Saturday, October 1, 2011


Former KL CID Chief Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim is one daring and no-nonsense ex police officer with the guts of steel. He was the officer tasked to investigate into Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘black eye’ incident in 1998 and in retirement, has been persistent in his allegations that both the AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan had concocted evidences in the Anwar Ibrahim’s trial, that led Anwar Ibrahim to a prison term. He believes that Gani and Musa ought to be investigated and brought to trial for their ‘injustices’ and untold abuses of authority and power.

Despite the persistence of Mat Zain to expose the abuse of power and the fabrication of evidences in the Anwar Ibrahim’s trial, we are yet to hear a single agency of the government that dares to investigate both Gani and Musa. Even our leaders play mute and are uninterested. It seems that there is something amiss that has made the pair immune to prosecution. It is not surprising therefore that the talk is that the present regime does not have the courage or the will to act on the allegations by Mat Zain. And the continued silence by the authorities, as well as by the two ‘accused’, is perceived by many that the allegations are true.

One wonders why isn’t Gani or Musa taking a case against Mat Zain if what the latter says are packs of lies. Gani in particular has all the means at his disposal to drag Mat Zain to the court, but why hasn’t he (Gani) done so? On the other hand, Musa who is now in deep ‘recess’ maybe too afraid to do anything to challenged Mat Zain, as he (Musa) no longer yields authority and power. For all we know, Musa would prefer to evade Mat Zain’s radar screen and persistent ‘harassment’, fearing that if he confronts Mat Zain, more ‘trash’ will be thrown at him. I think Musa knows that. Even the mainstream media takes little notice of Musa, now that he no longer has any ‘news’ value.

Certainly, Gani and Musa are in the eyes of the Malaysian public, two of the country’s most contemptuous and controversial top public servants; all the wrong reason. Having read through all that Mat Zain had exposed, I am even more convinced now than previously that both Gani and Musa has been outrageous and careless in the performance of their duties. I would hasten to say that the loss of public confidence and trust in the judiciary and police force is attributed to both of them. What makes it worse and a cause for public rancor is that our leaders just stood by without doing anything………..not even a word of caution.

Mat Zain now seems to have an upper hand over Gani and Musa and is a serious ‘thorn in the flesh’ for the two. I do not think Mat Zain will cease taunting Gani and Musa until the former is fully satisfied that he get justice done. And the questions faced by the two in question now are firstly, how long more can they sustain the pressure imposed by Mat Zain that is worthy of a CSI thriller. Secondly, how will they rebut the persistent taunting and finally, how do they manage the negative public perception about them. I think this is going to be a long drawn battle among all three.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I am sorry to say this, but, I urge you to not be so naive. These two characters hold a treasure trove of "dangerous information". Remember Altantuya's father claimed he handed over many documents/pictures etc.early in the investigation. Think back - who did he hand it over to? Where are these documents now? It was never returned to the father.Why can't RPK, Bala PI be charged with false SD and tried? Why can't Lingam (correct,correct,correct) be tried? I can go on with so many Whys, added on to your whys. The point is we have evil forces at work, and I know for sure that goodness and truth will finally triumph. I wait with abated breath for that day. It will come ..certainly, as Damnation Day will. God is Almighty...don't they know?

Arunzab said...

Unfortunately we live in a society where you can get away by saying nothing against those who accuse you of criminal acts. A case in point was Karpal Singh accusing the just retired Chief justice Zaki tun Hamzah of offering bribe to clerks to get access to information when he was in private practice. Till to day there was no reaction from the CJ. In another case Ram Karpal a lawyer openly accused PM Najib by calling him "You Murderer' in parliament yet Najib did not react and the other hounds later passed a motion to suspend R.Karpal for 6 months. Why did the PM not challenge R.Karpal to repeat the statement out side parliament and then sue the pants off him. But then you could only do that if you are not guilty.

It is the same thing with the AG and former IGP just say nothing and hopefully it will go away. I think they are all practitioner's of the idiom "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me"

pronto said...


As long as the current government is in power, nothing will happen. You can shout, cry and do whatever you want, they just keep quiet as they are protected by the so call super force.These super force is equally guilty. So you help me and I will help you. Looking at the situation we will remain what we are as long as the race and religion card is still effective.

Frankie said...


The silence from the AG, the ex-IGP and Najib's government is deafening. Of course we know what the silence means. Let us pray that justice will be done, either in the said people's living days on earth or their hereafter.

bruno said...

Dato,the only time these criminals are going to face justice and have their fates sealed,is when the BN government is going to be swept out of power.And that is going to be tsunami GE13th.If the Umno GOM is to be sent out to pasture,it has to be this coming GE as Umno is now in shambles.

If one cannot kick an despicable notorious criminal into a jailhouse,even when he is drunk and down,when is one going to do so.The people especially the Malays, have to wake up and realised that their future is not in Umno's thoughts.These Umnoputras only care for thier's and their cronies pockets.

Those walking in the corridors of power only flaunt and taunt their noses at the people.They are daring and aggravating the people, to test if the people have the mettle to kick them out.So far they have managed to get away with it.They have made it so obvious that there are two sets of laws in Malaysia.One set of laws favoring Umnoputras and their cronies.The other is for the powerless public.

People who oppossed them are charged with all sorts of alledged criminal trumped up charges.Just look at Dato Ramli,one of the top law enforcement officers in the nation,who could one day become the IGP.He was fixed good and proper by the former IGP and the present pariah AG.If a powerful person like Dato Ramli can be fixed,what chances have the man on the streets.

Then we have the murder trial of Altantuya.We have two personal bodyguards of Najib being found guilty of murder,to an innocent victim unseen and unkhown to them before the incident.But who ordered or hired them,the AG and the kankaroo court doesn't want to know.Only in a supposedly democratic country like Malaysia,can murderers and rapists
get away in broad daylight.

mike joey said...

UMNO is beyond salvage and no amount of pressure can make change their mind-set from GREED to INTEGRITY. What can we expect after 50+ years of corruption,mismanagement,leakages,
wastage of public funds embedded in
their heads. They use the public money as if there is no tomorrow.

monty said...

Bro Dato,
The AG and others in the Judiciary
has lost all credibility. When you
continue to keep silent, you deem to be 'guilt as charged'. And what have been said by Mat Zain could be nothing else but the Gospel truth.

monty said...

I am sorry to say that the AG and Musa by keeping silent is as good as 'guilty'. When its the truth people are very afraid to rebut. By doing so they fear more spillage would come out of the 'bag'. Either way they lost the people's confidence and
deeply reflects badly on the Govt.

taming said...

My highest respect to Datuk Mat Zain, an ex-police officer of commendable credibility. There are not many PDRM officers ( serving or retired) with such professional ability and integrity. Police officers of Mat Zain type will pose difficulty for anybody to mess around with police duties!

I am yet to see any ex-senior military officer with simililar guts and credibility, though there are many "nice" retired generals. I suppose the senior retired military officers are more comfortable to remain loyal to former bosses or may be there are too many "national secrets" to be exposed!

Anybody care to share how the country ended up spending billions and who made "easy bucks" from British MOU projects, Italian Corvettes, MIG-29, F-18, Turkish APC, Poland T-72 Tanks, Sukhoi-30 fighter planes, Eurocopter Superpuma helicopters, Scorpene submarines, MLRS, 105 and 155 guns, etc, etc?

Some ex-senior generals appear to know and do talk about the "many irregularities" in past military purchases while sipping teh tarik at "sembang-sembang" sessions, but nobody dares to speak out!


matsingkong said...

Yet to see a brave ex or current General coming out in the open to dare the government. And why we don't have 'the braves' all this years? Why? Is it because the Army is all fine , no problemo ??