Thursday, January 15, 2009


“6000 policemen deployed in Kuala Trengganu for the by-election” answered my Kuala Trengganu friend over the phone the other day, to my question regarding the status of both the BN/UMNO and PR/PAS candidates. Many have discarded the chances of the third candidate from winning, but the likelihood of him being the ‘spoiler’ cannot be ruled out.

6000 policemen is an exceptionally large number for just one parliamentary constituency, and certainly there wasn’t that many policemen during the March 8, 2008 general elections for the same KT constituency. If the number is indeed true, it is mind boggling, and one should not blame the opposition for casting aspersions regarding this unusual police deployment.

I suppose the police have their reasons for this massive police deployment. But I also think that the country as a whole has greater need for police presence, especially at a time when thieves, murderers, rapist, molesters and thugs are on the rampage. It was only a few days ago that thieves had broken into a house and cold blooded murdered the occupants. In another case, the occupant was handcuffed to the window grills of his house. Even parked cars are not spared in Kuala Lumpur, and the recent burning of cars in broad daylight by thugs, will soon be a trend in Kuala Lumpur, if matters are not taken seriously by the authorities.

Even the activities of the Mat Rempits that has been terrorizing motorist in the cities at night; especially in major towns, has not been totally eradicated by the police. In fact, their activities are a regular feature during the weekends. And now with 6000 policemen out in KT, I am sure the Mat Rempits are going to have a field day with their dangerous antics.

Are we not told recently that a policemen was being bashed-up by a group of Mat Rempits? And the effort to ‘befriend’ them, as what UMNO had tried to do, served little to change these devilish motorcycle riders, who are predominantly Malays. This is something that I simply could not understand.

Saturday 17 January 2009 is just a few hours away, and let us hope that the KT voters are not swayed wholly by the promises made by the candidates, but elects wisely a representative that will truly serve them.

Posted at 2100 hrs on Jan 14, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Dah makan gaji Dato nak buat ape, ikut aje le General dia punya perentah dan General Polis ni orang politik pulak perentah dia dan semua mereka ini jangan lupa ya raayat yang perentah, jadi tunggu hukuman raayat KT pada 17 hb ni.Kita askar pencen ni ramai ramai tengok apa kesudahan nya.Raayat sekarang bukan macam yang dulu Dato, they know what is going on and whom to choose,they know better.