Friday, January 21, 2011


“Kita yakin negeri ‘dipinjamkan’ sementara kepada pembangkang tempohnya akan berakhir tidak lama lagi, rakyat ingin sebuah kerajaan yang boleh memenuhi jangkaan dan harapan. Mereka tidak mahu kepada kerajaan yang hanya boleh berjanji” says PM Najib, as reported on page 14, Metro, Friday 14 January.

Having read the above, I think Najib should have been more careful with what he says. These are the kind of words and language that makes people angry, and I must admit that I am angry. These words smacks of arrogance, the very thing that Najib has all along told his party members to avoid doing. It appears that Najib clearly does not believe nor understand what he has been talking all along, and I have little choice now but to caution him, being someone much older than him. If these are really his words, and not the usual scripted one, than I should not blame anyone else except to blame him alone.

Najib ought to understand that his audience and readers are no longer the ordinary kampong folk who would just smile and say YES to everything that he says. They have better access to the media, including the alternative media in the form of their more educated children of these kampong folks. Doesn’t Najib know that there are some mothers and grandmothers who are computer literate today? And I must also add here that the mainstream media is of no help to him.

Please have some gentle words for the opposition led government of Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Penang. The leaders of these four states, I believe are trying their level best to govern in a way that will bring benefit to the people, regardless of the people’s political belief and affiliation. Do not just ridicule them for want of cheap popularity. Surely, Najib knows too that these state have done reasonably well in some areas, and haven’t he read the Auditor General’s report?

Please remember that it took the BN 50 years to make Malaysia what it is today (for bad or for worse). And if Najib expects the opposition led states to do what BN has done in five decades in the three years that the former are in power, then Najib is expecting the impossible.

My brotherly advice to Najib is to lower your tone a bit. Find areas that can strengthen goodwill between you and the leaders of the opposition led states. Cooperate in areas that can bring benefit to the people of the states, and by doing this, you are seen to be caring them regardless of their political belief and affiliation. You should know that it is the people that have chosen the opposition to lead the state government, and these are all Malaysians, like yourself. If you hurt just one of them, you are indirectly hurting the rest. Being gentle win hearts and it is people’s hearts that you should be after.

I will not stop being critical of Najib’s if he continues with such unwarranted statements. And I will certainly praise him if he sincerely seeks ‘peace’ with leaders of the opposition led states.



Arunzab said...

To add to this the daily onslaught by the print and electronic media on the opposition parties without giving them space to respond is yet another factor which makes the people angry. This causes the natural instinct to support the underdog to come into play. Lets hear from both sides of the political divide as to what they have to offer us the Joe public. We can then decide where to put the X when comes voting time.

komando said...


wira said...

I suppose you have a point. But DSN was clearly reflecting the stance of the ruling faction.
Does he have to be nice!! I reckon not. The irony of it all is that, because t statement was politicaly motivated, he doesn't even have to be truthful!! So why make such an ado of it?
As a non-partisan, I always believe that politics like love; where 'all's fair': as long as one does not commit slander, sedition or lese majeste.
For argument's sake pse refer to the NST 28 Jan 2011 pg 7 and interpret the words of PAS's esteemed leader regarding the religious status of those who vote for BN.
In likening them to the 'Jahiliah' he has summarilly branded BN supportrs as Kafirs, and Johore being one of the bastions of BN today consists mainly of Malay Kafirs.
Does he have the right or indeed, the religious and mral stnding to do so? Personally, I don't think so. He is way out of line.
Nik Aziz may be revered in his home state, but in Johore, where they have their views on Islam, he is no more than the ordinary tok guru.
According to a Johorian friend, uncannily, most people there view people wearing 'sarban' with suspicion! They reckon the more the 'belits' of their sarban, the more wary people should be of them. Such is probably the case with Nik Aziz as people there have generally disregarded his Kafir slant!!!
Hilarious but true!!
Such is politics.