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I have just been informed that a retired Chief of Defence Force (CDF) has been earmarked to be Malaysia’s honourable Ambassador to France. I began to make some quick inquiries to confirm the reliability of the information, and most that I talked to seems to acknowledge having heard the same.

I certainly have no qualms about someone from the Armed Forces being appointed Ambassador. The country has had a number of senior military officers appointed by the government to the post of Ambassador, and the first, if my memory is correct was Tan Sri Gen Sany Abd. Ghafar who was still a serving Chief of Defence Force when he was appointed the Ambassador to Luxembourg. The last senior military officer to be appointed Ambassador was Tan Sri Gen Md. Hashim Hussein who was appointed the Ambassador to Pakistan, and was also a serving military officer at the time of his appointment.

With regards to the appointment of the recently retired CDF as Ambassador designate to France raises many questions as enumerated below:

1. They say that to be an Ambassador of France requires someone senior from within the diplomatic fraternity and preferably a career diplomat. The person must be one with vast experience in diplomacy, and an expert in the many issues of state and government.

2. France being a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council with the powers of veto, will require that the Ambassador is well converse in issues affecting international relations, with the ability to discuss and to put forth Malaysia’s foreign affairs policies convincingly in any international forum. For someone without an exposure in international forum discussions and lacking in the ability to articulate international issues can be in for a serious problem. The issue here is that an Ambassador represents the King and the government, and he has to be one that is experienced enough to stand out and put across the nations policies and aspirations convincingly.

3. Understanding the diplomatic language and the ability to use it requires time and experience. I have read letters written by diplomats and the language used is ‘perplexing’ and at times confusing. There is so much of ‘finesse’ in the selection of words, which makes military writing sound so crude and awkward.

Understandably, military officers are well trained in hosting and entertaining guests. I think this is where the Ambassador designate can excel. But hosting and entertaining guest alone is not the primary function of the Ambassador, and too many of these can be a bane to the coffers of the embassy. We do not want the Malaysian Embassy to have a reputation as being the best host in France with lots of satay and ketupat to serve.

Beside what I have enumerated above, there is already the public perception that a possible reason why a retired military officer is assigned the post of Ambassador to France is because of our close association with the country for our defence procurement. This may be true given the recent defence purchases that seems to favours French made products. Certainly, French made cars are getting extremely popular among Malaysians these days, and most say that driving a French car gives one the extra smoothness to driving.

But what I do fear is that public perception can extend to negativity such as ‘that the appointment of a retired military officer as Ambassador to France is to look after the long term business interest of someone, particularly with regards to the procurement of defence related products ’.
I hope such a perception isn’t true.



Capt's Longhouse said...
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FMZam said...

Sekarang korang baru tau, korang ingat Aziz Zainal tu keluar kat TV dua tiga malam lepas komen pasal Anwar tu FREE ke? Inilah upah untuk dia yang UMNO bagi, rupa2nya dia nak jadi duta ke Peranchis. Lama dia melobi, last2 dapat jugak. Inilah UMNO, lagi orang tu rasuah lagi la dia tonjolkan ke depan.

komando said...








FMZam said...

To all corrupt generals, I have this to say:
Corrupt military generals are actually gangsters who use his powers to protect his dirty deeds and serve his personal interest more than to discharge his duty for the nation. That's why at the end of their military career, nothing good is left for the military except their own good.

Nochan said...

Dear Pak Chat

Correction. Gen Sany was then the Deputy Army Chief with the rank of Maj Gen. On his return he became the Army Chief taking over from Gen Ungku Nasarudin. Only later did he became CAFS when Gen Ibrahim Ismail retired

eli said...


There are many 'holes' to be plugged in France. The boss knows who is the best man for the job.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Nochan,

Thanks for the correction. I suppose being 66 has its weaknesses.

komando said...

Guys all good man have gone, just like they say before "Hari khaimat, tok guru dan alim ulama dan sebagai akan mati dulu"

So I think we have been left with rotten apples ( Generals ), unless and until they can proof to me they clean, good and care for their men first and themselves last, forget it, they don't deserve any respect from us retirees!

The guys serving ain't got no choice but to call them Latok, Tan Silly or Pang-Nam!
And salute them, knowing what goons there are actually!

Yes I am being very harsh and cruel towards all of them, I hold no grudges but I only want them to grow up and behave and be a REAL GENTLEMEN OFFICER....THAT IS OUR MOTTO : "AN OFFICER & A GENTLEMEN"



maurice said...

It is obvious that the move is to fulfill certain political agenda than the normal Wisma Putra requirements.

Will he be successful in his assigned task? We shall wait and see.

Fathol said...

When you're given a post at your political master's behest, scruples and principles no longer matter.

Aziz was my junior in college. He's pretty sleek, for a reason of course. Now he's in Paris to do his boss's bidding. Good on you, brother.

We're envious. Who'd not? Given half the chance we'd grab it. I am just being practical.

WIRA said...

Apo nak di kato
Orang Pilah menanam nangko
Bosar tidak Jeneral ATM punyo kuaso
Dahlah kayo rayo, dape jadi ambasador pulo...
Jawab eh lingkuplah negaro..

maurice said...

I think TS Aziz will be going in for rough ride in Paris.

Judging by what is happening in France now, the Socialists are on the rise with Sarkozy's loss in French regional election.If the Socialists are able to wrest power from Sarkozy's party in the coming Presidential election, who knows what the Socialists might do to France-Malaysia defence bilateral relationship.

F said...

Under Mahathir, Malaysia closely followed a policy of not putting all it's eggs in one basket with regards to arms deals. It remains to be seen if this policy will be changed, IMO opinion it is unlikely. With DCNS already having been awarded the Scorpene contract and Eurocopter bidding it's time till it gets the Cougar contract, French companies are unlikely to be awarded major defence contracts in the near future irrespective of how good Franco/Malaysian relations are.

The politics, intrigue and initial failure of the government to present its case timely and properly aside,from an operational and practical viewpoint, getting the Cougar as a Nuri replacement makes more sense as Eurocopter already has a overhaul and repair facility in Malaysia and will be opening a simulator center here.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,I have flown the Cougar (EC225) and she is not the right chopper to replace the Nuri. I would highly recommend the EH101. The AgustaWestland AW101 (EH101 until June 2007) is a medium-lift helicopter for military applications but also marketed for civil use. The helicopter was developed as a joint venture between Westland Helicopters in the UK and Agusta in Italy (now merged as AgustaWestland). The aircraft is manufactured at the AgustaWestland factories in Yeovil, England and Vergiate, Italy. The name Merlin is used for AW101s in the British, Danish and Portuguese militaries.

Summary; That French chopper was purchased by corrupted politicians rather than true professionals. The country will regret for its purchase due to the EC225 design faults,which in fact had caused many crashes in the oil industry's usage of her type to-date. We are looking at replacing the French designed chopper completely from the offshore industry ever since.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,and i will provide the aviation consultancy services for free to the MAF for an "unbias aircraft evaluation" if you can fix it with our defence ministry !. AND am serious about it. Its not only the poor tax payers money but for the future safety of the troops in it.
,,,its a wrong choice and decision for the Nuri replacement as it stands !. Hope its not too late ?. Its not a mystery why the EC225 been selected by the politicians.
,,,Go and check out with we aircrew flying her in the offshore industry and we bloody know what we are talking. Its a scary machine to fly with and the most recent crashes can prove it.

FMZam said...

France's military hardwares have given Malaysian Armed Forces a bad name and it suits a man with bad reputation as well to complete a life cycle of a CDF as the ambassador to the country that had smeared the military he once led.

komando said...

Dear Capt...the idiots do not care or give a damn if 100 pilots die, as far as they are bloody concern they are FILTHY Rich that is the bottom LINE!

How many years have we been harping on the Flying Coffin aka Nuri, those days the Tabuan Jets.

I have lost my very own comrades in both the stupid aircraft!

Did they all die in vain ..YES !



I will pray one day a stupid Minister, his son, her daughter or NOK dies in an air crash...see how they will feel!

komando said...

Better still a Minister Dies in that CRASH....or the PTU/PTD/PAT for that matter, for being a clown and a coward and a bloody "Talibarut" of the crooked politicians in UMNO !

Shame on your four stars which you wear!


maurice said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,

I don't think Mindef wants an independent consultant on the Nuri replacement project.

Suggest you elaborate on this blog why the Cougar would be the wrong choice for the the Nuri replacement.

Who knows what impact your revelation might create on the intended purchase.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,our latest Super Puma crash report is with M'sian DCA and the chopper was grounded for sometime. Am sure the RMAF can ask for its report too.
...we have had many other Super Puma crashes in the North Sea recently too and the CAA would also provide its report & findings to the RMAF, just ask for it !.
,,,go to google on Super Puma crashes plus fatalities !...tons of write-ups and findings there too.
,,,i don't want to sound bias against the French helicopters but she is a killer !. Its a funny chopper to master cos. of its handling characteristics, at times the chopper has its own inputs due to its aerodynamic design which can cause disorientation to the aircrew in certain situation. Probably caused the recent crash off Sarawak waters.
,,,Airframe cracks is a common issue too, if not almost all of the Super Puma that we utilized offshore suffers from it and its a known fault.
,,,Her tail rotor system and blades will eventually creat problems i.e vibrations that will creat airframe cracks too.
,,,her engines if left on same rpm while taxying on ground will creat turbine cracks and you need to split its rpm to play it safe on the long run !. The manufacturer will never admit it but their engineers told us so !.
,,,the riverting of her airframe is lousy and will end up cracking in the medium/long run, along frame 9000 area.
,,,the engine/transmission cowling is well known to detach while in flight, happened to the RMAF Super Puma chopper many years ago killing all onboard.
,,,lightning strike on her tail rotor system is a common occurance too.
,,,her hydraulic system is crap and had caused a few crashes in the past.
,,,where got quality control with French product, their UNION workers are the worse in the world. Just visit their production plant, our Ah Chong w/shop is in better shape.
,,,and their chopper is the most expensive in its class too...and bloody hell to maintain.!
,,,o.k.i hate to be sued by them but let them try their luck with me ?.

maurice said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,

Thank you for your input on the Cougar.

Really interesting to see how our Defence Minister would react to the issues you raised if only someone could pursue them in Parliament.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Super Puma Incidents !!

,,,preliminary report concludes a main rotor broke off and sliced the rear tail of a helicopter, leading to deadly consequences in North Sea.
11 April 2009 10:38 GMT

The leader of the union which represents oil workers has said Super Puma helicopters should be grounded.

,,, It concluded the accident, which killed 16 people on April 1, was caused by a "catastrophic failure" of the helicopter's gearbox.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), in issuing its initial report late Friday, said the main rotor broke off as a result of the gearbox failure. It severed the aircraft's tail boom, the report concluded. 14 passengers and two crew were killed in the crash about 14 miles off Peterhead.
,,,The aircraft, manufactured by Eurocopter, was returning from BP's Miller platform when the crash took place. The bodies of the victims were all recovered and identified. Half of the 16 victims came from the north-east of Scotland, seven from elsewhere in the UK and one from Latvia.

Read the full AAIB preliminary report

Following the publication of the report, Mr Crow said: "A full inspection should take place before our members are absolutely satisfied that these Super Pumas are safe to fly on the shores of Aberdeen.

"As far as we are concerned we are saying to our members, if you do not feel safe about going in these Puma helicopters then you should refuse to work on the grounds of health and safety."

The helicopter wreckage - including the combined cockpit voice and flight data recorders was brought ashore last weekend and is with AAIB investigators in Hampshire.

According to the report, at 12.54pm, one minute before the crash, the co-pilot made a routine call to declare the aircraft was 20 minutes away from landing.

The AAIB report included background behind an abnormality in the aircraft's gearbox on March 25. Information from the flight data recorder discovered "a particle on the main rotor gearbox magnetic chip detector", prompting daily analysis of the aircraft for the next 25 flying hours. The report added "no further abnormalities were identified during this period".


Following its preliminary findings, the AAIB on Friday issued three recommendations, that:

- Eurocopter issue an "alert service bulletin" to require all operators of the particular Super Puma model helicopter that crashed to implement additional inspections and enhanced monitoring of the main rotor gearbox.

- The European Aviation Safety Agency evaluate the efficacy of the Eurocopter programme of additional inspections and enhanced monitoring and, when satisfied, make the Eurocopter alert service bulletin mandatory with immediate effect.

- Eurocopter improve the gearbox monitoring and warning systems on the same model Super Puma helicopter that crashed to identify degradation and provide adequate alerts.

Earlier in the week, BP independently launched a review of the aircraft in a move to "reassure BP and its North Sea workforce" of the use of the helicopters in transporting oil workers to and from its North Sea rigs.

It was the second Super Puma crash in the North Sea in six weeks. In February, all 18 on board a Super Puma travelling to a BP installation were rescued after it went down into the sea after hitting a fog bank. Both aircraft were operated by Aberdeen-based Bond Offshore Helicopters, which runs a fleet of Super Puma twin-engined helicopters to supply sea-based oil rigs.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Notable accidents and incidents

19 January 1995 - G-TIGK Operated by Bristow HelicoptersBristow Helicopters
Bristow Helicopters is a British helicopter airline originally based at Aberdeen Airport, Scotland, part of the Bristow Group based in Houston, Texas....
ditched in the North Sea. No Fatalities. Aircraft lost.
8 September 1997 - LN-OPG, an AS332 L1 operated by Helikopter Service AS from Brønnøysund to the Norne oil fieldNorne oil field
Norne is an oil field located around north of the Heidrun oil field in the Norwegian Sea. The sea depth in the area is . The field is roughly 1,400 kilometres from the landfall at Dornum in Germany. Norne lies in a licence which was awarded in 1986, and embraces blocks 6608/10 and 6608/11. The...
suffered a catastrophic main gearbox failure and crashed, killing all 12 aboard. Eurocopter accepted some but not all of the AAIB/N recommendations.
21 November 2006 - A Eurocopter AS332 L2 search and rescue helicopter ditched in the North Sea. The aircraft was equipped with two automatic inflatable life rafts, but both failed to inflate. The Dutch Safety Board afterwards issued a warning.
1 April 2009 - G-REDL a AS332L2 belonging to Bond Offshore Helicopters with 16 people on board, crashed into the North SeaApril 2009 North Sea helicopter crash
Bond Offshore Helicopters flight 85N was the April 2009 North Sea helicopter crash, which involved a Eurocopter AS332L2 Super Puma Mk 2 belonging to Bond Offshore Helicopters, that crashed northeast of Peterhead, Scotland just before 2:00 pm on the 1st April 2009 in the North Sea while returning...
13 miles off CrimondCrimond
Crimond is a village in the northeast of Scotland, located nine miles northwest of the port of Peterhead and just over two miles from the coast.- Local area :...
on the Aberdeenshire coast. There were no survivors. The AAIBAir Accidents Investigation Branch
The Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigates air accidents in the United Kingdom. It is a branch of the Department for Transport and is based at Farnborough Airfield in Farnborough, Hampshire.-History:...
's initial report found that the crash was caused by a "catastrophic failure" in the aircraft's main rotor gearbox epicyclic module..

i rest my case !

komando said...

Like I have said it much earlier, we will tie an idiot minister (Defence or PM himself) to the aircraft and let him shit we fly into the setting sun

So if they can survive that we buy not otherwise.


Capt's Longhouse said...

ExxonMobil Stops Using Super Puma Following Crash

KUALA TERENGGANU, Nov 6 (Bernama) -- ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc (EMEPMI) will temporarily stop using Super Puma helicopters for its operations after the one it chartered crashed off the coast of Terengganu Sunday.

"(We will stop chartering) all Super Puma used for (our) operations in Malaysia until further notice," the company said in a statement issued in Kuala Lumpur Sunday.

ExxonMobil chartered the Super Puma helicopters for its business operations in Malaysia from Malaysian Helicopter Services Aviation Bhd (MHS Aviation Bhd).

One of the helicopters used by ExxonMobil, with 21 people on board, crashed into the South China Sea some 103 nautical miles off Dungun beach in Terengganu at 11.45am Sunday.

The pilot identified as Captain Mohd Salleh Teguh is still missing while 19 passengers and a co-pilot have been warded at Kuala Terengganu Hospital. Their conditions were reportedly stable.

ExxonMobil said the Department of Civil Aviation and Maritime Department were leading the search and rescue effort for the missing pilot.

"We are doing everything possible to assist the impacted individuals and their families during this difficult time and our thoughts and prayers are with them," ExxonMobil E&P Malaysia Inc chairman Liam M Mallon said.

ExxonMobil said 10 of the crash victims, including the missing pilot, were Sarku Engineering and Services Sdn Bhd employees and six were employees of Sime Darby Engineering.

The rest were employees of ExxonMobil (1), Dowell Schlumberger Sdn Bhd (1), SAAG Drilling & Well Services Sdn Bhd (1) and MHS Aviation Bhd (1).

FMZam said...


Capt's Longhouse said...

More Super Puma incidents or rather crashes !

The following are extracts from a news report of the accident…

“Malaysia Helicopter Services (MHS) chopper crashed at sea near the Shell Malaysia B11 oil rig, some 170km off Bintulu in Sarawak, at about noon Saturday but all 13 people on board, including the two pilots, are safe. Shell Malaysia said all the 11 passengers, eight Malaysians, two New Zealanders and a Briton, and the Malaysian pilots were evacuated by another helicopter to Miri for observation and medical treatment.”

“Reporters were also there to attempt to get eye-witness accounts of the incident, but they were prevented from talking to anyone.”

(Shell was obviously intent on covering-up as far as possible what had occurred)

Towards the end of February 2006, another MHS helicopter from the same fleet caught fire and had to abort its take-off. The Borneo Post published a report under the headline “MHS helicopter catches fire, aborts take-off”.

The following are extracts from the article:

“A Malaysian Helicopter Services (MHS) Super Puma helicopter with 14 passengers spouted flames at the Miri airport as it was about to take off, forcing the pilot to abort the flight to two offshore platforms in Bintulu waters yesterday. Ground crew reportedly heard a small explosion and saw flames coming out of the engine exhaust, prompting them to signal the pilot who immediately shut down the engine, and with help from ground crew, put out the flames.”

“The incident went unnoticed by the 14 offshore workers on board, but they looked shaken after being told of the incident by the pilot. This response could well be understood as some of these were painfully aware of the previous offshore helicopter mishap. Some were even heard to vow not to step into another helicopter unless the pilot gave the safety assurance…”

“The ill-fated Super Puma was airlifting 11 employees of Shell and its contractors when it ran into trouble and crashed into the South China Sea during a routine flight to the offshore gas production platform B11 in Bintulu waters at noon.”

In January 2007 the New Straits Times newspaper of Malaysia reported that “For the second time in three months, a helicopter en route to an offshore oil facility has crashed into the sea, this time off Bintulu.” It was another MHS Super Puma helicopter. There were nine survivors and one passenger missing.

,,,now will the RMAF reconsider ???

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,can someone reconfirm this ?.i.e when Najib was the defence minister his buddy next door neighbour happens to be the Eurocopter Regional Manager-lah.
,,,can we add 1 + 1 = ? and why the bloody killer Super Puma is on order now !.
,,,the potential corruption issue here is my least concern but safety is !!. THIS chopper is not the right replacement type to be even considered for the nation at large. NOW someone in politics is pushing PETRONAS to purchase it to replace the latest offshore S92 Sikorsky helicopters too !!
,,,i really don't know what is going to happen next ?. Once you fool around with the Frenchy, you will end up in BIG trouble.

o.k. i better go to bed now-lah.

maurice said...

D Swami,

I am talking about the modern state of Israel which was created by the Zionist Movement following the Jewish persecution by Hitler during WW2.Not the Jewish civilization.Got it?

Capt's Longhouse said...
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maurice said...

Capt Longhouse,

Lightning strikes against the rotor blades, surely this is not a weakness of the rotor blade but due to acts of nature beyond any French control?

The technical weakness and crashes you highlighted are really scary.

The crashes, why they have been overlooked?You have made a lot of people scared by the revelation.Now some people will have to take the responsibility if the intended purchase goes through.

F said...

Capt. Longhouse,

All the crash examples you provided were that of the Super Puma not the Cougar. Though the design of the Cougar is based on the Super Puma it is a generation ahead in technology. It has a more powerful engine, a digital cockpit, a FLIR, an INS and a FADEC. The Super Puma and the Cougar are two totally different birds and are generations apart.

The advantage the Merlin has is more range and carrying capacity, it is a bigger heli. Unlike the Cougar it has a rear ramp which makes it easier to load equiptment. Unfortunatly, it also has a bigger price tag, largely due to the 3rd engine. Unlike Eurocopter, neither Agusta Westland or any of the other competitors currently have an overhaul and simulator facilityhere, nor they they offer to develop one support the Merlin and the rest. Like you I prefer the Merlin but like it or not, the fact that Eurocopter already has an overhaul and simulator facility here will make the Cougar easier to support.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,its avionics is the latest indeed and that is not the key issue here. Its basic design is still of the Puma series with up-grades in materials etc to take higher weights but via making its design lighter.
,,,all the redesign and up-grades to the Cougar or EC225 series, call it what you like, will not reduce its vibration to the airframe, which eventually will cause damage to the chopper. In fact, its higher power plant will further stress the airframe too.
,,,composite components utilized by Eurocopter is still not the best in the industry and yet to be proven. (remember ALOHA B737 that had her body rip open in flight?)Effect by UV on these components is God knowns only!. Nothing like allunimium but weight saving is what they are concern about nowadays for higher payload.
,,,its triple hydraulic system still is a bad design and damage to its pump by its own action is not acceptable. Perhaps you can check out with MHS on their experience on this subject issue and read some of its detailed technical reports.
,,,don't ever be fooled by the change in name or series !. If it comes from the same family, it will retain its genes.
,,,all the so called maintenance facilities or simulators will act as bait only. You then will depend on them for the next 100 years !.Just get your own simulators and train your own maintenance staffs to manage the fleet. The frenchy will leave you high and dry in times of war.
,,,old bird with new feathers and F have you flown their choppers ?.
,,,we don't have to have great numbers of EH101 but quality and safety counts.

note; just by calling her Cougar does not change the EC 225 chopper by its basic design criteria.

,,,lightning strike is not God's way to hunt/hurt you but if you design a system that builds up static electricity and you fly along a storm cloud then you are just asking for it. The rotor blades designed by Eurocopter is famours in attracting lithning strike, we are instructed to stay away from stormy clouds as a protocol but how, when we have to operate in all weather ?

conclusion; we are trying to ban or rather replace the PUMA types of chopper from the offshore industry and yet our RMAF appears not aware of it ! FORGET about the Cougar, she is dangerous...very very dangerous...mark my words b4 its too late ! (even her fuel gauge can confuse the aircrew !..just ask them how much fuel exactly in the tanks ?)The airbus is another problem too yaa !! again another frenchy product with many hidden problems.

EAGLE said...

See how stupid the Armed Forces and the irresponsibility of the RMAF, who ever was tasked to look for the Nuri replacement, for being ignorant.
It is shameful after reading the comments by Capt's Longhouse (a very experience Heli pilot- no one can deny this guy) when we heard before that the RMAF was just reading the brochure from the Eurocopter before the decision made to procure the helos.
With this kind of revelation, the PAT who was the XPTU, KSU, PTU and the project team leader must be investigated for misleading the nation into believing that it is the best choice but the truth is far from what was said. Wow... what a mockery!!!
For F,
Please pay a visit to where ever the Eurocopter overhaul center that you mentioned and see the reality and the connectivity but watch out the Frenchy!!!
Capt's Longhouse, bravo! and history will be the witness and lets hope those guy running the Armed Forces get a little wake up call!!! or else wither RMAF!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,there are many other components that frighten the daylights out of me about the Cougar/EC225 series to-date !.
,,,her gear box and internal gearings suffers from metal fatigue due to the type of metal utilized plus machining process. Even the french design engineers are looking at further improvement but its their QC and workers that must be rectified, whch is almost next to impossible. I have had my fair share of deliberation with them but they are just too protective about change. They all know what am talking about too.
,,,Not like Sikorsky, they will listen to the frontend operator and work together with you. BUT the best is still with the British/Italian & German, look seriously on their aviation products, its worth every single cent. No special interest for me, truth is always right. In fact,for real hardy helicopters, just go for the Russians !.(if you can maintain a tractor, you can maintain and operate theirs, that simple and hardy stuff !).
,,,the high speed input shaft from the engine to the gearbox is another BIG concern. If it ever breaks again, the engine will explode like a 1000 lbs bomb !. Still not an accepatble item in my books, cos. the engine should be designed to cut off in high speed runaway situation. (still an outstanding item)
,,, main rotor blade designed to take bullets etc but its metal fatique issue worries me.
,,,tail rotor system damage by metal fatique again still scary to me.
,,,avionics in our humidity suffers greatly too, so don't be without standard old tech. back-up.
,,,torque on the airframe !..indeed you can see it if you can feel the aircraft with 40 odd years of heli. experience !.
,,,vibration of the airframe, a never ending incident/accident in the happening.

o.k. good day and God bless you 'F'for believing the frenchy. Those in the RMAF please fight against the purchase of the Cougar, its a bad buy. The other point is there is some special interest here and it points to corruption !.

Capt's Longhouse said...

ref. your ; "the fact that Eurocopter already has an overhaul and simulator facility here will make the Cougar easier to support".

,,,its the worse justification in the world to purchase a bad aircraft just for it!.
,,,the french facilities in Subang was illegally built and its approval is also suspect !.(just get the MAB report for it.)
,,,i know most of the Eurocopter guys and their agents !. snaky i must admit to it. "ular dua kepala"
,,,COUGAR or EC225 is the same bloody series of up-graded Super Pumas built in the same facilities, its avionics we can fit it our old volvo if deeded fit for it !. Don't be blind by the Frenchy.
,,,write to Shell Aircraft London for their evaluation report of the EC225 compared to other series/class of choppers !. Even they want to finally rid of the frenchy machines. Too much hanky panky started off by mr. Bristow and the frenchy into the offshore helicopter industry.
,,,just STOP buying frenchy products or you will regret for the rest of your lives. Like their submarines, Arty and now choppers plus the lights of it !!!. NOW bloody guess why the retired chief of defence force be elected there for all the funny ratty deals ?.
,,,We will be supporting the rotten french economy for the next century. HOW stupid can we malaysian be !.
"my enemies are the one that brings out the best in me"

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,this was written by the former defence minister back in 2007;

Najib Tun Razak wrote:
"If this is the RMAF record during peacetime I wonder how we will cope with possible invaders with derelict air planes.
Well..we r in process to replace the nuri's with other chopper, so far we are looking forward to purchase heli for our logistic requirement such as Black Hawk from the US, Rooivolk from South Africa or Sea King from U.K, but definetly not the Super Puma from Indonesia".

,,,well well well but perhaps its o.k from France nowaday ? eeermmm.

maurice said...

Capt Longhouse,

Under Napoleon the French Artillery was the best in Europe.

The French was the first to invent a 155mm self-propelled artillery on wheels followed by Sweden and Germany.

But their artillery doctrine was not up the mark with their defeat at the Battle of Dien Bien Pu at the hands of the Viet Minh.

F said...

The French problem at Dien Ben with regards to the employment of artillery wasn't doctrinal. The French didn't factor in the possibility that the Viet Minh would be able to move their artillery up the reverse slopes surrounding Den Ben Phu.

Capt's Longhouse said...


What's the best army in history?
Considering their power relative to their respective era, which army was the best of all time?
You have plenty of choice with:
-Hitler's Wehrmacht
-Roman's S.P.Q.R.
-Alexander the Great's greek
-Ghengis Khan's mongolians
-US army
-Great Britain's imperial army
-Atila's Huns
-Napoleon's french army
-Soviets' PKKA (paysants' and worker's red army)
And much more...

Guess, the Roman empire is still the greatest of all time; they were able to learn and mimic enemy's tactics, we had to wait until Napoleon to see infantry maintaining such a fast walk pace, they still are the only army that dominated mediterranean lands.

But, for you, what's the greatest of all time ?.
For me, our Rangers is still the best in our MAF. I like their fighting spirit in our jungle and they are indeed the very best, much better than the British Grukas. The French Army presently would pee in their pants in our jungle !. The Australian are pretty good too compared to the rest.

taming said...

We all know who and what Aziz Zainal is. Many of his bosses, including his former Battalion Commander, Brigade Commander,Div Commander, Army Chiefs, CDFs and his surbordinates ( including former Chief of Staff and current TPTU ) would not hesitate to offer comments on this guy, both good and otherwise.

There had also been many very strong adverse and destructive comments about this same personality in various blogs, including of course " mind NO EVIL". At the end of the day the PM still appoints him as the Ambassador Designate to France.

Where do we go from here?

This case reminds us one thing,
"If you are nice to the boss and the boss thinks you are nice, you make your day". It happens everywhere everytime. Jen Aziz Zainal is a nice guy who has made it as Chief of Army, CDF, he is now making it again and good luck to Jen Aziz, PM and our country.

Please, stop offering comments on this posting but instead, let us all go and pray.

ucis said...

Agreed with TAMING.Lets us pray the
best for him.We should be proud that
was selected.Jangan lah kita ada buruk sangka dan membuat fitnah tanpa bukti yang kukuh terhadap org atau individu.Lately most of the contents in this blog were anti establishment I wonder the crusade of this blog will be achieved.

Capt's Longhouse said...


"Ability will enable a man to get to the top but CHARACTER is the only thing that keeps him from falling off "

,,,so lets wait and see ?.

FMZam said...

ucis, this blog is full with anti establishment, well what do you think this blog is, a 1Malaysia?

maurice said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,

Pls do not forget the RAMD which has a formidable track record in WW2 and the Counter Insurgencies.Recognition should be given where it is due.

I have heard about the wonderful achievements of the Malaysian Rangers in the Counter Insurgencies under some well-known gung-ho COs.

Capt's Longhouse said...

ucis n gents,

,,,'if you judge people, you have no time to love them' ..infact, We have a crucial choice in life, we can approach life with grievance or contentment, in a laughing or fromning style, as a creative or a critical person, as a lover or hater, as a giver or taker.

,,,guess the only medicine for resentment and anger plus all the woes of mankind is wisdom with morality ?.
,,,what is wrong can't be politically right (is that being anti-establishment ! geez)
,,,I think most, if not all of us had served for king and country to know what is right for this nation of ours. Truth is always right.

Capt's Longhouse said...


...if you attempt the ridiculous you can achieve the impossible ! times winning without danger means triumph without glory-lah.
,,,i salute to all soldiers in the MAF indeed i do AND i have operated with all during the CTs days BUT nothing beats the Rangers in the malaysian jungle with our Iban trackers leading the way. Their hunting skills and fighting spirit dazzles me always !!. They take creative and fruitful action always, instead of procrastinating or waiting for instructions at the frontline. Man !!! they are bloody good jungle fighters, the very best of we malaysian i must admit.
,,,even with then (late) komando col. Bond, plus the assaults/ambush/hot-pursuit etc...the Rangers is a special breed on their own !. I would give the sword of honour to. I had the pleasure to serve together with such brave men in the frontline.
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"
,,,perhaps am also a 'Gang-ho' pilot ?.hehehe

komando said...

Capt, do not belittle the RAMD they are here to protect the interest of the KINGS and SULTANS......


Rangers are Killing Machines
Totally different breed of MEN !

maurice said...


Quite true.

From another angle, the French General Staff committed a big strategic mistake by enticing the Viet Minh to mother of all battles at Dien Bien Phu.They thought they could achieve a decisive vctory there and solve the Viet Minh problem once and for all.

The French Artillery was taken by surprise by the ability of the Viet Minh to place some 60 guns through impassable terrain on the hills surrounding the French defensive position.Their CB was useless because the Viet Minh gun pits were underground and at right angle to the French positions.French Air Force was of little value because of poor weather.

The French Artillery Commander, a Col out of despair and shame committed suicide at his defensive post.

komando said...

Folks fighting a war is not BASED on a DS Pink or DS Solution, as time and again the ARMY had lots of PINK PANTHERS running around ..some even made it to become Generals! Ask those serving officers they can surely name names!

PULADA - Pusat Lanyak Askar Dan Anjing...the infamous Infantry Combat School, a world famous facility, still stands until today unchanged.....practically.

This is where combat leaders are trained - fear nothing and nothing is impossible. Way back then, officers had to go through a session of compulsory 6 weeks of HELL in SWTC....after PULADA. There they really make a man out of girls and babies!



Winning wars takes brave men with guts, imagination, determination and commitment and a strong will power to succeed, not softies who are afraid of BOSSES/POLITICIANS!

So Vietnam War is a historical evident that will power overcomes all ODDS !


maurice said...

Sdr Komando,

The prowess of the Viet Minh and Viet Cong were the manifestation of the character of the Vietnamese people.A total picture of their national character, not just the Viet Minh or Viet Cong.

Similarly the ATM is a reflection of our national character.They are part of Malaysian society. When you condemn the ATM, you are directly condemning yourself!

F said...

Maurice, if you're interested in Dien Ben Phu, I really recommend getting 'The Last Valley''. I think it's still available in paperback at Kinokuya bookstore at KLCC. It's a good read and worth every rinngit spent on it.

F said...

What I find really disgusting [my opinion and no offence intended] is the awarding of Gerak Khas, Paskal and 10 Para Brigade berets to politicans by the top brass. These berets are earned and should not just be given out cheaply. It's really an eyesore seeing photos of the Defence Minister wearing a Gerak Khas beret......

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,guess someone should just tell the defence minister that true dignity does not arise from position, pretension and pomposity !.

WIRA said...

Wah Dato', you really hit the jackpot this time. All you did was 'jolok' a little, and the whole French story or anything connected with them came crashing down. Wow. I never expect such venom towards the French..
Also a surprise is the presence of war historians amongst your followers. Hebat sungguh... Kenapa the French lost at Dien Bhien Phu pun dia tahu..
To most strategic analyst, the French lost because they were outnumbered and out thought by one Vo Nguyen Giap, the guy who rose to become one of the best Generals in modern history.
To add insult to injury, the Yanks tried the same tactics in 1965 at Khe Sanh , same result.
Does that also answer the question as to who are the best soldiers. (they wear sandals and pajamas and eat a staple of rice and dried fish)
To my mind the best soldiers are not the Romans, the Greeks, The Israeli Army, RAMD or the Rangers but those that are properly trained, properly motivated and properly led, period.
Incidently, for everyone's knowledge, the French have never won anything since their defeat at Waterloo in 1815.
Wah, Capt Longhouse, you have also brought to light some horrifying aspects of the Cougar helicopters. Surely those who decided on the purchase have been intimated on those safety issues. From what I have gathered, the evaluating team was led by one Kol Tuan Mustaffa, a test pilot who was instrumental in promoting the Cougar despite its long history of technical problems as experienced by the O & G industry. This guy is so smittened by the Cougar, he even downgraded the need for a rear ramp and cargo door from essential to desirable.....
Gamaknya Tuan Mustaffa ni memang cintakan Perancis atau ada apa2 kot? Dengarnya juga Gen TS Azizan yang ketika itu PTU pun sangat sukakan pesawat Cougar ni. Mengapa ye?
Pada hal pesawat jenis itu ialah yang kedua termahal dan yang hampir setua dari segi design dengan pesawat Mi-17.
Saya sangat pelik kenapa si Tuan Mustaffa mengenepikan pesawat Sikorsky H-92 yang lebih modern , lebih berkebolehan dan lebih murah.. Tahu sama tahu sudahlah..
While still on the subject of aviation, Capt Longhouse please correct me if I am wrong. Is it true that in all aviation accidents 90 percent are attributed to human error.
If this is true, then why should we replace the Nuris'? just replace the pilots..Ha..Ha..Ha
Kita semua tahu memang satu-satu sifat keji Bangsa Melayu ialah
PHD. Tak tahu pula sekarang mereka ni dah mempunyai sifat-sifat tambahan seperti yang dipamerkan oleh Tuan Mustaffa seperti bongkak (tak mahu melihat/menerima apa yang nyata), baral (tidak mahu mendengar nasihat orang lain yang mungkin lebih berpengalaman) dan haloba (tak mahu makan bersudu-garpu (sopan)tetapi bersuap)...

F said...

Hello Wira,

As the only ones who mentioned Dien Ben Phu were Maurice and myself, am correct in assuming you were refering to us? I happened to have read a couple of books about the French involvement in Indochina, so there's nothing really ''hebat sungguh''. Reading a couple of books does make one a ''war historian'', nor have I claimed to be one.

If you notice in my posts, I mentioned the use of artillery at Den Ben Phu - I never offered an opinion as to why the French lost the battle, as you claimed.

F said...

Sorry, typo error.

I meant to say that reading a couple of books does NOT make one a ''war historian''.

LEKLOOK said...

Its just hear say. Not really know about him personally.

WIRA said...

Sorry F, if you feel slighted by my use of the term hebat. It was meant to be just that; an exclamation - no more,no less.
Actually come to think of it, one does not need to read a thousand books on 'Wars' to qualify oneself as a historian. One could just focus on one particular war, or a campaign like the Yum Kippur or for that matter the siege at Dien Bien phu to be an expert. There is absolutely no set criteria for qualification.
If you are confident enough to discuss such technical details as to why artillery was rendered ineffective or that it was the arrogance of the French that did them in, to my mind you are there.
Be proud of your experience and knowledge. Jangan terlalu sangat mematuhi pepatah 'ikut resmi padi' yang disuruh oleh nenek moyang kita tu. Sampai bila Melayu nak maju?
ps. Next time I will be more careful with the terms that I use lest it hurt others.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed 75% of aircraft incident/accident are human factor or error related unfortunately.
,,,the Nuri or S61-A4 is a safe aircraft as any others as long as she is properly maintained and crewed. Known as Seaking she is best operated over the sea rather than our hilly jungle terrain, where-by her engine plus rotor performance is greatly affected, such we aircrew must reduce our payload plus skillfully handle.
,,,the Cougar helicopter indeed has better performance in high altitude condition compared to the Nuri but she has other teething problems plus the most expensive in her class !.
,,,the EH101 would be a better replacement for the Nuri but just purchase less in numbers, maybe 12 will do for the nation but get the Agusta 139 a 15 seater chopper with tons of power to operate in our jungle clearings and she is just the right size plus cost effective too.
,,,for heavy lifter chopper go for the Russians yaa and it offers >20 tons of payload yoo !!!!!.
,,,Frenchy is expensive and not trouble free. In fact, there are many other types for consideration too.

F said...


No worries and no need to apologise. I should be apologising for being maybe to hasty in my comments and making assumptions about what you meant.


Just 12 EH-101s or any other helicopter would not be sufficient to meet our operational requirements. Apart from providing tactical airlift, logistics support, helicopters are also needed for disaster releif and SAR. Like you, I like the EH-101, it's got good endurance and internal space, and unlike the Cougar a rear ramp. The problem is it's price tag, partly due to the
3rd engine. The RMAF has a long term requirement for 72 helis, with only 12 already funded under the current Malaysia Plan and 24 approved for funding by treasury under the next Malaysia Plan. I'm curious however as to how long more the Aloutte 111s can be operated.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,as long as the Alouette 111 components are still available in the market and its airframe checked plus beefed up accordingly, she can be operational unlimited time in the far future..20 to 35 years ahead no problems !.
,,,Even the Nuri, if her airframe is regularly checked, she can be flown for many many years ahead too. Just up-grade her avionics for IFR proper so that the RMAF can operate her all weather.
,,,We operated her elder sister the S61N for offshore operations until recently getting the latest S92 as replacement for her.
,,,we operated all series of the Puma family offshore too but her airframe is the biggest issue, all suffered from structural cracks plus system failures in all components ! Gearbox gearings will make metal, hyd system issues, engine exploding, tail rotors and system failures, cowlings giving way in flight, high speed input shafts failure causing engine runaway up, fuel system issues, main rotor blades issues etc etc even with the latest EC225 or Cougar for the military have many issues to be resolved BUT the Frenchy is very protective/defensive of her, so the learning curve is slow. Size too designed to rail/hide her through the train tunnels in the Alps such will never be big enough for others.
,,,I would recommend the Agusta 139 for the MAF/RMAF, good chopper for serious consideration !.Forget getting any more American choppers, just the S61-A4 Nuri is good enough, just up grade her plus maintain her properly. Aircrew needs up-grade in their training and an attachment to the offshore O & G industry would be useful. Or get the Offshore flight instructors to retrain the RMAF aircrew accordingly. Existing standards not up to spec. for IFR flights unfortunately and still not meeting Interntional standard requirement.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,it would appear that the purchase of 12 x Cougar helicopters is a done deal !. So be it but now get the aircrew/engineering personnel properly trained on her accordingly cos. if they don't its going to be more costly. She is not an easy machine to handle or maintained from our real hands-on experience in the O&G support role.
,,,again, as an recommendation, get the RMAF personnel attached to MHS Aviation to fast track the learnings. The vast experience by MHS Aviation plus business understanding for win/win by malaysian for the nation should not be out sourced to foreigners. Enrich both parties via such activities-lah !.
,,,am not dead against the COUGAR helicopters but i do somehow sense an element of hanky panky in the purchasing, knowing some of those involved from Eurocopter and the likes.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,if you don't mind, are you still in active service ?.


komando said...

Mr Maurice.

Look and read carefully at what I said, do not be fool by our Generals, they pledge loyalty to KING & COUNTRY...why are they now being called corrupted BASTARDS by one and all!

Why are all the MENTERIS all accused of corruption, they also pledge loyalty to KING & COUNTRY!

It is because they fear not even GOD THE ALMIGHTY but they worship MONEY, the more the BETTER !

So Maurice get up from your deep sleep and slumber land, there are only a few good men left...most have left........

Face realities in life, be real, do not dream....


CSS said...

Capt Longhouse give a good info why EC-725 is not the best heli for TUDM due to design based on the Super Puma or Puma helicopter. Just out of curiosty, if these family of helicopter such a lousy one, why so many air force including Singapore Air Force and Swiss Air Force using the older version of this helicopter, the AS 532 Cougar? We intent to buy advanced version EC-725, well for all the mishap, maybe this one is an improvement of all aspects related to previous problem of the old generation. I do prefer EH101, but the price tag seem beyond us, maybe we can afford only 6 instead of 12. If then, just buy S-70 Blackhawk, TUDM already operate 2 of them as the VIP transport.