Friday, March 19, 2010


I am utterly disgusted with the antics of some of our parliamentarian in the current sitting of Parliament. Are they elected to throw scorn at one another and act no better than a court jester, or are they to debate national issues that affect the nation and its people?

Watching them open their big mouth makes me wring in anger. There is nothing worthy to speak of such parliamentarians, except to say that some ought to return to grammar school to be taught manners. Indeed I am disgusted, because some are schooled in the best institutions, raise by reputable families but sadly, their behavior in the august house of Parliament befits those stray beggars that roam aimlessly in the streets.

Indeed I am sad, because we Malaysians voted them to the august house thinking that they are the best to represent us, but now we feel cheated and decorum is just being thrown out of the window. I have now told members of my family to switch off the TV the moment recordings of the parliamentary sitting is shown, and to ceased reading anything related to the current parliamentary sitting.

God bless Malaysia.



komando said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad

These goons are fit to perform at circus and zoos only.
Don't waste time & current watching the idiot box when any BN politicians talk!

nxforget said...

Yes Dato', couldn't agree more with you on the behavior of our parliamentarians. Beside their unruly behavior, they can't even put their thoughts across properly.

Secondly, even in parliament, each are still playing politics.

What a shame !!! ... a bunch of clowns.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,indeed, most childish and they call themselves parliamentarians ! Geez...and both sides are the same, how would this country ever progress ?. Monkeying around with the nation's future. Most disgusting behavior, like unschooled gangsters and thugs, in fact even worse !.
,,,Apa-lah nak jadi dengan negara kita ini ??. Lingkup habis, terkecai tunggang langgang di-buat mereka si-neraka dunia ini. Sedih sekali !.

F said...

In my opinion BN politicans don't have a monopoly when it comes to making stupid statements or statements just for political milage. Opposition politicans are as just as capable.

Apologies for being off topic. As there are quite a few here who served in the army during the 80s and 70's, I thought this would be the best place to ask these questions. I'm very interested in the historical aspects of the Malaysian army. Thank you.

1. Did the FN SLR used by the army have a fully automatic mode or like British army SLRs could they only fire single bursts and semi automatic?

2. Prior to the Browning High Power, what pistols were army officers issued with?

3. Did the Beretta AR-70 enter service before or after the HK-33 and what units were they issued to?

4. What year did the MAG 58 GPMG start entering service?

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Dengan hormatnya saya ingin mengesahkan bahawa semua ADUN dan MP sebenarnya bukan nak menjaga rakyat di kawasan yg diwakilinya sebaliknya hanyalah demi pengisian kantung sendiri dengan menjadikan pengundinya macam hamba balaci.

Kalau betul mereka kata dok berjuang demi itu demi ini, mereka tidak akan berkelakuan seperti monyet liar di hutan.

Monyet di Zoo pun pandai nak membawa diri.

Kah kah kah!!!...

ArshadRaji said...

Dear F,

To your questions,. it is best that I talk to you personally. You are welcome to my office for a cup of tea and your questions answered. Please call me at 012-3876061.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Dear Dato'
Our parliamentarians cannot pass a simple IQ test if they took one. So, how did they end up there? Simple- rural politics,money,race card etc.Indirectly "we"put them there. Sitting them in parliament is akin to an old Tamil saying - 'Like giving a flower garland to a monkey".I have watched live, British,Aussie,even Indian parliament, but we take the cake with our "Yang Berhormat's"antics. We have become the laughing stock of the world, and these goons have added fuel to fire in this regard. Come GE 13, we must remove these fools on the hill without mercy. It is our democractic responsibility to restore dignity to our parliament. May we all be DBKL and remove rubbish from the august house. P.S. Dear F give me your e mail address to guide you on your very interesting queries.

Malaysian said...

I watched them last year and felt disgusted by it. I'm not disappointed with BN because I set fairly low bar for them. I'm a little dissappointed with some Pakatan's MP coz I set fairly high bar for them. I think they shouldn't involved the shouting match with BN MP. I'm actually very impressed with Anwar performance. He seems to be able to control his emotion than others.

I still don't understand BN MP. If they're interested on caring for the people they could have perform a lot better. Though Pakatan MPs might involved in the shouting match with BN but they tried serving the people. What did BN do for us? Corruption? Spending millions of dollar on some project to enrich themselves?

F said...


Thank you for you kind offer, much appreciated. I thought it best not to bother you over the weekend, but will call you on Monday.
Thank you again.

Major R. Ramachandran, thank you.

my email is

komando said...

To be come a BN YB -

1. Clown
2. Court Jester
3. Badut
4. Pen-Jilat
5. Peng Ampu
6. Burung Pelatok
7. Kalau salah kata betul
8. Kalau betul kata salah
9. Mesti sokong bos walaupun berdosa dengan tuhan
10. Mest iakan sebelum bos kata apa apa !

Itu lah kriteria seorang WAKIL RAKYAT ATAU MP yang MANTAP !

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
I never knew that there is so much resentment and animosity towards our parliamentarians. As I have commented earlier, the UK public have as much trust on their elected MPs as they have rattlesnakes. They trust politicians the least among all public figures, almost as much as they distrust the press.
Double-dealing and double-talk are part of the MPs arsenal. They will say something while they mean another. So what is the difference?
Their behaviour and the way they conduct themselves. In the UK the MPs behave with decorum, always respectful of one another's views although they differ in opinion. Quite the opposite, here MPs always insisting on being addressed as Yang Berhormat behave no better than drunkards from the local toddy shop.
So why are we complaining?
We put them there, did'nt we? Ha, ha, I am afraid the laugh is on us.
But we can do something about it, can we not?
Of course we can. First we must educate the Pak Chiks and Mak chiks in the kampungs not to be bamboozled by these straight-faced liars. These lot who form the bulk of the electorate are the ones who are easily swayed by sweet talk and promises made by aspiring MPs. Add RM 100 per voter as sweetener during election day, habis lah.
Off-tangent slightly Dato', dengor kabor polis nak naik gaji. Nak naik sampai berapa banyak? Pada hemat saya RM10,000 sebulan bagi setiap mata-mata pun tak dapat hapuskan rasuah.
Jadi apa tujuan naik gaji lagi? Nak tambah lagi pendapatan Jabatan cukai tak bertauliah tu lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

Dear Komando,
Ade satu lagi kriteria yang ke 11,I rasa u miss ia tu CIUM TANGAN BUSUK berbau hanyir bila salam bos atau bini bos tangan pendek.General General pun sekarang dengornya cium tangan.Malu nya aku bila tengok,baik ambik pip yang atas bau yang Agong bagi tu dan buang dalam longkang.

komando said...

WaliMuar,....nasib baik cium tangan aje...silap backside pun nak jilat beb....
When all hell breaks loose and if there is a WAR...may god help all of US!
We can shout but can't shoot by then!
The Generals are busy helping the politicians packing their belongings and bags to run at the first sign of trouble hoping into the plane as well!