Saturday, January 29, 2011


Remember KUGAN ANANTHAN? I hope Malaysians do not have short memory, for it was only in January 2009 that news of the death of Kugan in police custody hit front page news. I too did a posting on Kugan in January 29, 2009 titled ‘Will there be another Kugan’s death’.

Remember how the police initially denied the family’s request for a post mortem because they suspected Kugan died of police abuse? And remember too how the police did a ‘wayang kulit’ by calling in 24 witnesses and only decided to charge a lone police constable name Navindran? Now, would you believe that it was only Navindran, without a single accomplish, had caused Kugan’s death? And now Navindran the accuse is acquitted of a charge for murder by the PJ Session Court Judge on ground that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the accused and did not call for Navindran’s defence.

Truly, this is the most laughable and intriguing murder trial and judgment that the entire world has ever witness. Are the Malaysian police and courts that stupid? I don’t think so. The case occurred right under the watch of the police and inside the police confinement. Yet they cannot identify the person(s) who committed the abuse among the many policemen on duty that day. Are all the policemen on duty that day blind, deaf and mute? No, I don’t think so.

And pardon me for saying this, that I have now lost absolute confidence in police investigations as well as the courts. I think the judge must have been influence by the Teoh Beng Hock’s famous inquest where the finding was that ‘Teoh did not kill himself nor was he murdered’. So how did Kugan die and who killed him shall remain unanswered?

I dare say now that the prosecution being the police themselves have a lot to answer; not now but in the HEREAFTER. If the investigators were Malays, and I presume they must be Muslims, let me say this, that if the investigation was done with the purpose of protecting the murderer(s), then you as investigators are also guilty of MURDER and you will have to answer this to Allah swt. You can protect, hide, cheat and whatever you want to do to deny justice for the families of the dead, but your injustices will be ‘severely rewarded’ in death, so fear the wrath of Allah swt now before it is to late.

And with the acquittal, now what do we have in our midst, if it is not a government salaried murderer on the loose. And if he has murdered once, one can rest be assured that he will not stop at murdering another.



komando said...

They have been brainwashed effectively to hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil most of all know no EVIL.


Many things can be said and done...but are we ready and willing..?

They will eventually be held accountable one fine day!


How long they want & will burnt in the fires of hell, they will choose themselves....


wira said...

Do you see anything new here. I am afraid I do not. Different name, different place but the same old plot.
Police brutality no doubt unless of course the late KUGAN died of self imolation!!! or natural causes???
Do suppose the policeman would get away with it if the trial had been conducted at the Old Baily?
Your answer is as good as mine.
And against such a backdrop, if someone were to steal our money from our bank account here, what would be our chance of getting it back or even getting justice done?
Again your guess is as good as mine!!
What a country we have here???
The terrible things that are happening here will surely make past leaders like Tun Razak, Tun Ismail and Tun Hussein turn in their graves....

samsaimon said...


You must be joking that now you've lost confidence in the police investigation !

We have lost confidence with the Police, Judiciary, BPR ( now MACC )and the SPR long time ago during KUTTY's time as PM.

You've just awaken Dato' ?