Friday, January 16, 2009


Recently, I received an email from an undisclosed sender, of a number of photos purportedly to be that of the son of a cabinet minster, in various seductive poses with a number of young European looking ladies. By the look of the photos, it must have be taken overseas, and one can easily guess who the father is, for there is a striking resemblance of a cabinet minister. The boy must be in his late teens or early twenties, and obviously still a student.

I am not quite sure if the father too had received a similar email or had been informed about the photos. I suppose by now, the photos must have been widely circulated in cyberspace; the motive of which is best known to the originator of the email.

As a father and a grandfather, this is the sort of thing that I least want to be slammed with. It is not only shameful, but more importantly, it reflects the boy's social and family upbringing. I suppose this boy must be cash rich, to be in the circles of such voluptuous and seductive ladies. There is also a photo of the boy holding a can of beer and a kissing scene.

Whoever the father may be, and if indeed the father is a cabinet minister, my advice to the father is to bring home the son immediately, and to send him straight for religious reorientation. Any responsible father would not want the son or daughter to be involved in activities or acts that are in contravention to religious norms and practices. Certainly, I being a Muslim would not want my son or grandson to be an alcoholic or a womanizer. And the same goes for my daughter and granddaughter.

Posted at 9.10pm on Jan 16, 2009

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