Saturday, January 17, 2009


Disgusting' is the word. Cash being easily thrown around, and of all people, to journalists reporting on the Kuala Trengganu by-elections. Whoever did this in-despicable act, must have tons of cash, and one can easily guess who in this country today have that volume of cash......certainly not you and me. These cash loaded 'sons of bitches' (pardon my word) must have acquired their wealth through corrupt practices.

The Kuala Trengganu by-election results are officially out, and the PR candidate's win by a much larger majority i.e. 2,631 votes is no surprise to most. Once again, the pro-opposition bloggers have won, and the main stream media is left to lick its wound.

The PR representation in parliament has now increased to 83, and it is strongly rumoured that a few more parliamentary members (reportedly from Sabah) are expected to join the PR coalition soon.

Najib, upon acknowledging the lost of the BN candidate is reported to have said “that the result was not a reflection of the people's lack of confidence in him”. Had the BN won, he would have said “ the result is a reflection of the people's confidence in him”. Politicians have a funny way of talking, to satisfy their wounded ego.

The winning PR candidate should not rest on his laurels. There are lots of work to be done, and the people that have voted in the candidate expects the promises made to be fulfilled. Otherwise, the candidate will not last the next elections.

Posted at 11.50pm on Jan 17, 2008

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