Saturday, January 17, 2009


Bloggers are certainly having a field day in Kuala Trengganu covering the by-election campaign since nomination day.. Once again, it appears that it is the bloggers that will eventually determine the winner of this by-election. As of now, the PR candidate is having a slight edge over the BN candidate, so they say. However, the main stream media, especially the electronic media has the opposite view, and with Najib's image being potrayed at every prime time news, makes one to wonder who actually is the BN candidate.

During the March 8, 2008 general election, the lost of four wealthy west coast states was partly attributed to the bloggers, which the BN took scant notice of. BN relied heavily on the main stream media and even went to the extend of displaying the BN party symbol continuously on TV. This was where the BN had failed i.e utilising a government facility for its political end. And BN was stupid enough not to realised that by the continuous display of the BN party symbol on TV, will no longer attract the attention of viewers. It is just like having nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, and you guess what will happen to the person eating the nasi lemak.

I view daily no less than twenty blogs, and I find that the majority are slanted towards the opposition party. And if you notice a new blog, they are sure to be ones that are also critical against the BN government. Has the BN seriously reasoned out why is there so much of opposition against them? I personally think BN has not changed the least since their disastrous March 8, 2008 general elections., with corruption being the major issue that will finally bring the BN to oblivion. Have they not sense that this is coming, or are they still day dreaming of winning back all the lost states in the next general elections?

So much has been said about the BN's failures, and their past actions has created so much of mistrust for the BN that anything they do now is looked upon with deep suspicion. Just look at what the Eurocopter deal had done to the image of the BN government. The more recent one is the failed attempt by Sime Darby to buy over the IJN, and now the proposed construction of a new LCCT at Labu. All these will require government approval, and that approval seems to come too easily with the BN government. I just wonder who the experts are in coming up with these proposals. Hope it is not from the 4th Floor boys.

Posted at 14.00 pm on Jan 17, 2009

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