Thursday, January 29, 2009


The death of Kugan said to have been caused by police brutality leaves another dark spot in the annals of the RMP. It was reported that over the years, 80 others have died under mysterious circumstances whilst under police detention, and the perpetrators (whoever they are) were never brought to justice. This makes the RMP a force filled with licensed murderers, and though their sins are ‘forgiven’ on earth, the same cannot be said when they are buried 6 feet under.

Regardless of whether Kugan did commit a crime or other wise, he is still a human being and has every right to be treated decently by the police. The police knows fully well that the country has all the necessary laws that governs society, and the role of the police is to ensure society is safe and protected. Making arbitrary judgment and pronouncing sentence whilst under their care is certainly not a police role. It is for the courts to decide, and don’t they know this? What can Kugan do to protect himself when there is a horde of policemen battering him? Even an elephant would not have survived under this circumstance.

The Kugan’s case has certainly opened the eyes of all Malaysians to the sort of ‘holiday treatment’ that one gets while being detained by the police. This reminds me of stories that I read about the Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, with an exception that there were no women police reported to be involved in the murder…….hopefully not.

While Kugan’s family and civil society are in grieve over this brutal act, a minister has the audacity to come out with a statement that smack of arrogance and threat. If this is how politicians respond to such a sever case as this, I can now understand why the civil society has so much of hate for this minister. I would like to place my bet that this minister’s tenure will not last the next election.

Will the Kugan’s case be a lesson to the RMP? I hope it does.

Posted at 11.30am on Jan 29, 2009

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As a Johorean I will not vote for him in the next general election, he can now start thinking of going for resettlement course.Puak puak Arab hanyut ni dah tak laku kat Johor dah......dulu Arab arab ni jual batu akik aje kat Johor tu....