Monday, January 10, 2011


I believe the Army is now in good hands. This is the impression I get from my conversation with a number of serving army officers whom I met recently. They say that the army leadership is now more focus in its primary duties of defence and security. Issues relating to the welfare and well being of soldiers and their families are being given due attention, especially the provision of better housing for the families. Gone are the days when soldiers, particularly those working in Kuala Lumpur and in large towns, have to stay in rented homes that sometimes resemble those of some Romanian gypsies?

Back in the early days, I as a young duty officer would be asked to visit the homes of our soldiers that are living in rented homes, and I sometimes wonder why have they to live in such dilapidated homes and in such unhealthy surroundings, despite them having to sacrifice their lives for the country. For those who served throughout the period of the 60’s and 70’s would know what I mean.

There is also very little that I hear now of the corrupt practices among officers that have been so rampant in the past, and I attribute this to the realization among the current leadership that this disgraceful act has to stop. I deem those who were involved in corrupt practices in the past, regardless of the magnitude, is so lucky not be caught. Let me remind those who still have the urge to indulge themselves in corrupt practice to be weary of their dastardly acts. There is nothing more disgraceful than to be apprehended for the act, and be shamed for life.

I know personally most of the top echelon leaders of the army today, and I think they are out to cast off the poor image of the army, that has been caused by some leaders of the past. I say this with utmost sincerity, and I am glad that some have even vowed to put back the army to its glorious past. Religious awareness too is also given serious attention by some commands.

It is heartening to hear from a lot of officers that the ‘screaming and yelling’ is over. There is greater openness and discourse between superiors and subordinates. I am also told that officers are now forbidden to take off for a game of golf during working hours, and at no time will they be seen playing with contractors. This is something that should have been enforced many years ago. My only hope is that such a ruling will remain in force forever.



Darth Trust said...

Excuse me but one swallow does not a summer make.

The opulence of the officers' mess in Puswatan, the chandeliers there, please go and see for yourself. Or perhaps you think as officers, they should be accorded such extravagance?

That is Puswatan. What about other installation? What about contract and procurement in general? What about munitions, are they still being rationed, even blanks?

As an army, are our boys ready to take on any aggressors?

The army is not a charity organization.

How about abuse and hazing in the name of training for war?

Just because you say so does not mean it is.

EAGLE said...

Still way to go Dato', plenty of hypocrites at the highest level.
The Armed Forces need a complete overhaul and it has to start from the no 1 soldier in the Armed Forces.
The prospect of war is not likely to happen and consider we are lucky or otherwise only GOD knows when too many incompetent heading the organization.
When generals retired and immediately taken in by the company that has direct involvement with the Armed Forces then it doesn't look good sir! And surely not back on track but more of CYA (cover your asshole) and life goes on.
It is an irrelevant organization soon to be!!! and you bet!

wira said...

Dear Dato',
I really like your optimism, but unfortunately I don't share it.
Some years back we also had similar thoughts and hopes but the last crop of leadership really let everyone down.
Sure ZZ and ZZA are men of considerable substance. But do you think they have the backbone or the sense of honour and duty to defy a govt policy direction or decision? Do you think any of the 2is prepared to put his career on the line to safeguard Army or Malaysia's National interest?
Tough questions no doubt; but so legitimate in the context of the national strategic decision making process.
So what options are they likely to have?
Serba salah!! Say yes susah---say no lagi susah..
What then would be the end game?
In this regard your guess is as good as mine!
To be safe, let us be more sparing with our optimism. That way we avoid being 'serba salah' ourselves.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Welcome back Datuk.... was missing you so dearly.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

"Religious awareness too is also given serious attention by some commands".

Like we Non Muslims did not have enough problems. Forcing religion was our greatest problem. You want to go the way of Pakistan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia is fine.

Allow me to ask one question, are minorities in the so called 57 OIC countries given equal rights and treated with dignity? The answer is a BIG resounding NO!

My experience, we minorities are treated like shit.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

"Religious awareness too is also given serious attention by some commands".

That was the bane of Non Muslims,we hated every moment of that.

We were treated like shit

Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are not the paragons of human rights, out of the 57 OIC countries, everyone of them treat their minorities like shit.

Why this domination of one particular religion which screw everyone else?

wira said...

As a Muslim, I really sympathise D Swami's plight or disconforting experience with the Islamic rituals practiced in the Army.
Perhaps he has got a point here because these rituals, while barely seen in the 60s and 70s, have become entrenched in the system since the 80s. In more ways than one, these rituals have the effect of sufocating the Non-Muslims members.(the fact that they have not done anything about it or made an issue doesn't mean that they embrace it wholeheartedly)
The question is, what has the Army top brass done to allay the fears of the Non-Muslim membrs of the MAF that they are not being swamped by Islam and that their religious freedom is assured.
In the British Army 'The Chaplain Service' serves all religion (Muslims included). Similarly this concept is also practiced by the US Forces (they have a serving Imam/ulamak/guru equavalent despite having a small Muslim membership).
Is this the case in the MAF?
The more pertinent question to be asked would be 'Is the rai'son d'et're of KAGAT congruent with that of the MAF and Malaysia's aspiration of 1Malaysia? Another is 'Is KAGAT suitably structured for a multi-racial and multi-religious MAF?
When these questions are satisfactarily answered by the powers that be (including TS Syed Hamid Albar, then the feeling of exclusion (or inclusion as the case may be) by D Swami and many others like him will be placated somewhat!! (Also a public debate on this issue would pave a positive way forward)I hope.

Malaysian said...

Dear Major Swami

I'm not in military so I can't comment on what happen to Malaysia military. However, I can tell you that Malaysia history book being used for political and religious propoganda. I'm a Malaysian that respect all religions. I attached a link about Malaysia Form 4 history book. In this article, a concern parent shed some lights the changes to our history book especially on religion. Read this article and judge for yourself if this concern parent is right or not. Can we trust our school anymore?