Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am speechless when I read that in Sabah, there are 27 secondary schools that are squatting in primary school premises. I wonder for how long has this been going on, and are the Sabah leaders too blind to see this, and are they all at a lost as to how and what corrective measures need to be taken. Or are the leaders’ far too busy politicking and affirming their political base, and knows little of the problems confronting schools and their children who are the ‘future’ of the state?

I can only describe ‘school squatting’ in Sabah as disgusting, and if the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin felt so ashamed of the situation, then I would add that all his officers should be send down to Sabah to see how students and teachers suffer under such intolerable schooling environment. Can one imagine a secondary school student sitting in the same chair and table of a primary school student? And I do not know where the teachers are going to work. I suppose they have built tents outside the school for teachers.

Come on, we are already in the 21st Century, and to see such things happening at this age and time, and without the state leaders lifting a hand to solve the problem is inexcusable and totally irresponsible. What sort of leaders are they, and my sympathy goes to the children and teachers of the affected schools, who have all endured under this special education scheme called ‘school squatting’.

Surely, ‘school squatting’ did not crop-up overnight. It must have happened many, many months or some years back. This problem must have been known to the state education department, and I believe too that a problem of this nature must have been brought to the attention at the federal level. And if nothing had been done to address the problem, then there is something seriously wrong with the entire education department at both the state and federal level. I would also say that a portion of blame should also be borne by the Chief Minister himself. But the question now is whether the Chief Minister will assume responsibility of the situation, or will he choose someone as his scrape goat; probably the ADUN responsible to education?

I have served the state of Sabah on several occasion, and I find the people friendly (much friendlier than here), and being a military officer, I was accorded respect and am always a guest at almost every state function. I have travelled to the remotest part of the state and to the surrounding islands. It is in such places that we see a deep disparity in the standards of living of its people in these remote areas, in comparison to those of the urban areas. It was a pleasure to be among them, and for my soldiers to partake in their daily lives, including being part time teachers to some of the children. Of course, the schools then were reminisced of what I saw in some remote areas in India back in 1984.

‘School squatting’ is certainly a new term in our national education scheme, and with drastic cuts in the education budget, I wonder if ever school squatting can be resolved in the immediate future. The ball is now in the feet of Muhyiddin Yassin.



Pak Oncu said...

Dato,,,,dulu kini dan selama nya sabah leaders are blind n selfish,,,,,

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,apparently there is almost nil budget left in the education ministry BUT been channelled across to an 'special fund' controlled by one mdm Piggy via 1Malaysia programme !.
,,,'Her hand-outs' of this funding is the new way of working for the education ministry plus also for the health ministry ??.(clinic 1Malaysia, so what are the rest of Govt. clinics doing ?)
,,,after the drowning case whereby the hanging bridge collapsed, her 1Malaysia schooling out door activities came to a sudden stop.
,,,this country is now under the 'queen control' methodology and may God Almighty bless all of us !.
,,,My take ; She is the BIGGEST issue that's holding back on any progress not only with the education ministry but also to the whole nation.
,,,but be very very careful, people can just disappear, money can be transferred overseas, U$2M can be forced from the middle east prince and her frightening 'face change' can be performed daily !.
,,,scary thoughts indeed and she thinks she can get away with all of her rubbish, o.k ! lets all wait and see, how long her game of hide and seek. She is just a drama queen.
,,,guess by now all malaysians are aware of this 'piggism' and is just awaiting for GE 13 to finally teach them the biggest final lesson. The END of the Dewarajas in Putrajawa.

FMZam said...

Apa agaknya situasi yang melanda Sabah ini seolah2 Sabah menghadapi satu macam krisis kemanusiaan sehingga keadaan sekolah boleh jadi macam dalam suasana perang di negara2 Afrika? Miskin sangat ke Sabah ni samapai apa punya papa kedana murid2 sekolah kena mencangkung dalam darjah? Padahal kerajaan yang mereka sokong ni penuh dengan politikus2 dan pejuang2 rakyat yang kaya raya?

Kalau dah duduk dalam Malaysia selama 40 tahun pun macam ni aje, baiklah Sabah ni keluar dari Malaysia, buat kerajaan sendiri aja. Orang2 Sabah pun dah ramai yang pandai, kelulusan tinggi tak kurang hebat pun dari orang2 Semenanjung, sampai bila nak terus biarkan Sabah macam ni?

Tak ada guna cakap Sabah maju dan makmur dibawah Malaysia kalau anak2kau orang kena mencangkung di sekolah, itu sudah cukup menggambarkan selama 40 tahun ini yang kamu rakyat Sabah dapat hanyalah janji2 kosong.

amin said...

Dear Dato,
This is not new. I vaguely remember my son attending a school in jalan padang tembak in the late 70s or early 80s where two schools were using the same premise. Satu pagi and satu petang. I suppose this was done due to lack of school buildings. During my school days we had morning and after sessions of the same school due to lack of classrooms. However at this point in time such a situation is totally unacceptable.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


Perajurit, Mac 2010

Oleh: Mejar Ramli Abdul Rahim (Bersara) TUDM

Jabatan Pertahanan Negara Amerika (PENTAGON) pernah digemparkan dengan perbuatan penggodam (hacker) yang cuba memasuki sistem komputer pertahanannya sebagai satu manifestasi betapa rapuhnya sistem keselamatan negara kuasa besar tersebut.

Apabila pesawat MiG-25 Foxbat Russia berjaya menerobos sistem pertahanan udara Jepun dan berjaya menyelinap daripada dikesan radar pertahanan Jepun sekali lagi sistem pertahanan udara Jepun mengundang penilaian semula apakah yang perlu dilaksanakan bagi menjaga kedaulatan ruang udara Jepun.

Pada bulan Februari isu keteresan dan kebocoran maklumat pertahanan telah didedahkan oleh Menteri Pertahanan Malaysia, Dato’ Zaid Hamidi yang telah menjadi fokus media yang tidak secara langsung mensohorkan tahap kekebalan maklumat pertahanan negara yang sewajarnya dijaga selama ini.

Ternyata daripada tiga contoh di atas, di sana terdapat elemen pertahanan yang perlu diberi penekanan kerana ia melibatkan integriti dan kebolehpercayaan organisasi yang diamanahkan sebagai benteng pertahanan negara yang berfungsi untuk menjaga keselamatan dan kesejahteraan sesebuah negara.

WIRA said...

If we have money to buy those very expensive submarines, I do not see why we cannot build proper schools in Sabah.
I dare say that the commission paid out to the so called agents is probably enough to cover the cost.

komando said...

ouch...ask shafie apdal
His BELOVED kampong in Pulau Bum Bum, Semporna is a classic example!

It is not Sempurna at all!

The primary school there is like a "KANDANG KAMBING"