Thursday, March 11, 2010


Being a thoroughbred Selangorean, I am compel to say my piece regarding the Bukit Botak, Selayang land fraud affecting some 2,000 odd settlers who are predominantly the poor Malays. I simply cannot fathom how the past Selangor state government that was led by predominantly Malay leaders could have the heart to ignore the plight of the poor Malays who were promised homes; a promise made dating back 23 years ago.

Four Menteri Besar’s (MB) of the previous state government have come and gone, and not a single roof has been constructed. Instead millions in public funds have been disbursed by successive MBs to companies (cronies I suppose), on the pretext of starting the housing development project, but all end up in failures. There is no sense of remorse on the part of anyone; neither is there any sense of responsibility and accountability, knowing that public funds in the millions have been lost, and the poor Malays left in a lurch. How naïve can the poor Malays be?

I would like to ask all the past Selangor MBs if ever they had the slightest thought of seriously wanting to revive the project during their time as the head of government? How could you all ever go to sleep, knowing that there are some 2,000 odd poor Malay settlers are still without homes, that were promised to them 23 years ago? Yet you all can go around enjoying the luxuries provided to you at public expense; living in palatial homes and going on and all expense paid overseas trips with your families and with one particular MB even taking along a maid as well. What utter rubbish is this, and he claims to have done so many good things for the state.

As a military person, I am proud to be a leader; a leader of men. But I am always conscious of the fact that with leadership come responsibility and that responsibility extends to the families of those whom i command. I thank Allah swt for throughout my entire service in the military, I was never involved with contractors, and hence I am freed from the evil temptations of greed and money. I only survived on my salary, and at times it was tough going, but I still survive. And driving my new Proton Saga then was the only car that I can afford with my government loan. But I suppose today, things have changed and military officers can be seen driving better and larger cars, and enjoying many more luxuries that I could ill afford during my time. I pray to Allah swt to constantly guide our military officers to not act like all past Selangor MBs; rather to care for their soldiers they command, and never, never for once be tempted to emulate some of the corrupt practices of the MBs.

My only hope now is to see how the new PR Selangor state government will act against all the previous MB’s, and if indeed there was the slightest element of corruption involved in the Bukit Botak land fraud, the prison cell is the only place where they all should be send to spend the remaining years of their life. At least we know that the prison cell is the place where they can seek solace, and repent their sins and misdeeds.



komando said...

Malays are all forgiving persons Dear Dato' Pak Chad.

Only the Almighty will deal with all these scumbags in the afterlife.

Rest assure all of them have a very special cell for them all.

taming said...

The whole damn thing wrong with this beloved country of ours is when politicians commit crimes such as "Bukit Botak" fraud, they got away and enjoy the "political immunity". Many Mentri Besar got away and the PM did not lift his finger to discipline these political culprits to make them responsible and accountable.

Instead, these politician culprits enjoy getting elevated from Datos to Tan Sris and Dato Seris whereas the rakyats would continue to be victimised and suffer.

Such leaders deserve to face firing squad! Can PKR MB do something to bring these culprits to justice and we, the rakyats, will be behind you.

Capt's Longhouse said...

wow taming !,

,,,like your fighting spirit but i still can't figure out who you are-lah ?.
,,,naik pening si Tok Uban ini. hehehe

Wallace said...

No,poor have has poor indian and chinese as well...Resident that leave at bukit botak is poor and not rich.Even the MB khalid was already claim the issue of bukit botak project have been solved.For us as bukit botak resident,their are done nothing at all for keep their promise until now....MB Klalid and current selangor state goverment also have said a lot promote but fail to do anything at all to resident.Their blame BN goverment.We blame their are all sames as well.But their are move good at just talking and empty promise.What their claim that have solve is just small part group which 82 house(from 1400 house) have been built and resident have to move in to leave.