Friday, January 7, 2011


In the true spirit of ‘Rakyat Di Dahulukan’, PM Najib is expected to announce the setting up of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCOI), following the disputable open verdict by the coroner following the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) in June last year, while in the custody of MACC.

I just could not believe that a learned coroner after a long and arduous trial, and having heard from numerous witnesses and experts (including foreign ones) could not pass a verdict to determine as to what cause the death of TBH. A blogger friend (rights2write) had in jest written that TBH might have been “struck by a lightning, and was thrown out of the window”. In the absence of truth, I would tend to believe the blogger. I suppose the coroner just had too much to swallow, and was not is the correct frame of mind to make the right verdict; hence the open verdict.

I do not know what good it is to convene the RCOI. We had seen one before i.e. the Lingam case and the outcome of the RCOI just simply fizzles out. Now, we hear Minister in PM Department Nazri Aziz had said that “Teoh’s family could file civil suit against MACC next”. Are we to believe that this time, the court can reach a verdict that can truly satisfy Teoh’s family?

If I were to believe in what the former investigating officer SAC Zain Ibrahim had written about AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan dubious acts of fabricating evidence to prosecute Anuar Ibrahim in his first sodomy case, then I can positively say that filing a civil suit against MACC is a worthless case, unless the courts and the police investigators can prove otherwise. There have been far too many unresolved cases of death in police custody, without seeing anyone prosecuted.

While the controversy over the open verdict was still raging hot, a group calling themselves Gagasan Anti-Penyelewengan Selangor GAPS and PERKASA held a demonstration in front of the State Secretariat Building, over the reluctance of the State Government to accept the appointment of the new State Secretary. They accuse Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has betrayed the Sultan and demanded that the Menteri Besar resign. Am I not surprised that there were no water cannons or hooded police personals to disperse the demonstrators. I suppose they had a police permit to protest. How strange!!!!!!!

I do not know where these demonstrators were during the 1993 Constitutional Crisis when the government and its leaders were out to expose the excesses of the royalties. I clearly remembered news reports on TV showing the palatial homes of a particular ruler in Port Dickson. Other rulers too were not spared. But then, there were no GAPS, PERKASA or other Malay groups screaming ‘DERHAKA’. Why then do these groups decides to protest now, just because the Menteri Besar does not agree to the nomination of the new State Secretary, and the Sultan being made to abide a proposal by an agency of the federal government. Wasn’t it proper that the Sultan should listen to the advice of his Menteri Besar above others? And I think the actions of some who openly criticized the rulers then, were more serious and smacks of insults to our royalties.

This is just the beginning of the New Year, and I do not know what other controversies will crop up from now on. This makes me restless, and I dream of a day when this country is govern by level headed leaders. Wonder if that dream will ever be fulfilled.



EAGLE said...

Your dream will be fulfilled IF we can Change the government. But still no promise as usual never trust any humankind -cakap tak serupa bikin.
As it is, there is a need to have a major overhaul in all areas. If not, just sit and relax and you will be taken for a ride in a Bolehland where if you are the government and with the government-ok! where everything is boleh.
But if you are restless then "tepok dada tanya selera Tok" that is an indication that we need to declare war with the current scenario, and the future doesn't look good either for generation of Malaysians to come.
Quote" now is not to reflect on the world 'as it is', but to CHANGE it" Unquote.

Malaysian said...

I was reading the book on Tun Dr. Ismail. The about him truly shed some lights on the wisdom of this great leader. He's a no nonsense guy that gain a lot of respect from all people from all walks of life. It's sad that we don't have such leader anymore. What can we do as commoner? It's a shame that "Tanah Melayu" is in the process being destroy by greed.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Malaysian,

You must be refering to the book "The Reluctant Politician". Yes, it must be read by all who call themselves leaders.

Arunzab said...

Listen to what Ghafar Baba, the then late Deputy Prime Minister, said during the 1993 constitutional crises - "There is nothing wrong in criticising the Rulers. In fact, the Rulers should be criticised considering that many of them had misbehaved. What can’t be argued is whether the Monarchy should be abolished and the country turned into a republic. That would be seditious, said Ghafar. Everything else is fair game."

Dr Mahathir had open the flood gates in 1993. Now it is only fair game depending on which side of the political divide you are. I am of the opinion that any criticism of the Rajas in 1993 could have been done behind close doors thus giving them face. After all majority of the Rajas had always behaved them selves. What you cannot do is kick them you when you want and praise them when you need their support

Malaysian said...


Yes. I was referring to the book the reluctant politician. It's really eye opening for me to see how our founding fathers think. Younger generation needs to understand our founding father view on Malaysia. Maybe by understanding their view we can move forward together.

The book also stated that the army didn't take the opportunity to stage coup during 1969. This certainly showed the quality of our military men of that time. Have you ever know the general listed in the book during May 13th?

eli said...


In 1Malaysia, mana ada spirit "Rakyat Didahulukan". Anyway, welcome back Mind No Evil and I look forward for more crusading issues against corruptions.

wira said...

Dear Pak Chad,
Sad as it may seem, the fact that recent decisions made by the govt on such things as defence procurement (intended purchase of APCs at a cost of 8Bn), placing the MACC under the PM's Dept instead of Parliament (effectively having them under its operational and administrative control), the Teoh Beng Hock report and the much publisised SS Selangor fiasco are indeed a reflection of a very unwelcome and frightening state of affairs. Are we not heading toward political anarchy? I pray not!!
Picture what is currently happening in Cote D'iviore and Southern Sudan: do we see any similarities. To my untrained mind, the scenario only differ in colour but the end-game is the same. Same old Third World pattern of continued dominance of the party in power at the expense of the opposition.
On the surface they are made to appear like simple administrative over-sight, perhaps even a poor judgement on the part of a govt official/dept or one that occurred as a result of a beaurocratic malais; make no mistake, these are all orchestrated moves or power play by one party in power to continue holding power. Unfortunately in politics, these things are considered legitimate. Have you heard of the cliche' Politics is the art of the impossible!!!
Why do you think we continue seeing these political bickering
long after every general elections?
Do we see these things happening in Europe or the USA--I guess not. I believe, such is the hallmark of mature democracies; they cease politicking the moment the govt of the day is determined so as to allow the elected party to get on with the job of governing.
Does this happen here? ha..ha..
I am afraid quite the opposite gentlemen..
3 tahun selepas pilihan raya, bendera Pas dan PKR masih diterbangkan di atas pokok2, bukit2 dan bangunan kosong. Sungguh kelakar.
Maybe we are not yet matured!!!
Brother Bloggers, considering the predicament that we face today, and how helpless we feel to do anything about it; don't you think we are squarely and unquestionably a Third World political 'basket case' already? Dream on for another 200 yrs.

komando said...

Welcome back Dato'

I assure you that this is going to be the best year!

More fun and games coming...just wait & watch...