Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I wish to congratulate you for being steadfast in not wanting to succumb to the demand for top party posts and contracts, by some of your disgruntled party members. The decision that you have taken in this regards speaks fondly of your desire to dump patronage, cronyism and most of all, the culture of largesse among your party members. I think you have gained respect of the majority of the party members, and demonstrated to them that you do not tolerate disruptive and selfish antics of party members.

The desire to accumulate personal wealth that is prevalent among politicians these days seemed to have infected even PKR members. And if you choose to ignore this, then there is every possibility that this will lead towards an institutionalized culture that will eventually lead towards the destruction of your party values to eradicate largesse, cronyism and patronage. Being a Selangorean, I am proud of your stand, and fully support you on the decision that you have taken against the disgruntled party members.

It would not be wrong for me to say that the disgruntled lots are Malays, inhibiting a mindset that assumes a position in your party as a gateway to being rich and wealthy in double quick time. As a Malay, I am extremely shameful, and such a mindset must not be allowed to fester, as this will not remove the shackle that binds the Malays to being a constant recipient of ‘handouts’.

I would like to suggest to you that should others persist with their disruptive and selfish antics; just show them the exit door. I know that as a politician and a leader, it is a hard decision to make. But on the contrary, trying to be popular by giving in too much to their unrealistic demands, will subject you to more ferocious demands that will eventually make you look weak and an indecisive leader. Examples of such leaders in recent time abound, and you can see for yourself the consequences of their actions.

I want to see you succeed in leading Selangor; a state with a bountiful of resources. You do not have the pleasure of time on your side, and the opposition party leaders seemed bent in trying to discredit you and your party. They still have the resources in abundance on their side, and if you slack in your leadership, Selangor will sure be lost forever.



johan5150 said...

i beg to differ some.i bhd has no financial strength neither skills in klang river restoration.they consort with wessex(francis yeoh)
water to do the job.

i bhd is owned by lim kim hong,khalid's best munich he is everywhere with him.

khalid will likely say i bhd is part owned by pnb so it is okay
even though kim hong is his best buddy.

not crony?

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Johan5150,

Let's see if this project succeeds. Should it fail, it will only hurt the credibility of TS Khalid. As I have said, time is not on his side; hence he has to proof himself worthy of being a state leader. Otherwise, the axe will fall on him. Regards.

Malaysian said...
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Malaysian said...

Is Selangor government currently employing Open Tender method? I think Open Tender system would help eliminate some doubt if nepotism is involved. Overall, I do hear a lot of good things about Tan Sri Khalid. I just hope PKR would not end up like UMNO. That's why we need two party system. If any political party not performing we can boot them out.

I rather have Tan Sri Khalid than the "stupid Khir Toyo". Few days ago, the stupid Toyo made a statement that the government is very compassionate because the government gave "RM50,000" to Teoh Beng Hock's family. Is Toyo good for Selangor? Hell No!

Fathol said...

Let's not be too speculative. Give the guy a chance to prove himself. Remember, Khir Toyo came in with much expectation since he was new and clean. See what rubbish he left. Being an Umno warlord, Jibby is afraid to touch Toyo. Moreover, Jibby too has too much baggage to carry.

Selangor is in good hands. However, being a cash cow Jibby is determined to wrest control. His weapon - the main stream media and Umno's spin doctors.

Malaysian said...

You're right. Let's not speculate anything for now. Selangor and Penang are too important for Pakatan Rakyat. I don't think the politician willing to mess it up. If Pakatan manage to perform well then other states might fall onto Pakatan Rakyat on next general election. For now, I fear another Perak incident going to happen again at Selangor.

komando said...

KING TOYO that is his real title, even Jibby cannot mess with him, he behave like a KING KONG anyway!