Friday, March 26, 2010


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 27, 2010 will witness the inaugural AGM of PERKASA to be launched by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed at PWTC. From what has been reported in the media, some 10,000 members and supporters are expected to attend. This includes some notables from UMNO and several other Malay NGO groups. I just do not know whether PWTC can accommodate that large number of people and if it does, this gathering will be much larger than UMNO General Assembly. And I also wonder who is actually providing the funds to manage this entire affair.

I have earlier posted two articles relating to PERKASA formed by sacked former UMNO member Ibrahim Ali, now an Independent parliamentarian, whom I described as a failed politician from Kelantan. If one can recall, he is said to have won the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat in the March 2008 General Elections out of sympathy from his constituents who are predominantly PAS supporters. Had PAS fielded a candidate to contest against him, he would have lost. One should also recall that during a by-election held for Pengkalan Pasir, Ibrahim Ali who contested as an Independent candidate lost badly to a BN candidate, including losing his deposit money. He only managed to garner 415 votes.

I stand by what I have said in my earlier postings of Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA. If the government does give its tacit approval (and I sense that it does) that the formation of PERKASA is to protect and defend the Malay rights, then I would suggest that UMNO be disbanded henceforth, and PERKASA be form into a political party (taking over from UMNO) with Ibrahim Ali as its President. If this does happen, then I dare declare that the nation will be heading for disaster.

Let us all wait for the outcome of the AGM which is just a few hours away. And if the AGM proves to be a big success, I am not at all surprise that UMNO will open its arms to receive Ibrahim Ali back into its fold.



maurice said...

The Malays need the vehicle to voice their concerns about the situation facing the Malay community.I hope our political leaders listen to their grievances and try to put things right in accordance to our Constitution.

FMZam said...

The one that will eventually ruin the Malays is not the very curiously concerned non-Malay like our dear Maurice, but the very dubiously opportunistic Malays of Perkasa and UMNO.

komando said...

The Malays are not sleeping or just lying down, at the moment they are actually waiting for the right moment, time is of the essence, the right time with the right moves will change things for the better.

Cannot be to hasty and spoil the pot of soup, let it simmer and broil slowly and nicely, do not overcook becomes rotten and wasted!

Malays do not eat with banana leaves and just drink coconut water.

They are canggih now - KFC,MacD,Kenny R, Kopitiam,Pizza Huts,Starbucks whatever you have!

So let this frog "Ibrahim d'ALI"
jump up and down thinking that the Melayu is still under the COCONUT SHELL !

He will know his faith pretty soon when the time comes, it is not that far off from now, the latest is just 3 years down the road, could be much earlier...!

See who becomes the coconut shell and who becomes the prince charming!

Mind you the coconut plant is the most versatile tree ever created by god from top to bottom, all parts of it has its usage! Even when it is dead! Being a coconut shell has its usage too lest those city folks do not know what it is for! It will be on the next session on survival course!

Anonymous said...

Saudara Komando,
Apa u cakap tu betul, tapi u ade fikir tak McD,KFC,Kopitiam,Pizza Hut,Starbucks,Ali Maju tu semua Melayu punya ke?.
Disebabkan Melayu ni tiada "will power" dan tidak kiasu, sampai hari ni 'paku sebatang" pun tak dak Melayu yang buat.Semua ekonomi dia kontrol,kuasa politik kongsi kongsi,kekayaan negara semua dia sapu.Apa kah ini adil? saudara bacalah apa yang ditulis Salih Majid didalam Utusan Melayu hari ini muka tengah.Melayu mesti bangkit untuk mencari keadilan dan bukan berperang sesama sendiri seperti didalam Parlimen dua tiga hari ini. Kalau setakat bekas askar ni hampeh aje le, sebab kita bukan daripada puak elit elit atau suku sakat politikus perasuah yang sapu semua projek kerajaan.Bekas askar ni jadi teksi driver dan pengawal keselamatan aje le.

pendita said...


Kita lihat dari PERKASA mengenai pilihanraya di Hulu Selangor!. kalau betul-betul nak tolong Melayu, PERKASA desak BN untuk tentunya letak calon Melayu bukan India.

Pengundi majoritinya Melayu 53.9 peratus, Cina 26.7 peratus dan India hanya 19.7 peratus.

mangchikla said...

more like 'pekasam'in Changkat Jering..

johan5150 said...

perkasa is here because umno became a business party.most of their leaders are corrupt.instead of struggling for malays,they
use bumi contractors to get concessions,contracts,outsource,ap
to enrich themselves.

then when the business failed(like ADAM sapura pcn technology phone),
governement bailed them out.

boleh blah la umno.

komando said...

WALI MUAR you got me all wrong brother...the RICH Malays TODAY were made rich because they had a big god father who is a BLOODY MAMAK!

The rest of the Melayus are still poor becos they refused to be part of UMNO!

Get me now!

SO the rich becomes richer as the poor guys becomes poorer!

Get it, or susah sangat nak faham yeop!

The real malays are the story of the day..those who love peace and fear ALLAH....and nothing else!


SO which group are you?

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

PERKASA dah mula tunjuk belang. They have told BN/UMNO not to look down on them or treat them like an enemy, if BN/UMNO want to win in the up-coming Hulu Selangor by-election. Let us see the response from BN/UMNO. Apa dah saya kata. Si mamat Ibrahim Ali itu ingat dia dah jadi superman.

EAGLE said...

Brahim Ali tu elok kena dera sahaja tetapi yang lebih mangkok ia lah bekas perdana Menteri Malaysia cakap tak serupa bikin.

Alahai- PErKASA bila nak jadi Pekasam atau hantar sahaja Brahim Ali pergi buat Airshow naik Pilatus TUDM macam kat UUM. Alfatiha.
Apa hal TUDM, lapuran crash kat Langkawi pun belum selesai dah satu lagi terhempas. Berapa banyak nak jatuh... tak kan masih tak ada jawapan!!!

mangchikla said...

Bagi ibrahim ali 'change parade' aakakakakakakk

FMZam said...

Just when Pemuda UMNO ceased the kris wielding, now the kepala Perkasa is hoisting the keris high above his head like a berserking Malay madman running amok. Here comes "Pirates of the Archipelago"!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,this is what happens when we allow a bunch of opportunistic idiots free to talk on our behalf !. BUT again unfortunately the majority are incapable of having an original idea cos. they can't free themselves from the restraints of logic.
,,,such no beginning no ending of racist politiking in the country.

What a bloody shame !!. Are WE all to blame ?. Rationalization-lah the malaysian brain.

FMZam said...

Perkasa is a threat to Pakatan is one thing, now for Perkasa to be a threat to UMNO/BN is another thing. An NGO came out on its maiden voyage strongly, demanding respect from UMNO/BN , not earning but demanding. It is a tell tale sign of how weak this government is. Unofficially Mahathir is the patron of Perkasa, he can use Perkasa as a vehicle to serve for whatever his purposes. Right now what Perkasa did was surprising UMNO more than any bloody else.

nxforget said...

TDM jadi penaung tidak rasmi PERKASA sebab DSN tak tubuhkan Majlis Tertinggi President untuk dia kot.

Ni kes serupa dengan TAB yang TDM dok hentam. Hentam dari dalam tak lut, keluar parti dan hentam kuat lagi.

Tapi, nak pakai strategi yang sama, susah lah sikit.

Hai !!! ... Melayu dok kena tipu semendang.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,we have heard about the "Mamak Gang" before but this is just too much !. Apa -lah nak jadi dgn melayu, sampai bila baru nak sedarkan diri dari 'subsidy mentality' plus still living in poverty in the land of plenty and prosperity ?.
A chinese proverb says....
"think poor and you stay poor; think wealthy and you grow wealthy"
WE have to STOP blaming the world but to bloody work hard for it !. Just change that stupid subsidy mentality.

FMZam said...

Now Perkasa made demand on equity asking not 30 but 67% of the nation's economic wealth. What was that we heard on Malay's equity the last time UMNO put it in the NEP? 30%? but we haven't even reached that. Put any figure for all they want but the Malays will never reach it, why? Because Perkasa and UMNO know it too well that even a 100% equity is given to the Malays, that equity will only be monopolised by the elite circle of the few Malays, the same UMNO elitists, the cronies, the nepotists and the collusists, just how would the equity be distributed and spread to achieve the figure when it never ever gets out of the boundary of the GREEDY UMNOISTS!

Perkasa sure knows how to make use of the Malays for Melayu are BUTAISTS, TIDURISTS and LUPAISTS...

ArshadRaji said...

Dear FMZam,

I agree with you. Even if Bumiputra gets 1000% equity, you and I will get nothing. Mereka saja yang akan sapu. Kita dok melopong saja lah.

EAGLE said...

Macam mana kita tak melopong, tengok lah orang macam Mukhriz duduk baris depan AGM PERKASA, dalam masa yang sama fibre optics business company siapa yang control yang akan di gunakan untuk HSBB yang sedang heboh sekarang.
Askar yang masih berkhidmat dan yang dah pencen, yang tahu kira pun 123 dan kiri kanan, kiri kanan.....semua dah jadi lopong dan terus melopong.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,"Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think". BUT unfortunately these corrupted dewarajas in Putrajaya and their cronies don't think logically for the good of the country except for their own bloody pockets using the malays as a bait.
,,,Dr M & Sons, except for the daughter indeed has disappointed the rest of the poor rakyat. To them its just a game of politics. This Perkasa and UMNO thing is just plain rubbish..."poverty is no disgrace, but ignorance is", just how ignorance we malaysian can be ?.
,,,We ex-servicemen have done our part for king and country but what has all of these politicians done except in enriching themselves. Am totally sick of it.
,,,lets pull our efforts together and vote them out of their cosy seats in the coming GE 13. Can we get independent apolitical candidates from the ex servicemen plus professionals to stand-in the next election too ?. Its about time for it. Enough is enough of all these rubbish.

Dear Dato,.... why not you stand-in too, we will gather the support from all over the country. You can be more effective in your fight against corruption indeed !.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,

If I were a 30 year old, I would have stood up for election. Now at the age of 66, I think I am almost a spent force. And since writing is my hobby, I will continue to write and blog from the comfort of my home.
I know being a politician is not easy, and our military training certainly is in contradiction to the things that politicians do today.
I just got hold of an old piece of article titled 'Challenges to Integrity' that were issued to all West Point graduates. The opening sentence to the article that catches my eyes reads, 'The Army does not, and never has condoned illegal, immoral or dishonest acts by its officers'.
These are similar words that have been drummed into our skull the moment we became officers of the AF. But look at what is happening to some officers of the AF today. They know no shame, integrity is just blown out the window, honesty much in doubt. And look at some of our politicians today and that Toyo and Mohamed fella comes to mind. Never will I get near to such people.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dear Dato,

,,,please don't be offended (on harm meant) but if one can still get an erection, one can still stand for an election !. hahaaaaha !!
,,,Looks like most of the UMNOputras have lost theirs except for the new MCA president ?.
,,,if one has to show the rusty kris as a weapon its a sure sign of dyfunction.

komando said...

Capt Longhouse, if all the good & effective veterans come out in full force, I believe we will be force to be reckon WITH !

BUT the word IF !
My friend the Field Marshall will shout again when the dirty word "IF" is used!

So, are we all ready and committed and convicted to do it RIGHT for once to tell those goons that they are to pack up and leave or face our WRATH !

If the answer is a resounding YES or Aiye....we start from some where!

Let them shiver and worry for the third and hidden force will strike...where it hurts most!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed, "IF" is a dirty word, its "WHEN" that should be utilized but 'well done' is better than 'well said' !.
,,,"there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge"...mind you, man is made by his belief. As he believes, so is he !.
,,,let us all communicate rationally across to our servicemen, our believes on "what is right and what is wrong" ?. And let them decide who to vote for in the coming GE 13.
,,,No if or but, just do it ! Got it ?.

aah said...

Saya amat sedih dengan sikap Dato dan rakan rakan dalam blog ini.Komen komen yang menghina bangsa sendiri,memburukan bangsa Melayu amat ketara,tidak cukup dengan itu Pemimpin pemimpin yang telah banyak berjasa kepada bangsa dan Negara turut dibelasah dengan panggilan nama yang cukup jijik.

Dato,saya juga dapat mengesan yang kebanyakan penulis penulis komen adalah anti kerajaan malah ada dua tiga orang amat pro Yahudi.

Dato,sebelum kita buat apa apa andaian terhadap mana mana individu atau Pertubuhan elok lah kita pergi menghadiri majlis mereka,dengar apa mereka cakap,bahas,dengar pendapat orang ramai yang hadir.Ini tidak Dato terus membuat conclusion dan membelasah Perkasa.

Dato,you are a high ranking ex officer of the Malaysian Armed Forces and what more you are an ex ROYAL MALAY REGIMENT OFFICER,you should not betray and curse you own race.I feel very hurt because I am also an ex RMR officer and I personally know you when you are in 6 Bde and I am with 12 RMR Minden Barrack/Sungai Ara camp.

Dato, you are not like this before and I have A VERY HIGH RESPECT TOWARDS YOU.Ya, manusia berubah dan mungkin juga Dato telah berubah

Saya mohon kepada Dato janganlah berlaku buruk sangka kepada mana mana Pertubuhan Melayu yang ingin memperjuangkan Hak Hak melayu seperti yang terkandung didalam PERLEMBAGAAN PERSEKUTUAN.

Kenapa NGO NGO melayu tiba tiba tumbuh macam cendawan ? mesti ada sesuatu yang tak kena yang menyebabkan melayu bangkit menyatakan rasa tidak puas hati mereka terhadap kerajaan.I was there and met with many good malay academician ,professional and the grass root malays,they are not happy with the way the goverment is responding to the DEMAND made by the non Bumiputras.

These are questions that we should try to seek,analyse and forward to the government.By staying in the house, in front of a PC and make comments wont solve all the problems that you have been fighting for and in particular the problem of CORRUPTION.

EX 12 RMR 1971 - 1979 Sungai Ara camp.EX 22 RMR 1981 - 1984

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
I am quite taken aback by the reaction of saudara aah in regard to comments posted by you in the main write-up. Surely he must know by now that he is the only one amongs the many followers of this blog that supports Perkasa.
However, having read his comments, I can't help but accept the fact that he may have a point.
Maybe the majority of us have been too judgemental of the NGO especially its leaders. Can we know for sure what Perkasa's likely role will be, in particular, how are they likely to impact Malay politics in the future? If we can answer these questions with some degree of confidence, then we can be a little judgemental. The trouble is we cannot.
At the very least, let us first hear their organisational menifesto before making further comments, to be fair.
That said, saudara aah, you must still reconcile with the fact that most of us do not think much of Ibrahim, Ali or for that matter TDM.
To lead such an organisation, we would like to see men of honour and integrity.
Malaysians today long to see leaders in the mould of Dato' Onn and Tun Dr Ismail to speak on their behalf, not the likes of frogs like Ibrahim Ali and the Marchiavellian Mamak Tongkang....
Why do you think Dato' Chua Soi Lek won the MCA presidency?
Do you think Malaysian Chinese like what they saw in the Batu Pahat Hotel sex tapes? I doubt it. ( I know some did) But they nevetheless chose him over the others because his display of moral courage and integrity. He could have adopted the stance adopted by one infamous lawyer that the person depicted in the tape looked like him, sounded like him... and thereafter deny involvement, but he did'nt. He owned up and stepped down as minister. Who else in Malaysian politics have done this before? To my mind, this couragous man is now being rewarded for his unselfish behaviour and sense of honour.
Can we say the same for the leaders of PERKASA?
As a parting shot, I dare say Dato', Malaysia need more leaders like Chua.
Can we find people of the same calibre in UMNO?
Yang perform macam dia dalam tape tu mungkin ada....

Capt's Longhouse said...


The Malay kris and Malays running amok !

,,Yaa, how many of these great ‘defenders’ of the race, who are willing to spill blood (whose blood, one wonders?) in defence of their race, are aware of the long-term implications of their words and deeds? How many of these great communitarians are aware of the simple fact that with every reiteration of the threat of amok, the stereotype of the irrational Malay is being sedimented and hegemonised?
,,,During cheerless times such as these it would pay to take a trip back down memory lane and to look at how the ideology of racialised politics and racial stereotypes were first introduced to the Malaysian imaginary.
,,,The phenomenon of amok is and has been seen as something particular and specific to the peoples of the Malay archipelago. Indeed, writings on the phenomenon date back to the 16th century, beginning with the first European encounters with the peoples of the region.
,,,From the start, it was argued by many an Orientalist scholar that the Malay people were essentially an irrational, emotional and highly-strung race.
,,The introduction of the pseudo-scientific concept of ‘Race’ (a crucial tool in the ideological construction of the colonised Other which justified the divisive and hierarchical politics of Empire) was made possible with the attribution of certain essentialist traits to the colonised subjects themselves.
,,In the case of the Malays, the phenomenon of amok was seized upon as that all-important debilitating factor that subsequently justified paternalistic colonisation of this weaker, irrational and emotional ‘race’ of human beings.
,,During the British colonial era, colonial functionaries and administrators in Malaya conducted their affairs with the Malays according to their own decidedly jaundiced understanding of Malay culture, politics and history.
,,,To further reinforce the general observations made about the Malays, the colonial authorities also relied upon pseudo-scientific instruments like ethnographic studies and the population census which were employed to help locate and identify the different native groupings and rank them according to the violent hierarchy of colonial discourse.
,,,Alongside the claims of the governors and architects of Empire, the eurocentric theories of racial scientists and social Darwinists added scientific credibility and justification to the policies of divide et impera that were being implemented in the colonies and were translated into political realities through the creation of a racially segregated and stratified plural society.
,,,As Alatas (1977) and Winzeler (1990) have shown, colonial studies of Malay characteristics and cultural practices were often used to provide the basis of justification for the paternalistic attitude towards the colonised Malay subjects.
,,,Malay cultural traits such as amok, latah and others were superficially studied and documented, with undue emphasis on the more sensational aspects of the phenomenon.
,,,Such studies were also used to further consolidate the belief that the Malays, as a people, were culturally and genetically inferior to their western rulers due to their weak character. The stereotype of the child-like, unstable and unreliable Malay was thus developed on all possible levels and in all possible spheres.

,,O.k. now lets not ever run AMOK again yaa !! Is this what dr M & Perkasa telling the rest of the rakyat, I hope not again and again.

FMZam said...

Indira Gandhi yang begitu banyak berjasa pada negaranya pun akhirnya mati ditangan pengawal peribadinya sendiri. Dan ramai lagi pemimpin2 sebelum dan selepas Indira gandhi yang berjasa kepada negara dan rakyatnya yang akhirnya mati ditangan pembunuh yang merupakan rakyatnya sendiri. Mengapa ada rakyat yang sanggup membunuh pemimpin mereka yang berjasa? Kerana seorang pemimpin itu mungkin berjasa kepada sebahagian rakyat tapi dia juga mungkin merupakan pengkhianat kepada sebahagian lain rakyatnya.

Mahatma Gandhi adalah contoh terbaik seorang pemimpin yang tidak kaya, yang bersih dari rasuah dan yang tidak menyalahgunakan kuasa untuk kepentingan diri pun akhirnya dibunuh juga oleh rakyatnya sendiri.

Sedangkan Ferdinand Marcos hidup kaya raya dalam buangan dengan kekayaan yang dicuri dari negaranya sendiri tidak pula dibunuh oleh rakyatnya sehinnga dia akhirnya mati secara normal dan mayatnya diawet dan diagungkan oleh sebahagian rakyat yang masih menyanjung beliau.

Jadi apa nak dihairankan bila seorang rakyat bangkit berkata seorang pemimpin itu berjasa, seorang lagi bangkit berkata yang pemimpin itu berdosa? Bila kuasa seorang pemimpin itu terletak ditangan rakyat, maka rakyatlah yang berhak menentukan samada pemimpin itu berjasa atau berdosa. Pemimpin sejati tidak akan mendabik dada berkata kepada rakyatnya yang dia pemimpin berjasa dan meminta pujian dari kita.

Dan jangan hanya pandai berkata yang rakyat itu anti-kerajaan sedangkan rakyat lah yang berhak meng'anti-kerajaan' bila kerajaan yang dipilih oleh rakyat menjadi kerajaan yang anti-rakyat. Rakyatlah memang berhak menyuarakan sentimen anti-kerajaan kerana rakyat yang memberi kuasa mereka kepada kerajaan. Lihatlah macamana rakyat Thailand menunjukkan kuasa mereka bila kerajaan mereka jadi anti-rakyat.

Kita baru bercakap dalam blog pun dah kena chop anti-kerajaan dan pro-yahudi, belum lagi kita berdemo. Ada banyak blog yang menghentam kerajaan (govt bashing blogs) pun tumbuh macam cendawan. Cuba fikir kenapa ramai Melayu yang anti-kerajaan?

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Aah,

I thank you for your comments and views. You have every right to disagree with me, but to say that I am anti-government is misleading. You must understand why I have been critical of the Malays, particularly those in government and in politics. I do not wish to hide my anger at my race, because after 50 years of independence and the nation having been governed by predominantly Malays, they still say that the Malays are not given enough share of the wealth of the country. The Malays have been given lots of preferences in business etc, but why have we not prospered. Yes, some have made it rich, but who are these people? I am yet to find one, just one of my kampung folk become a millionaire through honest business deals. No, business these days are never honest, and it is because of this that honest Malay businessman cannot survive.
Now PERKASA demands that Bumiputras be given 67% of the nation wealth. What utter rubbish is this. Even if they are given a 1000%, do you know who will actually benefit? Not my kampung folks, you or me. That I am very certain.
The time for the tongkat is long over. It is about competitiveness and for as long as we keep demanding our rights, we will forever remain what we are.
All the comments and views that I make in my writings, is to create an awareness, and is not intended to belittle others.

FMZam said...

Semua pemimpin Malaysia yang berjasa adalah mereka yang berjaya memerintah dan memimpin negara kearah menjadikan mereka kaya raya samada untuk diri mereka maupun untuk anak2 dan keturunan mereka. Institusi pemerintahan Malaysia selama ini hanya berjaya merealisasikan yang semua pemimpinnya berubah dari miskin menjadi kaya dan dari kaya menjadi lebih kaya.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,this present situation is indeed scary for all peace loving malaysian cos. when people live amidst injustice and conflicts, they tend to become insensitive to human cruelty eventually they may even perpetuate evil themselves. Some of our dirty politicians and individuals thought their obsessive missions outweighted everything else, even their conscience and moral laws.

Capt's Longhouse said...

"Where all reasonable persuasion fails, the final “No” to wrongdoing, the place at which the citizen stands up to defend something fundamental, is through peaceful resistance." - Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

ommo said...

Salam to All,
We talk about PERKASA but have we taken note on the statement by Lim Guan Eng concerning the missing 52 billions worth of Bumiputra shares? I believe it's just the tip of the iceberg. Why don't Perkasa pursue this. It shows that Perkasa is just a tool to mislead the public i.e. the Malays. Whilst the rot slowly move in, the public "make don't know" or just don't know. With the rotting MSM the look good people carry on trying to do the right thing without being answerable to all the wrongs. So more billions are lost.

Look at Sabah when I was there in 1995 - 97 there were water problems and it's still not solved. I believe because there are no big profits in solving this problem or they are using the problems step by step as an election ploy. Now they say it can remedied by 2012. What a joke! Relate to this to the missing Billions we know what inefficiency and corruption does. When is this going to stop! I hope when not it's too late. Viva Le France.

Anonymous said...

As an exservicemen who have fought for this country during the Emergency period do you think that we were given a proper recognition by the Barisan Government for the last 52 years since Merdeka?

FMZam said...

And as soldiers we made ourselves a staunch group of citizen that repels what other citizen seem to embrace so readily just because Perkasa carries the banner of Melayu. In the military we used to train for war as a team regardless of race, we used to serve under Malay and non-Malay commanders with impartiality and called them sir regardless of race, we used to sweat and bleed the military hardship with them all regardless of race, we used to be brothers regardless of race.

Perkasa is a Malay too far to be our brothers!

FMZam said...

The simple rule of thumb, when the food that Perkasa eats are UMNO's food, then Perkasa shits UMNO's shit!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,sad to say this but we have a dyfunctioning leadership that only cares of their own pockets !.They don't even care for the nation what more can we expect from them for us ex-servircemen ?. Most of our servicemen only survive near or below subsistence level. The idea that all of us had the right to acquire material goods and beyond our immediate needs was/is alien to them. But their children and wifes make up the largest single segment of malaysian's individual international travelers, going abroad every year on shopping sprees to such faraway places as Paris and London !.
,,,many of my/our mates and servicemen were killed or badly injured by booby traps but until today none of our political leaders care a bloody shit. Many of us after leaving the Armed Forces after serving for King and Country don't or can't affort to buy a decent house too and have to survive with our children on welfare !. Most ending as taxy drivers or guards and having to earn a living like me even after sixty years of age. Washing toilets and cleaning rubbish BUT am still glad its a honest living.
,,,in fact, i can still sleep at night peacefully. I really don't know if the dirty politicians can ?.
,,,guess we ex-servicemen has the capacity for greater suffering after all the hard training and fighting the CTs.

ucis said...

I do agree with some of AAH comments and as I commented previously this blog has becomes more anti establisment and I just wonder your crusade will be achieved.YANG BERSYUKUR DAN TAHU MENGENG BUDI.TAAT SETIA

komando said...

Saudara are the types that came from the old school of RMR officers.... to defend the Malay Rights at all cost, even if it goes against ISLAM...!

Good luck to you, I strongly suggest you become a Life Member of UMNO and Perkasa, they love people like you!

happy birthday

komando said...

It is sad to say that we have former Military officers with such shallow capacity to see what can unite this nation and what is dividing it...

After The long years of having served this nation and the king and yet cannot differentiate right from wrongs!

What we talk about comradeship and togetherness as officers and men of the ATM, no colour, creed nor beliefs barrier! Guess that is all in the past, like my friend the FD Marshall Z said we had all kinds of commanders and leaders and we served without questioning!


MAYBE THAT IS WHY AAH FEELS THAT WAY! Maybe he missed doing ERE staff work!

Sad and so sorry for him...

abdulhalimshah said...

What we should be pursuing here is the means to achieve good governance through people who are chosen to govern the country with morality and good ethics so that fairness and justice be our ultimate value-system, irrespective of our colour, creed or religion.
There should not be any form of bigotry or extremism on either side of the political divide nor any form of neo-nazism should emerge from any group. In my view PERKASA is anachronism in the light of what the Nation is striving for, ie. National unity. PERKASA is singing the old tune to make the masses believe Malay rights are being trampled. If the Government of the day cannot uphold what is guaranteed by the Federla Constitution, then the rakyat have every right to tell the Government that all is not well and they should wake up before the great fall. This platform here is to point out the defects and for the people with the power to put things right. Otherwise this is just a complete waste of our time and effort and much worse being construed as anti-government.

FMZam said...


This blog has been running for more than a year starting with what you might have called anti-establishment comments. At one time Dato' Arshad had even thought of quitting but god made him tough and made him stay. Dato Arshad is not a firebrand type but not a bit less than a prolific blogger, he let his blog opened to all. Only that this blog, a military blog, it attracts less comments from non-military people who find it difficult to mingle in the military talks. Otherwise you'll see even more serious comments from the government bashing readers out there.

Ucis, you're not the only devil who wants this blog dead cold. The ESTABLISHMENT of dirty generals and politicians would be smiling upon you.

Maruah_Melayu said...

Well said AAH,

Some people only know to critic but didnt provide any idea or solution. How easy just critic all the time.

They didnt realise that without the support and help provided by the Government belum tentu lagi they will become what as they are today siap dapat Dato'ship lagi.

Melayu memang mudah lupa tapi lebih buruk lagi apabila melayu yang sudah berjaya ini menghentam bangsanya sendiri.

Dalam keadaan sekarang di mana Islam dan melayu di hina oleh bangsa asing, mereka ini bukan hendak membantu malah turut sama mengecam dan menghina bangsanya sendiri.

I wonder what's in their head actually.

At least Perkasa is doing something about it. Protecting the Malay, Islam and the constitution.

But what about these people like Johan, Komando and Dato' Arshad?

What did they do when kaum lain wants the Sultan of Perak to go to hell?

What did they do when the Christians pushing the Government to allow them to use Allah in their teaching?

What did they do when someone accused the malays as bangsa pendatang?

What did they do when someone said that Islam is the fucking religion?

No. They did nothing.

But when others wanted to do something to defend the malays, Islam and the constitution these people like Johan, Komando and Dato' Arshad condemned the effort.

Mereka kata kononnya Perkasa ni hanya perjuangkan perut mereka sendiri walhal dalam komen-komen mereka sendiri mereka duk cerita pasal benda-benda yang mereka tak dapat. So siapa yang perjuangkan perut sendiri kat sini?

Shame on you la Dato'.

Jangan hanya pandai kritik show some effort la Dato'. Talk is cheap.


Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,We malaysians must put our feet forward instead of feed back !.
,,,indeed we are tied to our past by cultural umbilical cord that includes laws, traditional customs, myths and memories that are coloured by religious beliefs, historical events and other odds and ends.
,,,but unfortunately some people are not receptive to change than others and for some reason not fully understood, they have turned out as non-cultural chameleons, unable to ingrest, to synthesize and adapt to new concepts but only to stick to ways only to suit their own selfish purposes yet becoming weaker as the days progress forward.
,,,in fact, it is one of the great ironies of the age that Malaysia until recently was once the most advance of all Asian countries and was an economic giant in the making. It all boils down to present poor plus corrupted leadership.
,,,the future may only belong to those who prove themselves superior in commonsense yet some of us is pretty hopeless ! Still taking about melayu rights but never on responsibilities. Just wake-up guys ?. No one owns us a living, we malaysian have to work hard at it.
YES INDEED ....Change your lazy and crazy plus stupid subsidy mentality.

aah said...

Saudara Komando yang saya hormati,

Saya ingin memperbetulkan pandangan saudara terhadap diri saya:

1.Saya berpendidikan sekolah aliran Inggeris dan mengambil peperiksaan Senior Cambridge.

2.Sekolah saya multi racial,ada melayu,cina,india,siam,benggali dan gurkha.Hingga sekarang kami masih berkawan dengan cukup akrab.

3.Saya bukan berkhidmat didalam Batalion Askar Melayu saja,perkhidmatan saya merangkumi di tiga tempat yang berbeza.Tahun 1984 saya bertugas diJABATAN PERDANA MENTERI dan bos saya ialah seorang awam iaitu Setiausaha Majlis Keselamatan Negara.Tahun 1986 saya ditumpangkan di Cawangan Khas PDRM Bukit Aman dan bertanggung jawab kepada dua negeri iaitu Kedah dan Perlis.Tahun 1987 memasuki Maktab Turus Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.Tahun 1988 hingga 1991 ditumpangkan diUniversiti Utara Malaysia.

4.Selepas bersara dari ATM saya berniaga dalam bidang yang berbeza dari bidang ketenteraan iaitu dengan Investment Bank hingga sekarang.Pelanggan saya majoriti adalah kaum Cina.

5.Selain dari itu saya aktif sebagai sukarelawan dalam bidang perubatan dan bantuan kemanusiaan,berikut adalah negara negara yang telah pernah saya berkhidmat:

a.Iraq 2003(kawasan konflik peperangan)

b.Bam,Iran 2004 (bencana alam,gempa bumi)

c.Darfur,Sudan 2004 (kawasan konflik perang saudara)

d.Muzaffarabad,Kashmir,Pakistan 2005 (bencana gempa bumi)

e.Bagh,Jamu Kashmir,Pakistan 2005(gempa bumi)

f.Acheh 2005(gempa bumi)

g.Syria 2006(perang Israel/Lebanon)

h.Beirut/Selatan Lebanon 2006(perang Israel/Lebanon)

i.Hadramaut,Yemen 2008 (banjir)

j.Padang,Indonesia 2009 (gempa bumi)

Bagi saudara mengatakan saya dari old school adalah tidak tepat.Saya telah menyaksikan penderitaan manusia yang tak dapat saya bayangkan. Ini disebabkan angkara peperangan,konflik dan perbalahan suku kaum.Saya amat bershukur dengan apa yang ada dalam negara kita jauh sekali mahu melihat pergaduhan kaum atau perang saudara berlaku didalam negara kita.

Tetapi keadaan dalam negara kita telah jauh berubah selepas PRU 12,kumpulan minoriti telah mula menunjuk belang dan membuat tuntutan tuntutan yang menyakit hati orang orang melayu.Perkara perkara yang telah dipersetujui oleh semua kaum dan telah termaktub didalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan diungkit dan dicabar didalam Dewan Rakyat,Dewan Undangan Negeri dan didalam semua media baik elektronik atau cetak.Mereka mereka ini langsung tidak menghormati Perlembagaan Malaysia malah ada yang berikap macam komunis dan ada yang mahu membawa Chin Peng kembali ke Malaysia.

Saudara Komando ada banyak sangat tuntutan yang dibuat oleh puak puak ini yang menyebabkan Melayu amat marah terutama sekali yang melibatkan agama Islam .

'Yes I am an old soldier,old soldier never fade away and die, they fight all the way'and I am willing to die for this country 'TANAH MELAYU'

ucis said...

Dear Komando,
Your comments is an insult to the originator of this blog who is from RMR.Siapa tak kenal PAK CHAD.Tanya dia berapa ERE appointments yang dia buat dan berapa officers yang dari Kor lain yang dia command.Pse be fair with your comments

aah said...

Saudara FMZam,

You said 'MELAYU are BUTATISTS,TIDURISTS and LUPAISTS'arn't you a malay ? if you are a malay than you are the most stupid malay I have ever seen,not only stupid but a blind malay.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear all, please !

,,,There are of course times when it is prudent to say nothing, but there are also times when it is better to voice what's on your mind. To say we should always shrink from criticism is just as wrong as saying that nothing positive should ever pass our lips.

The main problem is not criticism, but understanding how to deal with it and build on it. Malaysians often can't deal with criticism because those who criticise only know how to criticise, and the criticised don't know how to respond. Because we are so averse to dissent and disagreement, we do not know how to handle it gracefully, and we rarely see the right response as fixing the problem which led to the issue in the first place.

There is a lot of criticism out there that is simply not right — criticism from people who are just out there to be jerks and assholes, rather than actually contribute. But that does not invalidate criticism from people who do want problems solved. The trouble with our society is that we often appear not to realise this.

The appropriate response to criticism is to see if the problem is real, and try to solve it. If we can do something about it — whether that be writing to the Education Ministry or organising a dialogue with a local councillor — great. If we can't, too bad.

Let's not take criticism personally; let's not take it as an insult, even when it is.

Ignore the useless criticism, and be glad for the useful brickbats you do get. Our country will be much better off for it.

Let’s take criticism as something constructive rather than destructive,,,,please ?.

i guess, we are all fighting against corruption and for the betterment of the nation but perhaps wording it in different ways only-lah. What may sound negative may actually be positive, its a matter of how one takes it!. (hanya niat-nya mesti baik, yang itu penting)

FMZam said...

My dear AAH,

I am not a Malay full stop. I am a Malaysian full stop. All those places in the world you have been, did you tell those people you are a Malay or a Malaysian?

FMZam said...

For those of you who are promoting Perkasa, it is very funny to see you get so angry when we refuse to support your call. We are not stupid and blind like you to side with Perkasa stupidly and blindly. When because of that we are stupid and blind, so be it, for we are not the stupid and blind you can buy. To hell with Perkasa!

FMZam said...

First, we have the constitution to protect the Malays' rights. Then we have UMNO to champion the Malays' rights. And we have Pemuda UMNO to protect "the champion of the Malays' rights". Now we have Perkasa to protect "the champion and the protector of the Malays' rights." Why is the Malays' rights being so multiple guarded in a fortified castle when the Malays are outside the castle? Because the Malays' rights is just for the elite living in that castle.

abdulhalimshah said...

Let's forget about PERKASA, it is irrelevant. Let us look to the future and give our input to add substance for the " Economic Model " announced by the PM on 30 March 2010.
The focus still remains eradication of poverty irrespective of race. 40% of the population earns less than RM 1500 a month. If the target is to increase the annual per capita income to RM 49,500 a year by 2020 in real terms, how can this be achieved with the present structure where wealth is concentrated to a very small percentage of the population? This is what we should focus on. Rent seekers should be eliminated altogether regardless of race. We should be more proactive rather than proactive.

abdulhalimshah said...

Sorry the last phrase is " We should be more proactive rather than reactive. "

Capt's Longhouse said...

my fellow ex-servicemen,

,,,indeed, if we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
,,,the hidden spirit is success-directed, problem-solving and pain-reducing in all of us !

,,,Its a mindset & mentality thing yaa...the mental images and anticipation of desired outcomes can do wonders, if supported by tranquillity, prayers, beliefs, cheerfulness, enthusism, drive, determination and excellent performance...try them ! Go for the extra mile.
...but please don't apple polish, you may lose the respect of the very personyou want to impress. Just be kind and obliging all the way.
,,,one of our greatest assets is our ability to serve, to maximise our value to society and at the same time to gain recognition, assistence, benefits and blessings from others; only then can we enrish both ourselves and others.

Salam Muhibah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Capt Longhouse,
Reading tru your notes make me feel very sad and make my eyes watery.
Ini lah nasib bekas bekas tentera yang telah berjasa kepada bangsa dan negara.
What shall we do now?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,kita kena sabar-lah dan 'educate our children' accordingly yaa !. Masa depan mereka lah yang paling penting, kita dah hampir terlanjut selepas berbakti pada bangsa dan negara.
,,,am not asking a single ringgit from the government, just be fair and clean that's all am asking on behalf of all malaysian.
,,,as a chopper pilot before am involved with thousands of incidents cross the country, flown hundreds of medevac/casevac or merci flights !. Together with the Army/Police we served for the nation without questioning BUT right now am disappointed with the lack of 'political will' plus poor leadership to drive our beloved nation forward. The economy is really in trouble created by these selfish dirty corrupted politicians. Talk is cheap, ACTION is what counts.
,,,we had been taken for a ride for such a long time yaa !. I just don't trust our present politicians...sorry. Am very disappointed too but will never give-up trying. We MALAYSIAN must UNITE and get rid of the racist mentality or we will all sink together.
,,,yes, what can we do ? hopeful, anticipate good things and work to deserve it. Plus ensure your life is in harmony with your values and principles.

Salam muhibah sesama kita.

Anonymous said...

Somebody told me this morning that Perbadanan Perwira Harta (PPHM) a subsidiary of LTAT was awarded a multi million dollar contract to rebuilt ,refurbish and improve all Military camps in the country.This company PPHM in return has sub contract the whole job to a non bumiputra Company to undertake the job nationwide because PPHM has no capacity to do it.
Now this non bumiputra company will decide who to appoint and which consultant to be engaged for the job.
Do you think LTAT is fair in awarding the contract to a nonbumiputra company and eliminating any possibilities and chances of exservicemen participating in the contract work within the Military complex where they once belong to?

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear Dato,

PERKASA atau MEMAKSA ?...and may i echo this !!..

,,,It is abundantly clear that the politics of race has slowly and surely brought to this country to the brink of disaster.

,,,Indeed, We are a nation divided, kept from strength by divisive policies that constantly remind us of our differences rather than our similarities and, in doing so, breed distrust and weakness. We have been reduced to nothing more than representatives of our different ethnic communities. Instead of being husband, father, wife, mother, child, lawyer, artist, accountant, doctor or public intellectual, we are instead Malay, Chinese, Indian or Other, the value we can each add to this society limited by the box that keeps us in our respective categories.

,,,Though this may serve political interests, ‘divide and rule’ having always been a useful strategy for ensuring dominion, it does not serve our interests and those of the nation.

"BUT BUT BUT, no matter how painful the situation is, WE have no choice but to change."

Tok Pauh said...

Wahai orang Melayu, carilah alasan untuk kita berpecah. Carilah kuman dan hama, untuk kita alaskan sebagai penghakiman,kononnya kita kita bijak walaupun ianya memacu kemusnahan bangsa sendiri.

Nanti kita akan dikenang kerana berusaha keras membutakan mata daripada melihat keburukan bangsa lain, tetapi mencari segenap teropong didunia untuk mencari sekecil2 salah dan silap bangsa kita dan orang kita, untuk memacu perpecahan.

Janganlah disokong sebarang NGO Melayu, biar semua orang tahu darah tentera yang berani mengahadapi peluru, adalah pengecut mempertahankan kepentingan bangsa. Lebih baik duduk diam makan pencen, ada masa lapang boleh kritik bangsa.

Cari saja alasan agar Melayu ini boleh dipijak lagi, kerana bangsa lain adalah sempurna, tiada cacat celanya, maka biarlah mereka rebut semua.

Miskinkanlah Melayu, barulah kita yang berdarah pejuang ini dapat berbangga dengan perasaan dan perasan bijak, bila mengherdik bangsa kita.

Kita suruhlah orang Melayu semua tidur, jadi bolehlah kita nampak lebih bijak.

Tahniah ATM.

茂一 said...

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aah said...

My Dear FMZam,

I am a MALAY first, second Malaysian,the word MALAYSIAN begin with MALAY first and later SIAN being added to become Malaysian.

Historically this land is known as The Malay Peninsular or SEMANJUNG TANAH MELAYU,go and check with Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim or Prof Dr Ramlah Adam.

I am proud to be a MALAY and Muslim,this is my country, I will die in this country.Being a professional and trained soldier, I will defend this country at what ever cost.

Sekarang saya sedar rupa rupanya ada Melayu yang takut untuk mengaku dirinya Melayu.

Salam hormat FMZam,satu hari nanti kita akan bertemu,May ALLAH bless you.

samsaimon said...

Saudara aah,
Saya setuju dengan saudara, saya Melayu dan Islam ugama saya.
Negeri saya Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
Negara saya Malaysia.
I'm a Malaysian!
So the Chinese, Indian and others cannot claim to be Malaysian ?
Because they are not Malay, how can they be Sian, MALAYSIAN ?
Ah paning kepala kok !!!

Malaysian said...

Dear Dato

It's never too late for an old soldier like you to join politic. The country needs Malaysian like you. Is it not your duty as anak Selangor join politic to save your beloved state and country? Do you want ignorant and corrupted "Khir Toyo" to win Selangor next election? Do you want corrupted and racist politician ruin this Tanah Melayu?

ucis said...

Tak payah paning kepala.Pada lazimnya kita sebut bangsa dahulu dan baru kerakyataan.Yang jadi poning kepalo den ialah kono belajar mandarin nak baca komen dalam blog ni.Komen sikit Dato.

samsaimon said...

Saudara Ucis,
I love this blog, visit it everyday many times without fail. Comment as and when needs to. Even though I'm not a soldier, my late father was ! Askar Melayu Bat. 4. No. empat angka, 65**. Was brought up in army camp. Pergi sekolah (rendah)naik truck. Masa kecik kecik Bat.4 CO Hamid Bidin, lepas tu Engku Nazaruddin. Gen. Borhan baru 2nd. Lieut. baru balik dari Sandhurst, di Batu 5 Camp, Mentakab.
I have fond memories of my childhood in Army Camp. Secondary School dah masuk boarding School.
Macammana yang mandarin tu terlepas, hai den sosah kang!

ucis said...

Dear Mr.Samsaimon,
I am please and gland to know that a person who is not from the service had fond memories of living with the families of servicemen.May ALLAH blessed your late father.I too had many fond memories working with soldiers with 4 digits service numbers.They were very disciplined and loyal.TAAT SETIA.

Anonymous said...

I was in the service for quite sometime and spend 16 years of my life in Mindef.I owed a lot to the ATM for my standing now in the society.Life is comfortable now after leaving the service voluntarily without waiting for the compulsory retirement at the mandatory age according to rank.
Discipline is the core of life in the Military which moulded me until today.I am sicken at the undiscipline society that we have in Malaysia at large,be it Politician,businessman,government servants and the general public.
Malaysia could be a country like heaven if every citizen maintain a discipline life and respect the law of the land.

FMZam said...

More and more of this Perkasa thing and the Malays are going to listen more what Perkasa is BULLSHITTING than what Perkasa is talking. Kanang Anak Langkau is an Iban Dayak whose heroism should have made him a celebrated national icon had him being born a Malay, while a Malay need only to be a space passenger to be knighted a Malaysian hero and rewarded with more than what Kanang had shown how bravery and heroism is to all Malaysians especially the boasting Malays, by the Iban’s way, by taking bullets (not just one bullet) into his body. So don’t brag about bravery and heroism just because you are fighting for the Malay’s rights for Kanang had shown that bravery and heroism is a right of every Malaysian. Don’t tell me the Malays had not enough rights to now claim that bravery and heroism is the Malay’s rights too, that they can call all those against Malay’s rights are coward?

samsaimon said...

thanks. May Allah swt bless us all and our beloved country.
Let us rebuild our country through our respected fields getting rid of all the corrupted and unperforming politicians. Yes, we do need change!

abdulhalimshah said...

Sebenarnya jika diteliti apa yang terkandung dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan mengenai hak orang Melayu hanyalah " special position of the Malays " tentang peruntukan mengenai jawatan dalam perkhidmatan awam, biasiswa,lesen lesen tertentu dan jaminan keatas kedudukan Raja Raja yang diangkat sebagai Sultan dinegeri negeri yang mempunyai Raja. Jawatan Perdana Menteri pun tidak dikhaskan kepada orang Melayu mengikut apa yang terkandung didalamnya.
Tentang orang Melayu memperlekehkan orang Melayu hanyalah satu pendapat yang subjektif. Apa yang berlaku sebenarnya ialah orang Melayu yang berkuasa mengkhianati bangsanya sendiri dengan menjual maruahnya untuk mendapat laba yang berlipat ganda melalui cara yang hina. Mengatakan perkara yang benar walaupun pahit adalah tuntutan agama Islam dan jika tidak dapat memperbetulkannya dengan tangan maka dengan lidah pun cukuplah. Jadi dimanakah salahnya jika perbuatan keji dibongkar hatta oleh siapa pun tanpa mengira kaum disifatkan sebagai mengkhianati Bangsa. Kemunduran orang Melayu bukan kerana orang lain yang datang pada mulanya sehelai sepinggang, tetapi perbuatan khianat orang Melayu jugalah yang menggadaikan Negeri untuk keuntungan jangka pendek.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,…in lands ruled by despots, the primary aim of most laws and institutions is to control the behavior of the inhabitants, and so guarantee the power and authority of those rulers in power. Citizens do not have rights, they have obligations. This is very true whether the despots are secular or religious. In such a society, the people must devise a varety of ways to gain favor and keep the goodwill of those in power ! What a shame ?.
,,,….whether god or dictator whereby ‘corruption’ is just the standard protocol. It apparently serves as insurance to help guarantee continued goodwill or patronage and as a way to build up obligation for when favors might be needed in the future.
,,,what is becoming of our dear nation ?
,,,…not unless we help educate the rakyat on our war against corruption with the present dirty politicians and bad individuals, WE will all sink together ! AND we are indeed, sinking fast right now.

"We have to change our 'mindset' to improve"...this is not anti-establishment but for our improvement and anti-racialism.

Capt's Longhouse said...

To all my malays and malaysian brothers/sisters,

,,,please Stop the “Othering” and act “Together”

,,,a sustained project of ‘Othering’ a community with the intention of serving the interests of racialised capitalism and bumiputrism (as post-colonialism) by the ruling BN Govn. lead by UMNO/MCA/MIC etc needs to be reviewed/reformed accordingly for the nation's good.

,,,The sad irony is that in the countries of Southeast Asia today such racialised discourse has never been effectively rejected or even criticised, but rather have become the norms of politics in the postcolonial era.

,,,Unless these mindset/attitude be over come in good faith for the future generation and nation, we still face an up-hill task from an truely Malaysianized state.
,,,Bearing these in mind, Political maturity and facing the challenges of the globalized world, as one nation/state would not be an easy stroll in the jungle of existing international competition. We have to together over come this subject issue b4 moving forward to face the world as a single team player. ……..”Our Malaysian Team.”

,,,And its about time too. Its never too late.
(indeed do pls come over to Sarawak and see it, in real life and living, the racial harmony and you are all welcome to stay in my house in Miri or my Capt's Longhouse at Pulau Kapas, its a mini United Nation with the Global society)

josephng said...

Dear aah

What a revelation? To be a Malaysian means you need to be a malay as the word "Malay" comes first then those who are of it called "sian".

Which planet you came from? Don't you think such a shame to have you served in the military to have such dumb thinking. You are the exact UMNO/Perkasa in Malaysia. The UMNO in military service. If you ever becomes the military chief, the service will become another UMNO. You mean having served point A to point J (Iraq to Darfur), this what you are capable of thinking.

Maybe you needed to be warded to Ward 5 to check on your sanity. Perhaps, you were attacked and under tremendous trauma that turned you into another Raksasa (Perkasa).

komando said...

Saudara AAH, saya suka dengan apa anda kata disini,

Well and good...Pak Chad is from the old school...what we have from the old school are those who can see better and appreciate better, whereas there are those who are really 'SEMPIT' dalam semua segi, sebab apo?

Sebab BTN dah ajar ajaran songsang kepada MELAYU...sebab apo sebab suruh benci kaum lain, menghasut membenci, bermusuh, dan nak cari pasal untuk gaduh!

Agar saudara jangan marah dan kena sakit jantung lepas baca ini!

Islam tidak menuyuruh kita buat semua yang UMNO suruh buat membuta sahaja ikut, lagi lagi PERKASA...HAPRAK PUNYA MANUSIA DENGAN AGENDA NAK HANCURKAN NEGARA INI.





"Death awaits for everyone, we can't run, we can't hide, we can't delay neither can it be postponed, say your piece or forever be silent!"

komando said...



Dear Folks, the most distinguished war hero the nation have is till very alive and kicking in the kampong...he is none other than the one and only WO I KANANG AK LANGKAU! THE RSM FROM THE 8TH RANGER BATTALION...ORIGINAL INFANTRY (NON AIRBORNE)

Lest all young soldiers and young officers who do not know about this legendary Iban warrior from Sarawak, a kampong called Pakit in Simenggang, now called Sri Aman!

He was decorated with 1 x SP & 2 x PGB ! A record unbroken and will never ever be broken I guess! He has single-handedley killed a number of CT's.

Another record to stand and not likely to fall, there are no more CT's to hunt!

Yet, he could not get a simple piece of land to plant "LADA HITAM" !

Until he was so pissed off that he wanted to pawn his three pieces of "BESI BURUK" to a Chinaman in Kuching town! That Chinaman refuse to buy it outright! It is worth nothing just Besi Buruk!

That is what we call Gormen recognition of services rendered by the ARMED FORCES TO KING & COUNTRY!

This man was not given any hope to live when he was mortally wounded in his last contact with CT in Ipoh!

The doctors in GH Ipoh already gave up and said he will not survive! Yet he went against all odds and LIVED till today!

Does that say anything about REAL HEROES in this country?

I urge all serving and retired men and women to think about sending your kids to defend this country, not being disloyal, but being realistic!

"Sports persons draw bigger pension earn more perks, have more recognition and awards than people who die for this country in the name of KING & COUNTRY !

Ask you kids to become sports person and earn mega bugs!

Who is Jibby trying to fool?

March 18, 2010 5:50 PM




komando said...



For those people who wants DATUKSHIP so badly and is hard up for it sent your full address and particulars. IT can be arranged!

What is the big deal of becoming a DATUK?

We have rapists, porn actors, drug kingpins, fornicators, murderers, liars all in the same boat all with Datukship...same full of shit!



Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,please !..take it easy.

,,,"who is mighty ?,,,one who makes an enemy into a friend."

aah said...

Dear josephng,

You said I am dump and need to be warded to ward 5 for check on my sanity.

I think you too need to be sent to Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan or Tampoi because you never read the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION.I humbly reguest you to read and understand the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION,there was not a single word of Mlaysian being written in the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION.

What was written many many times was the word Malay,Malay Peninsula,Federation of Malaya Agreement,Malay Language,Federation of Malaya,Malay reservation,Malay custom,States of Malaya and Malay Rulers.

For as long as the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION is not ammended I'll stand by what I said and will defend this Constitution to the last drop of my blood.

Our country practice Parliamentry democracy, which ever political party that control two third majority in Parliament has every right to ammend the constitution and choose whoever they want to be The Prime Minister imaterial of race.

Josephng,please contest in the comming PRU 13,who knows you will be the next PM of Malaysia.

I strongly support what Tan Sri Mahyuddin said "I am Malay first, second Malaysian" Go to hell with Kit Siang.

F said...

Encik kommando,

I have met quite a few datuks, including the owner of this blog who didn't dabble in politics or pay for their datukships. This recent mass influx of datuks is a recent phenemenon..... In the past the datuks worked hard and contributed to get their datukships.

Capt's Longhouse said...

o.k everyone just go to the "Constitution of Malaysia" on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;

,,,The Constitution of Malaysia, comprising 181 articles, is the supreme law of Malaysia. It was drafted based on the advice of the Reid Commission, and came into force on 27 August 1957.—
,,,my guess, many has not read it unfortunately !. Hear say only is not good yaa. Be professional about it.

"miscommunication, poor communication or no communication will creat problems"

Malaysian said...
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Malaysian said...

I'm an "anak Malaysia". I'm not interest on the race of the Prime Minister. I'm only interested in having a leader that fight corruption, racism, improve current economy, reduce crime rates, help the poor, etc. I'm sure most Malaysian share the same feelings as me. It's time for us to stop differentiate ourselves by skin color and religion. This is our only home and we must unite for our beloved country.


Malaysian said...
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FMZam said...

Dear Malaysian,

I managed to read your last posting at a glimpse just before it's deleted, wonder why you took it off so abruptly, there's nothing to be shy to say that good words for us soldiers to read.

I stand by your Anak Malaysia attitude, I guess there are many of us with that attitude and we are with you. What do we care those "dung Malays" who called us anti-establishment for as far as we are concerned just what and whose establishment that we are anti? That's UMNO establishment we are anti is a "dung beetle" establishment.

Malaysian said...

Thank you FMZAM for you comment on my deleted comment. I've high regards for the "old soldier" a lot especially after Capt longhouse informed us that we actually fought the communist even during the 80s. It's a shamed that Malaysian were not informed about it. Too many good people die for this country. They die for me and my family! I wish I can do more to honor them.

Malaysian said...

Dear friends,

It's time for us to stop bashing other races. What benefit do we get continue arguing about race? I rather discuss on how to help veteran that cannot afford buy a home, improve "kampung school" condition, etc. I sincerely hope we can stop bashing other races. This is our only home and we must work together for the sake of this country. Too many good people die for "MERDEKA"! We must not let them die in vain. We still have time to achieve WAWASAN 2020!


komando said...

So folks, lets play the games that Politicians want to play, lets get DIRTY !

If they think that they can get away SCOT free, sorry we will make them pay BIG TIME !

We are here to make this country a better place for all to live, immaterial what colour or creed or beliefs!

If the people of this country wants peace we shall all work hard for it, if the politicians wants trouble we will ensure they have it also.

as for those who think I am not a bangsa malaysia...or ungrateful...or are all very wrong, I am here to fight....the wrongs and right the wrongs so that we can be better MALAYSIANS...

komando said...

Gelaran TUN, Tan Seri, Datuk Or whatever...if that person who is bestowed with an AWARD, it recognizes his contribution to society and country..what ever way and whatever means....

But if that human thinks he deserves it because he bribed or paid for the dinner, birthday party, debts or gambling misfortunes so be it!

They will live forever it a state of shame and endless deceit..

No Offense meant to any DESERVING Datuk !

Anonymous said...

Dear Komando,
Aku nak tergelak bila baca komen hang ni.Sememang nya benar apa yang ditulis saudara.Title Datuk ni dah bersepah sepah dan ade pulak pakai title Datuk Dr dan macam macam lagi.Yang aku nak tergelak ni ade le dua tiga ekor mamat ni,pencen /atau bekas askar aje......tup tup dia pakai title Lt Kol (B) Datuk Dr ..........Dalam hati aku bila pulak le mamat ni dapat title Datuk.Sah title dia beli kat Mindanao atau Solo atau Jogja ni dan title Dr tu entah dari mana dia dapat.Yang aku ingat dia ni dulu masa dalam servis kursus Staff College pun RTU,nak menulis jauh sekali.
Ade sorang lagi mamat ni orang lama dah aku tengok dia pakai title Datuk...........lepas tu baru baru ni dia pakai title Dr pulak.Dalam servis dulu dia ni Kapt aje tak pencen lagi.Kah Kah Kah...........ape le nak jadi Melayu ni gilo pangkat bonar.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,hehehe ! apa-lah nak jadi dgn si-Capt UBAN tua (tak boleh besara, kena kerja sampai mati) ini, nak jadi datok pun anak tak kawin-kawin lagi !

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Friends,
Reading all the past comments it is amazing to see how the subject-matter have changed from antics of PERKASA which the PM says is not an extremist group, right to matters concerning awards of honour or academic credentials.
My conclusiom is that most Malaysians are trapped in a time-warp and are intoxicated with feudalistic titles except for those who really earned their spurs. It reminded me what was said by my instructor during my OBS course, a person who lacked the strength of character had to make up for it by etching their achievements onto stones or barks of trees because their inner self was devoid of honour and dignity. Simply said titles or honorifics are meaningless if inside you lacks integrity and feeling of compassion for those who are less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Nak tulis sikit lagi pasal title ni......
Cuba le saudara saudara perhatikan dekat no plate dan cermin kereta kereta kat Malaysia ni.Macam macam logo dan signage ade dilekat, diglue,dirivet di nombor plate atau cermin kereta.Macam macam title ade, contohnya Bar Council,JP,Persatuan Datuk Datuk Negeri Antah Berantah,Members of Parliament,Polis DiRaja Malaysia,dan macam macam lagi.
Benda ni semua ade yang menyalahi Akta Pengangkutan Jalan Raya apabila dilekatkan pada nombor plate kenderaan.Persoalannya ialah kenapa tiada penguatkuasaan terhadap benda yang salah oleh Penguatkuasa JPJ atau mereka dah kenyang makan yang besar besar sehinggakan benda yang menyemak dimata tidak dipandang.
Tuan punya kenderaan yang meletakkan logo logo dan signage ni ape ke jadah tujuannya.Nak bagitahu kat dunia bahawa mereka ni "somebody" dan "above the law" atau friends to the Policemen.Yang sangat saya benci sekali lihat ialah kereta kereta apek yang canggih canggih modelnya dilekat dengan logo PDRM.Ni ape tujuan nya.........Diharap penguatkuasa undang undang ni kerja la sikit atau kalau tak mau buat ambik buku undang undang dan uniform awak tu buang dalam longkang aje lagi baik.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,please don't be angry ,,,cos. i have not lost the sympathy for people less fortunate in this country plus in this world.
,,,Most malaysian still don’t realised unfortunately on the unfairness to those not born in the right class with the right skin color who could not afford the right higher education, such with the bloody arrogant assumption that God had created such rule that some are worthier than other races of people. It pains my heart and i hope all will “get it right” in facing a new reality of what the world could be like without inherited advantages !.
,,,But with my hard-won experience, guess its still not too late to share it with others for the betterment of all malaysian, such i might most time sound like an old record player or a preacher too !.

“Love cures people – both the giver and the receiver”…it will free us from the weight and pain of life and living.
,,,indeed, reason can go only so far, but faith has no limits ! I still have faith for this country but we don't have to be stupid about it ?.

REGISTER now and vote for it in GE 13.

komando said...

LATOK,...tok tok tok

So how is all the Datuks?
Or wannabe Datuks GETTING ON?

See my friends share the same feelings, obviously there are lots of just gullible people the world over, ask DATOK JEAN TODT hubby of Michelle Yeoh, or Shah Rukh Khan just deported or arrested in NY!

What have they contributed to MALAYSIA ?





FMZam said...

Accept the fact that the Malays are divided, what the heck afterall the Malays were never united, not once, not ever, so what's the big deal to deal with the divided Malays when Malay is the only race in the world exclusively distinguished by religion not by race, made it easy rather than difficult for a non-Malay to become one by just being a muslim. In fact the Malays' rights and special position made it even more attractive to the Nons who have discreet personal agendas other than just for loving and making babies with the Malays. The origin of Malays are slowly being diluted and in future will dissolve into alien beings from outer space. But who cares about what a Malay is for the real gainers are the politicians who makes Malays' rights their exclusive right for mining gold in this Bolehland while they still can.

FMZam said...

Pardon me Dato' Arshad, can't help it but to flash here opinion of Aliran's president in Malaysia Today's Peoples Portal;
" UMNO is rich but the Malays are poor".

josephng said...

Dear aah

I think you are so misguided between Federal Constitution and being a nationality of the country.

does that mean if Fed Constitution is being amended, we won't be called Malaysians anymore? Then, what should we be called? Kitsiangians?

Get a life lah. For having served the country for so long and of your age, you should have more wisdom and more rationale instead of your present thinking/behavior. No wonder they said age doesn't equate to the level of wisdom. You are a glaring example...

aah: "For as long as the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION is not ammended I'll stand by what I said and will defend this Constitution to the last drop of my blood."

I am sure you will do that with such extremism in you. Please go and get more C4 and blow yourself up when the fed constitution is being amended.

josephng said...

Dear aah

what makes it even more hilarious is that when you say there is no mention of "Malaysian" in the constitution.

what do you called the citizen of Malaysia? aren't they called "Malaysians"? can you find me a another name to define a citizen of malaysia?

no offense (to the military as a whole) but if you are so dumb having served so many years in military, i wonder how many more dumbos in the military service.

Let me qualify my statement again, i am not saying the military service is dumb but the individuals in the military service.

komando said...

Mr Joe, please excuse us all retired buggers here, AAh is a totally different breed.... an out caste to be more precise & exact, probably trained in TIMBAK TU....!

Would you please forgive him and his very shallow views about life in this world..."frog under d coconut shell"....

Tok Pauh said...

Please forgive us all.

We malays have wronged everybody in this country. Dear Karpal, forgive Us, dear Lim Kis Siang Forgive us. We kneeling here before you as we are so scared that you would call us stupid or something.

We understand that, by defending any Malays rights,we wuold be called shallowed view.

So, Please dont call stupid or the likes, we dont mind giving everything to you,even we know that you've already owned much more than what we have. As long as you dont call us racist or stupid, please take everything.

Forgive us dear lord Karpal and Lim Kit Siang. Just forgive us for be being shallow.

Ex malay soldier

josephng said...

Dear komando and Tok Pauh

I hope my message is not misunderstood. My dad himself has served in the airforce in the early part of his life. I have nothing against the military service, the malays nor any race.

I am against those with warp ideas including those from UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and MIC.

As i have qualified my statement, the military and the malays are not racist. It is the individuals, same goes the racist chinese.

aah said...

Dear Josephng,

PM Najib says I am Malay and proud to be a Malay and a Muslim,DPM Mahyuddin says,I am a Malay first and Malaysian second.Merdeka Research Centre poll 70% OF MALAYS support Perkasa.By your shallow and stupid thinking than all this people are RACISTS.

The real RACIST is people like you and if you are not happy staying in this country you can get lost ! nobody is stoping you .

josephng said...

dear aah

another parrot in the making. bla bla bla ...PM and DPM says this and says that and you just follow? If they admit they are racist, are you going to follow suit?

I won't debate into the sample of respondents that Merdeka Research undertook.

But based on your mindset of telling ppl to get lost from the country and go elsewhere, it really speaks of your mental state. you should join Perkasa and that guy in Penang; most infamous for labelling non-bumi pendatang.

Sigh, you ex-military? you should have joined UMNO since the beginning and not military.

Malaysian said...

Dear Tok Pauh

Lim Kiat Siang and Karpal Singh never called Malay stupid. Nobody is perfect in this country. We're all on this boat together regardless of the skin color or religion. Just as Joseph stated that it's individual of different race that's destroying the country.

pendita said...

Dear Malaysia,

`They' never said the Malay stupid, but unfortunately they seem not to understand the `soul' and feeling of the Malay.

Sorry to say this. Thanks