Saturday, January 22, 2011


I simply cannot understand what is in the mind of PERKASA boss Ibrahim Ali. He seems to be making lots of statement in defence of the Malays and including the sovereignty of Malay rulers. I do not mind if the Malays that he is referring to are Malaysians, but now he has gone overboard by trying to be the champion for Singapore Malays. He says that the Malays in Singapore are marginalized, oppressed and are too cowed to speak out.

My question to Ibrahim Ali is this……..who is he to be the champion of the Singapore Malays? No doubt they are Malays but they are Singapore Malays and not Malaysian Malays. The differentiation is obvious because Singaporeans are not Malaysians, and conversely Malaysians are not Singaporeans. And doesn’t he know that there are also Malays in South Africa, Australia and on some of the islands in the South Pacific? And does he not want to be their champion as well? If this is not understood by Ibrahim Ali, I suggest he just have to shut-up. And if he still wants to be a Singapore Malay champion, he had better go down to Singapore and hold a public rally; something that he is most capable of doing. Whatever he says here is not loud enough to be heard by the Malays in Singapore or anywhere else.

Clearly, I am against interfering with the affairs of people, and more so people of another country. I have many Malay friends in Singapore holding reasonable jobs and am rich enough to take them and their families on holidays to Malaysia. They do not talk about Singaporeans of other races, not because they are cowed to speak out as Ibrahim Ali has said, but because they are happy to be citizens of Singapore. If you walk around the country, you will not find a single beggar anywhere. Definitely, you do not see beggars from Myanmar, India or any other foreign beggars. You don’t even see homeless people sleeping under bridges or along the back lanes, but you see them all in Malaysia. Of course, you may get to see gays and prostitutes loitering around the streets at night.

Now Ibrahim Ali, let me get straight with you. There are many things that are wrong with us. Don’t you know that the Malays here are more disunited now than before? Have you not indentified the reasons for this disunity? Don’t you know that some of the Malays here are also being marginalized, oppressed and are cowed from speaking out? Just try to say something that is not to the liking of the authorities, and you know what you will get………ISA. I am not saying that there is absolutely no freedom of speech in this country, but the authorities seems to be very selective in deciding who should be taken in, and who not to. But in the case of Ibrahim Ali he seems to have some form of immunity. Wonder who is behind him?

My advice to Ibrahim Ali is to stop criticizing people of another country. Rather, you should start criticizing the much malice that you see happening in this country. You can start by holding a public rally to expose such malice, or talk about narrowing the Malay divide that has no end. Try also to bring all Malaysians together and stop being parochial.

We certainly need people like Ibrahim Ali for the right purpose, but not for what he is today.



maurice said...

I think Ibrahim Ali should focus his energy on the plight of the Malays in Southern Thailand if he wants to be the real Champion of the Malays.

Don't play the selective game just to gain cheap publicity!

Arunzab said...

This old toad will keep on croaking no matter what. Lets wait for the next election where I feel he will croak his last.Then again may be not given his Malay based support perhaps this may yet be the prelude to many more croaks. Only time will tell.

shy gurl said...

Gila kuasa...lost focus and starting become dog barking the hills...Isn't there anything better to do?

cheng said...

We all know he is a clown. Just disregard him....