Tuesday, January 18, 2011


‘Malaysian’, a viewer to this blog has drawn me to a proposal, among many other proposals by the Election Commission (EC), to allow a proxy voter to vote during a General Election. Like many like-minded Malaysians (if I may be term as one), I detest vehemently to such a proposal. I just could not believe that the EC could ever think of such a proposal, as it will only make a mockery out of the entire voting process. I can only say this,that the level of ingenuity of ideas of the EC seems all muddled up and smacks of plain stupidity. Or is the EC merely testing the voter’s intelligence, knowing too well that voters today are more inform of their voting rights, than viewed previously?

Except for former Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh SK, I have not heard of any other leaders’ state their position with regards to this proposal. Of course, critics of this proposal from the alternative media are aplenty.

This proposal is a reflection of what Malaysia Boleh can do to all of us. It either makes one look stupid, or a little cleaver. And if I were to tell my US or British friend about it, they are certain to scoff it as unthinkable and sheer stupidity. I think, if it were in India or Pakistan, there would surely be a nationwide people’s protest against the EC.

All along, we were told that our vote is a secret, and the decision to cast that single vote on a candidate of choice, lies in the voter and no one else. And of all things, how can one ensure that the proxy votes for the right candidate, or willfully cast a spoilt vote?

My brotherly advice to the EC is to stop propagating this idea before it gets too hot to handle. And if the EC wants an idea from me, I would just ask them to think about doing away with postal voting. It only encourages one to cheat.



Malaysian said...


What happen to our country? Can UMNO not compete with Pakatan based on policies? Are we on the verge to become another fail state? It's sad that UMNO is doing everything to ensure they'll win in the next GE. Why are they destroying the country founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Dr. Ismail, etc?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Malaysian,

I just do not have a solution or an answer to your question as yet. As of now, I have to agree with the views of some that Malaysians strive of personal hatered, and are extremely good at that.