Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My guess was right. All England badminton champion Datuk Lee Chong Wei got a HERO's WELCOME at KLIA yesterday. He had the Minister of Sports receiving him as well, and also a hug from the minister, including flowers to grace the reception.

He was then feted by the PM at his residence, and BAM was granted an instant cash award of RM 2 million by the PM, supposedly to pay for some outstanding bills.

As for our soldiers, airman and sailors, just look at how difficult it is for them to get a recognition and reward for valour and gallantry, and mind you, in the face of the enemy and probable death.

Mej Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman TUDM (Retired) who has been fighting a lone battle with the 'powers that be' to earn some recognition and monetary reward for recipients of the gallantry award of JPP, PTU and KPK is still unsure that his 'fight' will ever be heard; let alone entertained. Please view

Here lies the difference between 'soldiering and dying for the nation' and 'sporting for the nation'. The latter seemed to get a better recognition.



FMZam said...

That shows the opportunism of Najib making use of Chong Wei's winning for his political ends. Najib is using that opportunity to help building whatever dented image he had suffered and Chong Wei had provided Najib with that opportunity. What if Chong Wei lost it, we wouldn't be watching or hearing any good word from Najib or Rosmah to a loser as much as we hadn't heard any word of encouragement from both of them well before Chong Wei started the All England tournament, had we?

Don't be jealous with Chong Wei, he made world history in badminton and he fought hard and well to carve that history. Chong Wei never expect to be cherished and be made a hero. He simply do his job and keep on fighting to win trophies and every winning he made he wins million hearts of the people. He has been a hero even if nobody made him a hero, he is already a hero, a natural hero in the hearts of millions people.

For those of you who used to say, "bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada" or be grateful with what we have, or any other words to that effect, don't grumble about this and please take this instance with an open mind the way you've been telling others, so that I know you are not practising double standard in your mentality.

komando said...


Dear Folks, the most distinguished war hero the nation have is till very alive and kicking in the kampong...he is none other than the one and only WO I KANANG AK LANGKAU!

Lest all young soldiers and young officers who do not know about this legendary Iban warrior from Sarawak, a kampong called Pakit in Simenggang, now called Sri Aman!

He was decorated with 1 x SP & 2 x PGB ! A record unbroken and will never ever be broken I guess! He single handedly killed a number of CT's.
Another record to stand and not likely to fall, there are no more CT's to hunt!

Yet, he could not get a simple piece of land to plant "LADA HITAM" !

Until he was so pissed off that he wanted to pawn his three pieces of "BESI BURUK" to a Chinaman in Kuching town! That Chinaman refuse to buy it outright! It is worth nothing just Besi Buruk!

That is what we call Gormen recognition of services rendered by the ARMED FORCES TO KING & COUNTRY!

This man was not given any hope to live when he was mortally wounded in his last contact with CT in Ipoh! The doctors in GH Ipoh already gave up and said he will not survive! Yet he went against all odds and LIVED till today!

Does that say anything about REAL HEROES in this country?

I urge all serving and retired men and women to think about sending your kids to defend this country, not being disloyal, but being realistic!

"Sports persons draw bigger pension earn more perks, have more recognition and awards than people who die for this country in the name of KING & COUNTRY !

Ask you kids to become sports person and earn mega bugs!

Who is Jibby trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

I just came back from Sandakan for a short visit with my wife last Sunday.At the Sandakan Jetty I met a few boys from 17 Malay doing some resup for some ops in Sabah.When asked how much allowances were they paid per day the answer shocked me.RM 8 per day or equivalent to 1Kg ikan tenggiri in Pasar Sandakan.That is the worth of a Malay soldier protecting the soveregnity of this country.Therefore I would encourage my future generation to become a badminton player,swimmer,squash player,passenger of space ship etc and never ever be a soldier boy because your life only worth a penny.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Tak terkezut kalau sekarang ni ramai yang mendaftar utk menjadi anggota JPA-3 berbanding dengan askar wataniah atau PSSTLDM dan yg sama waktu dengannya.

Kwang kwangg kwanggg!!!...

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Dato',

Within split seconds, RM20K for Chong Wei and RM2M for!!

akuna12 said...

Not a long time ago Najib did offer 1 mil for any gold medal won in the Olympics 2008. He might do the same for Olympics 2012. What would you suggest to the athlete who won one?

By the way, did Chong Wei received RM500k for the silver medal?