Friday, January 21, 2011


‘ENDLESS POLLS’…….that’s the headlines in Star, Friday 21 January. With the death of Merlimau state assemblyman Datuk Mohamed Hidhir Abu Hasan, the nation is set to see its 15th by-election, the largest number ever recorded in our nation’s history.

But wait……. that number does not stop there. Another by-election is on the cards with the declaration on Wednesday by the Selangor State Assembly Speaker that the Port Klang seat is vacant after its assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah failed to attend assembly sitting for a continuous period of six months. Badrul Hisham was elected on a PKR ticket, but later left the party to join UMNO, and claims that he will be contesting the decision by the Selangor Speaker. He even vowed to attend the Monday 24 January emergency sitting of the State Assembly. This will be an interesting event to watch as Badrul Hisham has suddenly awaken, and is now well and alive to fight his place in the assembly at all costs.

16 by-elections in a period of 3 years since the 2008 March General Elections!!!!!!. I think this number is not only a record for Malaysia, but for the entire world. Guinness book of records should be interested in recording this ‘strange phenomena’. To me, this is a worrying trend, and I suppose with this number, SPRM must by now be the world’s most experience election governing body. This is truly Malaysia Boleh.
Here, I would like to share some proposals that may help reduce the number of by-elections in the future.

1. Future candidates (first timers only) should not be more than 40 years old.
2. Elected candidates should not serve more than two terms.
3. All candidates must be certified medically fit, to enable them to contest.
4. Assemblymen are compelled to undergo a thorough medical check-up once a year.
5. Those assemblymen that are found to be medically unfit (upon undergoing their yearly medical check) will not be allowed to contest upon completion of their term.

Other than the above, I would like to propose that future selection of eligible candidates must take serious cognizance of the fact that candidates must be free of all ‘worldly sins and vices’.

And if he is a Muslim, he must take a vow to uphold strictly to his belief as a Muslim, and to the teachings of the holy Quran. If he is found to have breached that vow, and he having gone through the due process of public investigation, he can be asked to vacate his position as an assemblyman.

I wonder if the above proposals are worthy of consideration, and does it make any sense to you?



Arunzab said...

Your proposals are certainly worthy of consideration, and does it make any sense . However I am of the opinion that your proposal that candidates must be free of all ‘worldly sins and vices’. is I am sorry to say just wishful thinking. In the West most candidates are financially well off before they go into politics.In the East more often than not paupers go into politics to be rich and they cannot do that unless they are corrupt plus worldly sins and vices are an integral part or their life style.

benadam said...

I can’t help but smiled broadly reading your 2nd last paragraph of this posting. This is simply because should that be implemented I can assure you that there shall be more by-election than ever before. Just musing Pak Chad and I stand corrected!!!!

komando said...

we can all have another 500 buy elections...the EC says we select the best and make sure they are healthy and fit to do the job...and do not kick the bucket too soon...are we trying to play GOD here?

who in this world can assure that..?

my my my...what a complete arse of a statement !

death comes in many ways and does not care if one is fit, healthy, young and rich/poor !