Friday, March 12, 2010


“Stadium may not have a roof” says Trengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said; referring to the collapse roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin stadium that was built for SUKMA a few years ago.

If I were to believe in what Ahmad Said has said, then I would say that the stadium should be renamed ‘Stadium Ahmad Said’, or ‘Staduim Idris Jusoh’; the latter is the preferred name because it was built during his tenure as the MB. I feel a stadium without a roof in this era of the 21st Century does not deserve to be named after the Sultan, who is also presently the King of this country. I would just like to ask Ahmad Said if this is his way of honouring his Sultan by using his name to a stadium without a roof?

You know Ahmad Said, stadiums without a roof were good during the colonial era. Remember the TPCA stadium sited in proximity to Kg. Baru, Kuala Lumpur? It was built without a roof, but at the time it was an architectural marvel of the day, and I remembered watching the hockey match between Malaya and India played at the stadium, and which Malaya won. I suppose a roof stadium wasn’t necessary then because the surrounding area was cool, unlike today.

I just wonder how will the Sultan and the ADUNs be witnessing an event during the sweltering noon Trengganu heat? Will the state Government Issue umbrellas, or pitch a tent?

What I find amusing in Ahmad Said’s statement is that there is no mention about who is actually at fault over the stadium’s failure. Was it a design failure or was there cost cutting that eventually resulted in shoddy construction work? Or was there a complete failure in the overall management and supervision of the construction itself? There must be some fault somewhere; otherwise the roof could not have collapsed.

Please Ahmad Said, give the rakyat of Trengganu a reasonable answer. And isn’t Trengganu rich enough to reconstruct a new roof? Where has all the ‘wang ehsan’ disappeared? When your government could built an expensive Crystal Mosque (am told that it is too difficult for the public to perform prayers there), what is a few million of ‘wang ehsan’ for a new roof.

I do not know what Sultan Mizan will have to say to your proposal, but I think he will not be too happy.



Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Why should the MB mentioned whose fault?

This is because, mentioning who to be blamed is just like "buka pekung di dada" as there are too many Umno leaders in their payroll.

Same thing with PKFZ issue in which some parties are trying their very best to pressure the whistle blower from keep exposing the wrong-doers.

And the best part in Malaysia Boleh is the whistle blower is the one to be blame.

Kah kah kah!!!...

EAGLE said...

Dato' Malaysia is very well verse and always have an excuse!!! Real jerks!!!
A stadium without roof.
A submarine cannot menyelam!!!
Buying aircraft without engine!!!
Missing engines within a supposed protected areas and yet those in charge are all promoted for a job not well done!!!
And the lists will go on and majority are lead by the Malays and we have enough mediocre around and now the king frog is trying to lead the Malays.
Way to go Dato'....where to?

FMZam said...

Laporan siasatan dah keluar dan sebabnya bumbung tu runtuh ialah kelemahan strukturnya. Kalau itulah jawapannya, tak payah tunggu laporan rasmi, aku pun tau kalau apa saja bangunan, ribut tak ada, hujan tak ada, tiba2 runtuh, maka teori keruntuhan yang pertama bermain di kepala semua orang sudah tentulah strukturnya lemah.

Kalau dah struktur lemah, apa lagi tunggu? Yang salah kontraktorlah, tak kan nak salahkan "act of god" pulak? Apa lagi MB, patutnya MB keluarlah kenyataan untuk ambil tindakan pada kontraktor, bukan keluar kenyataan bodoh macam tu. Untuk menyatakan stadium boleh ada bumbung atau tidak, itu bukan sekarang untuk dinyatakan, itu sepatutnya dibincangkan sebelum pembinaan bermula dalam waktu perancangan. Kalau sekarang baru nak cakap, lebih baik MB tu terus terang saja cakap "tak payah ada stadium", barulah ada umph kenyataan dia!

Sekarang ni kontraktor yang berkenaan sepatutnya tanggung semua kos untuk "make good the defect". Tapi kau orang jangan terkejut pulak bila lepas ni keluar cerita yang kos itu akan ditanggung oleh wang rakyat bila kerajaan nanti umumkan kontraktor lain pulak yang akan dilantik untuk "make good the defect".

Maka seperti biasa di Malaysia ni, "murderers will go scot free".

Capt's Longhouse said...
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Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,its something to do with our so called poor maintenance culture plus 'corruption' at almost all levels !.
,,,brought my houseguests to the Taman Tamadun Islam and Trengganu Musuem yesterday...gee the building condition were bad, infact very bad plus not properly managed, with guys/workers sleeping on the floor/walkways/old istana...indeed showing the world their 'malasness'. Adoi !! sangat memalukan-lah. Am lost of words to explain to my houseguests.
,,,no sense of direction !! apa-lah nak jadi di-Terengganu kita ?.
,,,Nothing like in Sarawak, the local lady workers keeps the streets clean and the guys maintain the buildings. Its a matter of leadership.

komando said...

Dear Capt where got leadership, the ship is without any leader, it is heading towards forever land...

No more bodohland or bolehland !