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On February 16, I posted an article, “Perkasa – A misguided rights group” that was formed supposedly to defend the waning rights of the Malays, stemming from the fear (as some is reportedly to have said) that the Chinese would soon rule the country. How can they concoct such an idea baffled me. As I have said in my article, Perkasa is all about wanting to bolster the image of its founder, Datuk Ibrahim Ali i.e. a failed and disgruntled former UMNO politician who is sure to be ousted in the next general election.

“Preserving and upholding the Malay rights”, so says Ibrahim Ali. Is it his personal rights, or the rights of the Malays in general, or some privileged Malays? I have spoken to a number of my Malay friends, and generally they all have a similar opinion as mine regarding Perkasa. Recent statements by some pro Perkasa Malays echo a similar sentiment as Ibrahim Ali, which I find it to be highly racist and in contradiction with Najib’s ‘One Malaysia’ slogan. Certainly, I believe that the One Malaysia slogan has some sense in uniting the Malaysian multi-racial society, but the Perkasa slogan (is there any?) is the contrary. What Ibrahim Ali has done is nothing more that to instill fear and the hatred of the non-Malays against its Malay brethren, and he seems to get away with impunity.

Now we hear of another NGO or group, referring themselve as the organization of former UMNO elected representatives to champion the interest of Malays headed by one Tan Sri Adam Kadir (whoever he is). When this group is comprised of former UMNO elected representatives, one would conjure images of a well placed individuals sporting expensive cars and living lavishly in some posh areas. I maybe wrong in this respect, but just look around us today and do we see anyone of them living in poverty?

They being in UMNO don’t they know what the party stood for? Or were they too busy enriching themselves and had totally forgotten that they should be looking at the interest of the Malays? For them to say that they are to champion the interest of their race now is a blatant lie. It is 50 years too late, and they must learn to accept the blame for their failure to look after their own race.

I have this to say to my Prime Minister (if he is willing to listen), that these Malay rights group are merely insinuating that you and UMNO have failed in looking after the interest of the Malays. They fear losing the personal ‘comforts’ and by their action, they have divided the Malays more, weakened them, rather than to unite the Malay race. With their actions too, BN has lost numerable votes from the non Malays and this will court disaster for the BN in the next general elections.



FMZam said...

So Perkasa was formed with speedy approval by ROC, so speedy we didn't even notice how ROC too became speedy in approving a controversially racist NGO, without much obstacles, as much as it would be if it is a Pakatan's NGO.

Why is the Malay's rights linked to anti Chinese rule by Perkasa when we know that the Malay's rights is already secured and protected by the constitution, no matter who rules this country? A Chinese ruler cannot simply change our constitution just like that and for that matter our constitution can only be changed when this country is no longer ruled by Democracy.

And why is the Malay's rights waning as Perkasa claimed it when all these while we are ruled by the Malays, not any other races than the bloody UMNO Malays?

The Malay's rights just like its namesake meLAYU (wither), is like mushrooms must be quickly picked before it is wilted.

Ibrahim Ali is commercialising the Malay's rights just like the mushrooms sold in ready packets at the supermarkets.

Fathol said...

Ibrahim Ali's intention is clear - remain relevant to Umno and be its lapdog to growl at PR and DSAI.

He now has TDM as his associate and mentor. Mahathir's tacit support is for a purpose - to remind Najib that he's not totally safe.

Malay rights and privileges are enshrined in Article 153 of the Constitution while the use of Islamic and Malay values are maintained in Article 3.

These articles, their accompanying clauses and sub-clauses, safeguard the sanctity of the Malay race, religion, ceremonies and ways of life against any forms of exploitation - real or imagine. So why the need to form another party to ensure Malay survival in their own Tanah Air?

Unless, of course, the clauses and sub-clause are being amended by a act of parliament passed by a party or parties in control of the Legislative. That's a different issue altogether.

The reason is obvious - to protect personal interests. The interests of the mak ciks and pak ciks in the kampong who "kias pagi makan pagi kias petang makan petang" do not matter.

Umno is supposed to be the bastion of Malay self-preservation. The party proudly proclaims itself as the protector of the Malay race. How far is this true?

Only last week I was called upon to rescue a poor Malay woman who is three months pregnant with a two-year old son who is still being breast fed. She was being battered by her husband and sought refuge from well wishers.

Imagine this, there is no half-way house for Malays. I had to place her in a Christian shelter home.

Despite fears of reprisals by the state religious authorities, the person in charge took her in temporarily.

That's the kind of failure which I attribute to Umno's condescending attitude towards its own kind.

And now you have Ibrahim Ali calling for Malay unity through Perkasa. What a joke.

Just leave him where he is.

Malaysian said...

While we're talking about unity, Petronas hit a jackpot. Is the government going to use it efficiency to help Malay or poor Malaysian?

Capt Longhouse - You're right about us having lots of oil and gas!

FMZam said...

Bro Malaysian,

That so called discovery as told by Ku Li was denied by Petronas. Very strange why such a big discovery, if true, was not announced by Najib the PM himself, surely Najib won't let anyone else steals the credit from him. Why must Ku Li stepped into the limelight instead of Najib? No way a big and important discovery as such can be hidden from the public if ever Najib ever thought of hiding it for whatever his intentions are.

Just what kind of game Ku Li is playing now? Throwing spanner? Don't forget Ku Li and the BMF scandal long long ago!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,its no secret-lah, we have lots of oil & gas in our deep waters but the exploration cost was just too high then !. BUT, now with the high oil price,its worth it, such more discoveries are coming ! Trust me for am from that industry since 1982 after leaving the services.
,,,only problem now, we might have a BIG war for it, if our politicians are not smart enough since everyone is claiming it too !. There have been many incidents offshore which the public is not aware off !. AND our Navy boys are doing a great job at it.In fact, Najib is ahead of the game from the looks of it too. (credit shall be given if one deserves it) The 'sharing strategy'is the solution to it. Plus we have some smart people up in Petronas too nowadays.
,,,our gas reserves goes beyond +200 years, mind you !. no kidding yaa. Why do you think Shell/Petronas build SMDS in Bintulu ?...indeed not for the fun of it.

nxforget said...

I tend to believe the Perkasa thing is just a "cloak and dagger." It's just to unite the Malays behind UMNO.

Once the Malays accepted Perkasa, the group will then lend support to UMNO. Then, the nation will be rape and sodomize by the bunch of robbers, conspirators, and murderers.

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...


Certainly, we can't blindly trust politician from any side. That's why we need two party system to balance the influence of both party on our life.


That's the sad thing with our country. Certain politicians are more interested on viewing the threat from internally than externally. We must unite against other nation. We need to protect our resources. Politician needs to eradicate corruption and start focusing on defenses. Is that not the job of our federal government? Thank goodness we've the Navy to protect our resources. Good job our sailor!

komando said...

Lest all of you forget the BIGGEST crook of THIS LAND, CALLED BODOH-LAND is not a MELAYU!




Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,its just a matter of getting our priorities right-lah. We tend to bark at our own shadows most time unfortunately due to ignorance or just plain stupidity ?.
"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

taming said...

In "wayang kulit", the shadow-play
show, there are two chararacters
called Wak Long and Pak Dogol who
are Raja Sri Rama's court gestures.

Ibrahim Ali is just like Wak Long and Pak Dogol. Mahathir was using this failed UMNO member, so are Najib and Mahyiddin.

Are the UMNO leaders with common sense and the thinking Malays becoming so naive and going that low to be lured by Wak Long and Pak Dogol?

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear taming,

,,,sedih nya, banyak melayu tak sedar diri kot ?. Melayu tak akan pupus di dunia ini, hanya jadi sampah kepada dunia jika tak tersedar lagi !.
"many an objective is not seen, though it falls within the range of our visual ray, cos. it does not come within the range of our intellectual ray" please tell this to all the malays !.
,,,In fact to all malaysians, we are all in the same lifeboat to say our prayers.

WIRA said...

Who is this TS Adam Kadir? No doubt, another political-has-been trying to make a come-back. Modal lain dah tak ada, gunalah pelanta Melayu....
Incidently Dato', I noticed of late several comments being deleted by their authors. Is this a voluntary act or the work of people in Putrajaya or are you practicing self-censorship?
Wah, the comments must have really hurt someone in high places..
To fellow bloggers, keep up the good work.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,I happened to again met two RMAF Generals at KLIA yesterday, one has retired and gainfully employed and another still serving but appeared pretty scared of his coming retirement soon !.
,,,interesting talk with both of them, unfortunately sad to say that even at that matured stage, our Senior Military Officer is still kind of lost !. Now I wonder their performance at work ?. Under paid and without faith, so am not surprise if 'corruption' is an option to take at this rate.
,,,Guess its the same in all government dept. almost all are left to manage their low peanut pay. Well, don't have to guess why the monkeying around ?.
,,,even our selfish politicians are lowly paid but looking at their deliverables, we might as well not have them around too. What a bloody waste of public funding.
,,,instead of managing the country they are destroying the nation with all their misguided initiatives plus fear mongering.
,,,they should harmonise and integrate a total system, stand back and look at the whole picture, and the future for national security but instead of worrying about personal retirement opportunities !. They all said that they are too old to start all over again !. BUT i told them that am much much older and still in the game. What a bloody shame !.

AND Dato !..they all mentioned that they are reading your blog everyday !.

EAGLE said...

Kalau lah masih ada orang nak percayakan Ibrahim Ali, maka tak tahu lah apa nak jadi. Dengar khabar ada bekas tentera juga bersama PERKASA kalau mengikut cerita nya dato',? yang berbintang juga dulu?
But anyway, come next election this goon will be out of sight, hopefully the people will be smarter next time around. Insya'ALLAH.

komando said...

There is no need to fret, things will change for sure....they will face the wrath...Perkasa or no Perkasa.....six feet under they will know their fate!

Now the ole fox wants to launch the meting, what does it show and what signals does it transmit!

Ole foxes never change, they remain SLY till death, even after that, remain evil!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,

Yes, I am aware that serving military officers do read my blog; for good or for worse. And I am glad that some of my articles have opened their minds to what we retirees think and know about what is happening inside the service. Some even thank me for my exposure, and agree that the AF is not what it used to be. Certainly corruption is on the rise, caused by a few. If I have caused some concern to them, then I have achieve my aim in writing.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Wira,

I did not delete the comments. In fact I encourage comments, however critical. I suppose, this must have been done by the author itself.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,its not just about capitalist system and its flaws but but....

,,,,,,the feudalism of malay society is what needs addressing by the existing leadership i.e. the elite political rajas since they have kind of robbed that role from the sultan rajas. If the value system and ethical code needs changing then either these leaders lead or its up to new leadership like the likes of you and many others to show the way by good examples.
,,, Such in a feudal society of ours, leadership plays indeed a BIG role. Its also about time that the islamic faith be properly interpreted to our malay brothers/sisters without fear or favor too. Most unfortunately the present malay society indeed needs therapeutic diagnosis and assistence, such is the desperate situation in which most malays find themselves but there is no one to really turn too readily. So they can easily be taken advantage of and dominated by dirty politicians and the likes.
,,,In actual fact, all of MALAYSIAN inter-racial society needs such a review, in the attempt to pinpoint our basic faults that must be corrected or adjusted to help progress forward for a better nation.
,,,In a nut shell, We just need good matured leadership with high morality and sincerity to lead us.
,,,YES indeed Dato, guess am repeating myself again and again like a broken record player !.

komando said...

"We have a very bad leadership with no bloody good examples"


Tell me who can we HARAP?

So what is there to expect when the headmaster is the biggest crook of all, you think you gonna get Class A students?

Wishful thinking folks...again wishing & hoping...just like the oldies......

maurice said...

The PERKASA and NGO phenomena shows that the Malays have not lost the political will to protect their rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

It will be difficult for the government not to listen to their concerns on issues regarding the future of the Malays in this country.

However, it is absolutely critical for PERKASA to work in a responsible way so as not to cause any serious burden to the Government.

ommo said...

Agreed, Komando that there are many bad Leaders trying to show a good example without correcting themselves. Asian esp African leaders suffer from this predicament, however through their sly and dirty tactics (media savvy and control and abuse of government utilities) the public is fooled with the exception of a few when this few becomes bigger n bigger that's when they are either overthrown or ousted through elections. The replacement of government esp in Malaysia is a delicate matter when you consider the Malay (perceive) unity vis a vis Bumiputra share of power.

Well; Malay unity is not about uniting under one party or group but that the Malay community unite and be wise enough to choose better leaders every time the election is held. I believe it's getting better and all politicians should realize this but no; they still want to spin half truths or to misinform the public .

So the Malay for that matter Malaysians should unite by being wiser in selecting better leaders in spite of the above situation. It's not easy but when corruption becomes worse and slipshod works are evident coupled with downright injustice incidents these factors may work against the incumbents however good pay (that's what they think) for government servants can still make up for these faults. It's how low can we or you go before it's too late.

There is delicate balance between what the Malay perceive as unity for common good or selfishness. Since mostly Malays are Muslims then unity for the common good of the community is what Islam requires all Muslims to achieve. Selecting or following better leaders can produce better result in the long run Insya'Allah. The better leaders does not have to come from one group or party. The constitution protects the Malay's rights but Allah protect all of Us.

komando said...

The Malays can be united if they all fear ALLAH...swt only

That is the DS Solution

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,yes, indeed but we all must unite as Malaysian. All these racist thinking is the making of those crazies in Putrajaya to remain in power with their hidden dewaraja agendas !.
,,,i have not seen any progress forward to-date with regards to our economy and we are all in for BIG trouble if the situation is not managed properly.
,,,The 2008 election is long gone and those elected must sit down together to sort out the nation's woes etc instead of creating so much nonsense !. WHAT are they thinking about geez !!

"the great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving"

maurice said...

Religion is not the DS answer to a particular ethnic unity.Look at what is happening to some other Muslim countries.

The politicalization of religions are the major causes of wars/confilcts that have caused untold misery in the history of mankind.It is for this reason Malays should reject political leaders who uses Islam for their political agenda in domestic politics.Their leadership will bring nothing good for the country.

Educated Malaysians understand the politicians are to be blamed for the endemic corruption afflicting our nation.As MPs and lawmakers they are to be blamed for the national ill.They have totally failed the trust and confidence placed by the voters to fight and solve this destructive negative culture.

It seems Malaysians have lost the confidence to shape their future with the dark cloud of corruption hanging over their heads now and in the forseeable future.

komando said...

Brother Maurice ...I beg to differ, the true teachings of ISLAM is the only DS solution, not the adulterated versions of UMNO!
Lest you do not believe in the Quran and the Sunnah of our great Prophet Muhammad pbuh!

That is the downfall of MELAYU's in this BODOH land! They think that adat can over ride AGAMA!
The saying : "Biar Mati Anak Jangan Mati ADAT IS NOT ISLAMIC TEACHING !

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Malay disunity is the way forward. Why do you want to have Malay unity, when corruption is rife, rule of law goes to the dogs, racism is perpectuated and held in high esteem by the Malays themselves. Malay disunity is the way forward for Malays of great integrity to empower the people and do justice. Disunity will empower the virtious, the compassionate and people with high moral values. Malay unity will have the likes of Mahathir, an Indian, who hates his own race, snakes like him will gather to plunder this nation. Malay unity will bury Malaysia.

FMZam said...

D Swami,

The only organization of united Malays is UMNO. All the disunited Malays are in PAS n PKR and that's the way forward you've meant to say.

komando said...

D.Swami...the Malays have been conned by a MAMAK for 30 plus years, cos they are gullible!

The rest is Biaq Pi Attitude!

maurice said...

Not only the Malays are divided, is happening with the Chinese and Indians too.Their leaders are equally corrupted too.So don't say only the Malays are corrupted.

We should give credit to those who have transformed the nation from an agricultural into an industrialized state.We will look silly if we continue to deny the fact.Worst people will catagorize us as belonging to the ultra extremist group which does not do any good to the cause of this blog.

We all know politics is all about power.We have learned enough that at the end of the day any party that come to power will fall prey to abuses of power.Corruption happens everywhere including Iran,Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Japan, China, Russia, Singapore, Brunei - the list goes on.

Who wants to deny that corruption will cease to exist if we elect a new party to power?

FMZam said...

When are we going to finish with IF, please stop talking about IF because IF is remote, IS is real. If you are talking about IF then we can always reply with what IF the new party we elect to power perform to the expectation in contrast of the corrupted UMNO? Then why not we elect a new party?

maurice said...

IF is linked to history.History is about human civilization.Would Israel be created IF Hitler did launch the pogrom against the Jews? IF, the past and future are inter- related.

Another IF, the past and future.The Communist egalitarian ideology of Marx could be answer for mankinds' economic and social ills IF only its ideological foundations were not abused by its Soviet practitioners.

The lesson here there will always be a gap between political ideology and its fullfillment by the practitioners to the society.

The Soviets' failure is a good example on IF, the past and future about human behaviour when come to power and greed.

FMZam said...

History is not IF, history is WAS.

maurice said...

Dear Komando,

We already know it is a fallacy to think that there is such thing as a true teaching of Islam with the passing of Prophet Muhammad SAW six centuries ago.

Individuals can only make claims according to the position of their Mazhab.

So no one party can make claims on the true teaching of Islam unless he wants to turn a blind eye on the history of the religion.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Maurice as usual,"Would Israel be created IF Hitler did launch the pogrom against the Jews?" Israel was a civilisation long before there was Islam. 3,500 years, if you must know. Pls know your history.

Here is a presentation on the history of religions for people like you. You have been reading too much bullshit in history books written by Ayrabs and Malays.

maurice said...

D Swami,

I am talking about the modern state of Israel which was created by the Zionist Movement following the Jewish persecution by Hitler during WW2.Not the Jewish civilization.Got it?

March 25, 2010 12:09 AM

Anonymous said...

Saudara Komando,
Rumah aku dekat Setiawangsa dan minggu lepas ade le perhimpunan silat kat padang Setiawangsa ni dimana TPM dan geng dia datang ramai ramai pakai kain selempang warna warni hijau ,merah,kuning dan macam macam lagi.Maalum le pahlawan Melayu le katakan.Tetapi yang aku heran tengok Mahaguru depa semua keturunan Mydin "Mamak" atau Melayu kacukan Mamak tapi muka Mamak dan lumpuh pulak tu berkerusi roda.Ape le Melayu ni bersilat pun panggil Mamak ajar Ka? atau mungkin Hang Tuah and geng depa dulu keturunan Mamak juga kot atau mereka belajar silat dengan Mamak Melaka..........aku keturunan Jawa dan bangsa aku Melayu.Aku tak bodoh nak belajar dengan Mamak sekor ni sebab aku tau latar belakang dia ni.....

FMZam said...

Ye lah WaliMuo, kau dulu belajo silat kat Parit Bakar, belajo silat Jawa ada isim kalau salah bawak giler isim dibuatnya. Sebab tu nama kau masa dalam askar dulu, kat hujung ada title giler, sebut saja nama kau habis general pun berterabur take cover tak mau berdepan dengan kau. Bukan silat aje dah diserap dek mamak2 ni, RAMD tu dari dulu pun dah ada mamak, apa nak herankan?

Anonymous said...

Saudara FMZam,
I have to correct u,I belajor silat kat Parit Jawa bukan Parit Bakor.Ni Melayu bangang aje nak belajor silat ngan Mamak.Orang dah kebulan bang oi.Melayu masih nak bersilat, tak nampak sekeliling ke kampung awak tergadai,ekonomi Melayu tercorot,poltik kongsi kongsi,ugama berpuak puak,moral hancur,kes dadah tertinggi,miskin macam ayam dikepuk padi.Aku berpendapat Malaysia ni kena perentah macam kuku besi sikit,kiasu sikit,racialist sikit,blokage,cartel dan sebagainya mungkin cara ini saje Melayu akan benar benar berkuasa.

aah said...

Salam Pak Chad,

Say whatever you like about PERKASA but this organisation is getting a very strong support not only from the rural malays but the urban and educated malays are rallying behind it at a very fast pace.

There must be something special about this organization and I believe this is because the majority of the malays are very unhappy towards the behaviour and attitude of the malay leaders in UMNO, PAS and PKR.Its seems that the malays have no more trust and confidence on the leadership of this malay based political party.

Last nite 24/3/10 Perkasa managge to penetrate into a university and recruited more than a thousand new members in Shah Alam.

Dont look down upon this organization,they will be a new force that will check the Government.In Kedah all fifteen district have already formed their branches and about 100 bus load of their members will be congragating in Dewan 1 PWTC on 27/3/10 for their 1 st Annual General Meeting.

maurice said...


It shows the Malay community is desperate for good and trustworthy leadership.The silent majority now wants their voice to be heard.Let PERKASA checkmate the abuses of the corrupt politicians which are destroying the country.

The country need an organization like PERKASA to restore some semblance of morality among our political leaders.

Hopefully PERKASA works in a constructive manner not only for the Malay community but for all Malaysian within the context of the Constitution.

aah said...

Dear Major D.Swami,

From your comments my guess is you are pro and sympatatic towards Israel.May I suggest to you that you read this book 'From Beirut To Jerusalem'written by Dr Ang Swee Chai.

Dr Ang was born in Air Hitam,Penang,she is an orthopaedic surgeon and currently working in Britain at The Royal London Hospital.She also specialise on war surgery and authored Field Manual in War Surgery,a hand book based on her experiences in war front.

I have the experience of working with her in a major earthquqke area in BAGH ,KASHMIR ,PAKISTAN in 2005 and she is a real brave combatant Doctor.

Here is the caption of her book
'Dr Ang Swe Chai grew up supporting ISRAEL.Arabs,she was told,were terrorists.But in 1982,the British media broadcasted the relentless bombing of Beirut by ISRAELI plane .Shocked,her view on ISRAEL began to change.

It was then that she heard of an international appeal for an orthopaedic surgeon to treat war victims in Beirut.The petite woman-she is just 1.5 meters-resigned her job in London ,bade her husband farewell and set out on a journey to civil war Beirut .

From Beirut To Jerusalem is the true story of one woman journey to make the world notice the plight of the Palestinian people.'

Swami, I was sent to Lebanon at the peak of Israel invasion in August 2006,again I had the chance of visiting most of the Palestinian refugees camp in Lebanon including the famous SHABRA and SHATILA CAMP where more than 3,000 Palestinian were massacred by the Israelis in this camp.

We are lucky to be born a Malaysian and we should be grateful to all our former leaders who has done well in binging up this country to what it is today.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

"We are lucky to be born a Malaysian and we should be grateful to all our former leaders who has done well in binging up this country to what it is today".

Very nicely put, but then I am a second class citizen, you expect me to be a Dhimmi? Please look at Pakistan, it has the right to exist? Whilst Israel with thousands of years of history cannot exist?

I have read the book a long time back. I have also read other books.That is her version. You think the Arabs never massacred the Jews? Please they were Nazi supporters during WW2. Yes, I too have widely travelled. To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Malay unity is only a dream which never come true.Look at what is happening in Parliament for the last few days,do you think these Parliamentarian elected by the raayat are concerned about unity.Parliament should be dissolved by YDP Agong and a new election held immediately.

FMZam said...

Be fair, there's nothing wrong for D Swami to be pro-Israel for he has every right to make his point and his point is valid we cannot deny the fact about Israel civilization that is history. Likewise am I a pro Chinese to say that their civilization is 4000 years old to compare that with the Malays'? If Maurice can make a derogatory remark on Israel, what made we think D Swami cannot come to the fore against someone who he thinks is Pro Arab? It is just that D Swami could not let Maurice be let off to freely write his shallow knowledge about the Jews and gets the support from the majority muslims readers of this blog. We all have read much much more things about the Holocaust of WW2 to feel really pissed off to hear it again being lamented by Maurice. I am glad D Swami put a stop to it.

maurice said...

Sdr Walimuar,

It is not too late to educate the Malays on the danger of pursuing narrow political agenda at the expense of Malay unity.

To start with we can use the Arab example in particular how Palestine lost their land to the Zionist Movement with the help of the British and French authorities.The Arabs under Nasser had the opportunity to eject them from Palestine but at the 11th hour were stopped by British and French troops.

The major lesson that the Malays should learn here is that the Arabs were disunited and powerless to oppose the Zionist Movement in the creation of the modern state of Israel.

The Palestinian and Arab landowners also made mistakes by selling their so-called infertile lands to the Zionist movement.The worst mistake made by Palestinians was when they left their homes enmasse under pressure by Israeli Army which was at that time still small and ill-equipped.The Palestinians should fight to protect their homes instead of deserting them for Jordan and Egypt.

UMNO, PAS and PKR politicinas should be remorseful of the danger they are bringing to the Malays with their present divisive style of politiking.We should knock into their heads the lessons of history.

maurice said...

Sdr FMZam,

Pls read my comments carefully before making cheap accusation.

What I said was, "Would Israel be created IF Hitler did not launch the pogrom against the Jews?"

Would like to hear D Swami or for that matter you response to the above question with his or your extensive understanding of Jewish civilization.

FMZam said...


Words are cheap, and your question was a stupid one I don't have to waste time to argue on thing that is history for we cannot revert history. You better learn from history by not asking WHAT IF.

maurice said...

Sdr FMZam,

Words are not cheap.Words can make or create wars between states.Words can make one's poorer or richer.Words can shape the future of nations.

Words are more precious than jewels or lives for tha matter.

Those who do not honour their words are, to borrow Sdr Komando's phrase, are considered as "scumbugs".

FMZam said...

Then maurice have you been rich selling words or your bank account is full of words than money or jewels, or have you not being a SCUMBAG (not scumbugs) by your preciuous words?

FMZam said...

By Komando's standard, even the great Mahathir is a SCUMBAG, Maurice?

komando said...

Zionist and Jews are different....the movement has an rule the world by whatever means..

D.Swami my dear comrade go buy the book written by Henry Ford..the man that invented the Ford Model T...

That will enlighten you better

7 Rangers all the way !

maurice said...

Some people lack the intellectual capacity to respond to a demanding hypothetical question.So do not shoot when you are not prepared to do battle.

FMZam said...

There are many intellects who don't go telling others they are intellect. Only a bloody stupid asks hypothetical question in a world of simplicity.

FMZam said...

There's nothing intellect in you that you want to be proud of yourself. You're cheating your ownself.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Great!! The gathering of anti semites. Komando, the Zionist do not want to rule the world. The Musims do. Sheikh Muhammed Al-Ameen Ash-Shanqeeti states: "It is obvious and clear that it is an Islamic necessity on Muslims to nominate a Caliph and give him Bay'ah so that they become one strong unit and implement Allah's laws on this earth". Another proof about the obligation of establishing the Caliphate is the sad and bitter situation that our Muslim nation lives. There is no way to re-establish our Glory that was founded by our great predecessors except by coming back to Allah and His religion and establishing the Islamic Caliphate that was destroyed by the enemy of Islam. More here...

Henry Ford was a certifiable anti semite,this paper traces the anti-Semitic activities of automobile manufacturer Henry Ford. Ford first voiced his anti-Semitic leanings in 1915, around the time of his Peace Ship episode. Eventually, his belief that the International Jew was the source of the worlds problems led him to conduct a campaign against them in the pages of his newspaper; The Dearborn Independent. Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism:
Henry Ford and His War on Jews
Ye, read it all.

maurice said...

D Swami,

You are only good in extracting other authors's works bereft of your own ideas, opinions and comments.

I am still waiting for your intellectual response to the question I posed to you in my earlier comments.Your buddy has apprently given up!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Maurice, chut, chut, by reading the ideas of others you can make an opinion, a bit of appreciation. Let me show you about the forgotten refugees in the Middle East of thousands of years, *were forced to leave their birthplace due to intimidation from their governments and neighbors or; *foresaw the eventual persecution at the hands of the governments of their host states and their neighbors. Hope that presentation opens your anti semitic eyes.

The Middle East which was once home to Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Gypsies, Nabateans and Persians, and where Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism-- has been reduced to Islamic Arabia. Mosques have been built over the demolished ruins of churches and synagogues. Entire populations have been forcibly converted to Islam, their children raised to hate and kill their own brethren. Go here Maurice, enlighten yourself abit more...

The record of history shows that Muhammad died in 632 AD, that Muslims conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantines (Christians) in 638 AD, that Amir Abd-ul-Malik built the Dome of the Rock between 688 and 691 AD, and the Ummayads built Masjid al-Aqsa in 715 AD. So you see there were no Muslims in Jerusalem, go here...

Anti semitism is inherent in the Muslim psyche, as it is taught. Okay I am going talk about "Enmity towards the Jews and Christians, 17 times a day". These are daily prayers, reciting "The Key" in Arabic unifies all Submitters of the world, regardless of their languages. A total of seven verses, look at the seventh…. . SIRAATAL LAZINA AN`AMTA `ALAYHIM; GHAYRIL MAGHDOOBI `ALAYHIM WALADDAALEEN (the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers).

1:7 صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّين More... Don't believe me? Listen and see this Arab explaining. One last thing, let go of the hatred for others, we know.

maurice said...

D Swami,

You know what.You are commmiting a big mistake by listening to the views of ultra religious extremists.Lopsided and bias views will not contribute to a real understanding to a particular issue.

Intellectual discourse requires reading the views of all sides in a dispassionate manner and then make your own finding/conclusion.

Have they not thought you how to analyse things at MTAT, MPAT or for that matter at the university in a dispassionate manner?

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Maurice, you know that you have been decimated. You know that. Those are not ultra views but daily practices of the people. I am dispassionate, that is why I can relate these events as I see them. What are you smoking, wake up. You pretend to be an intellectual, when presented with facts, you obfuscate and divert attention by accusations of taking others ideas, which are facts that cannot be distorted or refuted. Deep inside you there is an Ayrab dying to get out. The Arab in the video clip I am sure knows better Arabic than you, he is a an Arab!...and you are not. So he has a locus standi, I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,
Battle is not lost for the Malays,the law of the land allows an Emergency Ordinance to be utilise as a last straw.When it is declared no political party will be able to function.That is why RAMD was created by the Sultans and May 13 ,1969 is a testimony to Malays limit of tolerence.Malays are not Arabs neither a Palestinian,therefore other races in this country must look back at their roots and be thankful to the Malays for their richness,prosperity,and freedom in this country which they enjoy as a citizen of beloved Malaysia. The economic imbalance between races can be a time bomb if not corrected wisely by our leaders.

maurice said...


I am not interested in Arab or Palestine sentiment.The question I posed is an academic one.I am amazed at how fast you jump the gun with your cheap accusation.

If your understanding of Jewish civilization is that great it would not be a problem for you to respond to the question posed.Making cheap claim is an occupancy of the lowest order.

You know what?I see you as a person who is opposed to anything Malay, Arab and Palestian.Well that is okay. Everybody is entitled to take their respective view and position.This is a democratic country.

But it is stupid of you to start labelling people without really understanding their reason and motivation.Got it?

maurice said...

Dear Walimuar,

We should move forward instead of going backwards.

All Malays who are not happy with our politicians should lend support to PERKASA.Let us give the needed strength to PERKASA to knock senses to the politicians by supporting the organization.

Whatever we do the country's future is precious and therefore civility demands every citizen to respect the constitution and rule of law.

FMZam said...

Well done Maurice, you are one non-Malay who is more Malay than all the Malays. Take my advise, don't just shout out loud, go circumcize, masuk Melayu and join Perkasa. If you do that, I promise I'll join too.

Capt's Longhouse said...

oh dear !

,,,it does appear nowadays that a deliberate plus sustained attempt to move the goalposts of the country further to the far right and to impress upon the nation the sectarian demands of the Malay-Muslim community in particular, as understood and interpreted by the leaders of UMNOputras and the likes of Perkasa etc.
,,,It is against this backdrop of an expanding Malay-Muslim comfort zone as defined by these Dewarajas that the other communities of Malaysia are being told to integrate and assimilate. Before proceeding any further, let us debunk certain myths that have been lingering for too long already: For a start, it would be ridiculous to ask any Malaysian today to integrate any further as most of the non-Malay citizens of this country are in fact descendants of third, fourth if not fifth generation migrants who have long since become part and parcel of the Malaysian landscape.
,,,Yet as every communal crisis reaches its peak, the non-Malays Muslim are reminded that this is the fabled ‘Tanah Melayu’ and that they are ‘kaum pendatang’ who have to integrate and assimilate. But to what end and when does one finally qualify as a full citizen of Malaysia?. Come on, be realistic and fair to all malaysian. Its set off from the mindset, so accept it.
,,,at the rate things are happening, the Dewarajas in Putrajaya will remain in pwr till kingdom come-lah.!!
,,,,,,yes indeed, how to teach them fellow malaysians that the hardest arithmetric to master is that which enables us all to count our blessings tak kira kaum bangsa atau ugama!. Kita semua rakyat satu negara-lah."MALAYSIA"
,,,unfortunately, some of us malaysians is bloody good in digging our own grave from the looks of it.
,,,when will we all malaysian grow up to rid off the corrupted elitist dewarajas from Putrajaya ?.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,
Thanks for the invitation to join PERKASA, to me it is only another organisation to champion UMNOs cause in different form or in other word a vield intention.The people around Ibrahim Ali are still the same exUMNO stooges who carries KRIS around the country and fatten themselves with government projects.

WIRA said...

Saudara Walimuar,
You have hit the nail on the head. I agree with you 100% on the position of PERKASA as being an UMNO offshoot. How else can staunch members of the party from all over the country congregate in KL for the AGM unless PERKASA's pocket is deep like UMNO's.
The rasionale behind this view is that if UMNO were to raise the Malay agenda themselves, not only would it be unpalatable in the context of 1Malaysia; the move would more than certain to upset the state of equilibrium in BN.
Such being the case, are we not surprised then to see so many UMNO stalwarts in the PERKASA front-liners? Of course not.
To the Realist, an enemy's enemy is a friend. Judging from early demands by PERKASA upon UMNO, PKR and PAS better beware.
I might also add that this move is classically Tsun TZe..

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear all, can i echo this again !

,,,The root of the problem is the culture of racialised identity politics that reigns in the country till today, a throwback to the colonial era that was taken up with gusto by UMNO and the component parties of the ruling Barisan Nasional.
,,,As long as this culture of divisive politics prevails in the country, then the UMNO party will – despite its frothy liberal rhetoric at times – be an exclusive sectarian party enacting a politics that is divisive and communitarian.

,,,Fifty years after our independence, we still entertain the myth of a ‘Tanah Melayu’ that is a privileged homeland for some and not others. And as long as the UMNO party maintains this divisive approach to politics and sees the Malay-Muslims as its primary constituency, the situation is not likely to change for the better.
,,,We are nowhere closer to realising the dream of a Malaysian Malaysia where citizenship is the common gift bestowed upon all her citizens. Instead the gift of a multicultural and multi-religious nation has been stolen from us, before our very eyes, by the very same ruling elites who claim to be the ‘leaders of all Malaysians’, while in their deeds they have shown that their commitment to plural democracy is only skin deep.
,,,What a bloody shameful end to what could have been a beautiful story.

F said...

Major Swami,

With all due respect, the Arabs during WW2 were not ''Nazi supporters'' as you put it. They supported the German cause because the saw it as a way to free themselves from British and French rule, not because they shared the ideals of national socialism.

Nodody said Israel does not have a right to exist. The Arabs and Malaysia do not recognise Israel because Israel has yet to abide by UN Resoultion 242 which calls for the withdrawal from land occupied during the 6 Day War. Yet Israel continues to illegally build settlements on illegally occupied Arab land, that are meant for Jews and Jews only. Or are you suggesting that racism is only prevalent in Malaysia and amongst Malays? Yet you wrote about Muslims wanting to dominate the world and establishing a new caliphate? What about extremist Jews who don't recognise the Quran and say it's their god given right to annexe the West Bank?

You mentioned you were a 2nd class citizen. The last time I checked, you were allowed to practice whatever faith of your choosing and mantain your way of life and your cultural indentity. Yet you mentioned you are a 2nd class citizen??

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

You must be new. Remember your 7th verse of prayer? A total of seven verses, look at the seventh…. . SIRAATAL LAZINA AN`AMTA `ALAYHIM; GHAYRIL MAGHDOOBI `ALAYHIM WALADDAALEEN (the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers).

1:7 صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّين

Tell me to who does the verse refer too. You curse the very people who exposed you to God.

I was not allowed, to practice my faith, there was a directive, pls refer to earlier posts. The good General Arshad said he was not aware. I did post on this earlier. Yes, the so called hero of Sauk, Gen Zaini when he was the 3rd Div Comd, in cahoots with Gen Md Nor Che Arshad sent out the directive, banning other faiths from praying in camps. I am a second class citizen, my daughter with 9A's and also being the state Tae Kwan Do team Captain for Sukma games has not attended Uni for a course of her choice. Stupid idiots with the correct names with lesser intellect and performance got to go. So pray tell me, which part of 2nd class citizen do you not understand?

F said...

Major Swami, obviously I'm not as well versed in the Islamic religion as you are. Who are are the people ''that exposed me to god'' that i'm cursing and what exactly is the point you're trying to make? With regards to your previous posts on Islam/Judaism and the Palestinian problem, you appear to be very one sided and have formed a narrow, slanted view. You appear to be under the historicly mistaken impression
that the Arabs, and Arabs ONLY are the sole cause of ALL the problems in the Middle East and that the Israelis are blameless.

As for the 2nd class issue. Nobody is denying that non-Malays are not accorded the same rights as the Malay majority. The last time I checked, non-Malays are granted certain liberties that are dilarang for Malays. Not that it's any excuse but for what it's worth
minorities in Malaysia are accorded a hell of a lot more rights than those in neighbouring countries and i'm not just refering to Singapore.

Just out of curiosity, what is yur opinion of the Hindraft folk who slandered and poured filth on their country of birth whilst abroad and uttered total lies and false claims? I seem to recall that an allegation was made that Indians in Malaysia were supposedly experiencing a ''genocide'' at the hands of the evil Malays. These same people who it seems are living a life of hell and misery in Malaysia, yet continue to call themselves Malaysian...... And who blamed everyone else but themselves for problems effecting their community.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Go here to see Islam's tolerance of other religions, from the mouth of an Arab. Oh yes, he has references!! That is why you people from young are anti semites. You are brainwashed to hate.

"The last time I checked, non-Malays are granted certain liberties that are dilarang for Malays. Not that it's any excuse but for what it's worth minorities in Malaysia are accorded a hell of a lot more rights than those in neighbouring countries and I'm not just referring to Singapore".

Ain"t that bullshit on your part? Singapore happens to treat people right,probably you are reading too much from your great Utusan, right?

I want to be treated equally, I demand that, no excuses. I will fight for that right. There are 57 OIC countries, name me, one of those shitty countries that treat it's minorities right?

I once fought for this country, I would not have a problem against it either, to correct a wrong, by this racist regime. So will my friends.

I once told my 2IC, that Malays are basically racist, you can confirm that by calling up the current 'Ketua Staf' of the 2nd Div,in Penang, Colonel Ezam Wan Chik.

F said...

Major Swami,

So I see you're a self-declared expert on Islam? And Malays ""ARE BRAINWASHED TO HATE""? Such an ignorant and immature statement. It would be akin to me saying that a great majority of MALAYSIAN INDIANS are inclined to alcohol inspired violent crime and blame everybody but themselves for their misfortunes.

BTW, the last time I read the Utusan was back in the 80's. By the same token, judging by your racist and distorted views, what kind of crappy racist right wing literature do you subcribe to?

P.S. the last time I checked, Singapore wasn't a fine shining example of how democracy is supposed to be practiced. Maybe in your mind it is. But what do I know - according to you I'm just an ignorant person, brainwashed from young to hate right?

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

You are so sad, that is what hate does to you. " Anggota-anggota agama lain tidak dibenarkan melakukan ibadat sembahyang di kediaman masing masing" This is very resounding, embedded in the mind forever. Over to you. Gen Arshad can confirm that.

So did you listen to the Arab about your tolerance? I did not say I was an expert, that Arab is. Yes, is not the daily obligatory 7th verse hate on your part? Not to worry, I have experienced your hate, de nile is a river in Egypt.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Stop hiding behind the pseudonym 'F' come clean. Show that you have a pair. Tell me where am I a racist? It is your kind that make me have these views by research and experience. Right?

F said...

Yes Major....

The last time I checked I had something between my legs as I'm sure you do....? I called you a racist because of your ignorant and unfounded remarks about Malays, period.

Since you have resorted to personal attacks and are making presumptions about my character, I see no point in engaging in a further debate with you.


Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

You have not even answered which of the 57 OIC countries treat it's minorities fairly, equally and with dignity. Guess the answer is zilch, zero or kosong. You were not debating, you were just obfuscating. Yes, you are allowed to slink away with your tail between your legs. This will be my last post, again, on this subject.

F said...

Yes Major thank you.