Thursday, January 13, 2011


Even before the trial of Tun Ling Leong Sik over the PKFZ fiasco could begin in earnest, we now hear that his once cabinet buddy Tan Sri Samy Vellu will likely be the next to follow him to the courts. If the allegation against Tun Ling involves the loss of billions in public fund, Tan Sri Samy allegation for the misappropriation of party fund in the MIED affairs, is but a fraction of PKFZ loses. Interestingly, the allegation against these two former ministers and party leader, and their impending court appearance is seen by some as retribution for the abuses that both may have done during their long period in political power. I do not know if there will be more allegation and charges, but I think this single allegation itself is enough to make them restive, and hopefully remorseful for the rest of their life.

Honestly, I do not have any sympathy for person(s) who have committed any form of abuse or misdeeds while in power. My only hope is that they be given a fair trial, and if indeed the allegation against them is found to be true, they ought to be punished severely. Honorific titles before their names and their past service to the nation should not influence judgment; rather judgment meted should be one that serves as a deterrent for others. The fall from grace with such honorific titles before their names, is most shameful for these two former national leaders.

Another leader to have fallen from grace is former Selangor state Menteri Besar Khir Toyo. It surprised me most to know that Dato Shamsuddin; a person that I met a few months ago, is complicit in the charges against Khir Toyo. Surely, it doesn’t make any business sense for Dato Shamsuddin to have offered Khir Toyo the sale of a valued property for half the price that the former had purchased. And despite Khir Toyo’s persistent denial that he has done no wrong in the property acquisition, and that it was his right to purchase the property at whatever price offered by the seller, such an unusual deal however raises more suspicion than truth. I however give credit to Khir Toyo for his decision to quit his position as the opposition leader in the state legislative assembly and to be relieved off all party post, pending the settlement of his court case.

Now, Dato Rais Yatim may be feeling a sense of relieve over the latest revelation in the Indonesian media that he did not commit rape of his maid as widely alleged. The maid herself has not made an appearance to deny the allegation. However, I believe this allegation has somewhat marred Dato Rais Yatim’s personality, in an otherwise controversial free and an outstanding politician that he is said to be. I am not at all surprise that this case may take center stage in the campaign during the up-coming by-election in Tenang, Johore.

And are we not surprised that the Chua Soi Lek sexual escapade in a hotel in Muar some years ago has resurfaced in Tenang? I suppose this are the hazards that our politicians have to bear, for being a politician as their preferred vocation.



Malaysian said...


How could they be fallen from grace? These people do not have any moral integrity from the beginning. We all know how corrupt these individuals are. Remember Tun Dr. Ling Leong Sik son? His son is a millionaire at an early age and I'm curious how did he do it? What about Khir Toyo palace? What happen?

Fair trial? I doubt they'll ever prosecute this perpetrator. Remember the Lingam case? The Chinese community knows how corrupt MCA is but we just close one eye. The reason is because we know there isn't much we can do about it. Thus, we just “shut up”.
Anyway, regardless of the court's decision most Malaysian knows that certain people took our money to enrich the few.

What about this new MRT and Sungai Besi project? I bet these will be another PKFZ project once again. We could have open tender for the Sungai Besi land. I'm sure we could have sold for a lot higher price. With this money, we could really use it to improve the welfare of the soldiers.

The only way we can hope for fair trial and end of corruption is to vote for politician with intergrity from Pakatan Rakyat and BN.

Anak Malaysia

wira said...

Your article fallen from grace is a clear reminder to all Malaysians that nobody should be above the law. However, are these actions (prosecuting the big fishes) indicative of the govt's changing mood in its drive to stamp out corruption or are they merely erecting window dressing for Tenang and the next GE not far down the road? I guess we will have to wait for the outcome, won't we?
We have become so disenchanted because, very often such high level cases have end up anti-climatically. 'The prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case, accused released on technical grounds, open verdict for such a clear-cut case as the cause of death of TBH are but a few scenarios that can be brought to mind. Is there anything new here?
The Malaysian public continue to clamour for a more functioning and competent legal system to be put in place so as to balance the powers wielded by our ineffectual Legislative and the marauding Executive. They long for the a bona fide Democratic system in which public (voter's) opinion carry weight and where the people's interest reigns supreme. We are simply sick and tired of this pseudo-democratic structure handed down by the Mahathir reign..
The fat of the matter is we want change and soon.
Are these cases reflective of such trends or are we actually expecting too much too soon?
Like the old proverb 'the proof of the cake is in the eating', not in the making. WE SHALL SEE...

Arunzab said...

No matter how much power you wield, how filthy rich you are once you get caught red handed with your hand in the cookie jar,or with your pants down like Dr Chua and others like him, then no matter how you attempt to justify your actions, a good name is seldom if ever regained. When character is gone all is gone and one of the richest jewel of life is lost forever.

komando said...

Just another soap opera !

Malaysian said...

Unbelievable, the EC is suggesting proxy voters for general election. The suggestion will be submitted during next parliament. I can't believe we'll be able to allow others to vote for us. I'm just curious who is going to monitor this new procedure. Thank god we've folks like EC that protect Malaysian rights! Read the article below.