Thursday, January 29, 2009


The police report launched by Gerak Chairman, Mohd Anzree Mohd Yunus against Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, alleging the latter for corruption is to my mind, an effort in futility. Mohd Nazree alleged that Tan Sri Khalid had abused his position by authorizing PKNS to purchase 46 cattle’s costing RM 110,400, to be distributed to the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency for Hari Raya Haji, of which Tan Sri Khalid is its Member of Parliament.

I suspect what Mohd Nazree did is under instructions by someone, to discredit Tan Sri Khalid. Gerak, that I know off is the same ‘outfit’ that Ezam Md. Noor once led, and who claimed to have boxes of files of corrupt practice by UMNO leaders. I am not implying that Ezam has anything to do with Mohd Nazree’s report, but wouldn’t it be better for Mohd Nazree to expose the file in the boxes kept by Ezam? I think these files are related to the ‘big fishes’ or ‘ikan yu’, and the amount must have run into millions. And what is RM 110,400 compared to the millions squandered by reportedly UMNO politicians.

Anyway, the 46 cattle’s were not eaten by Tan Sri Khalid alone, but were for his constituents. Isn’t this not the same with what UMNO politicians had done during the Kuala Trengganu by-elections……giving out cash handouts in the millions in the pretext of welfare and development for the state? And these handouts are not UMNO’s money you know, but money derived from the public, and that includes my money and everybody else.

Mohd Nazree’s action is no better than Khir Toyo’s. If at all they are angry at having lost the Selangor state to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, why pick on minor issues? Don’t tell me that Selangor under UMNO politicians in the past have not practiced corruption? Just look at the infamous Dato Zak, from ‘rags to riches’; would he be able to build a mansion in Klang if he was forthright, honest and god fearing. I may be wrong in picking Dato Zak, but common sense will tell us that his ‘rags to riches’ was not along a ‘straight path’. He must have taken a lot of diversions, hooks and corners. And what can Khir Toyo say of this UMNO Ulu Langat fellow named Dato Ahmad Kuris who is being charged for corruption. Don’t tell me that he only started his corruption business yesterday.

My brotherly advice to Mohd Nazree is to stop fiddling with Selangor and to allow Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to govern the state, the best he can. And if Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim decides to sue you for defamation, do you think your Gerak members or Khir Toyo would come to your assistance?

Certainly, if you are privy to the files kept by Ezam in the boxes, why don’t you show it to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. This I think will help Pak Lah and Najib solve the massive problem of corruption in UMNO today, that has now crept into the very core of the party.

Posted at 13.20pm on Jan 29,2009


Franco said...

Gerak is an Ezam outfit to disturb PKR people and not fight corruption. If MACC was interested in corruption against MBs, if Ezam was too, Sabah MB would have been investigated as he has 80 police reports against him, all on corruption yet he continues to loot and plunder and nothing is done. It is a sour grape outfit led by jealousy filled, sooty hearted elements.

Anonymous said...

Orang putih kata "sour grape" ,ni la puak puak Khir Toyo and geng punya kerja.Cuba tengok CD rakaman persidangan didalam Dewan Negeri Selangor dimana Dr Hassan Ali dedahkan didalam dewan didepan semua ahli termasuk anak jawa Toyo ni macam mana jawa ni masa jadi MB Selangor dulu sapu duit Zakat Selangor dan bagi kat BALKIS serta belanja Golf.Jawa Toyo punya mata terkebil kebil macam katak kena simbah air tak boleh cakap apa apa bila Dr Hassan tanya dia Balkis dan Golf tu "Asnaf" keberapa pembahagian Zakat Selangor.Cuba Jawa Toyo ni dan abdi Gerak ni jawab.Tak caya tengok le CD ni....sekarang dah kalah dah jadi pecacai macam macam cakap, malu aku ada jawa bodoh macm ni.Kalau kat England kau dah balik Kuala Selangor tanam ubi dah.........