Sunday, January 2, 2011


As a child, I was constantly reminded by my mother these words, “jangan sekali kali menderhaka kepada mak kerana surga itu di bawah tapak kaki mak”. And when accompanying my father for his weekly religious classes, I quite often hear Tuan Guru Hj. Mohd Noh Marhakim (he passed away in the 50’s) reminds his congregation the same words that my mother had said to me i.e. “jangan sekali kali melakukan sesuatu yang boleh melukai hati ibu dan ayah kita kerana itu satu penderhakaan yang amat di murkai oleh Allah SWT”. This word ‘derhaka’ has remained in my mind ever since, that I should never in my life “menderhaka” to any one of my parents, and that word only applies to both my parents.

Now I hear that word ‘derhaka’ is being used so blatantly by politicians in the ‘standoff’ between the Selangor state government and the palace over the appointment of the new State Secretary.

Noh Omar is reported to have said that the Selangor state government’s action to not accept Khusrin as the State Secretary is likened to ‘derhaka’ to the wishes of the Sultan, and not to challenge the authority of the Sultan. I know that that word will now be used to condemn the action of the Selangor state government by the very same people who were themselves involved in ridiculing and subverting the position of the royalties in the 90’s. I do not wish to elaborate this any further as this well documented in our history.

I do not know how the Selangor state government will react to the swearing in of Khusrin as the newly appointed State Secretary by the Sultan this Sunday 9th January. And I do not know if Khusrin will ever take and subscribe the oath of secrecy in the presence of the Menteri Besar, as prescribed in Article 52 (4) of the Selangor State Constitution. Or will the swearing in by the Sultan be taken to mean that it is also in conformity with the aforesaid Article? I just wonder if ever there was precedence in Selangor of a similar incidence like this. Certainly not, after the constitutional crisis of the 90’s.

From my reading of the above issue, I would go along with some who have suggested that the best recourse is to take this case to the courts. Knowing the courts these days may not favour anything that the opposition does, as demonstrated in the Perak case, it is to me the only viable option left for Khalid Ibrahim’s government. It does not really matter if Khalid Ibrahim loses his case, but believing in the course of justice is better than going to the streets. Have faith that justice will prevail, and the people that have voted the state government knows their rights too.

Finally, to those who use freely the word ‘derhaka’, I say to them that that word only applies to my parents and to the all mighty Allah SWT, and nobody else. I would rather use the word “TAAT” to the rest.



azmi said...


Taat Setia all the way to family, neighbours and friends.
Never derhaka to any of them too.

EAGLE said...

Very true Dato'! the word derhaka is only applicable to our parents and the Almighty ALLAH and no one else.
Quote 'that all men are created equal by their creator' Unquote.
It appears that KSN is creating this standoff with "personal motives" to retard and lead! and rakyat will suffer.
Meritocracy versus mediocrity and lets see who will win but in GOD we trust!

wira said...

welcome back Pak Chad.

taming said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,

Welcome back Dato' and I am glad that you decide to continue with the "battle" against corruptions in this country, especially in MINDEF and the military.
We ALL know that fight against corruptions in this country will not be easy. The Minister, KSU, PAT, PTD, PTL, PTU, PMAB have changed but we see little changes in the dirty abuse of power and attempts to fight and reduce corruptions in the military. Other than the bold directive by PTD, Gen Zul, to stop the Army officers and men from playing golf during working days, the same old stories appear to dominate the scene.
You may claim that you have already achieved your little objectives and won smaller battles but I feel that the war is far from over. I will continue to support you and friends for the good cause. Salam.