Monday, January 12, 2009


Over the past two weeks, the world witnessed the carnage, death and humiliation of the people of Gaza, by Israeli’s weapons of war supplied with courtesy of the west, and foremost, from its American allies. To the Israelis, death knows no limit – innocent children, women and elderly Palestinians are ‘collateral damage’ acceptable to them and their US allies.

The war rages on deeper into Gaza, and there is virtually nothing to stop the rampaging Israelis forces from completing its act of destruction of innocent human lives. Palestinians are their fodders of war. Some even termed the raid on Gaza as another holocaust; reminisce of Hitler’s murderous acts of the Jews during the Second World War in Europe.

While destruction rages on in the Gaza, where then are the voices of the Muslim world….especially the filthy rich Arab states. One cannot expect Egypt, Jordon, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait to come to the aid of their Arab brethren in the Gaza, for these countries are simply another ‘star’ in the American flag. These toothless Arab states and their cowardly Kings and President are too engross in entrenching their own positions and status, to really care with what is happening to the Palestinians in the Gaza. They ignored the smell of death that permeates the region, and the deafening cries of innocent and defenceless children, women and the elderly.

And where are the voices of the leaders of the OIC? Why have they been late in acting and remaining silent, while the sufferings of their Arab brethren at the hands of the enemies of Islam goes unabated. Are they all blind and mute to the sufferings of the people of Gaza? Is this what they called Muslim solidarity? Shit is my answer.

And at home, NGO’s and political parties can only makes noise in front of the US Embassy. Why don’t they all make the same noise in front of the Embassies of the Arab countries to awaken the sleepy Arabs a bit?

There are many lessons that we can learn from the destruction of Gaza by the Israelis. One serious question that need to be asked is whether we are really serious and ready to defend our motherland from an unsuspecting enemy? Certainly, I am in no position to answer this question, but I would prefer the question to be answered by our political masters, and certainly not from leaders of our Armed Forces.

Posted at 22.30pm on December 12, 2009

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Youth Committee for Commemoration of 60 Anniversary of NAKBA said...

Excelent post.
Arab corrupted regimes are not more than puppets of US/Israeli war machine, a war also against the people, the masses. Shame on them, shame on all of them!