ATM tak tau bidangkuasa dia sebenar benarnya.Awak tu General kena le Macho sikit ni tak cium tangan,membongkok bongkok kalau cakap menteri ke KSU ke,tetapi kalau sesama askar bukan main samseng lagi .
Cuba pegi tengok General Mat Salleh tu, British ke Australia ke ada ke mereka jadi lembu cucuk hidung all the time macam General Malaysia ni.Cuba tengok PAT Britain pada satu ketika dahulu pernah cibai Tony Blair perdana menteri Britain ketika itu, secara terbuka didalam media apabila askar dia banyak mati diIraq.Aku nak tanya ade ke General Melayu macam ni?Kalau tak berani cakap sorang sorang takut kena gam, JPP atau Jawatankuasa Panglima Panglima kan ada.Guna le forum ini untuk cibai Menteri ke sape ke, baru le best.
Aku pernah kerja dengan Gen Cheng Wah pada satu ketika mesyuarat pembesaran ATM dengan Shamsudin Hitam kat EPU diJPM tahun 80an dulu .Cheng Wah pada satu ketika sudah tumbuk meja dan cabar Shamsuddin Hitam masa tu bila Shamsuddin membebel mengenai projek ATM.Lepas mesyuarat Shamsudin mintak maaf kat Cheng Wah.Ade lagi ke General ATM yang macam ni aku nak tanya?
Satu lagi perkara yang aku tak berkenan benda benda yang berlaku didalam ATM ni jangan le publicise banyak sangat.Board of Inquiry tu simpan le sebagai Rahsia Rasmi supaya wibawa ATM tak jatuh berdentum macam sekarang ni.Ini tidak semua nak dedah ,maka hasilnya umum sekarang mempertikaikan kewibawaan ATM dan mentertawakan ATM.
ATM kena le buat projek Jiwa Murni banyak banyak dan promo lebih sikit melalui media supaya imej ATM naik semula.Kalau tahap sekarang ni aku tengok dah tak ade glamour dah ATM ni.Contohnya pangkat General tu bersepah orang lain tiru.Cuba tengok Kastam,Immigeresen,RELA,Bomba,SPRM,JPJ DLL semua tiru pangkat General.Kalau kita tengok berita TV ade le Kastam pangkat General atau Kolonel tangkap rokok keretek.Bila masyarakat tengok dan cucu cucu aku tengok dia ketawa sebab General ni wibawanya setakat tangkap rokok keretek aje ke? Ini contoh apa yang berlaku dan bukan aku nak menghina sesiapa pun.
Aku rasa banyak le lagi ATM ni kena betulkan diri supaya ianya kembali menjadi satu organisasi yang amat disegani dan dihormati dan bukannya dipimpin oleh General General tukang cium tangan tangan busuk dan hanyir.Kerja kerja rasuah ni jangan le buat Maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

F said...

Prior to DRS Technologies being selected to supply 22 ACMI pods via Aerotree, debriefing systems and support, Cubic Point in 2000 had a submitted a proposal to supply an ACMI system to the RMAF.

Cubic Point also supplied the ACMI system to the RTAF at Korat, but the key difference is the ACMI system being supplied to the RMAF is rangeless.

Eagle, the 'kapal selam tak bolih menyelam'' issue was wrongly construed by many. It was a technical flaw rather than a design flaw or problem associated
with the design of the Scorpene. Is it normal for newly delivered subs and vessels to experience technical defects whilst still under a period of warranty, the RMN is not the only navy to have done so.

ArshadRaji said...

Saudara Walimuar,

Apa yang saudara kita itu ada banyak kebenaran nya. Saya kuatir JPP tidak lagi berfungsi dan oleh kerana itu, setiap ketua perkhidmatan tidak lagi memikirkan kepentingan bersama, tapi kepentingan perkhidmatan masing masing. Saya ingin tahu dari mereka yang masih berkhidmat, berapa kalikah JPP bersidang tahun lepas?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your respond.Itu bezanya Datuk ,General General yang dah pencen sekarang ni dengan General General yang ade sakarang ni dari skot 3 kupang bagi TD atau kepala 370 bagi TUDM .Tak cukup ragging kot.........

komando said...






Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,perhaps they see how things are and ask "Why". BUT I dream of things that do not exist, and I ask "WHY NOT ?". And am the King of my kingdom plus for my life and living.
,,,guess its this fighting spirit lacking in the existing AF ?. Plus I only accept "excellent" cos. good is not good enough.
,,,Always be the No.1 i.e. THE "Capt.", the commander himself nothing less. YES, take it or leave it !.
"what is WRONG cannot be politically Right" there is no gray area for 'Shariff Uban' indeed.

komando said...

My Dear Capt Pak Uban.


They would defend their men at all cost, now it is the other way around.

Any CO will tell you this, any soldier having any problems in the unit, he will eventually be punished I mean the CO.

Those days the General will investigate first, not blame the CO for every wrong a soldier does!

How can one man - CO take charge of 550 boys all the time, if they want to commit crime they will still do it, is the CO to be blamed for another human beings wrong doings! He can't be watching over all soldiers all the time night and day! He has not enough eyes what more ears,hands,feet etc.
Unless he has 600 Ginnie to be deployed and report back every hour on the hour !

So folks we have half past six Generals who want to do no wrong and progress to the highest rank possible, play it safe and do not rock the boat, "Cari makan mau hidup senang sendiri, budak biar Mampus!"

Ask any soldier anywhere, they will say Tuan saya cukup masa berhenti! Not an extra day! WHY ?
Becos they say the ADMIN IS LIKE "SHIT" !

The CO's are scared shit of the higher echleons and would take orders blindly, saying yes sir all the way, accepting work, official and or otherwise from the top!

Soldiers do not even have time to SHIT, what more have some quality time with family, those Bujang need time out TOO!

They are not mere Names and Numbers, they are HUMANS WITH NEEDS AND FEELINGS, NOT ROBOTS!




"Bodek King"