Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dr. Rais Yatim (DRY) has come out strongly to refute an allegation that he was involved in the rape incident of a maid in 2007. The story was exposed by Wikileak some two weeks ago, and implicating former PM Tun Abdullah Badawi as well, who was said to have kept the storey under wraps.

The question that many had asked is why did DRY remained silent when the story was leaked out? Why a long wait to deny the allegation, and to allow people to make all kinds of statements? If indeed DRY is innocent, he should have come out with a statement of denial at that very instant and press charges against those who made the first exposure i.e. Wikileak itself. I now will have to pacify my kampong folks at Petaling and Gagu, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan that all the fuss about this leak is not true after all.

DRY should remember that the kampong folks are his voters, and I think they will not tolerate such nonsense coming from their ‘revered child’. I could still remember what my late father said of DRY, that “he is just an ordinary school teacher who self taught himself to become a Menteri Besar”. DRY should have known how the kampong folks reacted against him when he quit UMNO, and joined Semangat 46 around the late 80’s. I personally do not expect DRY to be involved in such a disgraceful act, for I see him as one of the most learned Minister within the Najib administration.

Getting back to Selangor, the verdict is out on the death of Teoh Beng Hock i.e. “Coroner rules out suicide and homicide” that left many to question…………….. “then, how did he die?”. An open verdict like this does not solve the mysteries surrounding the death, but will only serve as precedence to similar cases in the future. I suppose this is not the end of the case after 18 months long inquest, with renewed calls for a royal commission of inquiry seemingly gets louder.
Questions are also being raised as to why have the police investigation not being able to find conclusive evidence to the cause of death, despite obvious marks found around the neck of Teoh, and “finger drag marks on the window as indicative of a person resisting a fall”?

Honestly, I find the verdict puzzling that is sure to erode further public mistrust and battered perception of both the judiciary and the police.



Killroy said...

Its all psychological.. people accuse you of something, if you just ignore it.. eventually, people get bored and will not bother you anymore. simple

cheng said...

Hello Dato,
Apa nak jadi pada orang politik dari Rombau ni, ado-ado ajo.
Several days ago news broke out indicating a certain parliamentarian's desire not to contest in the next GE. It makes one wonder whether an abrupt about-face like this have been sparked by something scandalous like the recent blowout about Alcatel!
Now another mouth-watering story about DRY, the famously stoic and scholarly-I know more than thou Minister for Information etc.etc.
of Malaysia.
Its bad enough being accused of rape, but taking that long to rebutt it does not auger well for his position as minister at all. Of course all this have to be proven in court; if at all the case goes to court. Ha.ha.
But, even if it does, DRY can always resort to the well proven ' sound like me, looks like me but it is not me' approach.Sure 'lepas punya' Furthermore, it is his word against the maid's.
I suppose this is another of Pak Lah's dirty legacy that DSN has to deal with!!!

chop said...

It take along time to denied or to make another report of denial. What is important investigation should be on as what had exposed in media. Yes Teoh case will be on and on without ending. Police investigation must be in great detail unless otherwise if to hide something but the Rakyat have brain to differentiate what is right or wrong.

eli said...

DRY terlalu 'arogent' dengan ego yang tinggi melebehi Gunung Kinabalu....habih cam no...siapa nak bersimpati.

komando said...

money sure does can lots of things!