Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have long harbored the idea of forming an association comprising of sons and daughters of members of the Malaysian Armed Forces; both retired and serving. It all started some time ago when I met a group of young ladies having their evening tea together at KLCC; one of whom is the daughter of an Army colleague of mine. I greeted her and she then introduced me to all her friends who to my surprise are all daughters of officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces. All of them are doing well in the career, and this triggered the idea that why can’t these young people get together to form a larger association. I would like to look at the example of ANAK, a highly successful association formed by children of FELDA settlers.

ANAK is actively involved in voicing the plight of all FELDA settlers, in particular issues that affect the management of all FELDA schemes throughout the country. Whilst we recognize that FELDA was created to provide opportunities for Bumiputra’s participation in the plantation industry, it is now saddled with a number of problems caused primarily by gross mismanagement, abuses and possibly corruption by unscrupulous FELDA officials that have gone unnoticed for so long. Recently, FELDA settlers had brought cases of mismanagement by FELDA officials to the courts, resulting in the courts awarding large monetary compensation to the settlers. I believe new cases will emerge in the not too distant future that will pose a challenge for the newly minted FELDA’s Chairman.

I have been talking to a number of people whose fathers have served the Malaysian Armed Forces. I found that many are doing well in their career, and are holding high positions both in the public and in the private sector. I am not suggesting that this association (should it be formed) be involved in politics, but rather they be free from the abuses of politics, just like their fathers were when serving the Armed Forces.

What I need is someone who is committed and acceptable to the idea of forming such an association, in the belief that they being sons and daughters of members of the Armed Force can play a meaningful and productive role in society. In other words, this association serves to continue the sacrifices and contributions made by all servicemen towards society and the nation.

As I have indicated above, this association must remain apolitical, and is focused in creating an establish network of friends of the Armed Forces and promoting good values. Of course, the association has to define its purpose and objectives, and this can only be done through some brainstorming sessions by some protem members. Perforce, this association has to be led by a son or daughter of a member of the Armed Forces (serving or otherwise), and whose members are exclusively sons and daughters of members of the Armed Forces.

I wish not to say more, and my only hope is to get some responses from my readers to know whether this proposition on the creation of an association of sons and daughters of members of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ASDAF) is a viable proposition or otherwise.



wira said...

Hello Pak Chad,
There must be something wrong with the system. We don't seem to be able to get through with our colourful comments. Maybe there is a certain org in Cyberjaya that is unhappy with the development in your blog. Jadi blog ni kena blok nampaknya...

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Wira,

I have now decided to moderate all comments first before it gets into my blog. This is because because there is a fool out there who tries to get personal at me. I do not what is his motive for being so, and neither do I know him because he hides behind a pseudonym. This fool is not only a fool but a coward.

wira said...

Well done Dato', about time these blundering fools get deleted from the scene. Katanya dia ni, masa di Staf College dulupun kepala tak betul sikit. Anti-establishment...ideapun kurang menyerlah, Menyemak aja...
But don't you think your action goes against the principle of free speech?

wira said...

Well done Dato', about time you weed out those people with bad attitude. For sure, this guy has an axe to grind with you!Don't know over what issue?
We can more or less figure out who this guy you are referring to actually is. Masa di Staff College pun dia ni dah tunjuk belang.(bukan infantry tapi teeth arm juga) Cerdik tak seberapa tapi kaki bangkang yang amat. Dia sering mempunyai pendirian yg semua orang tak betul..dia sahaja.
However, don,t you think your action runs counter to the concept of free speech?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Wira,

Certainly I am for free speech and expression. But being personal is something I cannot tolerate. I believe everyone feels the same. It is only those that have no feelings for others would go around demeaning others. Is this the right thing to do?

Arunzab said...

Dear Dato'

To begin with it is good to have you back .

Your proposal to form the " ASSOCIATION OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES" is a jolly good idea, My only concern is to find some dedicated and committed persons to take charge of this thankless job of forming this association. The plus point here is that being children of military officers hopefully some of the rigid discipline practiced by their parents may have rubbed on them, making them a more responsible and dedicated group. Perhaps if this idea is given exposure in the main stream media and also through the veterans department the right persons may come forward to volunteer. Still for a start we need some one to coordinate and organize this setup.Like you suggested this association should rightly be led by a son or daughter of a member of the Armed Forces (serving or otherwise)

If your suggestion works out it would be very interesting to see the chips of the old blocks doing their bit for the country