Saturday, January 31, 2009


Dear YAB,

I know you do not know me personally because I am not an UMNO politician. But I do know you because I am a retired army officer at a time when you were the Minister of Defence. I even had the opportunity to shake you hands when you visited me, when I was the Malaysian Army Contingent Commander serving the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1992/93, and with photos to prove.

You certainly had done a lot for the Armed Forces, and there is no denying that your concern for the welfare of the soldiers takes priority. Today, the soldiers are better housed, given a good salary and are better equipped. These all round improvements have made the Armed Forces a profession to be desired by the younger generation today and hopefully, it will remain that way.

However of late, I begin to take pity for you. Not because you are not a capable leader, but you seemed not to fully understand the mood of the ordinary people anymore. I think you have insulated yourself, and the people that surrounds you are like barricades that makes you appear aloof. Even your stern looking police body guards that accompanies you everywhere has made you look like a caged lion that is untouchable and beyond reach. How could you, a politician and a national leader understand the ordinary people if you allow yourself to be caged like this.

Now on the more serious note; there is already a rising tide of public anger against you, and I do not know whether you are aware of this. Everywhere I go, and every time I sit to talk to people, the discussion will surely be centered on you. I believe, this stems from the persistent accusations against you (you know what they are) that has influenced the minds of many into believing that the accusations are true. Hence, they say that because of these accusations, you may not be a suitable leader to lead the nation come March this year. This opinion does not come from UMNO members, but from the ordinary people; people that had voted for you, and you do not know a single one of them.

While I don't dispute your abilities as a leader, you will need a lot of soul searching to built up your tampered image. And how could you possibly do this? Please open your heart to what I have to say in the succeeding paragraphs below.

First, is to get rid of all those people that have insulated you. If you know them to be corrupt and have enriched themselves through your patronage, jail them. Select people who are sincere, honest and god fearing to be close to you, and there are many to choose from. With such people around you, will help you build yourself a new image. Get close to your mother, and constantly seek her advise and blessings.

Second, constantly listen to the voices of the people, and this can be done by you taking a casual walk regularly along the street to meet and talk directly with the ordinary people. I bet, the people have lots of things to say to you, and these are honest talk. Don't just listen to your party members because most are persistent and cogent liars. But in your round of talks to the ordinary people, please, do not have your body guards cage you.

Third, please tell Rosmah to stop being extravagant and to cease acting like Imelda Marcos. The 'mak ciks' and 'pak ciks' does not like this. Show generosity and compassion by helping the 'anak yatim' and the old folks, Ask her to regularly visit these unfortunate people and eat with them occasionally. Tell her to stop looking snobbish, and to show a face that is friendly and approachable.

Fourth, you ought to improve your oratory skills, but do not adopt the style of Mr. Samy Vellu. He is plain arrogant and makes others to look stupid. Certainly, you do not want to end up like him. Neither would you want to emulate the Anwar Ibrahim style. Just be plain simple, direct and do not make the mistake of making too many promises.

Fifth, you seemed to have copied your boss at decision making. You most certainly do not want to be called another flip-flop leader. But your handling of the IJN and LCCT issues reflects a decision that is flip-flop. You first announced that the cabinet have approved both the projects, only to retract when you see mounting public pressure. I do not know how cabinet decisions are made, but I am sure there has to be some viability studies made before cabinet reaches a decision. You now have to shoulder the blame alone and believe me, no one member of the cabinet would want to take the blame from you. Do not flatter if you have made a mistake at decision making. Just admit that a wrong decision has been made, and quickly take corrective actions. I appear to be teaching you, which I should not. But the ordinary people sees it that you are weak, by consistently faulting in your decision making.

Six, I know that you have many close friends that are in business today. They are all waiting for you to take over as the PM and to grab the government contracts available. My brotherly advise to you is to discard them now. These are the people that will destroy your reputation, and please keep the promise that you made recently (in case you have forgotten) that all government contracts have to go through the open tender process......not the selective process.

I can keep on writing what others have said about you, but suffice for me to say that your appointment as the future PM comes with a myriad of challenges. Please remain focus in what you do and seek the advise of others (from good and sincere people) if you are saddled with a problem. You are knowledgeable enough to see the 'thorns' and 'spikes' that surrounds you, and just ignore them.

I hope you care to heed the brotherly advise given above, and even if you don't need the advise, I am the least hurt by it. At least I have voiced to you the concerns of others concerning you; especially the non UMNO members that had voted you.

And finally,always remember that your fate is in the hands of Allah SWT. Seek his guidance always in your prayers, and when you finally resides at Rumah Perdana, occasionally visit the grand Putra Jaya mosque for your daily prayers.

Posted at 10.00am on Jan 31, 2009

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